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untamed emotions episode 37 & 38

( Would you still love me…?❤️)


By, [email protected] B.


” Wh,, what are you doing here?” Vera stuttered in fear. No matter how [email protected] she tried to stop herself from being scared of them, she just couldn’t.

They have this kind of aura around them that makes her to be scared of them.

Emma walked to her, going in circle around her with a smirk on her face. Her hand went to Vera’s hair, twisting it slowly.

” Baby, you’re surprised right?” She chuckled.

” Please don’t do anything to me, I haven’t done anything wrong” Vera muttered, fidgeting silently.

The smirk on Emma’s face wiped away completely and her hand on Vera’s hair suddenly went tight. She’s gripping it so tightly.

Vera [email protected] in pain.

” You haven’t done anything wrong? Oh baby, don’t be like this. You know what,,,” Emma placed her l!ps closer to Vera’s ear and whispers,

” No one is here to save you and you know what that means” she stood upright and faced Olivia and Elle.

” You know what to do” she moved away from Vera, Olivia and Elle moved closer to Vera.

” Please don’t do anything to me, I’ll give you anything you want” Vera begged. She’s at the brink of tears already.

Olivia and Elle ignored her as they drags her away from the restaurant.

They got to a more secluded corner and threw her roughly to the ground.

Vera m-oaned slightly in pain as her knee scratched the ground. She raised her head to look at them.

Emma bent to her level and grabs her hair tightly. Vera could swear that her hair was almost pulling out of it’s scalps

” I told you not to do anything that’ll get me mad but you chose to ignore me. Firstly, you refused to do the right thing by giving us our money,, Secondly, you keep flirting with Rhett!” She hit Vera [email protected] across the face. Her palm glaring very bright on her cheek.

” I’m not flirting with Rhett, I swear I’m not” Vera muttered in tears.

” Oh, really?” Emma laughed manically.

” You know what I hate the most,,, LYING” She spat on Vera’s face. All Vera did is to cry, she just didn’t know why she couldn’t do anything.

” And now you have to face the consequences” she stood up and face Olivia and Elle.

” Where are they?” She asked.

” They are here” Olivia answered.

Three boys appeared and Vera almost peed on her [email protected] What are they going to do with her?

” Wow! This girl is hot” a guy said, li-cking his l!ps and Emma glare at him.

” Don’t you dare do anything to her” she warned and the guy raised his hands in surrender.

Emma looked at Vera.

” You know, I should have just made this boys to have a taste of you, but I ain’t that wicked” she smiled.

” I just want them to disfigure your ugly face so you won’t be able to face Rhett again”

” Why are you doing this? I thought you like Blake” Vera said.

” Of course I do, but you know, Blake doesn’t have my time so I might just go for Rhett. He’s also cute so,,” she shrugged, she faced the boys.

” I want you to beat her up badly especially her face, I want her to lose that beauty of hers” she instructed.

” That’s a small thing. Too bad, we won’t be able to have a taste of her”

They moved closer to Vera and she shifted back in fear.

” Don’t come closer, don’t,,, Shiro!!(No!!!)” She screamed as the boys starts hitting her most especially on her face.

Vera continue screaming in pain and agony, the boys paid deaf ears to her pleads as they hits her badly.

Emma, Olivia and Elle watched with a victorious smile on their face.

” I love hearing her screams” Elle said.

” That’s enough” Emma said after a while.

The boys move away from Vera and she went closer to her.

Vera laid on the ground almost unconscious. Her clothes were stained with her blood so badly. Her face is disfigured too, full of blood and injuries.

” This is what you receive for going against me. I should have just ordered them to rape you to death, but you’re still a bit useful,,, I mean your money. Next time I see you closer to Rhett or you refused to give us the money, you’ll experience more pain than this,, USELESS ORPHAN” She spat.

” Let’s go” They all left and Olivia and Elle kicked her on her stomach as they went away.

Tears fells from Vera’s eyes, she couldn’t even feel her body. Is this what life has for orphans??

She suddenly wished to take her life at that moment. The only person who makes her want to continue living is no other than,,,

” Rhett” she whispers and [email protected] out.


Rhett entered the restaurant with a smile on his face. He looked at the box in his hand, he planned to give Vera a necklace that’s why he’s late today.

His eyes searched the restaurant for Vera, when he did not see her, he went to Muna.

” Vera, right?” Muna asked immediately he got to her.

” Yes, can I see her for a second?” He asked.

” Why is everyone just asking to see Vera?” Muna muttered.

” Was someone else here too?” Rhett asked.

