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What lies beneath Episode 41

Episode 41
Back in Lagos, my Dad related well with Eziaku, he never discriminated her or her background.
I guess Mom cleared the way for our arrival and our stay was smooth and cool.
I knew my Dad was going to talk about meeting Eziaku’s people which includes her real parents and every other person involved.
We sat and make plans on how to travel to see her people.
Eziaku mentioned that she does not know her father she only heard from her grandmother that he was from the city and her Mom got entangled with him and after which he probably retuned to the city and maybe married now with family.
After her explanation, my Mom wondered the possibilities of getting to meet the father which was very slim but we were ready to try.
We planned to start the whole marriage preparation next month.
We needed to put things in place before it all begins.
After meeting my parents in Lagos, we stayed few more days.
Eziaku was giving a separate room while I stayed in my room.
She was happy and it shows in her attitudes and facial expressions.
My Dad who couldn’t hide his observation over Eziaku.
He called me into his study one evening and said.
“Your wife to be is not loud, she has alot of decency in her actions. I’m proud with your kind of choice and my prayers are with both of you. Not withstanding, I feel in a kind of way about her, her inner personality connects magically with ours, is like I have known her all my life with the friendly attitude she exhibit and the warm aura that follows her around. Friendliness is actually very common and well expected especially with brides to be but it comes more naturally with Ezi… your woman. Her name is special and uncomon, Do you understand the meaning of her name?
I was happy listening to my Dad.
“I never get to ask her the true meaning of her name, I believe is something nice…” I replied my dad.
“Yes son, yeah. Is something nice and it means everything good. The “Ezi” in her name stands for either a great family or compound and the “aku” is wealthiness. Is not necessary about money but blessings. Eziaku literally means a family or a home filled with wealth… blessings. That is what she carries and her name is speaking for her. I know you can’t wait this long and ends up with a wayward kind of lady. She is worth the wait son and your mother already sang her praises to my ears, I was already looking forward to meeting her and I’m impressed with what I saw. If we are to be very candid and real in judgement, her upbringing, educational backwardness, outward standard, dress s£nse will definitely put her off. But son, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and all i behold is a beautiful lady inside out who will not only make a great wife and mother, Eziaku will equally be a blessing to you… that’s my prayer”
I nodded with a smile because words will fail me if I start describing the exact way I felt at that moment.
My Dad is a practical man, he is also a real criticizer. He say things the way they are and gives no care about others opinion.
Hearing him say all of this about Eziaku makes me happy and makes me want to travel immediately to pay her bride price.
After a week stay in Lagos which was great and fun because Eziaku did not only get to meet my parents, I drove around Lagos in one of my dad’s cars showing her places and we also get to visit some close pals and few other places too.
we had fulfilling stay as we also get to conclude on the next steps to take.
We later traveled back to Abuja and got ready for the journey to the village.
I planned going with my big car this time, my Jeep will do the road trick unlike my old small car that once got stuck in a pothole back in their village during my sad journey to resolve things with Oby and that was when me and Eziaku’s path crossed.
Speaking of Oby, I guess she will hear of my second coming and wish for the good old days.
I could have been married long time ago to Oby, maybe with a kid now but I have no regret rather I’m happy everything is working out for my good.
My clos£ness with God have increased within this p@ssed months.
having Eziaku as my real wife to be to crown up my whole efforts of wasted years is truly Worth it.
I’m glad, very glad that things are getting better and not bitter as it used to be.
My Mom and Dad had already confirmed her and if there was any doubts before it has been erased.
The second month was the period we agreed to travel but Eziaku had exams in the same month and we had to shift our traveling to another month.
Angela was aware of my plans in getting married soon, even though she tries to look happy but I knew she was forcing it.
She pretends to be happy for me but she was not truly happy.
I can see through her.
And there is nothing I could do about that except to pray and hope she meet a good guy who is worth it all soon.
And it did not take long for my prayers to be answered.
After about five weeks p@ssed, she came to inform me that she met this nice guy, Leo is his name and they have already gone on their first date and the whole idea was marriage but she is taking her time to study Leo.
She wants to be sure that he was nothing like Peter.
She was blunt enough to say that although she doesn’t love him like she did with me first or Peter but she was ready to give it all a try.
I wished her the very best as I kept on with my positive hope that it will all turn out well for her so that she can be happy too.
We finally get to travel after Eziaku’s exams which took a whole month.
It was on the fourth month of our engagement that we traveled back to Lagos and set off from Lagos.
