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Unwanted twins batch 2

( We don’t need a female Child)
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 6
Writer p.o.v
Leo mansion
Babe I have good news for you Nora said happily. What’s the good news all about Leo asked.
Remember I told you am feeling somehow this days and you advise me to go for check up in the hospital she said. Yeah so what’s it.
Am gonna be a mother soon and you are gonna be a father gonna said happily. What did you mean Leo asked. Are you that dumb,
The doctor said am 3 week pregnant she Break the news happily. Wow tell me you are joking baby leo asked feeling happy. Nope I wasn’t joking I mean it wow this cause for celebration Leo said.
Yeah but not now till Gabrielle come back from school she said happily. You don’t have to disturb yourself in this house again just sleep and wake up leo said.
Alright but you’re also gonna promise me something Nora said. What’s it babe Leo asked. Promised you won’t be harsh on people again she said.
I can’t promised you that don’t spoil this happy moment go and dress up before Gabrielle come back.
Cole mansion
Clara went into Dora room and met her in the bed. Hey fool you wants to turn my husband against me right.
Enjoy while it last cause I will make you regret having me as your mother when your father travel she said and went out.
Where are you coming from s£nator cole asked Clara oh I went to check on dora she said. When did you start checking on her s£nator cole asked.
Am trying to reason with you now, don’t get me Angry you’re the one that beg me to be nice to her and am trying to be nice she said. Am sorry if I get you wrong s£nator cole said and hug his wife.
s£nator cole walked into a boutique with Dora on his side reporters are everywhere , oh jeez who told this reporters am here he exclaims.
s£nator cole good afternoon they greet him and he simply wave at them while his guards prevent the reporters from touching him.
Sir who’s this by your side cause she really look like your wife but we haven’t seen her with you before they said.
She’s my daughter Dan twin sister he replied. Oh sir but did you have any reason of hiding her all this while.
Sir someone said she’s working as a sales girl in a cafe how true is that sir they asked.
s£nator cole felt he has heard Enough he hold Dora hand and walked into the boutique with her.
Dora shops as many clothes as she wants. she even get some for Dan and Gabrielle. She felt happy. She hasn’t felt this happy before.
Back to the mansion
Welcome my darling Mrs Cole said hugging and husband. Welcome darling Mrs Cole said and hug Dora tightly she was surprised.
The hug is so tight that she can’t breathe she felt her mother’s doing it on purpose I can’t breathe she said rolling her eyes.
Hope you enjoy your self am sure by tomorrow your father will be gone she whispered to her.
Dora unpack the things she bought and arrange them on her wardrobe. She took the one she bought for Dan and head to his room.
When she got to his door she was still contemplating whether to knock or go back before the door open.
What are you doing here Dan asked. I went out with Dad for shopping and how’s that my husband Dan cut her in.
Dora breathe in, she was about to turn back before Dan see she’s holding something and what’s that with you he asked.
I bought it for you she said biting her nails nervously.
Dan felt guilty dispert the fact we aren’t in good terms she still bought something for her.
She really have a good heart he thought but why did I hate my twin sister he thinks. Thanks he said and that shocked Dora.
He open it and g@sped am planning to buy this and you bought it for me he said happily and hug her. Dan kept thinking till he slept off I don’t even know why I hate her.
I think is because that’s what I grow up to learn our parents only care for me then he thought and slept off.
Episode 7
Writer p.o.v
Cole mansion
s£nator cole was ready to fly out, Dan he called yes dad, am sorry for seizing your car key you made me seize it. If those hungry reporters sees you when you are drunk, you Know that will tarnish my imagine.
So have it this is your car key and make sure you don’t misbehave till I come back. Please look after Dora for me he said and face his wife,
honey don’t forget what we discussed in the house he told his wife alright honey I promise to change she said.
Dora come and give daddy a hug she said. After hugging everyone s£nator cole get into the car and the driver drove off.
Dora darling you won’t be going to school with your driver and your car today Mrs Cole said. But why mum Dan asked. Are you Dora Mrs Cole asked Dan.
