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June 18, 2021


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Who loves me most episode 3

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It has been more then a week now and amara haven’t heard from maxwell, maxwell was trying to avoid amara for some time cause seeing amara with chidi makes him angry.

Amara called maxwell,it was about the third time it rang then maxwell picked up.

Maxwell :hello

Amara :hi,long time

Maxwell :yeah long time,how have you been

Amara :cool,haven’t been seeing you around lately

Maxwell :been busy

Amara :too busy to check on me

Maxwell :sorry,

Amara :where are you

Maxwell :home

Amara :can we hang out

Maxwell :you want to hang out with me

Amara :yes

Maxwell :hope your boyfriend won’t come around

Amara :he’s out of town

Maxwell :well that’s why you remember me

Amara:it not like that

Maxwell :i understand, you are in love (both laughed )you want me to come pick you up

Amara :yeah,

Maxwell:am on my way

Amara: Ok am waiting

She huge up

Maxwell came to pick amara at her house,Amara insisted that they go to maxwell house, together they prepared jollof rice and chicken,they eat with a bottle of red wine,they talk about so many things,they spent a little longer there before headed back home,Amara took her phone that she kept in her bag and discovered missed calls on her phone,she open the phone and found that chidi has given her twenty two miss calls,she called back.

Amara :hello

Chidi upset )where are you

Amara :am sorry, i didn’t know my

phone was ringing, it was on silent.

Chidi :where are you

Amara :am with a friend

Chidi :maxwell right

Amara :is there any problem with that

Chidi :there’s a big problem with that,of all places you choose to hang out with him in his house and you wasn’t picking my calls, and why will you spend so long in his house.

Amara :am already on my way (she ended the call)

Maxwell :are you okey

Amara:yeah (with a smile )

They arrived at amara house,Amara came down from the car also with maxwell.

Amara :thanks for the meal

Maxwell :i think it’s the other way round

They both laughed, they were still on their conversation when chidi arrived,he parked his car and came down.

Maxwell smiling )your man don’t seen happy

Amara :i think you should start going, i will call you later

Maxwell :i could love to say hi to him before I leave.

Chidi got to where they are standing,

Maxwell :hi chidi

Chidi angry )say my name one more time and that will be your last

Maxwell :chidi ,oh no i think I just mentioned it again

Just then chidi wanted to hit him but amara quickly hold him back.

Amara shouting )that’s enough

Chidi :nice one bro,really nice one

Amara :maxwell please go,please

Maxwell :good bye amara,i will give you

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a call later

he looked at chidi and smiled again, he walked to his car,entered and drove off. Amara angryly walked inside the house, chidi followed her calling her but she didn’t answer, she opened her door and went inside, chidi also followed her in.


Amara shouted)what

Chidi :what were you doing at

his place, am talking to you

Amara :he is my friend, and i can go to his place and he can come mine,i don’t see any thing wrong with that

Chidi :everything is wrong with that

Amara :you should stop monitoring my movement, i hate it

Chidi :even more then I hate that guy.

Amara :why,what has he done

Chidi :i just can’t bare to see you around him, he was my raver remember

Amara :and I choose you over him,does that not tell you I love you

Chidi :it not about you,it about him,do you think he has given up on you hell no he hasn’t.

Amara :chidi,what are you sacred of,that i will leave you for him

Chidi :that is my worst fear

Amara :i love you chidi and you knows that and I can never leave you for anything.

Amara tried to calm him down, she later succeeded in putting his mind at rest,she took him to her room,and tried to make him happy, in no time chidi and amara were back to normal, they sat down on the bed facing each other.

Chidi :amara you know i love you right (amara nodded )i really do

Chidi then kissed amara who responded back,they continue kissing deeply,they rested on the bed and chidi came on her,amara was breathing heavily, he kissed her neck and began to massage her waist,from her neck he kissed down to her chest, he was about to pull off her clothes.

