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What lies beneath Episode 33

Episode 33
Eziaku said she was coming that weekend, so I decided to go and get more grocery from my normal grocery store where I buy majority of my food items and other supplies.
It was a very big place beside an express road that is an easy connect link to my office route.
I took a cart and wheeled it around picking the needed things and throwing inside the cart.
I was just about to turn into another corner of the shop when I bumped into a lady.
She had things filled up in her hands and almost all fell to the ground.
“Oh my goodness…”
She screamed quietly while bending down to pick her groceries.
“I’m really sorry…i didn’t see you coming. I got carried away checking around for what I need…
I said as I bent to assist her gather up her things.
“No problem…”
That’s all she said without looking up at me.
She was more interested in making sure she picked everything that fell off her hand.
“You could have taken a shopping basket or a small cart. Is better than filling up your hands with things.
She straightened from the ground, looked at me and try to say something but suddenly paused.
“I have seen you before, in this place…”
I asked looking at her charming smile. I have not taken notice of her before now. Maybe because I don’t go staring at ladies.
Seeing beautiful women and go staring at them none stop feels like a disrespect to their person.
Is better you walked up to them than a continuous stare.
I admire good looking ladies when I see one but I try to avoid disrespecting any of them with my eyes.
I probably might have seen her but I did not take record of her face.
“Yes, few weeks ago you were at the beverage section, I try to pick up a tin of milk but couldn’t get to it and you helped and passed it down to me. I thanked you and left….you didn’t really looked at me maybe that could be the reason you couldn’t mark my face…”
I remembered helping a lady get a tin of milk from an upper shelf of the store, exactly the spot I was buying my beverage that day.
She was struggling to reach it but couldn’t.
She was right, I did not really see what she looks like.
Neither did I turned to look at her as she thanked me and left.
I went back checking what I needed that day, and only nooded to her thanks.
She continued
“….I was supposed to take a cart but I only came here for just two items. My hair kit and perfume. I did not need a cart or basket for just two items. But along the lines I saw things that I needed at home and decided to pick them. I saw a shop attendant and asked him to help me get a cart, he promised to do that but he told me he was attending to a customer and ones he’s out he will send it…I guess he forgot. I will just manage to the counter…
“,Oh…ok. you can share with me. I mean I have two steps cart. Put yours below while mine stay up… that’s if is okay by you.
I said as I offered her my cart to put her things
“Yes, I’m cool with that. Thank you…”
After packing in her stuffs, I wheeled it out, she was walking beside me as we went talking.
I picked the things I needed and she did also.
It felt like I was shopping with my partner or best friend.
The way we go talking and laughing while walking round, picking things and throwing into the cart.
After we were done, I wheeled the cart to the cashier.
Removed my items for scanning and total cost.
She does the same.
We paid for our items differently.
I waited for her until she was through with hers.
I Picked up the bags and packs back into the cart and wheeled to the parking lot where I parked my car.
She was holding her two bags in her hand as she followed behind.
She followed me to the parking lot and pointed at her car.
Her car was three cars before mine.
After putting in her stuffs inside her car, she came back to where I was.
I was just finishing up from putting mine in my car trunk before closing it up.
I wheeled the cart to where other carts where lined outside, close to the Park.
“By the way, thanks again for assisting me in there…”
This time I looked at her closely, she could pass for miss beauty.
Her charming beauty glitters like the sun. Her smile will penetrate into the saddest soul.
She appears humble and modest in her appearance yet she speaks of class.
Her car was one of the latest models and among the expensive car list.
Is hard to see a lady who has it all and still appears humble. well I can’t tell how much of a humble person she is until I get to know her better.
“I’m Austin, please…what’s your name?
“Alisha Dankaku…my Dad owns one of the biggest car dealership in this state and other states. You might have heard of Danka’s cars…
“Wow, yes I have. It was one the trusted recommendation I came across when I wanted to buy a car few months ago. Oh, Danka is your father…?
“Yes, I’m the last of four girls and have a younger brother. Came back to Nigeria after finishing my PhD. You can call me doctor Alisha Dankaku…
She began to laugh and I looked on her like an idol.
“…I run a company which I started last year after returning home from Portland. We deal in hospital equipment and also into consultant. Here’s my card…
She brought out a complimentary card and stretch it towards me. I took it and glare throughout it.
