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What lies beneath Episode 40

Episode 40
My Mom tried to find out what transpired between me and Eziaku last night
I told her that nothing serious happened and even though the question seems childish because i and Eziaku are both matured adults I still have to answer her main because she is my mother.
“Austin, I’m not asking to make you feel embarr@ssed or to belittle you, not asking for you to give me details of everything going on in your private life. Is because I’m concerned…I want the best for you son and can’t keep quiet when I s£nse something going wrong. How long do you want to continue eating the forbidden fruit before getting married? I know you have had several before Ezi and bedding different women never does good to any man. Is a total downfall for a man who chose that part. Exchanging all manners of spirit with women you know little or nothing about all in the name of satisfying s£×ual pleasure Or don’t you know whenever you sleep with a lady that is not your wife you indirectly open up your spirit man to be mishandled… thereby blindly digging your own grave. Son, don’t you know s£×ual intercourse is a spirit and can bring down a man to dust. Is just like exchanging your good spirit with a bad one…it also applies to women who does the same. Austin, you supposed to jealously guard your divine doors securely not giving room to scavengers that crept in through forbidden affairs…
I breathed, my Mom was right but sometimes is easier said than done. I don’t sleep with every woman that crosses my part, I have tried to discipline myself in that area but I fall off once in a while. Not intentionally though.
I need to say something or my Mom won’t stop talking.
“Mom…I understand you totally God will never allows such to be my portion. And also…I never slept with Eziaku. over the years that I have come to know her, I never had s£× with her, I won’t lie Mom…I did tried to but she wouldn’t let me. She claims to be a v!rg!n but I don’t believe her…
Mom looked at me surprised.
“Why…why didn’t you believe her?
“Maybe because…of many reasons. She is almost thirty years, and have had boyfriends in the past…I don’t know Mom but my gut tells me that she is lying and do not want me to touch her.
My Mom smiled and said.
“Is probably because you have not been lucky enough to come across a truthful lady because I see no reason for you to doubt her when you haven’t even confirmed it. Ezi, can’t be joking around with That, many ladies around her age will want to jump into bed with you and even tries to pin you down with pregnancy or entitlement stunt but not Ezi. Give her the benefit of doubt son and don’t make her feel like keeping her v!rg!nity is some stupid ideas. Because when you bluntly doubt her or ridicule her it may make her feel worst with herself. I knew deep within me that she was very special, despite how much she loves you, she was still willing to keep herself until marriage… that is a very h@rd thing to do. Eziaku is disciplined and open minded… she will make a great home. Don’t you like her enough for marriage…?
My Mom asked with all seriousness while staring at me.
I couldn’t utter a word, I really don’t know what to reply.
When she saw that I was quiet she asked again.
“…She is not your spec… the kind of woman you will like to settle down with? You don’t love her to that extent Austin…? Say something… anything and I promise not to push because I can’t force you into a life time commitment, it has to be your whole decision.
I rubbed my face while breathing outloudly.
“I don’t know Mom…I love Eziaku. She is a nice lady but I haven’t really sat down to think over settling down with her. The thought crossed my mind in the past but I never entertained it. Now that you mentioned it I’m begining to think it through again, I don’t know if she will be truly happy to settle down with me. I can’t tell of her exact plan or the kind of man she wants. Is not just about me…her feelings also counts. I can’t tell Mom…
“You wouldn’t know untill you ask or try to son. If you want her then don’t waste further time in doing the right thing. Before another man that has good eyes take her away from you, is better you do the required thing by asking her to marry you soon enough….
I looked at my Mom puzzled.
Isn’t it too direct and soon, I have cold feet towards that. what if she turns me down again?
I wondered within me.
But my Mom is not ready to back down.
“…If you are not certain or scared of rejection which I doubt greatly if Ezi will reject you, but… just in case you are… then I can help you and ask her. That way you won’t have anything to loose.
I told my Mom that I will do it. I wasn’t scared to ask Eziaku anything. I have been rejected before and wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again but I will love to take the honor in such a bold step.
