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voice for the poor 4 episode 9 & 10


Ike and I waited impatiently in front of our television to hear what the miserable president had to say.

Soon, he appeared on the television.
He was seated in his office, wearing a miserable face.

Good evening the citizens of this country, I know each and everyone is waiting to hear what your president has to say.

This is my second term of being the President of this country, and I must say, I am more than grateful for trusting this nation into my hands.

I failed you in my first term, but upon my plea, you gave me another chance to prove my worth.

Unfortunately, I failed you and I am still failing you.

There are few issues I want to draw your attention to, in relation to elections.
Never vote out of pity, it will live a long way to buy peace for the one you voted for, without counting the cost to you.

Vote based on achievements, and not noise.
Anyone that offers a bribe to buy your vote, is not qualified to be a president.
Anyone that is selfish, isn’t as well qualified to be a president.

A President is a leader, a father, a good example and a sympathetic soul.
Why vote for someone who sits in his convoy to wave at you? Is he better than you?
Don’t forget that your vote is capable of ma-king him or breaking him. Demand the respect of he stepping out of his comfort zone to talk to you as a human being.

Why do you have to demonstrate for jobs, when you voted for jobs?
Why do you have to be denied a contract because you don’t have a car, yet, you have the [email protected] to execute it.

If the president cannot create jobs for everyb©dy, he can at least train people in their various fields to create jobs of their own and employ others as well.

A President who goes for more holidays than attending national functions is not supposed to be a president.
He or she was voted to work and not to rest.

Vote because you see an ability in someb©dy to care for everyb©dy, and not because you belong to a [email protected] political [email protected]

It’s rather unfortunate that, this president giving all these advise today, doesn’t qualify to be a president.
I failed you and I failed myself.

My wife was supposed to be a mother to the motherless, but she chose to be a concubine to the married.

My eldest daughter was supposed to be a sister to the sisterless, yet she chose to be a thorn in innocent fleshes.

I lost my only son to posterity, after he ganged with criminals to hunt innocent lives.

In all these, I share most of the blames.
It isn’t as if I have not cheated on my wife before. It isn’t as if I didn’t know about my children’s atrocious acts.
The bo-ttomline is that, I failed to be the coach of my own home!

I stand here today, to announce to the entire nation that, I have resigned from my position as a President of this nation.
Thanks for trusting me, and sorry for betraying your trust. He concluded.

What! RM, this man is bold! Ike exclaimed.

Yes he is. Anyone that accepts his or her fault and apologises, is the boldest person alive. I like his confidence.
For once, I am liking this man. I responded.

The entire nation was thrown in despair.
People were happy, and others who knew what it meant to be guilty, were also sad.

The next morning, the president called me on phone.
Hello Brenda, do me a favor, come into my home in an hour.
I know you don’t trust me, but you can come with your personal guards. He requested.

Ike and I picked a car from the village to see him.

When we arrived, there were lots of people gathered in the house.

He gave special orders, and we were ushered into the main house without delay.

My daughter, I am happy to see you here once again.
Everything that happens is for a reason.
If you had not stepped out of this house, the people wouldn’t have known justice. Thanks so much for being the sympathetic voice that has rescued the poor people of this nation from the hands of an evil person like me.

Brenda, I called you here, to wish you the very best in your career of justice.
I pray that, this voice you possess, should be heard worldwi-de.
Once again, I am terribly sorry for hurting your feelings, and for failing to be the father you ever wished for. The president explained.

I forgive you daddy, and thanks for stepping down.
Your people deserve someone better than you. I responded.

And who is this handsome gentleman with you? He asked.

That is my fiance daddy. We are looking forward to marry soon. I responded.

Young man, he who finds a wife finds a good thing, but I tell you, you have found the best thing, and that means that, you have found more than a wife.
I wish you the very best in your career to achieve the best for this nation. I bless you both. The president stated.

We talked for a while and asked permission to leave.
Immediately we stepped out, we heard a gun sh0t in the president’s room.
We tried running back there, but his security prevented us.

I waited desperately for them to tell us what was going on.
Minutes later, one of them walked out in tears.

Talk to me gentleman, what is happening? I screamed.

The president has sh0t himself dead! He has committed suicide.

Instantly, I fell on the floor.
My knees failed to support my weight.