Amara :stop

Chidi stopped and looked at her

Chidi :why

Amara :am not ready for this

Chidi felt disappointed ,he got up from her and sat back on the bed,Amara sat back too,she places her hand on his back.

Amara :i can’t do this with you,not until we get married.

Chidi :are you scared that if I have s*x with you i will leave you for another.

Amara :not that

Chidi :then what is it,you don’t trust me

Amara :chidi,i love you so much but I can’t break the vow i made to God

Chidi :which is

Amara :that no man will see my nakedness except my husband, i can’t break it

Chidi surprised )you mean you are till a virgin,(Amara nodded shyly )wow

Chidi couldn’t believe what he just heard,he was so amazed

Chidi :why didn’t you tell me this, (he held her hands)it’s okey,i think I can do with the kissing for now,then when we graduate we are going to have the best wedding ever, (they both laughed )you are amazing, and i am blessed i have you (he kissed her again)

Chidi la!d down the bed and amara lay with him resting her head on his chest

Amara :talking about graduation, when are you graduating.

Chidi :i think next year

Amara :can I ask you a question

Chidi :yes

Amara :is it ture that you have been in this school for a long time.

Chidi :who told you that

Amara :no one just heard

Chidi :not really,i have only been in this school for just eight years.

Did he just call eight years just she wondered,she was shocked and surprise to hear that he has spent so long in the school, he was intelligent and hard working, he is not a medical student so what is he till doing in the school.

Amara :i don’t get you ,is it that you can’t graduate or what

Chidi:nothing i just don’t want to leave the school for now

Amara :why

Chidi:am not just prepared to face what the outside world holds for me.

Amara still couldn’t understand him,she just then decided that on the right time he will explain better

Amara :tell me about your childhood

Chidi :there’s nothing special about my childhood

Amara :but I want to hear or you don’t want me to know about you.

Chidi okey what do you want to know

Amara okey (sit up)tell me about your family

Chidi :hmmmmmm, well am from the family of four,my dad ,my mum, my little sister and me

Amara :you have a sister

Chidi :yeah

Amara :how old is she

Chidi :she is 19 years old

Amara :if your sister is 19, how old are you then

Chidi :24

Amara was surprise

Amara :i don’t believe you

Chidi :why

Amara :you have spent eight years in this school and you are 24 how come

Chidi sit up facing her)let me say God blessed me with the gift of intelligence,(Amara was confused,chidi notice this)it seen you are lost let me explain better, when I was in Jss1 i was counted as one of the best students in that schools even in my class,one day i was passing through Jss3 classroom and i saw a mathematics equation written on the board, and it was solved wrongly, i entered the classroom and after I greeted them all,i told the teacher that the answer was not correct, she doubted it at first but when I was done with the calculation i got the right answer.

Amara :wow you must have made the teacher

look stupid

Chidi: oh yeah she was,and that changed every thing, they informed my father about what happened,my father was proud of me and in no time i was promoted to Jss3.

Amara :how old were you then

Chidi :12 year

Amara :continue

Chidi :i wrote my Jss3 examination and i went to ss1,then from ss1 to ss2,I then told my dad i wanted to take Wace with the ss3 students, my dad agree,in no time i got am admission into this university, so here am I.

Amara :how old were you when you got admitted

Chidi laughed )15,

Amara :what

Chidi laughing )they wouldn’t have admitted me if not for my dad.

Amara :hmmmmmm ,then how did you end up being a cultist

Chidi :stop making it sound that way,it makes me feel bad

Amara :well I have no other name to call it

Chidi :call it a social groups

Amara gaze him with her eyes wide open

Chidi :yes at least that is better than calling it a cultist

Amara okey,how did you end up being in a social group

Chidi :much better, well I was in my first 200L i met a guy name jacob,we became friends, then we started living together, he was this kind of a guy that has no auto of fear,he speaks with so much guts,i asked him one day what was his source of his strength, he told me he could show me and I agree, that was how I was made a member.

