Who loves me most episode 5

six years has pas-sed and chidi is Still in London, he has finished his studies and now working as an engineer in one of his father company in London, he was living with his aunt and her family,chidi has st©ped his old life style and is now becoming a man,chidi return back from work, he parked his car at the garage and walked into the sitting room he meet his aunty rose who was sitting in the couch re-ading magazine,chidi also sat down
Chidi :hi aunty, how are you today
Aunty rose:as you can see i am doing great, how was work
Chidi:work was okey,there wasn’t much to do at the office today,
Aunty rose :that’s good,so what is your decision about our conversation last time.
Chidi :about me going back to nigeria
Aunty rose:yes
Chidi :aunty what’s wrong with me staying here,i mean am doing well here
Aunty rose:chidi, i know you don’t want to go back, but you have to,you staying here wasn’t the idea at the first place, your father only brou-ght you to stay with me because of the things going on around you,you were turning into something else and it was destroying your father reputation,and now that you have acquired what you c@m£ here for its best you go back.
Chidi :go back to do what,there is nothing for me to go back to,i like my life here
Aunty rose:chidi your mum wants you to always be by her side,she misses you,
Chidi :i don’t want to go
Aunty rose laughed )okey tell me the truth what is it?
Chidi sad)nothing
Aunty rose:is it because of that girl, what’s her name
Chidi :amara
Aunty rose:yes
Chidi nod in agreement
Aunty rose:do you till love her
Chidi :everything single hour that pas-ses, i just can’t get her off my mind
Aunty rose:and do you want her back
Chidi :she probably could have gotten married by now
Aunty rose:and if she is not
Chidi was speechless
Aunty rose:chidi go on a visit to nigeria, stay there for sometime, try to find out things you don’t know and if you see that there is nothing to stay there for then you can come back here and start your life here, no one will st©p you then.do you hear me.
Chidi thought about what his aunty said for a while
Chidi :i will think about it
Aunty rose:no i have heard about that for a very long time,decide now
Chidi :aunty
Aunty rose:am waiting, are you going
Chidi :alright i will
Aunty rose:when
Chidi :i don’t know, i nee-d some time to arrange somethings,then I will tell you
Aunty rose okey i will ask again so make sure my answer is re-ady by then
Chidi :it will
They both laughed
Chidi :i will be in my room now okey
Aunty okey
Chidi got up and headed to his room,while aunty rose continue re-ading her magazine.
Amara and maxwell are now engaged and soon to be married, Amara is now working in one of the company in nigeria,their relationsh!pwasn’t going the way maxwell has thought,Amara on the other hand wasn’t really sure about marring maxwell but to her she has no choice, maxwell has always been there for her,he saw her throu-gh school and it was throu-gh his connection she is working now,maxwell to her was her life saver, maxwell called amara and told amara to come spend a night in his house which she did,she was in maxwell sitting room working on her l@pt©p when maxwell walked into the sitting room,he was upset, he stood opposite amara.
Maxwell :you are really getting on my nerve,for the pas-s two hours you have been on that l@pt©p doing only God knows, why you left me in the be-droom all by myself, is that fair
But amara didn’t respond
Maxwell :am talking to you.
Amara :i thought i told you that I will be doing some paperwork at home but you insisted i come stay with you,now why complain
Maxwell voice was now high
Maxwell :you didn’t tell me you will spend so much time on it,take a good look at the time
Pointing at the well clock
Maxwell :it 11pm,you should be slee-ping by this time women are not supposed to be working at this time of the day,is this what you will be doing if you become my wife.
Amara :you are shouting,and beside what will I be doing at the be-droom at this time.
Maxwell calmly sat down close to her,
Maxwell :why are you doing this to me,we have been together for more than past six years now and still you won’t allow me t©uçh you,i don’t get you.
Amara :we agreed no se-x until marriage, we are not married yet are we?
Maxwell :that’s because you don’t want to,you keep telling me you nee-d time to put things in order, i don’t un-derstand the time
Amara :maxwell i am always busy with work, i don’t want my work to be an issue when we get married, so you have to wait
Maxwell :quit your job and let’s get married
Amara was so shocked why will he suggested such a thing
Amara :you want me to quit my job
Maxwell: you heard me
Amara :that’s not possible and you know that
Maxwell :your job and i who is more important to you
Amara :you are
Maxwell :then quite, i have enough money to take care of you
Amara :listen chidi…..