“, I will give you a call. I’m into real estate. I used to work with one of the famous group of companies in real estate before starting mine. The journey haven’t been easy but is been worth the try. Incase you want a property or you know someone that does… Don’t fail to holla me. I’m always available for business…
I took out my business card from the car and gave her. She took it and Promised to do so.
“,I got to go now…is a pleasure to meet you Austin.
“Same here Doctor Alisha…”
She laughed with the way I added the title.
She waved me goodbye and walked back to her car.
I entered mine, I saw her drive out of the parking lot.
I drove back home and got ready for the weekend.
Eziaku came the following weekend, I was happy to have her around.
We cooked together, sat on the dining and ate while she gist me of all that is going on around her.
She thanked me for the huge amount I sent to her for her school.
she said it was way beyond her expectations.
I asked her not to fail to let me know anytime she needs anything.
After food we sat in the living room, watched a family kind of love movie together for about two hours.
After the movie, I lowered the volume of the television and we started discussing.
“So, are you seeing anyone now…”
I asked amidst our talk.
“Yes… I’m seeing someone.
She replied back while staring at me.
“Oh, really… that was quiet fast. Last week you were very single and this week you’re already seeing someone. Hmmm!
I sounded disappointed and did not know how to react anymore with her new relationship status.
She started grinning and I was not in the mood for that.
“, I’m seeing you….
She began to laugh, I looked at her confused.
“,I don’t understand Ezi… what do you mean by your seeing me?
“, You asked me if I’m seeing someone…and the only person I can see right now, sitting next to me is you. As for relationship, I’m not into any…but for seeing, you already know that there is no other person in this house except you and I…
I smiled after I understood what she meant
I stood up and moved to the same long couch where she sat.
“Ezi…I don’t want to make a mistake twice. I just wanted to be sure you’re not into anyone and no one is into you before saying what am about to say…
She was eager to hear what I was about to say as she assured me that she was very single and wasn’t into anyone.
“What do you think of me…? I mean, I have always wanted you, I felt very hurt when you choose Uche and walked out of my life. I have ever since try to trade with caution and be certain of my next woman. But then you showed up again and rekindling back the feeling I thought was dead. Even when I try to scare you off with another woman being in my life, you did not look threatened… you kept coming. I’m not a kid anymore Ezi, I want a woman who truly loves me and ready for a ride with me. My past relationships history haven’t been nothing to write about, I want to get it right this time and don’t give a damn if the lady is from a poor or rich background, beauty or no beauty… Class or no class. Things like that does not move me into love. I just want a homely, trustworthy… loving lady. Is okay for you to say no Ezi…is better off than giving me reasons to worry or give my whole heart to you only for it to be shattered. I’m done with all of that and want to define everything before it starts. Ezi, I hope I’m making sense to you…?
She nodded and said.
“I understand you very well. When I started having feeling for you I was afraid because we’re not in the same level…am not even close to the kind of girls you will date. But I couldn’t stop the feeling no matter how I try. That was one of the reasons i ended things with Uche… though it was on a mutual ground. I couldn’t stop thinking about you…When I returned back I try to make sure I move on and keep a clean distance, I tried for some months…. I’m here with you now which means my whole trying still did not yield fruit. I’m sorry for whatever hurt I caused you in the past. I was crossed and maybe jealous seeing another lady in your house, putting on the clothes I specially bought for you. I felt disregarded and you did not value me that much or my gifts…. that was how I felt. Like you said…is all in the past now and moving on I will be at my best behavior like the good girl I have always been…
She was grinning again.
I joined her, took her hands into mine and said.
“I love you Ezi…I have always loved you.
She bent her head and then said
“I love you maybe a bit more…”
I kissed her hands before kissing her lips.
She responded as we went crashing on the couch.
I loosed my hold and began to kiss her all over.
I slowly unzipped her cloth, slide my hand into her body.
I noticed she was shivering.
She moaned silently, straightened and removed my hands from her.
“Let’s move to the room Ezi… please. I want you…so much. Let’s go to my room, we will be more comfortable there…”
I said while panting.
She was reluctant, i try to lift her but she resisted.
“… what are you afraid of…I love you Ezi and will never hurt you. I want to be with you…I want to feel your warm and make love t…I…
She stood up, readjusted her cloth.