I will like to think it through again, maybe a week or a month highest.
If I ask her such question now, she will feel the reason I’m asking is because I want to get intimate with her.
I also need time to make sure I’m fully ready for such.
My Mom agreed and I went about my day.
I called Eziaku within the day to check on her, she did not pick.
She is probably angry with me because of last night.
I concluded within me.
It was towards evening she called back and told me that she was in the cl@ss then and couldn’t pick.
We talked generally and she even asked what I ate within the day.
She never mentioned last night drama but I still find the need to apologise again to her.
She asked me to stop apologizing that it was okay.
We later spoke again that night, when I called to know how her day went and she told me she was just getting home from the customer’s house where she went to after school.
She asked how Mom was doing and I love the way she takes my Mom like hers.
The following day, Ezi visited but did not sleep over.
She came in time for church service and we went to church together, came back and had lunch.
Relaxed in the sitting room with drinks and movies.
My Mom was with us as we talked freely like a family.
She later announced that she was leaving after wishing my Mom journey mercies because my Mom will be traveling back to Lagos the following day which is Monday.
My Mom hugged her warmly, Eziaku couldn’t hide her tears when they separated.
I asked her if she was alright and she said.
“I’m sorry…I can’t remember ever getting a hug from a mother figure. It feels really good… like a dream come through for me having someone like Mom who takes me like her own daughter and even hugs me. i feel honored. Thank you so much ma… God bless you.
She said to Mom who equally prayed for her and told her never to worry because she will always be a good mother to her.
All I could do was to smile and pray within me that it ends well with Eziaku and I.
I later went to drop her off that night.
The following day, I took my Mom to the airport and watch her flight take off before driving to work.
Angela was happy to see me as she gives me more update on what went on during my one week abs£nt.
I spoke with my Mom later in the day and she was safely back to Lagos
My Dad’s company car picked her on her arrival to Lagos and took her straight home.
My Mom did not fail to remind me of our discussion and I @ssured her that I’m still working on it
The week runs on into another. Eziaku came during the weekend but she did not sleep over.
I guess that is the best thing because whenever we are close to each other my mind is not always settled.
I want to respect her decision but at the same time I don’t want to be tempted into getting romantically involved.
I don’t care about her v!rg!nity like she said and still has my doubt but i want to respect her as a lady and a very special one at that.
Within two weeks the closest we have gotten is a forehead klzz and a quick peck on the l!p when I went to drop her.
My mom’s words rings like bell to my ears, s£× is not love.
If I cherish Eziaku enough then I should be able to respect her every decision and wait untill she is ready.
I also have to discipline myself around her to avoid what happened before.
Eziaku on the other hand was getting very comfortable and happy around me.
Sometimes she lies on my chest while we watch television and I try to work on my mind not to think of intimacy during such moments.
Is h@rd I must confess but I was getting good at it.
I make sure I go to drop her off whenever she visits during the weekend.
Angela came into my office one day to tell me that she broke up with Mr Peter again and this time it was really over.
Angela said Peter does not worth her tears or emotions. After finding out that he has this girlfriend that is based abroad and they are really into each other, she decided to call it quit.
She wanted to still wait and see if he will choose her over but looking at it all Peter only takes her as a substitute whenever he needs intimacy and care.
I told her not to worry that a real man out there is waiting to cherish and love her like she deserves. She should just be patient.
After few days she came back again to ask.
“I have been finding it difficult to forget Peter, I don’t know if I should text him that I’m pregnant for him maybe in that way he will come back to me…”
I scoffed loudly and asked her if she was pregnant and she said no, she wasn’t but she is ready to do anything to have him back to only herself.
I sat her down and talked to her like I will do to my sister.
She needs to understand that Peter does not value her and there is nothing she will do that will change him overnight.
To avoid getting more hurt is better she let go and move on.
I was even surprised that I can give such a good relationship advice.
Years of experience thought me h@rd lessons.
