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What lies beneath Episode 35

Episode 35
There was a knock on the door, I already knew that she was the one.
I only wish she will leave me alone at this time, I’m reclined to my conscience dealing with me.
Her pres£nce tormenting me and now I have to struggle looking into her eyes while talking to her or whatever reason she was knocking.
Her clos£ness will frighten my guilt self the more.
I was done bathing about 20 minutes ago, I went straight to bed just to avoid her.
Maybe if she did not see me come out of my room she will also go and sleep.
Is not like we have ever gotten intimate before so I see no reason for her wanting me except maybe to talk and sometimes our talk or trying to sort things may end up in disaster.
Eziaku need to understand that from every look of things I was not in the mood to talk or want her clos£ness. Especially not tonight.
I wish to be left alone. The meeting with Alisha kept eating me up.
I wish I never indulged her but at that moment I wasn’t even thinking straight.
I was thinking through the trunk in between my legs and nothin else makes s£nse at that time except to get laid.
I suppose to be filled and happy but guilt won’t leave me alone.
Eziaku’s thought refused to go away. I thought that was punishments enough until I came home only to meet her waiting outside for me.
And now she was at the door, knocking and I’m pretending right now to be asleep but she kept knocking.
“Yes…come in.
I finally said, trying to sound sleepy and tired.
She came in and began walking towards me.
What is she doing right now for heaven sake?
She should keep her distance from me. I can’t deal with her clos£ness.
“I thought you will be coming out after bath. Hope I didn’t wake you up…?
I yawned tiredly, trying to show her how tired and sleepy I was.
“Yea…I fell asleep immediately my back touched the bed. Sorry… I couldn’t come out. Do you need anything…?
I asked, acting like sleep was about to knock me off the bed.
Let her be going already.
“Ok…I will let you sleep then. I thought we can talk and maybe I…I mean sort out our differences but that can wait for some other time… I will go to sleep then.
I nodded without a word.
She turned to leave, but stopped.
I watched as she opened her mouth to say something but thought against it.
She walked back to the door and pause.
“I just want to know something, do you truly love me?
Oh God! What is all this.
If replying her will make her leave me alone so be it.
“Yes…. Eziaku”
I said wishing she can just leave.
“I also love you…so very much. I don’t want to loose you, I’m ready to do anything to prove how much I adore you and want us to be together. I have never loved anyone the way I fell and love you. Is crazy to say but that is truth from my sincere heart. I find it difficult to carry on for days…I can’t eat or sleep. I kept thinking about you and hoping you will call while praying that you won’t stop loving me. I couldn’t take it anymore and that’s why I came over. I know I turned down your intimacy plea but you won’t understand how scared I was deep down… But I Came because I’m willing to do anything to save our relationship… which I so much value. It sounds odd but I have never done it with anyone before. I want to be good enough for you and worthy to be your woman. I’m working towards achieving that academically. I want to be the woman you will be proud to call yours in the future. I’m sorry for whatever wrongs or hurt you are holding against me. I’m willing to prove to you how much I love you… that is the reason I Came. But I beg you in the name of God… please don’t leave me. Don’t break up with me or cheat on me. Is going to really hurt real bad if you do…I don’t know if I can take it…
I was quiet all through as she kept talking.
I’m not sure I understand anything she just said except “don’t cheat on me” which I kinds did already.
I was not even thinking straight, i feel bad listening to her and wishing I had nothing intimate with another woman.
I fell for Alisha, I wanted it, I fantasize it in my mind and looked forward to the day.
After it happened I started wishing I never desired such.
Eziaku was slowly walking back to the bed again. I see tears trying to fall off from her eyes but she quickly wiped it off.
“…. can i…I…come over. I mean can I climb the bed… beside you?
I blinked severally, is she alright.
Eziaku in her right mind won’t ever ask to get into bed with me.
“Why…why do you want to do that?
I managed to ask as the whole atmosphere gets serious.
She bent her head and said.
“I thought you will want me…I thought that will make you happy…
“Ezi, will sleeping in the same bed with me make you happy?
I asked and she became silent after sometime she said
“Not really. Especially since we’re not married but if it will make you happy I’m willing to give it to you… I hope God understand…
I scoffed and sat up from the bed.
“Give what to me Ezi?
She became silent again with her face bent.
For the first time I see her fear clearly and struggle.
Maybe she does not know what she was saying, I decided to elaborate it for her.
“… Ezi, do you know that sleeping in same bed will warrant me touching you.. like getting intimate. Making love to you…. do you understand what you are asking…?