She quic-kly used her hand to cover her mouth,
Maxwell :why do you always call me that name mistakenly each time we are on a conversation
Amara :am sorry chi… I mean maxwell
Maxwell is now angry
Maxwell shouted )just keep quiet
Amara was now silent and scared,maxwell look at amara with so much anger,Amara couldn’t look at him
Maxwell :if i hear his name been mentioned around me ever again i will so beat the living day light out of you i swear,you better watch your mouth,amara do you hear me
Amara nodded
Maxwell :i give you one month amara to make up your mind or else i will drag you to the alter
He got up and walked to his room,Amara knew she had to be careful about everything and she knows maxwell meant everything he said,she quic-kly arranged everything she was doing and went to meet maxwell in his room……
Chidi later agreed on going to nigeria, he told aunty rose the d@t£ he could love to go,he was going not because he loved to but because he thought about what aunty rose told him and wanted to give it a try,aunty rose called Mr Jonathan to inform him that chidi will be in nigeria in less than a week,Mr and Mrs Jonathan was so happy that he has finally agreed to come home.it was the day that chidi was to leave his flight was 10:30pm,he has got prepared, he was in his room at about 7pm in the evening arranging his luggage when aunty rose entered.
Aunty rose smiling )i can see you are getting re-ady
Chidi :yeah,i am just ma-king sure I don’t leave any important things behind,aunty i can’t pack everything so I don’t know
Aunty rose :that’s not a problem, you just leave the ones you still nee-d and i will s£nd them to nigeria when you get there,that is if you have no intention of coming back.
Chidi :hmmmmmm,well even if i decided to stay back i don’t think i will nee-d some many of them,it not much, i have alre-ady given some to my friends,so the remaining one you can keep them ,you can s£nd me the wrist watched,n£¢klaces and some shoes i keep at my wardrobe, if you open it you will see them.
Aunty rose that’s okey,so have you called your dad
Chidi :yes I did,they are preparing for my return, they even wanted to hold a p@rty but I declined, i don’t want anyone to know that i am in nigeria
Aunty rose :well that’s good,there is so much work to be done here
Chidi :yeah,i don’t even know how i got all this clothes
Aunty rose :are you asking me,you love buying things and that is what you should work on,you still have some in the sto-re house
Chidi :you will do away with all that,i don’t nee-d them and beside they are all old.
Aunty rose :i will do that,why don’t you rest for now ,you still have up to an hour before you leave for the airport.
Chidi :i know, i just don’t want to forget anything,
Aunty rose :if you say so,come and eat something before you go,the table has been prepared.
Chidi okey am coming
Aunty rose :not okey let’s go,because if i leave you here you won’t come down stairs to eat so after you
Chidi :aunty how come you know me so well
Aunty rose :that’s why I am your aunty, so shall we
Chidi :you know you will always win
Aunty rose :yes I agree come on
They both went down stairs to eat,it was time for chidi to go Aunty rose drove him to the airport,chidi knows he will surely miss her so much because she was the one that made him more than just a man,he arrived at the airport and said farewell to aunty rose,his flight was great,the next day morning chidi arrived at lagos international airport,he took his luggage and headed to the entrance of the airport, he saw many people who was waiting for their loved ones that was when he saw a boy holding a white carbon paper and his name was written on it,he walked down to him and ask if he was s£nt by his father immediately the boy knew he was the one he is waiting for ,the boy helped chidi with his luggage and put it in the car,chidi also entered the car and the boy drove out of the airport, on their way home chidi gazed at all the areas he pas-ses and was amaze,to him lagos now look different to him.
Chidi :what is your name
Boy:my name is ike sir
Chidi :you must be new
Ike:yes sir ,i just started work seven months ago
Chidi :i see,how old are you
Ike :28 sir
Chidi :good,you do know around lagos very well
Ike:this is where I was born sir
Chidi okey,there is some places you will take me to but not today okey
Ike:no problem sir
Chidi :plea-se call me chidi,sir sounds ridiculous
Ike:but sir
Chidi :ike don’t worry about my father if that is what you are thinking, okey
Ike okey sir chidi
Chidi laughed
Ike :let me put sir to it,plea-se
Chidi okey suit yourself.
