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Voice for the poor 4 episode 7 & 8


What next Brenda? Go ahead and fight, fight for what is right! I soliloquised.

[email protected] thanked me a million times for being his voice.
Brenda, the God we serve, will forever be your strength. Indeed, you are the voice for the poor. I pray to God Almighty to continuously strengthen you to help others who need a true and sympathetic voice like yours. He blessed happily.

Ike was so happy for me.
My father couldn’t hide his joy when we got back to the village.

My daughter, now tell me, what next? Daddy asked.

Daddy, this is not supposed to be a question at all. Ike cut in happily.
A young practicing lawyer, who has won her first case in the international court of law against the son of a whole sitting president can go places without being questioned.

We are pres£nting the second case, and that is the evidence we gathered against the hospital. It is time for them to meet their Karma. He added.

That is no problem at all Ike, but my question still remains unanswered. What in God’s name are we going to do to Richlove? Daddy asked worriedly.

Before I could utter a word of response, I heard a gunsh0t.

Daddy quic-kly run for two guns from his bag and gave one to Ike.

Listen my son, they are here to take Brenda’s life, let’s fight to win or loose, but at the end, make sure Brenda is safe. Daddy whispered in a trembling voice.

Ike hid me un-der the be-d.
RM, this is the only thing I can do to save you, to go out there and fight for your life. plea-se don’t come out! Hide till you are safe. He cautioned.

I stared into his eyes in tears. Stay safe too Ike, and don’t forget, I need your pres£nce to enable me live. plea-se, don’t stay too long in the battle field. I stated with tears running down my cheeks.

Cry no more my daughter, these tears you are shedding must be your strength and not your weakness.
Remember daddy loves you. Daddy whispered as he wiped the tears off my face.

I love you too daddy. I whispered back sadly.

They both rushed out and I could hear exchange of bullets.
I prayed in tears for their safety.

Minutes later, the guns were calm, and I heard someone wailing.

plea-se wake up! Wake up!
This is not the time, plea-se wake up!

I just knew something bad had happened to one of my strengths.
I hurried out to the compound and there la-id my beloved father in a pool of blood.

I stared into the sky and down into my father’s frozen eyelids.
Daddy, if this is a joke plea-se st©p it!

plea-se get up and let’s plan our way of justice together. Just get up!

Ike, why are you weeping like this? plea-se tell my father to cut the joke and get up. I lamented.

Ike held me ti-ght in tears. I’m sorry RM, daddy is gone.
The bullet hit his head. I couldn’t just believe it when I saw him hitting the ground.

Ike, this can’t be death! My father just told me he loves me. How can you love someb©dy and hurt her badly? I questioned confusedly.

Minutes later, people rushed to the house and began crying, that was when I realised my father was indeed dead.

Gooooooood! Who did this to meeeeeee?
Who took away the only family I have? What did I do? Where did I go wrong?
Who chose to render me an orphan? Daddy plea-se wake up!
Brenda is pleading with you to wake up. plea-se wake up! I cried out loud.

The youth in the village gathered their weapons in anger and dispersed into the bush to trace the @[email protected]

Whiles the rest carried my father in a car to the mortuary in the next town.

Ike and his family consoled me all they can.

An hour later, the youth returned from the bush with one of the robbers who sustained a gunsh0t on his right che-st and was bleeding profusely.

Let’s burn him alive! Let’s burn him alive! They chanted in anger.

No my people, we need this man to tell us who s£nt them. Ike intervened.

Everyone began videoing with his phone.
Now tell us who s£nt you or we burn you alive. Ike threatened.

He refused to talk and la-id quietly staring at our faces.

One of the guys picked a stone and threatened to smash his head with it.
Talk now or we kill you!

plea-se don’t kill me! I will talk. The guy pleaded.

Talk, who s£nt you? Ike asked angrily.


Talk, who s£nt you? Ike yelled angrily.

Eeerrrm, it is the first lady, Madam Gloria Tieku and her daughter, Richlove Tieku. He confessed.

The people screamed in dismay.
Eeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiii! What a wicked world!

Now listen to me everyb©dy, it is against the laws of this nation to beat or kill someone for an offence. There is nothing we can do to this man than to take him to the police station. Ike explained.

They all agreed and carried the man to the police station in the next town.

I followed them in an uncontrollable tears.
My mother will pay for this! Richlove should prepare for war of justice.

After taking the guy to the station with the evidence, the police quic-kly called the city and they [email protected] some of their men to arrest my mother and Richlove.

Since the city was not far from the village, Ike and I hurriedly jumped into a re-adily available car to the city.

We waited patiently at the police headquarters for the arrest of those two murderers.

Hours later, the police patrol car arrived with Richlove and other two guys in a handcuff.

Where is the woman! I screamed in pain.

Calm down madam, she is at the back of the pick up! One of the officers responded.

Doing what? Or is it because she is the former first lady? I asked angrily.

No madam, but because she is dead and will soon be s£nt to the police hospital to deposit the [email protected] He responded.

What! How? Why? Ike cut in.

She is a criminal sir. She and these two guys exchanged bullets with us when we got to the house.
Unfortunately, she was the only victim of death. The officer explained.

God what is this? How could you watch Brenda loose her both parents in a day? Ike screamed in pain.

Ike, I never lost both parents, I lost a parent and the murderer of my parent.
I won’t cry anymore, because daddy asked me not to.
Cry no more too Ike, and let’s give thanks to God in all things.

Daddy’s greatest wish was to see justice prevail, and indeed, it has.
Richlove is arrested, her mother is dead! What is left is the evidence he risked his life to gather against the hospital. Let’s pursue that case in court, and I can go ahead to bury my father in peace.

Months later, Richlove and my father’s @[email protected] were dragged to court.
Ike was my father’s lawyer.

Throu-gh thick and thin, we won the case hands down and Richlove, as well as her cohorts, were s£ntenced to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

The president called me once again.
Brenda, you took away my happiness. So you indeed meant it, when you told me at the age of seven that, you want to be the voice for the poor. He rhetorically asked.

Well I don’t remember, but I believe my destiny spoke throu-gh me at that time.
Mr Tieku Adam, whoever carries a crown that doesn’t belong to his head, suffers eternal n£¢k pain.
I never took your happiness away from you, justice did, the tears of the poor did, the innocent souls you took away did.

I once told you that, life is not life, until it is well lived.
If you live a righteous life, you will live, but if you live in sin as a way of life, you will leave. I responded and hanged up.

Days [email protected], and the entire nation began to rise against my father.
Every media house was questioning his credibility as a President.

How could the president’s son, daughter and wife be criminals? That means that, the president has something un-der his sleeves.

Out of frustration, my father’s communicators announced to the entire nation that, the president has an emergency address to some issues.

The media were alert. People were glued to their televisions.

Ike and I waited impatiently in front of our television to hear what the miserable president had to say.

To be continued…

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