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Unwanted twins batch 3

( We don’t need a female child)
By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)
Episode 11
Writer p.o.v
Dora are you sure you will be okay here Dan asked worriedly.
I will be fine she said. You know you can go first and I will go later or moreover there’s maid in the house I don’t trust mum Dan blurted.
Dan what did you mean you mean I can hurt my own daughter Clara said. As if you don’t use to he muttered.
Dan is enough you don’t have the right to insult your mother since Dora as insist to stay with her. Let her stay s£nator cole said.
Clara am leaving Dora with you because am giving you last chance if anything happens to my daughter.
I will divorce you not only divorce you know what I can do so don’t try me s£nator Cole said.
Darling so you don’t trust me she’s my daughter also and I can’t kill her. Am just trying to train her. But since you people see it as if I hate her so I have stop she said.
The next day
s£nator cole and Dan left early and Dora went back to sleep. Mrs Clara summon all the maids. The reason why I summon you all is to give you leave.
You guys should go back to your respective home. Don’t worry about your salaries I will pay for the 4months.
But ma who will be doing the work in this mansion Mira asked. Don’t worry Dora is capable of doing everything.
But ma one person can not clean this mansion another maid asked. And how’s that your business I don’t wants to hear anything from you guys.
Just go in there packed your luggages and Leave the house I will call you when I need your services okay she said and dismissed them.
Dora you’re still sleeping by this time lazy girl she said. Come out here and get me something to eat.
And after that you will clean the whole mansion am not going to work today cause I need to inspect you my friends are coming and this place most be clean. But mum this is the work of the maids Dora said.
Dorathy you have started again the maids are on Lea do go and do as I say. She said.
Dorathy p.o.v
It has been fv¢king 4 month dad and Dan left and mum has made the month a hell for me.
Thanks to Mrs silver she’s always there for me. Dan will be back anytime from now and I will be free. I turned on the TV let me watch the news before mum come back from work.
Good afternoon this is Henry from Stanley Tv. Report came to us that a car coming from the airport catch fire this morning. Which the popular s£nator son is inside.
May his soul rest in peace. What it can be Dan I take my phone and call Dad instantly. Hello dad did you watch the news which news.
Dad fv¢king turn on your TV I growl were is Dan. Dan is on his way he didn’t call you cause he wants to make it a surprise for you. He said.
Dad Dan is dead i said crying what did you mean dad asked. Just then mom rushed in Dora why are you crying she asked. Mum did you watch the news I asked.
No silver called me to come home fast that they are talking about something important on the news. Yeah Dan is dead I said crying. You can’t be serious. Why’s it you that will first break the news to me you killed him right she said crying.
It been a month since the death of Dan and mum haven’t been herself and she’s making life miserable for me,
accusing me of the death of Dan. How will I kill my own brother I don’t even know he’s coming back. The most painful part is dad didn’t come home since the death of dan.
( We don’t need a female child)
By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)
Episode 12
Writer p.o.v
Dorathy you think you can kill my son and be enjoying in this house. You think that one will makes me change towards you, look here, you disgust me.
I don’t know why God decide to give me a female child. I told God not to give me a female child. But he gave you to me Mrs Clara said.
But mom I didn’t killed Dan. Dan death is very painful to me she said. Just keep quiet. Go inside and cook for me, but mum I just finished cooking she said.
I don’t want that food you cooked. But you’re the one that asked me to cook rice why the sudden change of mind she said.
Dora you questioning me too much go inside and make another food for me Mrs Clara said.
40minutes later
Dora came back with the food sweating profusely. Mom am done with the food she said and set it on the dinning.
Mrs Clara put a spoon in her mouth and spit it out what’s this rubbish you just cooked,
so you wants to kill me as you kill my son Mrs Clara said beating Dora.
Just get out of this house I don’t want to see you Mrs Clara said chasing Dora out.
But mum it late were did you expect me to go I don’t know just go anywhere you want, get out.
Nora just gave birth and she’s coming back from the hospital with Gabrielle and leo.