We traveled with my big car. My Mom said she may not be able to join us due to the long journey and it was by road. Her long journey is usually traveled by air not by land.
We all agreed for her to stay back but a day to go she changed her mind that she will be going with us.
She wants to be pres£nt at the introduction and also the marriage proper.
My Dad asked her if she was sure of coming and she @ssured him that she was very eager to meet Eziaku’s people and join in the introduction.
I was happy that my Mom was coming along and even as we fervently prayed that night which was a day to the journey, our main focus was for God to take absolute control over the whole thing.
We prayed that starting from our journeying down and the whole introduction before fixing the traditional wedding date and then coming back to outy base that God will go before us and make every crooked way straight. Averting ill lucks, perfecting our good purpose and bringing us back to our different destination in one piece without any worries.
My Mom prayed like a prayer warrior, my Dad too also prayed.
In my private room, I prayed for hours after reading Psalms.
I prayed with Eziaku that midnight because we agree to pray together and we did before she went back to her room.
I have come a long way and wouldn’t want anything to go wrong.
I felt confidence that God was involved and will take care of every of our worries.
My Dad informed his long time friend, Mr Benson who was also a well to do man and my father’s pal for a very long time.
Mr Benson had two sons who were in abroad studying. I remember my dad telling us that he lost his wife long time ago and had stayed unmarried ever since.
He was also a friend of the family and we all grew up knowing him.
After my Dad informed him about our journey and asked him to please join us he did not hesitate.
He agreed to come along.
I introduced Eziaku to him and he was pleased and Promise to support us both.
Mr Benson traveled with his driver and my Dad joined him in his car.
While my Mom, Ezi and I went in my Jeep.
It was indeed a long journey but we finally arrived Eziaku’s state.
We arrived in the evening and had to lodge in a hotel.
Eziaku insisted that she was going home that night so that she can prepare for our arrival the following day.
She will want to remind the people that needs to be around for the introduction day.
Even though she had been communicating with them on the phone and some of them are already aware of our coming she still need to meet them in person before we come.
My Dad agrees with her idea and asked her to call us immediately she arrives home.
My Dad was already treating her like his blood daughter, same with my Mom.
I was very happy for that.
I overheard my Dad telling his friend that he has been to Eziaku’s state several years ago during his early business days.
I couldn’t hear the rest of the things they were talking because I needed to make a call.
My parents stayed in hotel suit, which was big and very accommodating.
Mr Benson stayed in the executive room.
His driver was lodged in a standard room.
I took standard room which was next to Chike, Mr Benson’s driver’s room.
I stayed out in the hotel casual bar with Mr Benson driver, Chike.
I like the guy, he was very funny as we went talking and laughing at some normal stuffs.
He loved soccer game and couldn’t stop talking about his best players while sipping his drink.
My Dad and his friend where together in another corner of the executive bar while my Mom was resting in the room.
We later retired to our different rooms. I left Chike and went to rest for tomorrow.
This hotel was a five star hotel, not like the hotel I used to stay during me and Oby’s days.
Their service was good and very professional in some of their affairs.
They even gave us a quality complimentary breakfast.
The following day, we agreed to leave around 11am or 12pm because that was the time Eziaku wanted us to come. It will enable her people to be pres£nt there.
I communicated with my parents through the hotel room intercom and the time was okay for them.
My Dad also informed his friend, Mr Benson.
The next day, We later got ready and entered the road again to Eziaku’s village
We arrived Eziaku’s village around 11am, she was at the bustop waiting.
I picked her as she led us to their house.
As we came down from the car, my Dad reminded his friend again that the village looks familiar.
I will hear of my dad’s gist later, today is an important day and I can see alot of people gathered already waiting for us.
They all look excited as we arrived.
Eziaku hays already told me that her Mom was around and was among the people cooking in the kitchen.
I looked forward to meeting her Mom as I also wish her Dad was around to witness this day.
My heart was beating as if something was going to go wrong but I waved off such feeling.
I try not to walk on fear but faith.
“God, please take control”
I prayed silently as we were ushered in and took our seat in Eziaku’s grandmother’s compound.



  1. Ucdaddy

    Am getting scared. Are you sure Eziaku and her hubby to be are not blood related? This story is getting more interested, please the next episode because am already in suspense.

  2. Jay

    In my honest opinion, I think the author is trying h@rd to finish the story on time, and as such lots of details are missing or just being dumped right in our faces.
    In all, it has been a good story. I am impressed with the level of suspense and would like to really see how this pans out for Austin.

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