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What lies beneath Episode 34

Episode 34
“…. she slapped off the drink from his hand before giving him a proper slap on the cheek. He was frozen like Christmas chicken…
I was laughing hysterically as he continued talking.
“… Austin it was like a movie, I didn’t want to go when he invited me that he planned to propose to his babe. It was supposed to be a surprise proposal. He needed s£nior boys to be there for him, my wife said I shouldn’t go but I can’t turn him down. I went and the whole clubhouse was rent off for his proposal. Only for the girl and her two friends to show up and it happened that he was also running under ground dirty job with one of his babes friend. After the main babe collected the ring, everyone went drinking and dancing to the day only for the other girl to call out the main babe. Say something to her and even showed her stuffs on the phone…. Jerome came to me and whispered that he does not feel too good with the two ladies talking in a corner. I asked him to relax only for the main girl who got the ring to angrily walk up to him, slapped off the drink from his hand before landing him a correct slap. She removed the ring and throw at his face before leaving the clubhouse. The whole party scattered, I asked Jerome what happened he began to explain that he never knew that the other lady will betray him even after settling her with money. He slept with the second lady severally when his girlfriend traveled and they had several fling and it stopped when his babe returned….
Chuka took a sip from his cup of drink before continuing
“… story too much Austin. I felt ashamed for even honoring his invite. If I know I would have stayed home like my wife suggested. I don’t know what is too difficult in staying faithful to one partner. Now, his cheating lifestyle came into play when he was about getting serious with his life. By the way… how far man? Any lucky woman yet or you’re still not ready to settle down?
I breathed as I set down the drink in my hand.
“I don’t know man. Really, I have tried but it seems not working out. The one I recently started a thing with refused me touching her when she came to spend the weekend. Chuka, this same girl has caused me so much heartache in the past but we settled out and started again and she is acting up…”
“If she does not want you to touch her then why not let her be. What exactly is her reasons…is she a small girl, maybe a v!rg!n.. she must probably have her reasons. Is not something to fight over Austin. I know you as a principled man who does not get carried away with women. Your girl should have a core reasons for refusing your touch…
I took a long breath before saying.
“She has none. No single reason chuka. She have had boyfriend in the past which I know off. They dated for about three to four years before breaking up. She can’t possibly be a v!rg!n… chuka she is twenty eight and not afraid to express herself anytime any day. This Lady is outspoken and will talk whenever she wants to. But she never said a thing or reasons for her refusal except she only wants to do it with her future husband. She went on insulting me of how my only interest is to use and dump her. Chuka I don’t understand women and I really don’t care anymore. I have had enough of their hurt, I won’t let anyone of them get into me. If I was a rough player like Jerome, I will have any kind of woman I desire then kick her out when I’m done with her. I respect women generally, but they keep toiling with my feelings…
I drank deeply from my cup of wine.
“Don’t write love out man. At the right time it will definitely happen. Don’t even try to be anything like Jerome, every expensive play has a payback time. That’s the case with Jerome now. Mhen… you need to get serious in settling down, I want to attend your wedding before next year runs out….
I smiled and replied.
“That’s exactly what my Mom said. I’m pres£ntly avoiding her calls, she troubles me with this get married thingy. Last two weekend I attended an event…it was a grand birthday party celebration. The lady that invited me is cl@ssic chic. It was her dad’s 60th birthday party. I met him and several other dignitaries. Just last Tuesday I s£nt pictures of a landing properties and the man selected two.
He transferred half of the money the following day and later s£nt the remaining one. I was very happy and this lady is very beautiful, I mean her beauty is outstanding. I met her sisters they’re all beautiful but Alisha’s beautiful outsmart them all. She invited me to her place last weekend but I couldn’t make it I told her I will see her this week. I will go over tomorrow, to her house personally for a visit…”
Chuka scoffed in a funny way.
“Slow down man. have you already slept with her, because that will mean a commitment. You’re already committed with the whole connection she is getting you…but just make sure she is not trouble personified and avoid getting intimate if you are not sure of her. Try to settle things with your real woman. Don’t let the lady’s beauty get into your head.
I began to laugh.