Amara :hmmmmmm,and after that

Chidi :nothing, jacob was the leader then so when he graduated and left,they made me their new leader not because I was the most dangerous of them all but because of my money, influence and so lot of things and they needed someone that has connections,so that is where I am till today.

Amara :and how did emma and the rest of your friends come in

Chidi :jude and Godwin became a member after me then when I became the leader that was when emma came in,and ever since then he has been my best friend, end of story.

Amara :how did you get so influential, your dad right

Chidi :that will be a story for another day,cause right now I have to go

Amara wasn’t happy that he was leaving but he told her that he has important things to do,she made him promise that when next they see he will continue from where he stopped,he agreed and he kissed her and left. Amara was happy that at least she is getting to know a lot of things about him.

It was the next day morning, Amara was getting ready for school, she woke up very early because she needed to read before going to school, as she was about to leave her room her phone rang, it was her father she ended the call then called him back

Amara :Good morning papa

Mr uche :yes my dear,how are you

Amara :am fine papa and you

Mr uche :am fine

Amara :what about mama

Mr uche :she is fine,i have been trying to reach you but your number is not going through

Amara :maybe it the network

Mr uche okey,Amara

Amara :yes papa

Mr uche :when are you coming to see us,it’s been long since your last visit, your mother is very worried

Amara :it’s not like I don’t want to come and see you and mama,exam is around the corner and i can’t miss any lecture .

Mr uche :you are right but can’t you find out time to come, we really need to see you,we have something to tell you.

Amara okey papa what is it that you want to tell me you can say it on the phone

Mr uche :i cannot say it on the phone, we want to see you and you have to be fast.

Amara : papa, i can’t give you any assurance for that,you might not see me for a very long time,so just tell me cause I can’t leave the school now.

Mr uche was silence for so time

Mr uche :Amara,you know that I am not a rich father and a time might come when I will not be able to pay for your fees,and my prayer for you is to see you become a successful person in life.

Amara : papa why are you telling me this now

Mr uche :I must tell you this,because I don’t want a situation whereby I can’t be able to continue paying for your fees in school.

Amara : papa let that time comes,and when it comes we will cross it.

Mr uche :no my daughter, i want us to start planning towards it now

Amara okey papa what are your subjection

Mr uche :i want you to get married

Amara was shocked

Amara :marry, now (laughed )papa no but I don’t have any one now

Mr uche :that is why I called, some one has asked for your hand in marriage,and he has promised to further your education.

Amara : hmmmmmm, so who is he that thinks he can marry me

Mrs uche :you already knows the person

Amara : papa just tell me his name

Mr uche :it maxwell

At first amara thought her ears were deciving her but her father repeated maxwell name again,Amara got angry

Amara :what,get married to maxwell, papa,papa just stop,why will you be telling me this now, even if i want to get married it can never be maxwell,why maxwell of all people.

Mr uche :because he is responsible and reasonable, he’s a man that can take good care of you

Amara :wait oh papa,maxwell actually told you he want to marry me

Mr uche :yes and he is serious about it

Amara : papa, maxwell and i are just friends and nothing more,and am okey the way we are

Mr uche shouting )but I am not okey with it,do you have any idea what that boy has been doing for i and your mother,do you

Amara :please papa if this is a joke just stop, it’s not funny.

Mr uche :don’t you know when your father is serious.

Amara started crying

Amara :but I don’t love maxwell i don’t have any feeling for him,how can you tell me to do that

Mr uche :then you should work on that,everything i am trying to do now is for your own good,or you think I can let you end up with that stupid fool you call your boyfriend,you think I don’t know, i heard everything, now you better end want ever thing you think you have with him and focus on maxwell who will soon be your husband, and try to come home quickly because if I wait for you and i don’t see you before the end of next week I will come to meet you myself and you know what that means.

