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untamed emotions episode 39 & 40

( Would you still love me…?❤️)


By, [email protected] B.



Kingsley stare at Gold as she eats before looking at Louis and Pierce. He still couldn’t believe Louis has a daughter, even Sierra!

” Uncle, I don’t know your name but can you stop staring at me that way? You’re making me feel uncomfortable” Gold spoke out, breaking the silence in the house.

” Huh?” Kingsley muttered.

” I know I’m cute and all that, and I took that from my mom and dad,, but just stop staring” Gold added.

Louis chuckled beneath his breath. His Princess will surely be the end of him.

” Wait, what did you say her age was before?” Kingsley asked Louis, with his mouth agape.

” She’s five” Louis replied.

” Five, you sure she’s five?” Kingsley asked, perplexed.

” C’mon dude, what’s with your expression?” Louis asked.

” She’s so cute and she talks more than a girl of her age” Kingsley said

Pierce smiled.

” But, I’m still surprised tho” Kingsley added.

” Daddy, can you take my pictures when we’re done eating?” Gold asked.

” Sure” Louis replied.

Gold smiled brightly at him.


Kingsley sat with Louis and Pierce in the living room. They’re through with their breakfast, Gold is in Louis’s room, still pressing his phone.

” Why are you keeping your daughter from the world? Because, I’ve never heard Sierra has a daughter, I’m still shocked” Kingsley said.

” Yea, Gold is hidden from the world, though it’s against my decision. I had no choice back then” Pierce muttered.

” But we plan on doing that soon. We can reveal it during the live interview taking place in few days from now” Louis said.

” Live interview??” Kingsley asked.

” Yes, it’s about the movie we’re shooting together, the viewers are over millions of people. So, they requested for us to do a live interview and all that” Louis said.

” Wow! That’s cool. But make sure you do that soon, it’s an opportunity for you” Kingsley said.

” Yea, I agree. But, I’m kind of nervous,I don’t know how they’ll all react” Pierce muttered.

Louis smiled and held her hand in his own.

” You don’t have to be, baby. We’re in this together, remember?”

Pierce smiled, nodding her head.

” Awwn, I admire you two. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I’m not doing this for you Louis, but for Sierra”

Louis glare at him.

” Fine, fine, I’m doing it for you both” Kingsley chuckled.


Rhett kept staring at Vera, his eyes never left her face for a second. The bruises on her face is still visible, her body is not excluded.

” Wake up please, I promise to make sure those girls pay for what they did to you. Please,,,,” tears sl!pped out of his eyes.

Vera opened her eyes, her eyes went to Rhett and she smiled weakly.

” Rhett” she whispered.

” Vera, are you okay? Does your body hurts?” Rhett asked worriedly.

” I’m fine. How did I get here?” She asked.

Rhett cleaned the tears on his face and smiled @ssuringly at her.

” It’s a long story, just get well soon, for me” he whispered.

” Rhett, they called some guys to attack me. I was beated to a pulp, they almost killed me” Vera cries.

” Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they pay for it. Don’t cry anymore, okay?” He asked, stylishly cleaning her tears.

” I can’t help the tears, they keep coming” she muttered

” I should get the Doctor, I’ll be back” Rhett klzzed her forehead before going to call the Doctor.

Vera raised her hand to touch her face but stopped abruptly. She couldn’t even raise her hand, it hurts a lot.

*”This is what you receive for going against me. I should have just ordered them to rape you to death, but you’re still a bit useful,,, I mean your money. Next time I see you closer to Rhett or you refused to give us the money, you’ll experience more pain than this,, USELESS ORPHAN” She spat.*

She suddenly remembered Emma’s words. She was asked to avoid Rhett, but can she do it? Rhett has become a part of her that she can’t live without. He’s the only one that makes life worth living for her.

” I can’t do that, I can’t avoid Rhett. They should do their worst” she mumbled to herself.

Rhett returned back with the doctor, the doctor went to Vera.