Ike :thank you
In no time they arrived at the Jonathan mansion, the gate was opened and Ike drove in,as soon as Mr and Mrs Jonathan heard the car horns they both went outside to welcome their son,chidi was also happy to see them,they all embr@ce each0ther, the maids was called to take chidi luggages into the his room,they all went inside laughing and talking,after chidi had his bath he c@m£ down stairs to have his breakfast, Mr and Mrs Jonathan was alre-ady at the dinner table waiting for him,he seat down and the maid dish out the food,after Mr Jonathan blessed the food they all began to eat.
Chidi :hmmmmmmm,mum i really miss your cooking.
Mrs Jonathan laughed
Mrs Jonathan :do you like it
Chidi :like is an un-derstatement, i love it,it been a long time since I tasted your food
Mrs Jonathan :yes you are right,don’t worry i will make sure you enjoy more of this
Chidi :i trust you mum,i know what you can do
They both laughed
Mr Jonathan :there is a good news too
Chidi :what
Mr Jonathan :Judith just gave birth yesterday
Judith has been married for five years now,she had her first baby three years ago,chidi actually attended the wedding from London, the wedding was held in dubai,she is now living in the US with her husband.
Chidi amazed )wow,her second child
Mrs Jonathan:yes a girl
Chidi happy )i can’t believe this,nice
Mr Jonathan :i and your mother will be travelling to see her in two days time
Chidi okey
Mr Jonathan :we don’t know when we are going to return because I will be holding a meeting there also.
Chidi ooooo, wish I could come
Mr Jonathan :you nee-d to stay here,i nee-d you to take care of some things while am gone
Chidi :so quic-k, and what will I be taking care of
Mrs Jonathan:didn’t your aunty tell you
Chidi was confused
Chidi :tell me what
Mrs Jonathan :that your father has opened your own company.
Chidi:dad,i don’t get
Mr Jonathan:chidi you are my only son,that i know but I don’t want you to work un-der me,so I want you to run your own company, i want to see how you will make progress with it.
Chidi :dad am speechless, i don’t know what to say
Mr Jonathan:don’t say anything, you made me proud, business has alre-ady been in progress, it has been open for just six months now
Chidi :this is amazing
Mrs Jonathan :now you see why we nee-ded you home
Chidi was so happy and excited
Chidi :thanks dad,thanks mum,you guys are best parents ever.
Mr Jonathan :no problem, tomorrow i will take you there so that you will know where to start from,i believe you can do this.
Chidi :you don’t have to worry about that,am equal to the task.
Mr Jonathan was happy that chidi was now re-ady to face his own responsibility, he is no longer the boy he knew, he has become what he always wanted him to be,chidi knew he has to work very ha-rd to impress his dad and mum,he has a lot to work on,
It was the next day evening, amara returned back from work and went to her room to take her bath,Amara parents was now living with her in the city, it was all maxwell idea,and the house was also bought by maxwell, it was a sto-rey building,amara finish taking her bath, she went to the sitting room and l@yin one of the couch she wasn’t hungry because she has had dinner before coming home,mrs uche c@m£ out from her room to see amara laying down on the couch.
Mrs uche :are you slee-ping
Amara :no mama just resting my head
Mrs uche sat down opposite amara
Mrs uche :amara
Amara :yes mama
Mrs uche :amara
Amara :yes mama am all hears
Mrs uche :how many times did i call you
Amara :twice mama
Mrs uche :what is happening
Amara was confused at the question
Amara :how
Mrs uche :what is happening between you and maxwell.
Amara :nothing
Mrs uche :i am trying to believe you but I know something is wrong
Amara :mama st©p all this i know he alre-ady told you so why asking me when you alre-ady know what the problem is
Mrs uche :i want to be sure of what he told me,and if what he told me are all true then I must tell you,you should watch your step very well.