Amara still crying )papa please

Mr uche :you better stop crying, i have said my own ,let me not see you,nonsense

He huge up,Amara was so speechless, she cried bitterly, she never knew maxwell could do such a thing,she didn’t go to lecture that day,chidi tried calling her but she didn’t pick up,chidi called Sandra that amara wasn’t picking his calls, when Sandra came back from lecture she check on her but her door was locked, she even tryed knocking but no response,she called chidi to inform him but chidi knew she was inside because report came to him that she hasn’t left the house, it was just about thirty minutes after Sandra knock at her door,she got hold of herself, wash up her face and tidy herself up,she opened her door and slowly walk out of the house because she didn’t want anyone to see her,she took a taxi and headed to maxwell house,



The voice of Mr uche keep echoing in Amara head,there was lots in her mind as she was seated at the back sit of the taxi heading to maxwell place, her phone began to ring again it was chidi,she silence the phone, chidi calls continue to enter the phone but amara didn’t even notice because it was on silence, she got to maxwell place, payed the driver and told the driver to wait till she return promising him to add to his money when she comes back,the driver agreed and amara came down from the car and went to maxwell door and knocked,she was knocking at the same time calling out maxwell name,maxwell ran and open the door,he saw amara who was standing at the door looking angry.

Amara :how dare you

She slapped maxwell, maxwell on the other hand was so shocked and surprise,he couldn’t believe amara just slapped him,he gaze at amara with slience

Amara at the top of her voice )is that how you look at me,so cheap,i thought you were my friend but how can you do this to me

Maxwell was lost and confused

Maxwell :i don’t get you,what is it,what did I do

Amara :why will you go to my parents to discuss marriage with them,why

Maxwell :amara

He raise his hand to hold her

Amara :don’t you dare touch me,why would you hurt me this way

Maxwell :Amara, whatever i am doing is for the good of you

Amara :it for the good of me,you are forcing me to marry you and you say it for the good of me

Maxwell :Amara you and i know that chidi is not the one for you,chidi is not worthy to be with you

Amara :and you are,when did you became a judge over my life,you have no right to tell me who to love and who i will spend the rest of my life with

Maxwell :Amara,i love you and i can’t just stop myself from loving you.

Amara:and i told you that I can never love you not in this life or the next,and i thought you were cool with that

Maxwell :i was not cool,do you know how it is to love someone

Amara: maxwell i do, because right now I am so in love with chidi,and i will better marry thousands of chidi before thinking of marring just one of you,

Maxwell :don’t say that

Amara: i will,yes chidi has all the negative attitude you can think of but he is better then you,at least he is not a lier and a pretender like you,

maxwell this marks the end of our friendship,so what ever you and my parents has discussed about marriage will never work,not with me, do you hear me.

Maxwell :Amara (drawing close to amara but she push him back )

Amara :get away from me, i don’t want to ever see you again,you better stay away from me.

She said those words and left,maxwell tryed to say something but he couldn’t find any words to say, he was so mad with both himself and amara, Amara entered the taxi who has been patiently waiting for her,she try to hold her tear but she found herself crying,she couldn’t believe that was the end between herself and maxwell she was so hurt inside, she open her phone and saw chidi missed calls and a message from chidi,she opened the message and saw”YOU LIED TO ME”she then knew he knows she want to maxwell place, she told the driver to take her to chidi house,she paid the driver as she has promised and entered chidi house ,she opened the door,she didn’t bother to knock because she has the key,chidi gave one of the key to her,chidi was seated opposite the door, an open bottle of remi-Martins was on his table and a packet of Benson on the table, he was holding a glass of drink and a cigarette,

Amara surprised )what are you doing

But chidi didn’t give her any notice,he continued to drink and smoke, Amara could feel the pain in his eyes,she was standing looking at him.

Amara :i know you are angry with me,am sorry that I wasn’t picking your calls and i know you already knows i went to maxwell place, and am so sorry.