” Yes, three girls. They asked to see Vera and she hasn’t returned till now”

” Three girls? Do you know where she is?” Rhett asked hoping what he’s thinking isn’t true.

” I don’t. Vera went to meet them outside” Muna replied.

” Is she okay?” Muna asked.

” How do the girls look like?” Rhett asked slowly.

” Their dresses were short and bitchily. Makeup was on their fac,,,,” Rhett didn’t allow her to finish her words.

” Shit!” He threw the box on the floor and rushed out of the restaurant.

” I wonder what’s wrong” Muna muttered and continue doing her work.

” Vera! Vera!” Rhett yells and he searched around.

” If Vera is hurt, I swear those bitches will pay for it” he muttered to himself.

As Rhett continue searching around the street, he saw a guy looking so suspicious as he went to a corner.

Instinctively, he followed him immediately. His eyes went to the size of an orange as he saw what the guy is about doing. He wants to rape a girl who’s unconscious on the ground.

” Bloody bastard!” He cussed and pulled the guy away from the girl, landing a punch on his eye directly.

He looked at the girl and what he felt seeing it was Vera, he couldn’t fathom.

His eyes red went immediately and he faced the guy. Thank Goodness, he found someone to vent his anger on.

” I’m sorry, please” the guy begged.

Rhett landed a punch on his face again in fury. If he hadn’t followed him then he’d have….

“fu-ck!” He hits the guy anywhere his hand landed on, his eyes, his stomach, everywhere.

The guy successful freed himself from Rhett or else he’s sure he’s going to kill him. He ran out of the place immediately.

Rhett faced Vera and tears came spilling out of his eyes as they took in her condition.

” Vera” he whispered, her face was [email protected] to recognize.

He quickly scooped her in his arms and rushed out of there immediately, searching for a nearest hospital.

He got to the hospital and the doctor started an immediate treatment on Vera.

Rhett called his mom and told her he wouldn’t be able to come home that night. Though it took a lot of explanation before his mom finally agreed.

He went and sat on a chair beside Vera and held her hand, klzzing it lightly.

” I will make sure those girls pay for what they did to you, Vera. Be fine for me, please” he mumbled.

He stayed beside her throughout the night, he never slept a wink.



Louis opened his eyes and smiled, seeing Gold beside him. She had insisted on sleeping with him last night.

His joy knew no bounds, knowing he has a daughter and he couldn’t be more happier when he discovered Pierce actually named her after his grandmother’s name.

His eyes went to Pierce who’s still sleeping peacefully, Gold is between them. This was what he had always wished for, to be with his own family like this, happy always.

Pierce opened her eyes and smiled when they landed on Louis.

” Good morning, baby” she whispered.

” Morning, Pumpkin” Louis stretched himself to her side and planted a soft klzz on her l!ps.

Pierce smiled and Louis li-cked his l!ps when he pulled away.

” Thank you so much, Pierce. For giving me this beautiful angel and for forgiving me even though I wasn’t there for you” Louis whispers.

” I should be the one thanking you for not giving up on our love, for accepting me and Gold back in your life. I love you so much, Louis” Pierce said.

” I love you more and more” Louis replied.

Gold opened her eyes and stretched her body.

” Good morning, Daddy” she greeted cheerfully.

” Morning, Princess” Louis replied, a smile on his face.

” Good morning, Momma” she greeted Pierce.

” Morning, my Gold. How was your night?” Pierce asked.

” It was great, Momma. I slept well because Daddy was with me” Gold replied.

” Really? Then what about me?” Pierce teased.

Gold giggled and peck Pierce’s cheek.

” Don’t be jealous of Daddy” she whispers.

Louis and Pierce laughed.

” I’m jealous” Pierce pouts.

” Don’t mind your Mom” Louis said.

” Let’s go and have your bath, Princess” Pierce said to Gold.

” I want Daddy to bath for me” Gold chirped in.

Pierce scoffed in disbelief. Seriously?

” Now you prefer your Dad to me, right?” Gold grinned.

” Let her be, I’ll bath for you Princess” Louis said.

” Thank you, Daddy” Gold pecks his cheek happily.

Pierce rolled her eyes and got down from the bed.

” You two should do whatever you like, Hmph!” She left the room.

Gold giggled and raised her hand for Louis to carry her. Louis carried her and went to the bathroom.

” Those two, how dare they gang up against me?” Pierce mumbled, making her way to the kitchen.

She was still preparing breakfast when Louis hugs her from behind.

” Go away, Gold is around” she said.

Louis ignored her, peppering klzzes on her neck.