“C’mon chuka, what do you take me for? No serious intimacy yet but how can I say no if she offers. She is one hot babe and worth any trouble. I’m ready to take my chances with her..if you know this girl I’m talking about you will also want to try your luck. Alisha is not just with a pretty face and cute body, she is lively, fun to be with, a PhD holder who already owns her own company. She told me of her past relationships, how guys only fall for either because of her money or her looks but such relationship doesn’t last. Her ex who is also a billionaire is begging to come back, but she was not sure if she wants him back. His only sin was being too jealous and over protective and she will never let any man to cage her. We have been speaking over the phone and getting into a serious chat. I may not be able to say no if she offers me intimacy, because she is Worth the try. And to be sincere is been a while I meet a women. Not that they’re not available if I so desire it but I’m very selective and mostly wants to get serious with one woman but that too is far fetched…
I and chuka talked extensively before he left my place.
He spent half of his Saturday with me and I was glad he came.
Things I couldn’t tell anyone I expressed it freely with him.
The following day, as evening approached I left the house to Alisha’s place.
She prepared different dish through the help of her paid cooks.
After dining together, she pooped open Hennessy bottle and poured for me and herself.
Before taking me round her two storey building.
She stopped in a room, a fine built gl@ss room with a disco light upstairs
She dropped her drink and went to the window, raised the curtains and began staring at something.
I also dropped my drink before going to her and she pointed at one of her dad’s outlet that’s is on a faraway end of the road.
I gently place a hand on her waist.
She turned to me and said
“, What in going on in your mind right now… don’t lie to me Austin.
I moved closer to her, properly placed my two hands on her waist and said.
“Nothin else except you my queen. Who will dare disagree that you’re the fairest of them all…
She smiled and also held my waist lightly.
Her pink l!ps was inviting and very h@rd to resist.
She appears to be waiting for me to make the first move and I did.
I klzzed her slowly but steadily. Her succulent l!ps was like mint in my mouth.
She responded without resistant as we clung to each other.
I slide down my hand to her body, got hold of her b©©bs which was so soft.
Her hand was on my belt in no time trying to loos£n it.
I wish she can be faster, I was almost loosing control.
Her king size bed was just beckoning on us.
I @ssisted her in loosing the belt because it seems to be taking almost forever.
We klzzed romantically to the bed and fell into it like stupid teenagers in love.
I unhooked her bra and helped her fling it to one corner.
The long fashion single hand gown she wore was obstructing our moments. But she finally pulled it off.
I pulled down my trouser, unbuttoned my shirt in a hurry like a hungry lion ready to devour.
Alisha was offering me what Eziaku failed to give me.
“Is there any cd around?
I suddenly asked as I thought of it.
She nodded, walked n@k£d only in p@nt to her wardrobe and brought it.
I was high like on a horse and wish she could hasten up her steps.
What was really special about Eziaku’s that she refused me touching her? Somebody that was more special than her was about to get laid.
The thought of Eziaku keep pumping up in my mind. I try as much as possible to wave it off and concentrate on the moment.
For the past two weeks, I have try to avoid thinking about her or wondering. She called twice last week but I didn’t pick up.
That was the period I was chatting with Alisha.
Eziaku should just move on and leave me alone. She has an annoying guts that gets on my nerves.
I klzz her she shivers, I try to touch her she pushes me away and now she has pushed me into a better loving arm of a beautiful woman.
I and Alisha lay p@nting when the whole hotness was cooled off.
I felt stupid immediately after the deed. I felt really bad for no reason.
Could it be because of I kept thinking of Eziaku just as the whole thing was going on.
“Are you alright?
Alisha asked as she lay on my chest, using her hand to play around my body.
“,Yes…yeah… I’m fine.
I said forcing a smile.
“What do you think of me…do you want more.
She asked again.
“Uhmmm… you are sweet. I enjoyed every part of you. I will have to go now… maybe next time we can try some more…”
I replied while trying to get up from the bed.
I wonder where I threw off my wears.
I will need to go around the big room to pick each of my clothes scattered around.
“I wish you stay longer. There is still time… what’s the rush about.? Please stay for sometime with me… don’t leave right away. By the way I still have a pack of CD in my drawer. My ex used to buy them down when we were together. We broke up seven months ago and I have not been with any man ever since. Having you now means a whole lot to me…I like you Austin and wish you can have eye for only me. I believe you’re not a womanizer starting from the first day we met and you never gave me a second look after helping me with the tin of milk until the second time. Your type is rare and I want us to be more than just friends… what do you think?