After dialing her father line countless times the number isn’t going through. She felt tired and head to madam silver house.
Since she don’t have any money with her she need to trek there. And madam silver house is far from their own.
She was deep in thought and didn’t look where she was going to that she ran into leo running car.
Shit who’s this fool now leo exclaims. Dora drop her baby gentle on the baby cot and ran out of the car with Gabrielle.
Oh shit leo come Down she’s still breathing Nora shouted to the un bothered leo.
Dora Gabrielle shouted as Soon as she sees her, did you know her Nora asked. She’s my friend have been begging my brother to help she said Leo come out immediately and carry Nora to the hospital.
She’s very careless is this not the coffee girl she asked. Leo Leave that matter let call her family nora said.
Gabrielle open Dora phone and dial any number she see.
hello Dora came madam silver voice, I saw your missed calls and am about to call you back hope no problem madam silver asked worriedly.
This is not Dora this is Gabrielle her friend Dora is in the hospital Gabrielle said.
What!!!! Hospital how hope she’s ok am coming right away s£nd me the hospital address she said.
Some minute later madam silver arrive were is she. How’s she doing she asked worriedly. Have you called s£nator she asked.
No Gabrielle replied. Madam silver brought out her phone and called s£nator cole. Some hours later s£nator cole arrive at the hospital.
Dora how are you doing everyone asked worriedly. Dad she said and hug her Dad. It okay my baby it my fault he said.
Dad am not going to that house again she said. Yeah I have talk to my husband she’s coming with us Nora said smiling and Dora was surprised.
Dora is it true, yeah dad I will be going with them Dora said without thinking. I will be happy if you be with me but I don’t want Clara problem madam silver said.
Have you called Clara s£nator cole asked. Nope we haven’t Gabrielle replied. Do me a favor please call Clara and inform her s£nator Cole said to Gabrielle.
Hello this is Gabrielle Dora friend Gabrielle said. Oh how are you, Clara said. Am fine ma there’s a problem.
Problem hope is not Dora she asked worriedly. Yeah she’s at the hospital she has an accident. What how s£nd me the address she said. Calm down she’s fine now I just call to inform you she said.
Ok don’t bother to s£nd the address since she’s fine. Tell her to come to the house as soon as they discharged her she said and end the call.
Is that one a mother Nora said. Nora let go home you need some rest leo said.
Leo promise me you will come back to get her she asked I promise leo said grumbling. yeah I finally got my self a sister Nora said happily.
Were is that bitch I call a wife s£nator cole said angrily. Am here darling when did you arrive. Where’s Dora he asked. Oh Dora as an accident am about going there to give her food Mrs Clara said. Where’s the food and the hospital address s£nator cole asked. Hey officers arrest her s£nator cole said.
Now the journey of Dora and leo began.
( We don’t need a female child)
By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)
Episode 13
Writer p.o.v
Officers arrest her s£nator Cole said. But why are you arresting me, what have I done Mrs Clara asked. Oh you wants to tell me you don’t know why, you will know why when you get there s£nator cole said.
This is crazy you know, you can’t just come back and arrest me Mrs Clara said. Officers what are you waiting for s£nator cole said.
But sir this is family matter you can settle it amicably without the cops one of the cops said.
Are you crazy did you still need your teeth and your jobs. Because any other words from you. I will order my guards to break all your teeth.
s£nator cole said angrily. We are sorry sir they chorus. Madam this way man they said. Cole you mean this, you are arresting me for real this is unbelievable Mrs Clara said.
Leo mansion
Leo has gone back to pick Dora. Look here I don’t accept visitors in my house. you going to my house it because of my wife okay. Don’t touch anything that’s mine, and don’t cross my path if you wants to stay long in my house. Leo said.
Nora was outside waiting for them, she’s happy she finally found her self a sister.
Let do some introduction about Nora.
Nora was the ex president only child before there death.
She has always wish to have a sister before the death of her parents. All the properties her parents left behind she can’t control all.