Mum what did you want to used my car key for dora asked her. Good question my darling you know your car is still new. I need to take it out she said smiling.
Car I go with any other car she asked. Oh am using your driver also and I knew you don’t know how to drive she said.
But mom no but Dora you can simply trek to school or take a cab Mrs Cole said. This is not just right why don’t you used mine Dan said and enter his car angrily.
Dora went out to take a cab cause she don’t wants to disturb Gabrielle. This is not fair I went to school with a car yesterday. Now am boarding a cab.
That woman just wants to humiliate me. But am used to that. Get inside have been waiting for you Dan said. Dora was surprised.
You mean I should enter your car Dora asked still shocked. Yes now. Thank you she said and enter the car they zoom off.
In the school
Dora you mean your father have traveled and that witch seize your car key Gabrielle asked. Stop calling her a witch she’s my mother.
Ohh you called that one a mother you’re unbelievable Gabrielle said. Gabrielle no matter what she does I will still love her. If not for anything but for the fact that she carried me in her womb for 9 months she said.
Even me that doesn’t have a parent is far better than you I don’t mean to insult you am just trying to makes you see Reason with me she said.
Dora am sure you haven’t taken your breakfast let go and eat Dan said and Gabrielle was surprised and happy. What did he just say Gabrielle asked her friend.
I think has changed a school with his car Dora said you don’t mean it Gabrielle said and hug Dan. Now you are behaving like a good boyfriend Gabrielle said.
Drama queen Dora scoff.
Guy’s my brother his celebrating his fiance pregnancy, am inviting you two Gabrielle said.
Am sorry I can’t come Dora said. I knew you won’t come Gabrielle hiss am sorry you Know why she said. Am coming Dan said. Who will drop me in the house if you go Dora asked. I will drop you before I go Dan said.
Back to Cole mansion.
Welcome mum Dora greet Mrs Cole. Welcome were is my son she asked.
He went out with Gabrielle she replied. Perfect cause I don’t know what you gave to him this morning.
Good to my room pack all the dirty clothes including Dan own and wash don’t use the washing machine. Used your hand.
She said but the maids are there and the washing machine are still working fine she said. How dare you question my orders Mrs Cole said and slap Dora.
She pound on her and started beating her. Get out now and wash those clothes you good for nothing child. That’s what you get for telling on me she said.
Episode 8
Writer p.o.v
Dora rushed in, to wash the clothes. Madam why are you washing clothes is the washing machine not working.
Even if is not working again, we are here to wash. How will you wash this plenty clothes alone one of the maid Mira asked. Hmm I just felt like washing she replied. I knew you don’t feel like.
Am sure big madam force you. What’s up with this bruised on your face she asked. Is it that obvious Dora asked.
The bruised is much she said. Young Master is back. am coming back to Join you, you Know am his personal maid she said and went out.
Were is Dora Dan asked mira, she’s at the back of the house washing. Washing what Dan asked.
Washing clothes sir. What washing clothes where are the other maids why’s she the one washing clothes he said going to the back of the house.
Dora he called. And Dora look shocked to see him in the back of the house. What happen to your face Dan asked.
Mum gave me this marks she said crying am sorry Dan said hugging her. Dan march into the living room angrily. Mom he yelled.
What happen my darling who makes you angry Mrs Cole asked. What did Dora do for you. Is she not your daughter why are you treating her like trash he said.
Who told you am treating her like trash am only treating her she’s a female child she need to learn is that why you are worked up she asked.
Mum that’s not how to train a child he said and went back to the back of the house to stop Dora from washing the clothes.
The next day
Dora silver need you in her house Mrs Cole said. What did she need her for Dan asked. Dan Don’t start this morning.
Is it bad for Dora to visit silver she asked. Dan don’t worry no problem I will go to ma silver place I also missed her Dora said and went inside to change.
Madam silver mansion
Good afternoon ma Dora greet ma silver. Afternoon my dear mum silver replied. But mum have you been crying Dora asked.
