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What lies beneath Episode 39

Episode 39
I stayed back in my room while going through my laptop.l
Eziaku was out tidying things and she also volunteer to help Mom fix two buttons on her cloth instead of taking it to the tailor tomorrow.
I can hear them talking and laughing loudly in the guest room.
I wish my Mom can release her already so that she can come take her bath and rest.
We have already done our night prayer before I Came to my room.
I was done with what I was doing, I shut down my laptop, picked up my phone and began browsing the internet.
I kept checking the door to know when she will come inside because I can no longer hear noises coming from the guest room.
Which means she has left there and was probably coming inside.
Finally, there was a knock. Why is she knocking, she should open the door and come in. She is not a visitor to be knocking before coming into my room.
I asked her to come in, and told her not to knock next time because she is already part of me and the house too.
She smiles with a nod before asking if I have had my bath.
I told her that I did after dinner which was over an hour already.
She went into the bathroom and took almost 25minutes before she finally came with a towel wrapped around her chest
She picked the clothes she wore the previous night and went back to the bathroom to change up.
I frowned, what exactly is she hidding from me.
Can’t she freely dress up in my pres£nce. Am I not her man? Why is she shy changing clothes in my pres£nce.
I pretend to be browsing but I was looking forward to spending romantic night with her.
I needed something to drink. I walked out, grabbed a bottle water and return back to the room.
She was sitting on the bed.
I sat on the chair without a word because I don’t really know what kind of conversation to start at that moment.
“Where are you sleeping? She asked
“Uhmmm anywhere…. maybe I will sleep on the bed with you tonight.
I stared at her to see her reaction, she was trying to avoid my gaze.
“You’re not angry with me again… right? She asked as she managed to look at me.
“,No… I’m not Ezi. I’m rather grateful that you’re around. I kinda overacted in a way but you wouldn’t blame me. You really broke me into pieces that Monday with your attitude and sharp tongue. I’m glad we’re putting all of that behind us… and moving ahead like we should…”
“Yes, I’m also happy that you finally let go of your anger. I’m sorry for everything but I was truly hurt and did not know a better way to react than do what I did. You won’t understand how it feels like telling me that you slept with another woman and sustain injury from same person and it was after then you remembered me. I couldn’t pretend to be cool with it…it still hurts when I think of it but I have let go too. I’m glad we’re fine and moving on…
I stood up and went to sit beside her on the bed.
Took her right hand and placed on my chest.
“, You own my entire heart Ezi. What happened before won’t repeat itself…I promise. I’m truly sorry that such even happen in the first place. I can’t stop loving you… even when I’m angry I still can’t forget you. I hated the fact that Mom kept mentioning Olisa…
She began to laugh, I joined her while releasing her hand.
“…I will disown my cousin and challenge him to a fight for your heart if the situation warrants it. My Mom knows exactly how to get me. I’m so happy she came if not you won’t be sitting here with me tonight. You’re beautiful…others may see you as neutral but you’re the most beautiful lady in my eyes. My Mom also confirms it. I’m happy you came into my life when I needed a caring, calm yet a no nons£nse lady in my life…
She blushed as she bent her face.
“My mouth almost ruined things for us. I’m very happy hearing you say all of this. I have miss you and I’m glad you’re back to being you again. I promise to control my words and actions to avoid offending you. I can’t bear to see an angry you again. Those moments were scary, but I was silently praying that you Forgive me and let it go…”
I cupped her face and @ssured her that I love her wholeheartedly.
I wish to klzz her that moment but she replied that she loved me too before standing up.
“I don’t know…but maybe I should sleep on the ground with a blanket. Is not a problem for me… I’m fine sleeping anywhere. I don’t want to inconvenience you on the bed…
I interrupted
“If you sleep on the floor I will sleep beside you, if you choose the kitchen I will be there beside you. Anywhere you want to sleep tonight I also want to be there my love. I missed you so much and wish to cuddle and hold you to myself… Except you’re afraid of something…or are you scared of sleeping next to me?
“Not really…but…is..” she was stuttering and I can see from her eyes that she was troubled.
I moved closer to her and gently draw her close.
“What are you always afraid of…I have told you times without number that I will never hurt you. I promise…try and trust me.
I cupped her face again and klzzed her slowly but steady.
She did not respond immediately but later did.
Within a second we were on the bed, we continued klzzing.
I couldn’t let go anymore as I put my hands under her top and m0@ned happily when I freely grabbed the b©©bs.
I m0@ned quietly again at how soft and inviting it feels in my hand.
I was about pulling off her clothes when
She suddenly began to shake and she stepped away from me while p@nting.
Oh no, not now and not again. My pajamas was already burged.
‘i can’t…I can’t do this… I’m sorry…I can’t… please…!
She said repeatedly while still walking to sit on the chair.
I don’t understand what exactly is going on or why she kept shaking.