Chidi:do you love him

Amara :how can you ask me that,you know i don’t

Chidi :hmmmmmmm (he smile)when did you leave your house

Amara :this afternoon

Chidi:so what was stopping you from answering my calls,Sandra calls, even if you lie to me that you were sleeping, fine you woke up and you didn’t bother to call back but went to your so called childhood friend place, and even if you said you were in a hurry,i called again, so tell me,why didn’t you pick your phone.

Amara:please don’t get mad at me

Chidi angryly stood up

Chidi :you are making me lose my mind(noticing how reddish was amara eyes)have you been crying

Amara :no

Chidi :amara am not that stupid, what did he do to you,did he touch you(drop the glass of drink and put off the cigarette then Went close to amara, holding her two arm’s)answer me (Amara started crying )i swear amara if he has done anything to hurt you i will kill him,so tell me did he hit you

Amara :no,my father

Chidi okey what happened

Amara :my father wants me to marry maxwell

Chidi was dumbfounded

Amara :i was getting ready to leave the house this morning when he called me saying that maxwell came to ask for my hand in marriage, that was why I went to maxwell house to comfort him,i didn’t pick up your calls because I was devastated

Chidi looked at Amara like someone who has alot was going on in her head

Chidi :that bastard, what did you tell your father

Amara :i told him no, i can’t marry maxwell, it’s you i love and i will want to spend the rest of my life with u,i don’t just know what to do

Chidi :then let’s get married

Amara looked at him and seat down

Amara :we can’t, not now,

Chidi :why not,do you want them to take you away from me

Amara :no one will,nothing will make me leave you.

Chidi:i could just kill him

Amara :chidi

Chidi :what,that will be much better

Amara :please don’t do that,don’t kill anyone for my sake, we will work this out i promise you

Chidi sat close to her holding her hands )i don’t want to lose you,i love you Amara like craze.

Amara :you won’t, i have told maxwell to stay away from me,so you won’t be worried about him anymore

Chidi :he better do that

Amara rested her head on his chest and he held her,Amara didn’t know how to go about the whole thing but she knows everything will be better very soon.


Maxwell tryed everything possible to apologise to amara but all prove abortive, mrs ada Marcus even tryed calling her but she didn’t pick neither of Their calls,maxwell needs to do something, so he decided to go pay chidi a visit, he got to the house and press the boor bell that was placed on the gate side.

Chidi heard the gate bell ring,he quickly got up and went to the gate ,he looked through the small hole from the gate and saw maxwell, he wondered what maxwell will be doing in his house,he opened the gate,he came outside and close the gate behind him.

Chidi :you

Maxwell smiling )yes me,i can see you are not doing bad for yourself, you have really changed on like the last time I saw you,it seems amara is doing a grate job on you.

Chidi :just shut up and tell me what you are doing in my house.

Maxwell :so rude, is that how you treat your guest,can’t you at least let me come in.

Chidi:you must be sick in the head to think I will allow you into my house

Maxwell : chidi,don’t be like this,we are matured lets stop behaving like kids,let’s go in and talk man to man

Chidi :hmmmmmmm,on a second thought I think you are right, i could also offer you a drink, right

Maxwell :that would be nice

Chidi:now if you don’t leave here ,i will be serving you your own blood

Maxwell :chidi,am not as gentle as you look,am just being a nice guy so you should do the same.

Chidi :nice you say,define nice,maxwell don’t you get tired, can’t you see you are ceasing your own shadow, you know you amaze me,going to a woman’s family to ask for her hand in marriage when she hasn’t given you her consent ,buddy this is the 90’s century, who does this now a days, oh I just see you can’t accept defeat, Amara doesn’t want you and you knows that,she is in love with me so what her you really after.