No crying no o am not crying she said cleaning the tears in her eyes. You know you can talk to me right Dora said. Madam silver burst out crying.
He wants to divorce me because I don’t give birth madam silver said crying bitterly that’s bad. Stop crying mum you know am also your daughter she said.
I wish so I don’t know why God don’t give you to me she said crying. So are you going to sign the divorce papers Dora asked.
Of course I will cause him and his pregnant wife are making that house a hell hole for me.
I have nothing to lose cause does properties he is controlling Is mine and I will take everything from him she said still crying.
Stop crying mum, crying doesn’t suit you she said cleaning her tears. How I wish you are my mother Dora said crying with her.
Back to Cole mansion
Dora why are you coming by this time Clara asked. Am sorry madam silver has so many work and am helping her out.
Dora and Dan were reading together in Dan room.
Dan told Dora to teach him somethings he don’t know in maths cause there final exam is next week and they are saying bye bye to college. Dora Mrs Cole called.
Why is mummy calling you by this time of the night this is 12am let go and see her together Dan said and went out with Dora.
Dan you haven’t sleep she asked. Yes we are reading Dora said. I never asked you, you aren’t Dan Mrs Cole said rolling her eyes.
Dan I didn’t call you. You can go back to sleep I wants to talk to Dora Mrs Cole said and dan went inside. Mum what did you wants to tell me Dora asked.
I need you to get something for me in the next street Mrs Cole said. But is late already Dora said.
Just shut up your mouth. And go right now she said and Dora went out.
See that beautiful girl what’s she doing outside by this time the two drunkard asked there selves.
Maybe she’s some slut let move closer to her the other one said. Hey beautiful lady they said. Hello how may I help you Dora asked still walking.
You’re really beautiful you know thanks Dora replied. How much for a night stand with you they asked.
Am not a slut Dora replied them. Wow am sure your p*say will still be tight they said and one of them carry Dora on his shoulder.
Drop me Dora said hitting the guy that carry her. They drop her in a quiet place. And forcefully taken off her cloth.
Let me go you bastards she yelled. You can continue crying no one will hear you they said.
Episode 9
Writer p.o.v
Dan checked the time for the untenth time why’s Dora not back he said. Dora should come back I really need to p@ss this our final year exam and is only Dora that can help me. He stands up from the bed and go in search of Dora.
He knocked on her door no response. He went to the living room to check Dora maybe she’s still with mother he thought.
But his mother is not in the living room. He went to her room and knock he heard come in and went in.
Mum were is Dora Dan asked. I s£nt her she replied. To were exactly at this night.
I s£nt her to give one of my friends in the next street something. What you mean you s£nt Dora out by this time of the night.
Why don’t you s£nt me he asked his mother. Mum you are the most stupid person I have ever come across how will you s£nt your daughter out by this time.
If she doesn’t have your look I will said she’s not your daughter. Why are you treating her like trash Dan yelled.
Am not treating her bad am only training her she said. Mum if you say that again I will slap you he said and Mrs Cole was shocked.
Am going out now in search of her just pray nothing happens to her cause if I see a scratch on her body you’re dead he said. Dan remember am your mother she said.
Yeah I know and you don’t deserve to be a mother. Look woman I want you to hate me as your hate Dora.
That’s not possible I can’t hate you cause I don’t hate Dora. And you aren’t going anywhere she said blocking the road. Dan pushed her very h@rd that she fall on her @ss.
Were is this idiot we call our gate keeper Dan yelled but the gate keeper is still sleeping. Dan kick his door so h@rd that the door open and Derrick wake up. What happen young Master he asked.
You’re here sleeping and my sister is out there in danger he said dragging his neck. Why did you allow her to go out by this time of the night he said.
Give me the gate key he asked. Am sorry young Master madam said I shouldn’t open the gate for you. Are you stupid Dan said kicking him angrily that he quickly handover the key to him.
Dan enter his car and zoom off. He locked the gate to prevent his mother from going out till he comes.
