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Unwanted twins batch 1

( We don’t want a female child)
By Three star
If you say that something or someone is unwanted you mean that you don’t want them, or that nobody wants them. That’s the case of Dorathy.
Who’s dorathy she’s s£nator and Mrs Cole daughter, she’s a twin.
They choice her twins brother over her. Disperse the fact that she’s more brilliant than Dan.
They dislike her dislike is an understatement let me just used the word hate. Just because she’s a female child. They treat her like a slave in the house.
Meet the cold hearted leo, he is a musician he never interact with people.
God bless him with a lovely, beautiful, humble fiance Nora. He doesn’t joke with Nora and his little sister. Because his little sister is the only family he have.
What happen when Leo and dorathy cross paths.
Oh I forget to add dorathy is a victim of rape.
Did you think there love story will work. Who else can’t wait for this story.
Episode 1
Dorathy p.o.v❤️
Someone poured water on my body and I jerk up from the bed. My eyes met with mother eye glaring dangers at me. Good morning mum I greet.
Keep your Dawn greetings to your self she said fuming in anger. Who gave you the right to sleep to this time she asked. But mum this is 4:00 am I said.
Oh am sorry I don’t know she said moving closer to me. She drag my ear aww mum it hurt I said in pain.
You’re very stupid, you think am blind or I don’t check the time before coming to your room she said.
Standup and Clean the house I gave you 30 minutes. But the maids are still sleeping in there room, why me I asked. How dare you question my orders.
If you don’t want problem in this house stand up and do as I say she said. Am sorry I said and quickly get down from the bed I don’t need beating this morning. Am sorry I haven’t introduce myself am dorathy 19 years,
am a twins but should I say am the black sheep in the family. Cause they hate me even my twin brother. Guys let me go because I don’t want there problem this morning.
Good morning Dad I greet dad and he nod his head in reply. Mum am done with the chorus can I join you guys for breakfast I asked.
So you mean you wants to join us I don’t see different between you and the maids cause you disgust me and more over you are not lame you have hands if you’re hungry go into the kitchen and prepare food for yourself my twin brother said.
It okay Dan you don’t talk while eating Dad said. Dad is that the only thing you will say I asked.
Dora what did you wants me to say he said and I walked out angrily to board a cab to school.
Hello babe were are you Gabrielle said through the phone.
Am at our gate about to board a cab I said.
They didn’t allow you to go with a car again she asked. Yes I replied. What about Dan he is still eating I replied.
Okay you dare not take a cab am on my way to pick you she said and cut the call.
That’s Gabrielle she’s my only friend and Dan girlfriend. She’s a sister to the famous musician leo.
Leo p.o.v
Leo I don’t like this. You’re too cold imagine your workers are greeting you but you don’t reply there greeting.
Nora said. But am there boss it not necessary if I reply there greetings or not I said. It very necessary for you to reply there greetings.
Can’t you see they’re afraid of you she said. And that’s what I want Nora.
You no what if you can’t stop this bad attitude of yours I will leave you for good she said and that really get to me. Am sorry I will change i said.
If you wants me to believe you start by answering there greetings she said. I don’t even know how to replied them I said. You can simply wave or smile at them she replied.
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Episode 2
Dorathy p.o.v❤️
Few minutes later Gabrielle came with her car. Hey girlfriend she smiled how are you doing I asked.
Thanks for coming to pick me I said. Why will you thank me what are friends for she s£nd and we got into the car and zoomed off.
Writer p.o.v
Wow the s£nator son is here, he is looking handsome too bad he has a girlfriend.
Some keep whispering while Dan come down magnificent from his car. Hey sweetie he said as soon as he sight Gabrielle but Gabrielle ignore him.
Babe wait what have I done. Why are you always treating your sister as trashed she asked.
Did Dora report me to you how dare that brat he said angrily and walk into the cl@ss. He grabbed Dora with her shirt and hit her on the wall.
Did you want to kill her Gabrielle shouted. Why will she report me to you he said angrily. And when did I tell you she report you to me.
Stay away from this Gabrielle this is family matter he said. A teacher enter the cl@ss and Dan leave Dora. All eyes on her. Dora felt ashamed she was crying profusely as she went to her sit to sit down.
Leo mansion
Welcome ma welcome sir the maid greet Nora and Leo as they enter the mansion.
Hi guys Nora smile and wave at them. Leo you’re forgotten something Nora said what’s it he asked grumbling.
You haven’t replied there greeting she said. Leo force out a smile he wave and wall inside angrily.
The maids were surprised. Don’t maid him Nora said you guys can go back to your work she said. Did boss just wave at us the maids said within there self.
The Cole mansion
Dorathy went into the house hurriedly because she’s going to work. She have 4 different work she is doing after school just to pay her school fees.
And were did you think you are going to come her mother replied. She was surprised to see her mother in the house.
Am sorry Mom I don’t know you’re in the house I thought you will be at work by now she said. How dare you report my son to his girlfriend mom said.