Ike held me unto my feet.
RM I’m sorry for all these emotional stress you are going throu-gh. plea-se take heart. He consoled.

Death why? Why take a man who has repented from his sins? I wailed in pain.


Death why? Why take a man who has repented from his sins? I wailed in pain.

Tears spewed from the eyes that cared.

Ike and I went back to the village in tears and misery.
The vice president was sworn in as the next president.

The entire nation was thrown into misery.
Those who believed in instant justice jubilated.

Brenda, you need to take some time off.
The emotional stress you’ve gone throu-gh in the past few weeks is too much. Ike’s father suggested.

No father, justice is supposed to be like the air we breath, it must be every day, every hour, every minute and every second.
As long as the problems of the poor remains unsolved, I will fight till the last drop of my blood. I vowed.

So when are we going to bury your father? He asked.

I’ve contacted his family members in the central region, and we have agreed to bury him three months from now. By then, I would be done dealing with the so called hospital. I explained.

That’s alright my daughter, but be rest @ssured that, you still have me and my wife as your parents.

No inlaw is an inlaw, unless he or she treats you like his or her own child.
My wife and I promise to give you the same treatment as we do for Ike. He @ssured.

Thanks for being there daddy. May God almighty bless you abundantly. I responded.

The following week, we reported the hospital to the police and the entire management members were arrested.

Things were put in place, and the case was s£nt to court.

On our first hearing, the doctor pleaded not guilty.

I stand before this court today, to plead not guilty.
The accusation leveled against me is that, I am not a qualified doctor, which isn’t true.

We have various types of doctors in this country. Herbal doctors, traditional doctors, academic doctors and so on.
Depending on your capabilities, you can work to save a life that is worth living, or claim a life that is almost wasting. Doctor Boadi explained.

This man is not serious! What kind of self defence is this? Ike whispered into my ears.

Doctor Boadi, the court is grateful for your explanation of the various categories of doctors we have in this country, may we know which category you fall into? The judge asked.

My lord, I fall into the category of a witch doctor. He responded bluntly.

Everyone in the court screamed in dismay.
This is serious!!!

Doctor Boadi, your case is becoming very interesting, can you plea-se tell this humble court the employing b©dy that issued your certificate, and your job description attached to the certificate? The judge asked.

My lord, when I was at age 15, my grandfather [email protected] onto me that skill, but I personally printed a certificate out of it when I was moving into the city to practice as a qualified and professional doctor.

My job description is to look into the spiritual realm and know who deserves to die and who deserves to live.
So in the hospital, if a patient deserves to die, like we saw in the video, we take the person to the lab and draw all his blood. He explained.

Are you aware it is against the laws of this nation to claim someone’s life? The judge asked.

No my lord, I am not aware.
When was the last time the government re-ad and explained the constitution into details to the ordinary people?
All we hear is that, the law says this, the laws says that.
This article says this, this article says that. And I keep asking myself, what at all is the meaning of the so called article they keep mentioning? He rhetorically asked.

We live in a country where people get to know the laws of the land, after they have violated it.
I am a traditionalist, and we practice witch doctoring in my village without anyone interfering, but the moment I introduced it in the city, they say I have committed murder.

This country is a big puzzle that needs big [email protected] to solve.
The entire government administration should be dissolved, for new people to take over. And when they take over, they should move into the villages to explain what governance is all about, rather than building mansions and moving in to stay with their families. He explained.

Doctor Boadi, everything you’ve told this honorable court is true, and we will make sure this information gets to the president, but for now, you and your team are guilty for committing murder. The judge pronounced.

My lord, if everything I said is true, then you have to show mercy.
No one violates a law that is unknown. I am a victim of ignorance, plea-se have mercy on me and let me go back to my village to practice my witch doctoring. He pleaded.

The court is sorry to announce to you that, each and everyone of you is s£ntenced to seventy years imprisonment for murder and public deceit.

The hospital is as well instructed to close and st©p operating with immediate effect.
The court will see to it that, the inpatients are transferred to another hospital. The judge pronounced.

Once again RM, you’ve defeated sin.
Indeed, justice is a powerful weapon. Ike stated happily.

I was a bit relieved for the achievement of justice so far.
The poor must live! The voice for the poor must be heard. I thought.

What next? My father must be buried. I thought.

To be continued…

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