” How are you feeling now?” He asked.

” I’m a bit better now” Vera replied.

The doctor nods his head and faced Rhett

” Was she abused? Because, her body is badly wounded”

” She was bullied” Rhett muttered.

” Bullied? To this extent? Who are the people that bullied her?” The doctor asked.

” Her [email protected], it’s a long story doctor, but I promise to take care of it” Rhett said.

” Of course you should, they need to be arrested by the cops. This is too much” the doctor said.

Vera stare at him without saying anything. If only her parents weren’t dead, this wouldn’t be happening to her.

” I’ll do that, sir. When will she be discharged?” Rhett asked.

” She can stay here just for today, because I know you’re a student. Don’t stop taking care of her” the doctor said.

” I won’t”

The doctor left after prescribing some drugs to them. Rhett sat on the chair beside Vera.

” What do you want to eat?” He asked.

” I’m not hungry. I just want to take a rest” Vera mumbled.

” Okay, I promise to be beside you when you wake up”

Vera smiled gently at him before dozing off.

” What am I feeling for you, Vera?” Rhett asked himself as he stare at her.


” We’re here” Blake said to Eleanor as he stops the car.

Eleanor stare at the house in front of her, her mouth wide open. The house is sofu-cking big.

Blake moved closer to her and removed the seat belt from her body.

” Let’s go” he was about getting down from the car when Eleanor stopped him.

” Why am I here? I can’t just go in like that without knowing my purpose here” Eleanor muttered.

” I know I asked you out on a date but can you just do this? I promise we’ll go on the date later” he said.

Eleanor stare at him confusedly. What’s he talking about?

” You’ll know about it when we get inside”

They both got our of the car and entered the house.

Eleanor was so nervous when they entered the house. Blake held her hand, surprising her.

She almost choke on her breath when she saw Mr. Finnegan sitting on the chair. A girl of her age was pres£nt too.

” Where are you coming from?” Mr. Finnegan asked Blake.

” That’s none of your business” Blake replied rudely.

” You should mind the way you talk to me, I won’t tolerate that from you” Mr. Finnegan said.

Blake scoffed.

” Mr. Rogers daughter is here just like we discussed….”

” I can’t recollect having a discussion with you” Blake cuts in

Mr. Finnegan ignored him and continue

” She’s your betrothed and there’s nothing you can do about it”

Eleanor stare at Blake in shock. He has a betroth?

” I’m not getting betrothed, and you can never make me to change my mind” Blake said.

” Of course I can, you’re my son and I dictate how you live your life” Mr. Finnegan yells.

Blake scoffed.

” Your son? Since when did you ever acknowledged me as your son? Cut the pretence off, it’s not gonna work”

Mr. Finnegan walked closer to him, his eyes went to Eleanor and she swallowed [email protected]

” Who’s she?” He asked.

Blake held Eleanor’s hand tightly.

” She’s my girlfriend, I won’t get betrothed to that pig and I won’t stop loving her either” he said, staring boldly at his Dad.

” His girlfriend? Did he just refer to me as his girlfriend?” Eleanor asked herself.

The girl stood up and walked closer to them.

” Ivy, don’t mind him. Just go and have your seat” Mr. Finnegan said to Ivy.

” I can’t just sit like that, he’s so rude” Ivy said.

” Good you know, so will you get off?” Blake asked.

” Can you just stop talking!” Mr. Finnegan yells and hit Blake on his face.

Eleanor [email protected]

” Blake,,” she whispered.

Blake opened his eyes and laughed softly.

” I’m not surprised you’re doing this, I’m just hurt that you’re not remorseful of your actions. You never really took me as your son, you hated me and my mom. Mom died that night and it was all because of you! It’s just a pity that she married a monster like you,,” he sniffs tears.

” I hate you, Shane, I hate you so much!” Blake yells with tears in his eyes.

Eleanor held his hand tightly. She’s almost at the verge of tears.