“I can’t. I’m sorry… we’re rushing things faster than it should be. Can we take it slowly…
She said still standing.
I stood up and took her hands again.
“We’re not rushing anything Ezi. I want you as much as you do… what is the point of denying our passion for each other…my body yawns for you Ezi…my heart beat for you, can’t you feel it…?
I pulled her into my body and began to kiss her again but she stepped away from me and said.
“Maybe next time, I’m not ready now. I have to go please…
“Okay… okay…is fine.
I took a long breath and try to think clear.
“…is alright Ezi. I’m sorry for pushing you. will you come over and spend the next weekend with me? I want you around often and will come and pick you up on Friday evening…
She nodded. I gently draw her into My body and held her very closely for sometime while I try to steady my own heart beat.
Hers was racing with speed.
She later left after sometime.
After I saw her off to the gate, I came inside, sat hard on a chair and try to replay the whole scene.
I can’t resist the fact I want her not just as my girlfriend or whatever, I want more than that.
I looked forward to next weekend, I will get a better chance to express how exactly I truly feel.
I will eat every part of her and make love to her like she has never experienced with her ex boyfriends.
This was my thought as I started my week.
I make sure I speak to her twice or three times in a day.
Alisha called me within the week, we spoke cordially and she said her father will be celebrating his 60th birthday next upper week Sunday and she wanted to specially invite me .
Also she spoke to her father about me and he may likely like to meet me concerning more properties he plans to acquire for his car dealership outlets.
I suppose to be free then, this weekend I will be with Eziaku. I should be free in the next.
I asked her if I can come with a friend.
She said it was okay to come with anyone I feel like coming with.
I will be going with Eziaku then. I will have to ask her first.
That will be our first outing together and I will love go with her to this big occasion.
Except if she doesn’t want to but I don’t see any reason Why she wouldn’t.
I asked Eziaku and she said she will go with me.
If she comes around this weekend we will go shopping together.
I will get her beautiful outing wears and accessories.
On Friday, I called Eziaku that I will be coming in the evening to get her.
“I won’t be able to spend the weekend again. I have to be in school. I have important class which I wouldn’t want to miss. But I promise to come in the next one.
My mood was ruined and I had no choice than to agree.
We kept up with the communication until the following week finally came.
It was slow but it still came after all.
Alisha called to remind me of the party.
I was not much of a party person but I was ready to honor her invitation.
I picked Eziaku on Friday and we went home.
That Friday night, she kept resisting me and did not allow me touch her.
I took her out on a shopping spree on Saturday. got different things for her and picked the best outfit for the tomorrow event.
That Saturday evening, I made attempt on her again but she wouldn’t let me.
“What’s the problem Ezi? I want you so much… what do you want me to do to prove to you how much I desire to be with you. Don’t you want me?
“I do, but not in that other aspects. I mean not right now…I can’t get intimate with you yet.
I gasped and held her more closely.
“So when, when do you want to do it. Intimacy is part of what people in love, in a relationship do. I have tried to exercise patient but I don’t know how long I can go. Do you want me to get involve with another woman and start craving for what you can aswell give me? I want to be dedicated, faithful to you alone. I don’t need any other satisfaction aside from you. No other woman will appeal to me this way like you will do… when do you want to do it?
She looked troubled.
“When I’m ready and that could be with my husband. Doing this doesn’t seem right now…
“Says who?
I said trying not to get angry?
“…it doesn’t seem right with me but seems right with Uche or the rest of your past men? If you’re still in love with Uche or whoever maybe is better you stick with them. Because this is you trying to punish me for what I don’t understand.
The words Left my mouth before I could get hold on myself.
She stared at me with a serious look.
“, Do you claim to love me because you want to get under my pants or you truly love me for who I am? Your whole reaction seems you want to use and dump me as fast as possible. I said I was not ready for it what is difficult to understand. I will respect your decision any day any time but you are finding it difficult to respect mine…
I stood up and walked round, trying to control my temper.
“You think I want to use and dump you? the reason I claim to love you is because I want to get under your skirts… really Eziaku? okay. Believe whatever you want to believe. I’m done trying to explain or expressing how much I feel for you. Have it your way Ezi… I’m cool.