“What is the problem Ezi…talk to me. I promise I won’t be angry or react negatively. I won’t force you either despite how b!0wn I am right now but I will always respect whatever you decide.
She sat on the chair and held her face in her hand.
I moved towards her and sat on the arm of the chair.
Urging her to speak.
“I have already told you before…I haven’t done it… and I so much desire that it will be with my husband… I’m really sorry that…
She paused.
“Ezi…my love, What is it that you have not done… what are you talking about? Do you mean you haven’t make love before or is there another thing you’re talking about that I’m not understanding…”
“,,Yes, no man has climbed me before. I don’t want it to happen now… I’m afraid that I may give in if you persuade but I’m truly not ready. Please… don’t..
I stopped her from talking.
“Please stop… stop… stop it Ezi. What do you mean that you haven’t made love before…are you trying to tell me that you’re a v!rg!n?
She tries to nod her head but suddenly stopped because of the look in my eyes. I suddenly burst into laughter.
It was a whole funny scenario to know that Eziaku claims to be a v!rg!n.
I wouldn’t have mind if she told me that she was practicing celibacy until her wedding night.
I wouldn’t have cared if she said “I have done it severally before but I have decided not to do it again until I’m married. That’s celibacy and I will respect her decision but claiming to be a v!rg!n got me rolling seriously.
Or she may be confusing herself and do not understand what being a v!rg!n or practicing celibacy means.
She looked at me annoyingly the way I kept laughing but I just couldn’t help it.
I got hold of my self and said.
“,Ezi, you can’t be a v!rg!n, you’re not only twenty eight but have had boyfriend in the past. Is Uche your first man?
She look very serious.
“No, Uche is the second man I dated”
She answered looking away.
“Then you can’t possibly be a v!rg!n Ezi. I see no reason for lying because I’m not after your body count, I mean I’m not after how many men you have slept with in the past. I don’t give a damn about that I only want you and that should matter most.
She went quiet and it felt like she has losed all her defense guard. She replied with all seriousness in her voice.
“I’m not saying it for you to believe or clap for me. I’m saying it because is true… I’m not lying and I see no reason to lie. The first man I dated agreed to my terms of no intimacy but later started disturbing me for s£×. I refused which led to a serious fight. And we broke up and went our separate ways. Uche was from the church that I attended with my grandmother. He was the drummer boy and also sings in the choir. From normal friendship we fell in love and he was ready to abide to whatever I want. He actually did for over two years and never disturbs me for s£×. But I knew he sometimes wish he can have me even ones. He was also principled and we never had intimacy. I traveled out of the village and we fell apart. He met another free lady and they connected both physically and emotionally. You already know how we ended things mutually without fight or malice. We’re cool and will always be friends.
“Okay… Ezi…I don’t understand where all of this story is going. So you mean that none of the men you dated make out with you? That’s crazy, I’m sorry…but I don’t believe you. Let me tell you a little bit about Oby. I met her when she was 18years and a v!rg!n… well, so I was told. After about two to three years she visited from school and ofcourse she was still supposed to be a v!rg!n…I never touched her before and I was eagerly looking forward to making out with my v!rg!n wife to be. I was patient and waited until she was ready… she confirmed to me that she was still very intact, I believed so. How proud I was and happy that night when we were about to make out. I even @ssured her severally that I was going to be gentle on her and if she still felt like she can’t do it… I was going to wait. After all she was mine and I see no reason to rush her especially with the fact she never had a man before and wouldn’t know how that feels. We finally did it and at the long run Oby wasn’t a v!rg!n, she was about 20 to 21years then. At that young age she have not only loosed her v!rg!nity but also gotten pregnant for another guy and did abortion that damaged her uterus…her bladder. I spent a lot of money on surgery just to correct it. The point I’m trying to make here is that a naive teenage village girl wasn’t naive after all. She was a good liar and very manipulative. Ever since then is h@rd for me to even trust all this village girls. I don’t even believe that there is a v!rg!n among them… especially those from eighteen and above. You’re 28 Eziaku… you’re neither a kid or naive. You have had ex’s and still claims to be a v!rg!n…. hahahaha… that’s why this whole thing is funny to me. But let’s talk about another thing… because you can’t possibly convince me. I can only pretend to believe you so that you will drop the topic.
She nodded quietly and climbed up the bed again.
She lie down facing up, I sat in the bed but didn’t lie down.
“…Does this mean that I can’t touch you Ezi? you wanted to use the v!rg!nity thing to scare me off? You should have told me straight out that I shouldn’t touch you and I will keep off, not trying to lie to me. I don’t know you as a liar Ezi but is okay.
I lie down leaving space between us.
She suddenly began to speak again.