” Louis” Pierce giggled.

” Stop, Gold might see us” she added.

Louis pulled away and faced her with a pout.

” Don’t worry, she’s in my room playing with my phone” Louis muttered, making an attempt to touch her. Pierce glare at him and he withdrew his hand.

” You’re so cruel” he whined.

Pierce smiled and blew a klzz at him.

” What are you cooking?” He asked, peeking at the pot.

” Radish kimchi. I’m also making Rice and chicken” Pierce replied.

” Wow! What’s with this sweet aroma?” Kingsley asked, sniffing around the house.

” Louis, you did not tell me you can cook like this, I must take a taste out of…” He stopped when he entered the kitchen.

” Oh Sierra, you’re here” he smiled.

” Yea, thanks for the other day” Pierce smiled.

” It’s nothing” he waved it off, moving closer to them.

” Thank Goodness I came at the right time” Kingsley said.

” What are you doing here?” Louis asked.

” This food will be delicious, I can have my breakfast here, right?” Kingsley asked Pierce, ignoring Louis.

” Yea sure” she replied.

Louis frowned greatly. Are they ignoring him now?

” Hey, you’re too close. Move away from her” he muttered pushing Kingsley away.

Pierce laughed.

” Stop being harsh, babe” she said

Kingsley stuck his tongue at Louis and he received a glare in return. He chuckled and went to sit on a chair in the kitchen.

” Daddy! Can you take my pictures?” Gold asked, running to the kitchen with Louis’s phone in her hand.

” Daddy?” Kingsley wondered, staring at Gold. He couldn’t even deny that there’s a glaring resemblance between Gold and Louis.

” Who is she?” He asked.

Pierce bits her l!ps and glance at Louis. This is what she’s been avoiding for a long time, people finding out the truth about Gold.



Eleanor stare at the mirror for the last time, checking if she’s okay enough. Blake called her and she texted her address to him.

” Gosh, I’m so nervous” she mumbled, clutching the bag in her hand tightly

” Eleanor, you have a visitor” Mrs. West entered her room

” He’s here?” She asked.

” Who’s that guy?” Her mom asked instead.

” He’s my friend. Am I looking okay, mom?” Eleanor asked.

” Just your friend and you’re dressing up so good like this?” Her mom raised her brow.

” It’s not what you’re thinking, mom. I need to go now, bye!” She went out of the room to avoid any more questions from her mom.

She got out of the house and met Blake by his car. She walked to him

” Hi” she muttered.

Blake eyes roamed around her body, taking in her outfit. She is looking so beautiful.

” You’re beautiful” he blurted out.

” Huh?” Eleanor blushed heavily.

” Thank you” she mumbled.

” Shall we?” He asked.

Eleanor nods her head and he opened the car door for her. She entered and he did also before driving away from the house.

” Where are we going?” Eleanor asked on their way.

” My house” Blake simply replied.

Eleanor choked on her breath. His house? Why? She asked herself.

” Your house?” She asked.

Blake nods his head. Eleanor’s suddenly grew nervous knowing she’ll be meeting their Principal at school, Mr. Finnegan.

She glance at him but looked away immediately. She doesn’t know what’s stopping her from asking him why he’s taking her to his house.



Arthur got down from his car about to enter the company when he saw Charlotte talking to a guy.

He creased his brow as he stare at them. His eyes went wide when he saw them hugging each other with a big smile on Charlotte’s face.

” Who is that guy? Her boyfriend?” He quickly looked away when he saw Charlotte walking to him.

” Good morning, Boss” Charlotte greeted cheerfully.

” Morning” he grumbled, entering the office with Charlotte trailing behind him.

” Are you okay, Boss?” Charlotte asked when she noticed him clenching his jaw.

Arthur ignored her as they both entered the same elevator.

” Is something wrong, Boss? You’ve been frowning your face since” Charlotte said.

” I’m fine, Miss Flair. You’re talking too much” he replied rudely. Why is he suddenly getting mad?

Charlotte nods her head and looked away. He just called her by her last name, he never did that and the way he replied her shows he’s mad at her.

The elevator cli-cked and they both came out and entered the office.

Charlotte went to brew his coffee immediately and handed it to him when she returned.

Arthur never said anything to her and she drop the coffee on the table roughly.

” Ignoring me, huh? Fine, I’ll ignore him too” Charlotte said to herself and went to her table.

She’s going to ignore him too since he chose to ignore her.


Is that jealousy I smell here, Arthur?😏

Wow! Kingsley saw Gold 😲😯

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