She tries to say something but I stopped her
“… no, is okay with whatever you think. Know this about me atleast, women don’t freak me like they do to other guys. I can stay as long as possible without any intimacy with a woman. But ones I’m in a relationship, my emotions and body needs come knocking and if I can’t get a satisfaction from the woman I claim to love and that loves me too, I wonder where I will get it then. But if me wanting to touch you is taking advantage of you so that i can dump you thereafter then your mindset needs cleansing. And this kind of mindset won’t get us far. Did you also say the same thing to Uche and co when he was sleeping with you. Or .. let me guess, you felt he was in your class and will neither leave nor cheat on you…? Why are you acting like a kid…how old are you again?
She scoffed loudly at me. I felt disrespected buy kept calm.
“I’m twenty eight this year, I’m not a kid and I know what exactly I’m saying. and my decision has nothing to do with my age sir.
Wow, Eziaku was twenty eight and all this while I was thinking she was around twenty three to twenty five.
Looks can be decisive.
“You’re twenty eight and acting like under twenty. Maybe if not for this your kind of mindset you should have been married by now. But you act like you know it all, don’t have any fear or reserve in general. All this attitude of yours is village mentality and I’m not in for it.
She stood up and moved closer to me.
“You’re angry, becoming an aggressive bully because I refused sleeping with you. Your type is the reason why ladies hide their age or pretend what they’re not. Your type is the reason why they will succumbed to pressure, break their principles just to please your egoistic nature. You can aswell break up with me let me know that is all over again. Maybe is also this your mindset that kept you single up till now. I think that your chuka friend is married with two children while you’re still single. You said with my age I should be in a husband’s house but we’re birds of the same feather. The difference is I can’t bend or be threaten by you or anyone to do what I don’t want to. Anyway, I’m leaving…
I asked her to go if she wants.
I hate her damn guts.
I hate myself more for trying again, giving another chance to the same lady that threw me offshore before.
I hate myself for believing all of this will work and she was the one for me.
She picked up her bag that she came with, looked over at the new bags that has the new wears I recently bought for her.
“…Can I still take those things you bought for me along? Or you intend giving it to the next lady that will be warming your bed…”
I stare at her, her last statement deeply cut through me.
She reduced me to a garbage that sleeps with anything.
She saw my hurt through my eyes and
quickly retraced, dropped her bag and walked up to me.
“I’m sorry… I’m really sorry. I did not mean to say that please. I’m sorry for everything… for this misunderstanding and every word we have thrown at each other this evening out of anger and frustration. I apologise for everything and take the whole blame for it. But I’m still not going to sleep with you if I stay…
“Ezi, please Leave…
She looked at me wondering if I was serious.
“What? you want me to leave your house? Seriously…
“Isn’t that what you wanted to do before? Why are sounding surprised? we have had enough of this drama and I seriously need to think this whole thing through. I don’t care about your apology, when a glass is broken it can’t be gumed back no matter what. That’s how I feel right now. I just want to be left alone. Take whatever you want to take and leave me in peace. You’re not worth all this emotional headache I kept getting everytime. My peace of mind comes first for me Ezi. Please leave…
She couldn’t hide her tears again as they dropped down.
“Are you ending the relationship that just started? I truly love you… please don’t do this. For God sake… Austin… please.
She called me by my name for the very first time. .I walked away so I won’t be moved by her tears.
I sat in the living room, increased the volume of the television.
She wiped off a tear from her face as she began walking towards the door with just her bag.
She left the new wears behind and left with only her stuffs.
I locked the door after she left, turned off the television and went to bed at 8pm which was early bed for me.
I kept awake most part of the night, a text message came into My phone.
It was from Alisha.
The venue for the party address and she apologized for sending it late and asked me to make sure I come.
I was already disorganized with the whole Eziaku’s drama.
I intended going with her but not again.
I don’t even feel like going to church the following day.
I want to stay in door but since I have promised Alisha that I was going to come I will have to go.
The following day, I got ready for church and when I returned from service I got ready for Alisha’s father’s party.
I called to let her know that I was coming alone.
She said okay and sound more excited.
I left and drove to the venue, it was about one and half hours drive with no traffic.
She was standing outside the event hall that was well docorated waiting for me With her charming smile and dashing outfit.
exotic cars where lined up at the car park.
She hugged me happily when I got closer to her.
I took her hands into mine, like the queen that she was and walked inside the hall filled with different dignitaries.


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