Amara :what did he tell you
Mrs uche :tell me the truth why don’t you want to settle down now with maxwell
Amara annoyed)mama plea-se i really don’t want to talk about that now
Mrs uche shocked )what do you mean by that,don’t you want to get married and have children and start your own family don’t you want me carry my grandchildren, or do you want me to be in my grave before that happens
Amara :mama how can you say that,you know i want to get married and give you and papa grandchildren but right now is not the time,and beside am not even sure if it will be soon
Mrs uche :you better get married soon you aren’t getting any younger
Amara :mama,i will but I just nee-d a little time, i don’t know but something keep telling me i shouldn’t rush so I am trying to work on what I am feeling but I promise you mama i will make you and papa happy, or don’t you want the best for me
Mrs uche :yes but
Amara :mama plea-se i am asking you to be patient and in no time you will be plea-sed.
Mrs uche looked at amara trying to believe her,she was so in a rush to see amara get married but she just knew she have trust her daughter..
Emma now works as a manager in one of the company in port-harcourt and his now married to Sandra,he was in his office when his secretary called to inform him that he has a visitor, he asked her to let the visitors in and he drop the telephone, chidi opened the door and entered, emma got up in surprised he couldn’t believe he was seeing chidi.
Emma oh my God,who am I seeing
Chidi laughing )a ghost
They exchange plea-santries, emma was very happy to see chidi after a long time,he ushered chidi a sit and he sat down emma also took his sit
Chidi :look at you
Emma :don’t go there, you look at yourself,you no dey add age
They were so excited to see each0ther
Chidi :nice place you got here
Emma:that’s the work of God,how did you find me
Chidi :well let me say i have my ways
Emma :chidi,men it’s been long, i never really expected to see you again, i thought you were gone for good,what happened na
Chidi :well I kind of missed my town,like they say no place like home
Emma :you are right,it good to have you back,welcome to hometown
Chidi:you have really done well for yourself,i was really happy when I heard you were the manager, i was plea-sed
Emma :thanks,i was just made the manager last year so am trying my best,what went wrong i tried to contact you on Facebook, Twitter and badoo but they were all blocked
Chidi :yeah I blocked them,i just nee-ded to do so
Emma :and you didn’t even bother to contact me,that one bad ooooo
Chidi :sorry men,but nothing change now i dey na
Emma :when did you returned
Chidi :two days ago, and you were the first person that c@m£ to my mind, so how is jude and Godwin
Emma :we all lost contact when we all graduated from school, but I heard that jude is in benin and Godwin is now in south Africa i don’t know what he is doing there
Chidi :you don’t mean it ,i missed you guys i was hoping of seeig them
Emma :well that’s that
Chidi :so tell me how is Sandra, do both of you still see each other
Emma laughed
Emma :i and Sandra are married with one kid and right now she is heavy with the second one
Chidi was so happy to hear that
Chidi :so you are now a family man
Emma :you can say that again, she has really been the best thing that has happened to me,i am too lucky
Chidi :you are a fulfill man now
Emma :now enough about me ,what about you what’s up with you
Chidi :nothing much, really nothing
Emma :you be bad boy oooooo,it’s almost lunch time,why don’t we go have lunch together
Chidi :no problem
Emma got up took his car key
Chidi :why don’t we just go with my car
Emma agreed in less then 2 minutes emma prepared himself and they both left, they discuss so many things on their way to have lunch and emma invited chidi to a birthday p@rty that Sandra father was celebr@ting his birthday that same night and could love him to come,chidi accepted and emma gave him the address and time,after the lunch chidi drop emma off at his work place and promise to see him later at the p@rty,it was 11pm,chidi arrived the p@rty, there was a lot of people there most were old people, they were all looking nice on the outfit each were putting on,chidi called emma to inform him of his arrival,emma c@m£ and meet chidi standing close to the gate ,he welcome him in and gave him a chair to sit.