Maxwell :i haven’t come for a fight,i came in peace, i want to make a deal with you,you let amara go and i will give you what ever you want,name it

Chidi laughed )this guy is really crazy, for real,you paying me off,this is good,so tell me maxwell how much money do you have,because the last time I checked my account i have 3 million us dollar waiting for me there,so how much do you think you can give me that can beat that,you just insulted my integrity (angry )maxwell money cannot buy love,amara didn’t love me because of my money but because she want to, so please do give her some respect,now get lost before you start regretting why you came here.

Maxwell :what do you know about respect and love,now listen don’t even try to do what you did the other day at amara house, believe me i can be very quiet but deadly,i only allowed you to intimidate me because she was present so don’t try it now cause it might just be your blood i will be drinking.

Chidi laughed

Maxwell :you can laugh for all i care,but leave amara alone, she is mine and always will be, am warning you stay away from her else

Chidi interrupted )else what,you have the guts to come to my house to warn me,i can’t believe this,well for your information amara is going no where, and i will make sure of that

Maxwell :don’t be too sure about that,cause you might not know what hit you,don’t say I didn’t warn you,like I said I am here in peace.

Chidi :if you don’t leave you might go in pieces, so the choice is yours.

Maxwell looked at him gave a deadly smile and walked away,chidi opened his gate and went inside, he was not happy, as usual he went and took his cigarette and began to smoke and add a glass of alcohol drink and sat down in the sitting room,few minutes later jude,Godwin and emma entered, they were talking and laughing when they came in and saw chidi in the sitting room, judging from his mood they knew all was not well with him,they all sat down starring at him confused.

Jude: boss u dey ok

Godwin: what’s going on,why are you like this

Jude: stop keeping us quite na,wetin happen?

Emma: come on men,what’s up with the attitude

Chidi:you guys won’t believe what happened here today

Godwin: what happened?

Chidi :that bastard maxwell, came here today

Emma :maxwell, Amara friend,came here

Chidi :yeah

Jude :who is this maxwell

Emma :maxwell was the guy that I was telling you guys about, that was the childhood friend of amara.

Godwin :ah I remember, her so called childhood friend, mmmmmm

Jude :what was his visit for

Chidi laughing )well he came to pay be off so that i can leave my woman for him

Jude: u say wetin😲

Chidi: he even warn me join am,

Emma got up annoyed )you no blow am for mouth, he dey crase

Godwin :wait oh you mean say he get the liver con dey warn our boss,that boy get mind ooooo

Jude: the boy well so

Chidi: i ask am the question but he answered like person wan dey well

Jude: boss that boy need to fall, he go collect

Godwin :i support am, he no know who you be

Emma: chidi,tell us wetin we need to do,he need to be punished

Chidi :no,i no want do anything for now

Godwin :boss na you dey talk this one so

Emma :but why na?

Chidi: i have made a promise to my girl that I won’t do anything to him so I want to keep it that way for now.

Godwin: this one na FucK up

Chidi: so am just going to relax like nothing happened

Emma :what about Amara is she aware of this

Chidi: no,I don’t want to get her involved, she has been through a lot already, i will let this pass.

Godwin :for me we go for mess this guy up oooo

Jude :abi just teach am small lesson.

Chidi :make una blood clam down

Emma :so you go do nothing abi

Chidi :i want him to make the first move,then I will make mine

Emma :sorry to say this but what if his first move becomes a smart one

Chidi :then I will try to be smarter thea him.

Godwin :na because say na you talk am oh if not,i for put am ten fit underground

Chidi: i really need fresh air ,so that i go think well, una game?

Emma :you know am always with you na

Chidi got up ,went inside his room to change his clothes

Jude: that guy get luck say I no dey, i for chop am raw

Godwin :i dey tell you

Chidi came out all dressed and ready

Chidi :una ready to spoil this town

They all shouted say they are ready

Chidi: make we bounce then

They all left to have fun, TO BE CONTINUED…


Now the question is

What will maxwell do next,

Will he be that smart to make a move,

Was he just trying to scare chidi

Or was he serious?

Let find out in the next episode


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