“I understand…I have thought it through and decided to do it. You said it will make you happy and I really want you to be happy and let things get back as we used to be…
Eziaku could be acting all insane but I won’t fall for that.
I’m not even in the mood for all of this.
“I don’t want you to sleep close to me, I may end up touching you and you wouldn’t want that because I’m not your husband. Only your husband is legible for such. I don’t even understand you or anything you said earlier. I have had a long day and you know tomorrow is Monday, work starts. I need to rest. Please go Ezi… the guest room is vacant. I’m too tired and sleepy…we will talk better tomorrow or some other time.
I turned my back on her, shut my eyes and wait for her to leave.
It took few more minutes before she finally walked out.
I turned, g@sped out in relief.
If she had offered herself to me earlier before going to meet Alisha or even yesterday I could have jumped at the offer without caring if she in her right mind or not.
But I have had intimacy with Alisha and had enough guilt to deal with especially with her pres£nce.
That is enough trouble for one night.
Eziaku must have had something to drink before coming here.
Was she offering herself to me in a platter of God which she thinks is the only ticket to fully having me back?
I doubt she knew what she was saying. She was high on something.
I’m happy she finally left me alone.
After sometime I managed to pray before finally sleeping.
The following day, I got ready early for work.
I knocked on the guest room, she came out.
I told her that I was leaving for the office. She should drop my house key at the normal spot whenever she was going.
She nodded without looking at me.
Yesterday, I couldn’t look at her and I’m still struggling within me to stare at her even now but she was not even making effort to look at me.
I did not touch her or asked her to jump into the bed with me.
I don’t understand her not wanting to look at me.
She only said good morning to me before saying she will drop the key as I instructed.
I guess the alcohol she had before coming here yesterday that was pushing her to Join me in bed last night has cleared from her eyes and she felt stupid or ashamed for it.
I turned and was about leaving , she called me by name.
Halting my moves as she began to talk while avoiding my eyes.
“Does this mean we’re never going to sit and talk. You’re tired of me or obviously don’t want me again… isn’t it? She asked with all seriousness.
“Uhmmm Ezi… our talk doesn’t do much good. We talk things out now and the next day we’re no more in talking terms. I hate headache and as old as I am I also don’t want stress…I have had enough of it in the past and won’t want anything or anyone stressing me again. Since the talking is important to you, fine…we will but is either this coming weekend or next but definitely not within the week because I wouldn’t want anyone to interrupt my rest after a hectic day”
I turned and left for work.
Angela who has bounced back from her heart break that Peter caused her was already in office.
She looked a little bit light headed and tacky that morning as she walked into my office
“Good morning sir…how was your weekend?
“Fine Angela. Looks like your weekend was great…no need to ask how it went. You seem to be in a happy mood…
She started grinning seriously.
“He called to apologise…”
I raised an eyebrow in question.
“…I mean Peter.
I already know who she was referring to but wanted to be sure.
“So… what was your response…?
I asked, bringing my laptop and setting it on the table while listening to her.
“Anyway…I kinda forgive him. He took me out on Saturday night and from there to his place. I spent the night at his house and came back yesterday evening. I had fun and he showered me with gifts and praises of how much he adores me and will never hurt me again. I believe him and we’re cool..”
I made a face not knowing how to respond to the whole quickie apology and acceptance like she has been looking forward to it.
“Okay Angela… that’s good then.
That was the only thing I can say as she later left for her office.
Her mood was in different level. Although, her eyes looks like it was deprived of sleep but she was happy.
I spoke with Alisha that afternoon. She was acting all pissed because I didn’t check up on her, which I apologise.
I went home that evening and Eziaku was gone.
She cleaned every where in the house. When I opened the fridge to make dinner, I realized that she prepared dinner for me.
After eating I try calling her but her number was busy for a long time.
I wonder who she was talking with. She did not call back that night or even the next.
My week quickly run into the weekend. I called her on Saturday and she didn’t pick immediately but later called back that she was in cl@ss and will be finishing late.
She asked me to call her later and I did around 9pm but her line was busy.
I was angry and put my phone aside.
I settled within me that I wasn’t going to call her again.
Who is she always Speaking to at night while ignoring me.
I shouldn’t care but I took it all personal.
Does it mean she was seeing someone else or what.
I moved on with my life, ignored her calls within the week
I continue interacting with Alisha until the event weekend arrived.
Alisha mentioned that she already told her sisters and cousin about me and they will love to meet me too
I drove down that early afternoon to the event place. Matching the address she s£nt to me.
People filled inside the event hall. The celebrant was together with her husband and two kids.