Am sorry but I don’t report him she said. Put that aside my friend need someone to clean her new house. Have s£nt the address to your whatsapp she said.
But mum am going to work. And how’s that my business she replied. I gave you 5 minutes to change your cloth one of the driver will talk you there she said and walk away.
Gabrielle walked into the house and change. She walk out hurriedly. Miss one of the driver called I will be the one to take you there he said. And Dora Walked into the car.
Madam silver mansion
Dora what are you doing here, or did you come here with the maid that will help me out she said.
No mum am the one. What give me my phone and let me call Clara She Said. how will she s£nd you to walk as a maid for me.
Dora go on her knees mom please don’t call her I don’t want problem dorathy said. So Dora haven’t still change. Is it your fault that you’re a female child.
She’s ungrateful look at me I don’t have a child of my own but she’s treating her’s like a slave she said. I won’t allow you to walk go inside and enjoy yourself till evening she said.
Mum if you won’t allow me to work please I need to reach somewhere she said. Okay give me my bag Mrs silver said and gave Dora some money. Bye my dear, please don’t tell my mum. She said and walked out.
Episode 3
Dorathy p.o.v
I checked the time on my wristwatch am late again. I pray Mama C@ssy don’t scold me today. Am sure she won’t fire me cause she likes me.
Hey Dora you’re late again I heard mama C@ssy voice. Am sorry ma, hope is not your parents this time she asked.
I nod my head positively am sorry I can’t help you the last time I tried to help you. You knew what they did to me mama C@ssy said.
Yeah no prob man you don’t have to be sorry ma. Hurry up go and take table 3 orders she said. Alright ma.
Good afternoon ma and sir what are your orders I asked. Good afternoon dear the lady replied. Just give us coffee for now she said and I Rushed to get there order.
I came back with the coffee I was about to drop the coffee before he shake the table and the coffee pour on his suit. Am very sorry sir I said.
How dare you pour hot coffee on my suit he said. Am sure this suit can buy your generation. Ahh sir that’s too much it wasn’t my fault you shake the table with your leg I said.
Where’s your manager he shouted and mama C@ssy ran out. Sir leo hope no problem she asked.
There’s a problem a very big one at that. How can you employ incompetent people here.
Am sorry Dora what happen mama C@ssy asked me and I explain to her. Baby what happen the lady that came with him asked.
Can you imagine this girl just run my suit. Madam you have to sack this girl he said angrily.
No babe it not up to that everyone makes mistake she said. Nora you have started again let me teach this girl a lesson.
No she’s sorry the lady said and signal me to apologise am sorry sir I said. Sorry for yourself he said and walked out angrily.
Don’t mind him that’s how he behaves mama C@ssy said. Did you know him before I asked who won’t know the popular leo.
Ohh he is not on mask today. Yeah he does that when he’s going out with his fiance.
So this is Gabrielle brother he is so mean. You are really lucky his girlfriend came with him go back to your work mama C@ssy said.
You guys will be thinking I haven’t tried to run away from those people o called family have tried to several time but they end up bringing me back.
There’s a time I ran to leave with Mama C@ssy they came to get me back and arrest mama C@ssy for kidnapping. Even madam silver have tried to adopt me but mum didn’t agree with her.
Clara am thinking if Dora can be staying with me. You know I don’t have any children.
Since you don’t need her I can adopt her. What rubbish did I tell you I can’t Carter for my daughter she asked angrily. I never said that Mrs silver said.
If you need a child there are many orphanage home you can go my house is not an orphanage home she said angrily.
End of flashback.
I walked into my room to find it empty am happy maybe they finally gave me freedom. I went to their room to check mom. Good evening mom.
Evening she replied. My clothes aren’t inside my room where are they I asked her. Oh they’re in the maid quarters. But why mum I asked in tears.
Cause that’s where you belong she said. That soft bed you slept on makes you wake up late so am only doing you a favor can you please get out of my room this minutes.
And silver called that you did well thank your star she didn’t complain about you, and she need your services tommorow make sure tlyou don’t get there late she said.
Episode 4
Writer p o.v
Dora. Walked into the maid quarters and they’re all surprised to see her. Ma’am did you need anything. Nope Dora replied them. Then what are you doing here they asked.
Am here to Join you guys didn’t you see my luggages Dora asked them. We saw it but we thought is a new maid they said. What’s the difference between me and maid after all did almost every work in this house.
Ohh we are sorry for that. No problem I need to be alone she said. Hi Dora Gabrielle said. How are you Dora said, what happen to you have you been crying she asked.
Yeah I came back to meet my luggages in the maids quarter she said. Oh that’s bad am on my way to make you feel happy. Just wait for me at your gate she said and end the call.
Dorathy p o.v❤️
Are you sure those people are your parents Gabrielle asked. What sort of question is that don’t you see am a twins and they treat my twin brother with care.
I don’t mean to hurt you and you are sure they don’t change you in the hospital Gabrielle asked. Enough Gabrielle. Dora yelled,
I don’t mean to make you angry am sorry am just concerned she said. Let go and get some ice cream Gabrielle said and start the car.