” Blake,,” Ivy mumbled, trying to touch him.

“fu-ck off” Blake spat and drags Eleanor away.

Mr. Finnegan faced Ivy.

” You should go home, I’ll get back to you later” he said to Ivy.

Ivy nods her head abs£ntmindedly. Maybe cutting the betrothal will be the best option.

Blake took Eleanor to his room and hugged her immediately.

” Stay with me, please. Please don’t leave like my mom” he mumbled in tears.

Eleanor’s hand went to his back, patting him slowly.

” I’m not leaving” she whispered.

Blake smiled and hug her more tighter, crying softly.

He broke the hug when he’s done crying, he sat on the bed.

” I’m sorry, I had to do this without your awareness, but, I was just stressed” he muttered.

” It’s fine. Can you talk to me, you’re sad” she said.

Blake stare at her.

” I just hate talking about it, it makes me sad” he mumbled.

Eleanor went closer to him since she’s still standing, her hands went to his hair.

” Your father doesn’t hate you, I don’t know what happened but I know he loves you” she said, smoothening his hair gently.

” He doesn’t. He hates me and I hate him too” Blake muttered.

He caught her hand and hugged her again, this time his head on her chest.

” Can I be like this for a while?” He asked, breathing softly.

Eleanor gulped down nothing as her heart keeps hammering against her chest real [email protected]

” Blake,,” she called.

” Please” he mumbled.

Slowly, she placed her arms around his neck, holding him in place.

The room was filled with silence but Eleanor’s heart couldn’t stop thudding out loud.

Blake broke the hug, his arms still around her. Before Eleanor could react, he smashed his l!ps on hers making Eleanor’s eyes widened.



Charlotte’s phone ringing filled the office and Arthur was forced to glance at her. He hasn’t talked to her since he arrived but the reason why he’s doing so, he doesn’t know.

” Hi, Desmond” Charlotte greeted, smiling happily.

* Who’s she talking to smiling that way?* Arthur wondered.

” Lunch? It isn’t time for lunch yet” Charlotte said.

Arthur looked away, trying [email protected] not to listen to her but found himself doing so.

” Okay, I’ll let you know when it’s time for lunch so we can have it together” she smiled.

” Okay, later then”

Arthur quickly looked away when he saw her staring at his side.

” She’s having a lunch with a guy?” He asked himself.

” Boss, can I be permitted to go outside during lunch?” Charlotte asked. She already planned on ignoring him but at least he’s her Boss and he deserves to know her whereabouts.

” There’s no lunch for us today, we’re very busy as you can see” he replied through gritted teeth.

Charlotte stare at him confused. No matter now busy they are, he never denies her her lunch. Sometimes he’s always the one pestering her to have her lunch.

” Just a little time, Boss. I won’t take long” she muttered.

” I’m standing on my words, Miss Flair. No lunch for us today”

Charlotte scoffed.

” Fine, do as you please” she huffed.

Arthur smirked as he stare at her.

” Let’s see how you have your lunch today” he muttered to himself.



” Have you find anything yet?” Hazel asked Drake.

” Well yeah, the thing is, I didn’t find out anything” Drake said.

” What? How come? Aren’t you doing your job well?” She asked.

” Hazel, you don’t tell me how to do my job. I didn’t find anything about her so what?” Drake said.

” Justfu-ck off, just wasted my time” she went out of his office.

Drake brought out a file he printed out a while ago, the file contains some details about Sierra Ashford.

” Sierra has a child? Then, why is she hiding it? Perhaps, the child is dead?” He asked himself.

He couldn’t even bring himself to tell Hazel what he found out. He knew Hazel would go any length and harm anyone.

Sierra to him is like a beauty goddess, she’s his role model. He couldn’t bring himself to destroy her reputation.

” Since she chose to hid it from the world, then who am I to reveal it?” He said to himself.

He brought out a lighter and burn the paper, right in front of him. He couldn’t risk anyone else knowing the truth.


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