“Maybe if not for how I decided to live my life I would have ended up like my mother who had me out of wedlock… and even at this age i don’t know how my father looks like except that he was one of those womanizers from the city that sweet talk my Mom into his bed and later abandoned her while moving on with another woman. Or I could have be married by now with children, living a poverty stricken life with no choice or exposure. I never wanted to get pregnant and have a child without a responsible father…I took this decision at a very tender age and even though some of the things I wanted never worked out… like getting married at early twenty and other desires but I’m glad I took this part. You’re the first man that I have loved to the extent of wanting to bend my principles to please you. The first man I ever cried for and prayed over. You’re the first man to do alot of things to me… like to the way you klzz or handles my body that makes me want to throw off everything I believed in and have a s£×ual moment with you. But…I have come this far and despite how I sometimes get scared of loosing you or other important things… I’m not ready to let down my guard yet. I will wait for the man for me. I’m sorry but this is my stand…
I didn’t reply and she did not say another word. she turned her back to me.
My body still yawns for her. I can’t even sleep knowing she was in the same bed with me. I looked over at her, trying to think of some other things but it wasn’t helping.
I waited and kept trying to distract my mind but nothin was working.
I looked down at my pajamas trouser and my manhood was not ready to reason with the fact that she wants to be left alone.
I breathed deeply before moving closer to her in bed.
I touched her gently before placing my head on her shoulder as I whispered.
“Can you let me just this night… please. I won’t disturb you again. I can’t sleep…my body desires you. please…my love. Making love to you tonight will really make me happy and I will continue to cherish you honey…
I klzzed her ears, her neck and slowly turned her to face me, I pulled off my top and continued klzzing her while my hands were all over her body.
She struggles but I held her tight. As I sl!pped down my hand to her cloths. She kept struggling but I pinned her down to the bed while pleading for her to corporate.
“You’re hurting me Austin…
she said quietly but I was not ready to come to reasoning.
“Leave me alone…”
She screamed out loudly and slap my eyes.
I quickly covered her mouth from screaming again while blinking severally.
I was trying to catch my breath.
I said quietly to her
“What is wrong with you? Jesus Christ… My Mom could hear you…I wasn’t going to rape you. What…uhhh God…
I felt stupid and embarr@ssed. I just realized I was literally forcing her beyond her wish.
She immediately jumped out of the bed with speed while readjusting herself.
She was scared and angry.
And just then there was a knock.
“Austin… Austin…is everything okay in there? I heard Ezi screaming… what is going on?
I held my mouth as I began walking around the room like a crazy person.
I begged Ezi not to say anything.
“Yes Mom… she is alright. She… she was having a nightmare…”
That was the first lie that came to my mind. My heart was beating unstoppable.
“Are you sure son? If she is not comfortable in there she can come over to my side. The bed is big enough for two people….
“She is fine Mom… please go back to bed. Eziaku is alright…”
I replied wishing my Mom will leave.
“Can’t she speak…let her speak for herself. Ezi… my daughter are you alright in there? Hope my son is not disturbing you..? You can come and sleep in my room if you’re not comfortable….
Eziaku g@sped out before replying my mom.
“I’m alright here ma. Thank you…!
My Mom later left. I opened the door a little to make sure she was gone.
Before going over to Eziaku.
“, I’m really sorry Ezi…I don’t know what came over me. I almost forcefully had you which is beyond your wish. Oh my God…I couldn’t control my urge… please, forgive me…
I knelt down and placed my head on her body. She was shocked to see me knelling but I needed to prove to her that I was truly sorry.
What I try to do was totally wrong and very inappropriate. I have never in my life forced a woman into bed.
I don’t know what came over me tonight.
Mostly everytime I’m with Ezi, it feels like I’m going to explode if I don’t touch her.
She @ssured me that it was alright and also believed me.
I told her to go back to bed, I will go and sleep in the sitting room.
She wanted to leave rather but I insisted as I reminded her that my Mom won’t be happy if she found out that I was the cause and may get suspicious.
I left with a duvet to the sitting room and remained awake almost all through the night.
I kept replaying the scary scene on my mind and shaking my head pathetically.
What was I even thinking?
That was not man like. A responsible man will never force a lady for s£×ual pleasure.
I really messed up in there and will never again ask Ezi to get intimate until she feels ready to offer freely.
It was my mom’s tap that woke me up in the morning.
It was time for devotion. I was still very sleepy as Eziaku led the morning prayer.
After prayer, i walked back to the room while she was out tidying things.
I dozed off again immediately my back hit the bed.
She did not wake me up. When I finally woke up and came out, my Mom was in the sitting room.
I asked of Eziaku she told me that she has left already. She did not want to wake me up.
I wish she had, I would have gone to drop her since she will be having cl@ss today.
I’m out to pleasing her and making it up to her.
My Mom asked me to come and sit down she wanted to speak to me.
My heart skipped.
I hope she did not find out or did Eziaku told her?
I breathed shakily as I sat to listen to her.
My mind is not settled.
I still feel guilty because of last night.



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