Angela promised to move on after talking to her.
She is not just my staff anymore, she is someone I trust with my business and she has never disappoint.
Angela, aside the fact she works for me I also see her as a good friend.
After 9 weeks, that is about two months and one week I knew I was ready. I don’t need God to come down from heaven and confirm it to me.
Eziaku was the one for me.
I have spoken to her and asked her indirectly of what she thinks in general about me or about us and her answer was satisfying.
I drove down to a jewelry store, browsed around until I was able to get something fitting.
An engagement ring. After paying and going back into my car. I didn’t drive off immediately.
I kept staring at it like one very special ornament.
I couldn’t believe that I was finally doing this.
I did little more shopping for her before driving home
She visited that weekend and I took her out on a date.
She wore the new dress and moderate beautiful heel shoe I got for her which sized her perfectly.
It was a cool evening at this lovely couples joint.
After our drinks and food, I couldn’t get myself to pop the question.
I brought her to this expensive place for such purpose but I just couldn’t do it.
She was very happy and kept smiling all through the time we were there.
She trust me fully and loves the whole special attention I continued giving her.
I touched my br£@st Pocket where the tiny box is but I was reluctant and at the end I never asked her if she will marry me.
while we were back home and relaxed in the sitting room, she was obviously going to sleep over and the guest room was where she kept her things.
I decided to try again with the question.
I called her name and she looked at me expectantly.
I suddenly asked her a total different thing from what I intended.
That night as she went to the guest room to sleep after we had our night prayer together just like Mom thought us.
I returned back to my room, knelt down with the ring in front of me and prayed.
I haven’t prayed fervently in a long time and I know the big decision I was trying to take was going to change i and Eziaku’s Life forever.
I confessed my sins thoroughly and prayed it will never be a hindrance to my marital blessings with Ezi.
Anything discouraging me from going forward with Ezi should be cancelled.
I was ready and I needed God more than ever to step in.
I have succeeded in erasing the ill thought of intimacy with Ezi.
I cherish and value her more than before and was no more in a rush to have her.
That midnight as I lie down to sleep I can here Eziaku whispering in her room.
I stood and decided to go closer to listen closely by her door
She was also praying.
i couldn’t here any word except “in Jesus name”
I went back and decided to practice on my own in how to propose to her.
I did great with myself in front of a mirror and hope it goes the same way tomorrow.
The following day, we got ready for church and it was after service that evening that I finally knelt down and asked if she will marry me while pres£nting the ring.
It seems unbelievable to her, I got few tears drop, an emotional moment that equally engulfed my every being and a big yes.
Finally my fear have been conquered.
She said she had been praying over it too and even told God if I was not the man for her that God should separate her from me.
She never knew the miracle will happen so soon.
Eziaku seems to be the happiest woman alive after I told her that the ring was not to get access to what she carries in between her legs. That I will wait no matter how long it takes.
I was willing to wait until marriage just like she wanted.
I love and respect her and it will be my utmost joy to spend forever with her.
That Sunday night, I drove her home. She couldn’t stop staring at her ring f!ng£r and thanking me like I did her a favor.
In the actual facts, I think I’m the luckiest one.
I don’t know what will come after now but I’m glad that I have been able to conquer my first fear.
I later called and told my Mom and she was super excited.
She invited us to Lagos. So that I can introduce Eziaku to my Dad.
Is a normal thing to be done. I informed Eziaku and we got ready to travel to Lagos.
She was very excited.
There are many things she was looking forward to and is not just meeting my Dad but also flying in an airplane for the very first time in her life.
Seeing how happy she was gives me pleasure. It makes me feel alive.
After meeting my Dad, then we can proceed to her village for the normal marriage rite.
I know my parents will want to meet Eziaku’s real mother not just her grandmother.
My Dad specially who is a practical man will want to meet Eziaku’s biological father if possible.
We will see how all of this unfold. at the main time, Lagos is on our mind and we will be leaving tomorrow.



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