Now she’s happy to have someone as brilliant as Dora as a kid sister. Back to pres£nce
Welcome my dear Dora said. How are you. Are you okay,what did you wants to eat. Nora wants to kill Dora with questions.
Darling you don’t even greet me leo said. Am sorry am so happy nora said.
Am okay ma Dora said smiling at her. Norah took Dora in and show her, her room. Wow this room is very big and beautiful than my former room though my former room is not bad she said.
Police station
Cole why did you arrest me Mrs Clara asked. Oh you don’t Know, since you wants to kill my daughter. I will watch the cops hang you to death you animal.
Cole you mean you arrest me because of our daughter. Clara don’t dare use the word our she’s only my daughter.
Because you lost that right since you start to suffer her. And your lost the right to be a mother since Dan death s£nator cole said and walked out of the station.
The next day.
s£nator cole went to visit Dora at Leo mansion.
Dora are you sure you’re okay here. I have arrest your mother and she’s going to rot in jail so there’s no problem for you in the house again s£nator cole asked.
What dad why did you arrest her? You shouldn’t have arrest your wife because of me.
But she hurt you, yeah I know but am not happy with that. What can I do to make you happy s£nator and asked.
Are you sure you will do it Dora asked? I have only two things Dora said. Go on anything for my daughter s£nator cole said. Release mummy and divorce her she don’t deserve you.
And the last one you won’t like it, but if you don’t do it I wont be happy Dora said. Am listening dear. marry madam silver Dora drop the bomb shell.
What did you think will be s£nator cole reaction.
( We don’t need a female child)
By Aishat kemisola (Three star )
Episode 14
Writer p.o.v
Marry madam silver Dora drop the bomb shell. What!! Are you okay s£nator cole was surprised to hear that from his daughter. Nora was also surprised cause she’s sitting on the dinning. Pretending as if she don’t hear them.
She wants to make sure s£nator cole is not talking her with him. Yes Dad can you do that for me. I don’t need money, I don’t need your company. I only need that to makes me happy, she said faking tears.
Dora stop crying now. But how did you expect me to marry your mother friends is not proper what did you want the world to say about me s£nator Cole asked.
So dad what the world will say is better than your daughter happiness Dora said. No you’re getting it wrong my dear. What if silver doesn’t like me s£nator Cole asked.
Just agree to marry her and leave the rest to me Dora said. What’s this girl up to s£nator cole think. Okay I also have my conditions, I will marry silver on one condition. Which is Dora asked.
You come back to the house s£nator cole said. Norah cough as s£nator cole say that Dora stand up to get her water sorry ma Dora said.
Please don’t go Norah whisper to her. But, no but please Dora I Know you are a good girl I really need you here Nora said. Fine I won’t go she said and went back to her dad.
Dad that house remind me of Dan and the pain I p@ss through in the hand of mum so am sorry I can’t come back Dora said.
Fine I will think about it s£nator cole said. Yeah am getting somewhere thank God he’s going to think about it. I pray this my plan went well she said to herself.
The next day
s£nator cole has released Clara from prison he is doing that because of Dora if is left to him Clara will rot in jail. Were is my daughter Mrs Clara asked s£nator cole.
Woman don’t asked me any question moreover you caused this. We aren’t married again you just sign the divorce papers.
s£nator cole said he will release Clara only if she sign the divorce papers. She don’t have a choice cause she doesn’t want to go to jail. I just need a favor from you I wants to know were my daughter is,
am also tired of the marriage Clara said. Fine she’s staying with Leo now and am sure she doesn’t want to see you s£nator Cole said and get into his car.
Who are you Nora asked Clara, is Dora here she asked. I just asked you a question here you can’t just walk into my house and asked of my sister Nora said. Sister Mrs Cole said smiling.
Tell Dora her mom is here she said. Mum what are you doing here Dora asked her mum. Am here to take you Clara said.
Take me to were Dora asked to stay with me of course. Oh you mean I should come and Leave with you Dora asked. Never over my died body will I leave with a witch like you.