Emma :let me get something for you
Emma left and c@m£ back with a bottle of red wine and two glas-s cu-ps,he opened it and pour into the two glas-s cu-ps
Chidi :thanks
Emma :no problem
Chidi:where is Sandra
Emma :just relax let me call her
Emma let for to call Sandra, in less then some minutes emma c@m£ with Sandra, sandra is now six months pregnant and she was so happy to see chidi they both embr@ce,sandra asked chidi a lot of questions and chidi was re-ady to answer her,they were all having a great time together,
Sandra :we still have a lot of things to talk about
Chidi :no problem
Just then Sandra saw amara walking close to them,Sandra was the one to see her first because she was facing her position while chidi was sitted facing Sandra so he didn’t see amara and amara wasn’t aware that chidi was the one sitting close to Sandra
Sandra :who do we have here
She walked to meet Amara
Emma :amara is here
Chidi didn’t bother to look back to see amara, Sandra and amara walked back to when emma and chidi was.
Emma :amara how are you
Amara :am cool
Just then amara saw chidi,she was shocked and surprised, her heart was beating so fast but chidi just tried not to look at her,Sandra notice amara.
Sandra okey amara why don’t we go and see my daddy,
Sandra took amara hand and they both walked away,emma sat down
Emma :chidi, don’t tell me after all this years you haven’t forgotten all that happened
Chidi :i have,it just that I wasn’t sure what to do,
Emma :you still love her don’t you
Chidi :i think so,but what does it matter she is still with maxwell and i heard they are engaged, i can’t ba-re to see her,i really don’t want to do anything stupid.
Emma :if you still feel the same for her there is no reason why you should hold it back.
Chidi :even if i didn’t and i hvgged her and expressed how much I missed her what will it change, will it make her come back
Emma :you can still have her back if you want to,who says people that are engaged can’t break up
Chidi :what are you trying to say
Emma :go and talk to her,try to make peace with her just believe me on this one
Chidi thought for a while
Emma got up)come on,let go.
Chidi sigh and got up,they both went inside the sitting room and found Sandra, emma asked her were amara was Amara and she told them amara was at the balcony, chidi was directed to the balcony, chidi met amara there standing viewing the stars.
Chidi went close to her
Chidi :hi
Amara turned and was shocked to see chidi standing close to her
Amara :hi
Chidi :you look great
Amara :thanks
Chidi :how have you been
Amara :good
Chidi :and your fiancé
Amara hesitate to answer him
Amara :he’s fine
Chidi gave a weak smile
Chidi:why him
Amara :i don’t get you
Chidi: after all this years i still can’t believe you left me for him
Amara :it none of your business on who i choose to spend my life with
Chidi Of course it’s none of my business but seriously not that as-s-hole
Amara got annoyed)oh plea-se don’t say such words against him as if you are better than him
Chidi :i am better than him in everything
Amara: really,do you really think so of yourself, well to me you are lesser then anything i know
Chidi :i am lesser but do you know why letting you hurt my heart,
Amara :hurt,you are talking about hurt, what about you
Now her voice was Loud
Amara :you didn’t hurt my heart you broke it (tear rolling down her cheek )and you stand here to tell me you were hurt,i give you more than I had and you took it for granted, you put me in a situation i never hoped of facing in my life.
Chidi was t©uçhed and his heart was bleeding inside
Chidi angrily )i didn’t take you for granted, i never took your heart and break it,i have always accepted all what you gave and i cherished it,i didn’t let you down but amara you left me,you choose to believe him and you left me without thinking twice,if it was you amara i couldn’t have left i could have stayed with you and figure things out myself, do you know how i have been all this years trying to forget you,you took everything from me,you look me at the face and said your goodbyes,no matter how wrong i was you could have still looked at me,you were the one that lied to me,you promised never to leave me no matter what but you left me,you were the one that took me for granted,cause you took the love i gave to you and throw it back to my face,you were the one that broke my heart,because you couldn’t trust me,you know what maxwell is not the devil you are,and believe me i regret ever loving you and curse the day i met you,i c@m£ to talk thinking it was the right thing to do but now I just knew i made a mistake.
Chidi angryly left,Amara was dumbfounded she couldn’t say a word or do anything but to cry her heart out.
The next morning amara didn’t go to work,she wasn’t feeling too well because of the encounter she had with chidi,she saw maxwell missed calls on her phone, maxwell has been calling her since yesterday night,she tried calling him back but his phone was switched off,she then decided to go see him because she knew she had to give him an explanation and if she doesn’t go now it will get worse, she arrived at maxwell house and horn,the gate man quic-kly open the gate and she drove in,she c@m£ down from the car the gate man finished closing the gate.