Why am I even going with a car Dan said and park his car at the road side. Dora, Dora dorathy come out were are you at me Dan he keep shouting.
Dora on the other hand as p@ssed out and the guy is still trying to raped her they have tear are cloth and she’s now stack n@k£d.
Dan hearing some whispering and he move closer to were he is hearing the voice from. He looks closer and saw Dora n@k£d on the floor with a guy untop of her.
He went there with rage and started punching the guy how dare you touch my sister punch, punch,punch he keep punching him. The other one was about to ran off but,
Dan drag him back and started beating him till the both of them p@ss out. He removed his shirt and wear it on Dora. He is now shirtless. He carry Dora to the car and zoom off to the hospital.
He went back home when the doctor said Dora is okay she only needs some rest now.
Dan unlocked the gate and went in. Dan what have come over you why did you lock the gate I should be at work by now she said.
Just keep quiet you’re bother about your work but you don’t asked me about Dora.
What happen to Dora I hope she’s ok she asked. She’s okay Dan said. Good for her she replied and Dan slap her.
Dan did you just slap me she asked shocked. Dan walked p@ss her and went in to call his father.
Episode 10
Writer p.o.v
Dan walked in angrily and place a call across to his father. Hello s£nator cole said. Dan how are you and everyone he asked. Am fine but Dora is not fine Dan said.
What happen to Dora s£nator asked, Mum s£nt her out at the middle of the night, I don’t know maybe they have raped her, but the doctor said she is fine, where is Clara s£nator Cole asked, i think she has gone to work what!!!,
U mean Clara goes to work while Dora is at the hospital, alright I will be home before noon s£nator Cole said.
Anthony get my private jet ready am going back to America s£nator Cole said. sir but we are not done here, shut up who are u to argue with me s£nator cole yelled angrily.
My daughter is there at the hospital and you expect me to be here. Tell Anna to cancel all my schedule am going back to America he said.
4hours later.
Dan s£nd me the hospital address am in America s£nator cole said.
Dad you mean you’re in America so fast Dan asked. Yes pls this is not the time for interrogation s£nd me the address now s£nator cole said.alright dad.
Dora my darling am sorry s£nator cole said sitting beside Dora. She wakes up not too long. But why don’t you run when you see those thug s£nator cole asked.
I didn’t see them coming is dark Dora said.i will be right back Dan take care of your sister.
Clara office
s£nator cole barged in, Clara, Clara, Clara how dare you s£nt my daughter out at that time of the night you still have the effrontary to come to your useless office what type of mother are u are u crazy or what s£nator Cole asked.
Between your work and My daughter which one is more important s£nator cole asked.
You’re back darling, you didn’t tell me you’re coming back Mrs Clara said. You must be crazy for that question.
Answer my Dam question. Darling you believe I can s£nd my daughter out at that time of the night.hun or I knew she’s in the hospital. She told me she was going out with her friends yesterday and she won’t be coming back.
Have been trying to call her line but is not connecting.
s£nator cole was confused. Who told you that she said shearing crocodile tears. You mean you didn’t s£nd her out.
Who’s lying between you and Dan s£nator Cole asked. Dan am sure Dora must have lied to him to makes him tell you a thing like that.
Look Clara whether is true or not anytime you touch her I will have no choice than to divorce you cause this is not the woman I get married to.
s£nator cole said and went back to the hospital.
A week later.
Congratulations my children you guys really makes me proud s£nator cole said.
Yeah they just graduated from the college with flying colors. With the help of Dora Dan came out as the 2nd best students of the while Dora came out first.
So Dan and Dora you guys will have to follow me to Spain to learn on how to be a good business man and woman cause you guys will be managing the company afterwards I want to retire.
No honey this house will be lonely for me you can go with Dan first. Then Dora will go later. When Dan come back Mrs Cole said smiling.
s£nator cole done some lil thinking and agree with his wife. Dora wasn’t that happy cause she didn’t trust her mother but she had no choice cause she has really changed.
I don’t trust this Clara at all.


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