Dora don’t get me angry get into the car and let’s go Mrs Clara said angrily. Why the noise leo said getting down from his car. Welcome baby Nora greet. This is Dora mum and she come to forcefully take her Nora said.
Then let her go Leo said. Nora baby she goes know where you have to help me here don’t let her take her away Nora said.
But no but baby do this for me and I will be very happy. Am doing you a big favor and you don’t know Dora said.
What favor leo asked. Did I said that loud she asked. Yeah so I need an explanation. No am only joking forget it she said.
Madam she said she’s not going with you what’s your problem she’s an adult let her be I don’t want to see you around her again leo said and went in.
Guards carry her out if she don’t wants to go out.
Dora p.o.v
Mum left not without giving me the look of we Shall meet again.
Am not even bother about her, my problem now is how to convince madam silver to marry my dad. They will make a perfect couple.
Hello mum I said.
My darling how are you how are they treating you there madam silver said. Mum am fine I need a favor from you and I will like to see you were can we meet I said.
Just come to the house madam silver said. Let me go and get ready to go.
( We don’t need a female child)
By Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 15
Writer p.o.v
Dora dressed up and head to madam silver mansion. How are you my darling. Am fine mum.
What did you want to see me for I hope Clara haven’t been disturbing you there she asked. She did but Leo threathing her
. Oh that’s nice I think Clara have meet her match cause I heard Leo is a no nons£nse man madam silver said. So what did you wants to see me for madam silver asked.
Mum promised me something Dora said. Anything for you my dear she said. Promise me you won’t be angry about what I wants to tell you she said. Okay Dora am listening she said.
Mum you Know dad has divorce mum Dora said. Really s£nator cole has divorce Clara. Oh i felt pity for Clara madam silver said. Mum let put that aside. Mum I want you to marry my father he said.
What!!! Dora what type of talk is that. Even though me and Clara aren’t in good terms I can’t marry her ex husband never. What type of friend will I be I can’t. Dora am sorry I can’t do this.
You can come to me anytime you need my help but me getting married to your father is a no go area madam silver said.
But mum no but Dora don’t get me angry please what did you want the whole world to think about me. Huh they’ll say am responsible for there divorce so many other things.
Dora I love my single life and am happy I have you as a daughter. Then if you’re my mother you will do what I want Dora said. Dora let’s talk about something else.
Leo mansion
Leo please just do this for me, you need P.A just do this for me let her work for you for a month.
I just want her to have experience on how to handle a company. why don’t you make her your p.a either leo said.
You Know I have P.A you are the one that sack your’s every week. So please just do this for me I wants to handover one of the company to her.
Norah you’re going far how will you handover one of your company to someone you barely know. Leo I like her and trust her.
She’s a good girl. Just do this for me. Fine but if I employ her and she didn’t do well I will sack her leo said. Ok that’s okay by me thanks baby Nora said and hug her.
Dora cane back feeling disappointed. How’s it Nora asked.
It didn’t go well Dora said. Oh but you will need to persuade her am sure she will later agree she said. I have good news for you Nora said.
What’s the good news all about ma. Don’t use man for me you can simply call me Nora or sister she said and Dora smile okay. You will be working as Leo p.a as from Monday.
What me working thank you very much ma yeah go and get really we are sorry to shop for office well Nora said. But who will take care of the baby Dora asked. Dora did some thinking okay.
You’re going with Leo what no oo I Will go alone. No you can’t go alone and that’s final Nora said. Your lunch is in the dinning Nora said and go inside her room to feed her baby.
Dora p.o.v
Am not happy when madam silver turn down my request.
Dad is still young and I Know he will wants to remarry cause he’s not a wayward person. And I don’t want Dad to get married to any other woman that’ll be worst than mum.
Madam silver will be the perfect woman for Dad. I will have to try again I won’t give up they will make a good couple.
Am so happy when Nora said I will be working I was thinking if I should start my work with Mama C@ssy before.
Cause I wants to work h@rd and make mummy regret ever hating. but working with Leo Is not an option cause I know that guy doesn’t like me I really hope it works out well.


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