Amara :is your oga around
Gateman:yes he dey inside
Amara lock the door of her car and went inside the house as she entered the sitting room she met maxwell k!ss!ngand R0m-ncing a girl on the couch, she wasn’t surprised on what she was seeing because that wasn’t the first time she has caught him,she has caught him on two occasions,one in an h0tel and the other in a restaurant, she drop her bag on the table which made a sound that got maxwell attention, maxwell was so disappointed when he saw amara
Maxwell :you didn’t tell me you were coming
Amara :your phone was switched off and i just know why,your hands were full
Amara looked at both of them with disgusted
Amara :maxwell i thought your br@in were working now i see that there is nothing in there,if you want to do this ru-bbish could you at least go upstairs, what if someone else walked in here and saw you fooling yourself with this what ever her name is,or should I call her thing
The girl got angry
Girl:what did you just say, you open your month to insult me
Maxwell looked at her with anger
Girl:see you better behave yourself or else,
Maxwell shouted )will you shut up
The girl was confused to hear what maxwell said
Maxwell :do you realise you are talking to my fiancee, who told you to talk,now get out,(but she was still sitting looking at maxwell as if she didn’t hear what he said)i said get out before I kill you
The girl quic-kly took her belongings and left upset
Maxwell :are you happy now you have succeeded in spoiling my good mood
Amara :for real (now upset)you call this good mood,you call slee-ping around with girls good mood,what are you thinking that doing this will make me go to be-d with you.
Maxwell :if i wanted to have se-x with you believe me it won’t take me a minute to do it,and beside why are you bothered,you should be thankful they are actually doing the job you couldn’t do.
Amara:i hate you maxwell, and i regret knowing you,the truth is that I can’t believe I left chidi for you,only God knows who the real devil is
Maxwell :Are you telling me this to my face
Amara :i am not telling you i am letting you know, and if you are not careful maxwell, if I could leave chidi yours will be too easy
She took her bag and left,maxwell called her back but she didn’t even wait one seconds,maxwell was so mad and angry, Amara drove out of maxwell house,she bur-st into tears while driving, she couldn’t think straight and nee-ded some company,she drove down to Sandra shop,sandra own a big supermarket, after school she wanted to do something different for herself and she got the idea of opening a supermarket her father help her in building, the place and give her money to start it up and ever since then she has been doing well,she went straight to Sandra office,sandra was surprise to see amara so depressed and in tears, she consoled her and sat her down,she went to her sit and sat down.
Sandra :what is it,why are you looking this way
Amara :Sandra, i am so confused, i don’t know what to do
Sandra :what happened
Amara :i caught him again with another woman right in the sitting room,i don’t know what to do
Sandra :what did he say this time
Amara :same old story
Sandra :how long will this go on,i don’t get it,why can’t you put a st©p to all this ru-bbish,maxwell isn’t good for you,end this so called relationsh!pand find someone else who will really love you.
Amara :it’s not as easy as you think,my parents wants me to marry him and they won’t accept anyone else but him,and secondly how can I deal with myself if I leave him,he owns almost everything i have,you know without him i won’t be working now.
Sandra:amara listen to yourself, look don’t let situation make decision for you,you have to stand up for yourself, i don’t know what more to say that will make you see reasons with me,can’t you see you are suffering.
Amara :i am trying Sandra i am,but I just don’t know how to get away from him,my parents
Sandra :st©p talking about your parents, don’t worry you can do this, yes you can just try to have a little faith and all will be well
Amara st©ped crying and Sandra tried to cheer her up
Sandra :so what happened between you and chidi yesterday after you left he was looking for you
Amara was surprise
Amara :he was
Sandra :yes,what happened i didn’t get to ask you yesterday, so
Amara :i really don’t want to talk about this today
Sandra okey i un-derstand,okey now why don’t we get ourselves busy
Amara :with what
Sandra:let just go out to anywhere,that will really work for you right now
Amara refused at first but later gave in after Sandra begged her,they both left the office,