Writer p o.v
Cole mansion.
s£nator Cole just came back from his 2days trip.
Welcome darling Clara greet her husband. thanks love. We’re are the children s£nator cole said. Dan went out with his friends.
But I don’t know were Dora is. You know that girl is wayward Mrs Cole said. Since when have they left the house. Dan left not too long but Dora have gone out since she came back from school she said.
Maybe she went to work s£nator cole said.
You know is high time we start making Dora feel like a daughter in this house cause I don’t understand why we will treat her with disdain s£nator cole said.
I don’t need your opinion but I will make sure she drop all those work she does after school is not proper. I will start to pay her school fees s£nator cole said.
But she’s doing fine honey, she can Carter for herself Mrs Cole said.
If you want her to Carter for herself then Dan we start catering for hisself cause he’s a man s£nator cole said.
Is not up to that honey Mrs Cole said. Fine I agree with she said.
Thank God you are not always in the house Mrs Cole thought and smile evilly.
Good evening dad Dora greet. Evening dear how are you doing s£nator cole asked and Dora was surprised her father replied her well.
Am doing great dad she replied happily and head to the maid quarters.
Were are you going to won’t you have dinner with us s£nator cole asked. Have eaten dad am going to sleep. But that’s not the way to your room dear he said.
That’s the room your wife gave me Dora said with hatred in her voice. What s£nator cole shouted and face is wife angrily is that true he asked his wife
Episode 5
Writer p.o.v
Clara did you hear what she said is it true s£nator cole asked with rage. Honey why will you believe this brat.
Did you believe I can do something like that Mrs Cole said. Enough Clara I Know what you can do.
If I was it there when you gave birth to them I will said she’s not yours Clara can’t you see she needs parental care s£nator cole said.
Since you believe her fine I did it. But are the maids not also humans I never said that but you don’t have the right to park my daughter luggages to the maid quarters.
Clara you mustn’t touch Dora again. Anytime I heard you touch or scold her you will be in trouble s£nator cole said.
If look can kill Dora will be dead by now due to the way Clara glare at her. Ok am done here am not eating again Clara said. Who cares s£nator cole said and move closer to Dora.
Am very sorry for how we have been treating you. I wants to make it up to you he said and hug her. Dora felt happy she hasn’t felt happy like this before.
I will tell the maids to return your things to your room no don’t cloth are not good for my daughter we will go shopping tommorow and I will have them furnished your room to your taste s£nator cole said. But dad won’t you go to work Dora asked.
Don’t worry about that I will leave tommorow for you cause I will be traveling out a day Next tommorow he said. Come and join me let eat s£nator cole drag Dora to the dinning.
It’s 12: 00 am Mrs Cole was fuming in anger this is twelve and cole hasn’t come to the room he was busy with that useless girl she said.
I will makes life a hell hole for her when her father travel she said.
Where are you coming from by the this time of the night s£nator cole asked his drunk son Dan.
Are dad you are back how was your trip he asked drunkenly. s£nator cole move closer to him and gave him a resounding slap.
That’s not the answer to my question s£nator cole said angrily you have been drinking.
Clara come and see your son s£nator cole shouted darling what’s wrong she replied.
Oh my darling you are back she said hugging the shocked Dan who hasn’t recovered from the fact that his father slap him.
He hasn’t touch him before. Darling what did you do to him, he is nothing but a child Mrs Cole said a child right,
look here young man you are grounded I will seize your car keys s£nator cole said and walked out with Dora Dan was shocked.
Are you sure dad is okay Dan asked his mother he is okay it’s just that he is in bad mood today she replied.
The next day
Dora take the car key to the new car I bought you s£nator cole said. Aww thanks Daddy Dora said hugging her dad happily.
But dad I can’t drive Dora said giggling like a child.
don’t worry about that my driver will be your personal driver as from today she said.
Hello Gabrielle call.
Hi baby Dora said happily
You sound happy today any good news she asked.
Yeah there’s good news but I will tell you when I get to school.
Should I come to pick you she asked.
Nevermind am on my way she replied.
The driver park into the school garage and Dora get down, the students started murmuring among there selves.
Is this not the latest Ferrari car wow my dream car.
Who’s this is this not Dora i thought where did she get the car from.
I thought she’s a maid in the Cole house
Don’t you see him and Dan look alike.
They kept murmuring while Dora ignore them.
Aww girlfriend are you the one that brought that car Gabrielle asked yes babe Dora replied. Come here you need to gist me Gabrielle said pushing her to the cl@ss.
Dan came with his mother car and walked into the cl@ss angrily. He see Dora and Gabrielle gisting move closer to her and drag her with her hair.
How dare you, you think you can take my place in Father heart he said.
If you don’t stop this madness right now it over between us what’s your problem?
Dan what did your twin sister do to you that makes you hate her like this she said and Dan came back to her s£nses. Am sorry he muttered and walked away.



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