I forced a smile and said
“Eziiii… sorry Alisha I also likes you alot. I would love to stay in your arms forever, klzzing your soft l!ps and making love to you all day but I wouldn’t want us to wear out ourselves with each others constant pres£nt. I will like us to take things slowly and allow nature takes it curse. Please my queen…do you agree?
She nodded while withdrawing her hand from rubbing my back.
“Do you have a girlfriend? You mentioned Eziiii or some lady’s name earlier. I heard it clearly. Is she your woman.. please tell me the truth.
At this stage I was b!0wn. Why is Eziaku’s name popping out of my mouth in such a time as this.
Why am I suddenly thinking about her.
“,Aaaah…! Ezi… that was a mistake in mentioning her name. I’m sorry about that. I won’t lie, yes Ezi is my girlfriend or was because we’re pres£ntly having issue and is been on for sometime now and..
“Do you love her?
She suddenly asked again, interrupting me.
“,What? I replied, pretending like i didn’t hear her well and wishing she can change the topic.
“I said do you love the lady…I mean Ezi?
“Uhmmm……I don’t know any more. I…I don’t know. Maybe if I love her or she loves me enough to bend her rules to favor us both…if there was real love with Ezi I won’t be here with you…
She did not say anything immediately.
“She is or was very lucky to have you anyway. If i was Ezi I will do all I can to protect my relationship and to keep my man only to myself. What was the rules she refused to break and is causing the whole rift… can you tell me?
I smiled, klzzed her l!ps and said.
“Can we stop talking about Ezi and focus on our moments. I had a great time… you made me feel like a real man and you are indeed irresistible my queen. Permit me to go tonight but I will be back for some more honey… you’re sweet and satisfying…”
I kept praising her so that she won’t mention Eziaku’s name again. I don’t want to talk about her it makes me angry.
“Next two weekends is my eldest sisters birthday. Although she is married but she wants to throw a party like my Dad did. my two sisters who are still around, and my big cousin Stef will be there . My ex will likely come because he has refused to let me be and my sisters likes him. He is also a friend to my big sis husband. I want you to be around, please come…if he sees that I have moved on and already with a new man he will leave me alone. You will also get to meet my cousin, she is a s@ssy Queen of slayers. We call her Stef Barbie. You will get to like her because she is very lively…
I nodded and told her I will have to check my schedule first.
But she kept pleading and insisting that I must come.
I had to agree.
Driving home that night, I couldn’t think straight.
I missed Eziaku’s calls again. It could be when the action with Alisha was going on.
Why is she even calling me?
Hope she is not in any kind of trouble.
She maybe in trouble which is the only reason I couldn’t stop thinking about her today and even mistakenly mentioned her name to Alisha’s hearing.
I screamed out to the silent car while still driving.
I felt guilty in a way but I seriously have no reason to feel bad.
Eziaku caused it and besides we are not even talking or settled our differences yet.
I have to act as Alisha’s boyfriend in front of her ex, her cousin and sisters.
The whole thing keep getting deeper.
I got home around 10pm that Sunday and saw Eziaku outside waiting for me.
“,I have been waiting since 7pm. I called severally but You did not pick up. Good evening…how have you been?
“Fine… and you?
I asked as I try as much as possible to avoid looking at her eyes.
Guilt will trap me down if I look into her innocent eyes.
“Not really fine…but I feel better knowing you are alright. Are you still angry with me after all this weeks… don’t you truly want me again? I..I can’t stop worrying or thinking about you.
I kind of miss her even though I have been trying to shut her off.
“Do you want to come inside?
I asked moving ahead.
She followed behind as I unlocked the door and went in with her.
“Were you at chukas place? That’s your only friend I know off…”
I nodded still without looking at her
“I need to shower, check out the fridge and make something to eat if you’re hungry…. only for yourself please. I seriously need a long bath”
She nodded with a smile as I walked away feeling more guilt stricken than ever.
Why did she come tonight, why… why?
I can’t even look at her face.
How will I face her now.
She caused what happened with Alisha and now she is here to punish me more with her pres£nce.
I sat in the bathroom tub thinking of what to do.
The intimacy with Alisha, the invite for another party where I have to act as her man
Then Eziaku showing up in my house all of a sudden same day.
I can’t wrap my head around it all.
My conscience kept hitting me h@rd no matter how I try to defend my actions.


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