Their was a huge customized birthday cake in front of her.
Alisha on seeing me, came out and gave me a klzz which lasted for about few seconds.
She whispered to my hearing that her ex was already around and will be watching her like hawk.
All I need to do was to be all over her.
i don’t understand if she wants to get him jealous or to scare him off.
She described the ex to me and exactly what he was putting on and where he was sitting.
I saw him staring at me with fire in his eyes.
Alisha introduced me to the two single sisters first, one was wearing an engagement ring. Which means she was probably engaged to be married.
they try to pretend and welcome me but I looked past all the glamour and fake friendly laughter.
They don’t look too please to meet me.
It was obvious that they prefer Alisha’s ex because he seems to be a friend to the family.
She was about taking me around when I got a h@rd tap on my shoulder.
I turned in shock and guess who was standing right in front of me.
Stefanie, the one i had issue in the past with.
“What the hell are you doing here… Austin?
She asked angrily.
Alisha looked from me to her. She asked if we have met before and Stefanie ignored as she stared at me angrily
The two sisters walked upto where the drama was going on.
“What’s going on…?
They chorused
“Is better we take this outside in other not to start a scene and attract people’s attention. I don’t want my big sis party to be ruined due to unnecessary drama”
Alisha said concerned
They started going outside, Alisha took me by hand and asked me how I happened to know her cousin, Stef Barbie.
I could have known two weeks ago when she mentioned Stef but I never thought it will be Stefanie the shrewd lady that Eziaku ones worked with and I had to deal with.
My refusal to sleep with her or dance to her rules made us to be at war with each other.
I told Alisha that she used to be my client
I was unstable been in the means of all this people.
seeing Stef again and being in her corner makes me a little nervous and more worried but since I have Alisha nothing will go wrong.
The good thing is that I never slept with Stefanie. She would have want to hold that down my head
Stefanie began to rant on getting outside.
“This stupid fool called the police on me and made me write an undertaking never to bug him or his househelp. Alisha, where in the world did you see this nons£nse guy. He is a total bad news. We had a fling in the past, he took the advantage that I liked him and began to misbehave. he has been in my bed before, invited me to his place for a weekend get together. When I went over, I met this ugly, primitive maid that worked for me in the past, I never liked the maid and because I asked this fool to get the maid fired he picked an offence. Which only explain he was equally sleeping with the maid…
Alisha looked shocked. The sisters laughed sarcastically.
I try to say something but Stefanie shunned me.
…hey shut the hell up. I’m not done talking yet. Did y’all know what this guy did, he recorded my ranting and forwarded to the police. I was called upon for statement never to bother him again. I stayed out of his space but What exactly is he doing in my own space again because I never wanted to set eyes on him after what he did…
Alisha turned to me and said.
“And I thought you’re decent…I thought you’re different. You slept with my cousin and was also sleeping with your maid? Oh gosh! I feel like a fool right now allowing you to touch me…
“No Alisha…I did not sleep with your cousin… Stef is not totally saying the Truth….I
The next thing that I h@rd was a serious slap on my cheek.
Another one follows
“Are you calling me a liar Austin?
Stefanie was seriously barking as Alisha sisters tries to hold her back.
I felt a sharp pain as I looked at her hand and realized almost all her f!ng£r has a ring. Maybe the rings must have broken my cheek bone because the pain felt unbearable.
“…I can kill you here because you stepped into my circle. I stayed away from your space but as Kama will have it you came right into my space with my own baby cousin… trying to deceiv her right? Stefanie continue talking
Alisha who was looking like she was about to b!0w off my head after listening to her cousin said.
“Dauda was better off than you…his only crime was being over protective but yours is sleeping with anything that greeted your eyes… you disgust me Austin…
I saw her ex coming with two men towards us.
One of the sisters has already gone to inform him.
I know I have to find a means and get out in one piece.
The pain from the two hot slap from Stefanie is not subsiding anytime soon.
I dislike all of this people which includes Alisha.
They’re spoilt brats that wants things done in their terms and ways.
How did I find myself in this corner again.
Watching Alisha’s supposed ex coming with his two body guards s£nt chill down my spine.
More trouble was brewing.
I either have to run or stay to fight.
How many of them will I even fight.
Stefanie is ready to tear me into pieces. I was caught in her trap and don’t know how to get off at this moment.
I remember Ezi said was coming today I told her that I won’t be around.
if I knew I would have stayed home with her and talk things through like she had always wanted.
All this people smell of trouble and I need to disappear from their means before something worst happens.


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