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untamed emotions episode 41 & 42

( Would you still love me…?❤️)


By, [email protected] B.


Hazel entered the restroom, she went to the mirror, staring at herself. She breathes out and flings her hair to the back.

” Sierra, Sierra, what are you really hiding?” She chuckles to herself.

” Even Drake, the best hacker couldn’t even find anything about you, if I should find out what you’re really hiding, trust me I won’t hesitate to destroy you”

Two girls entered the restroom, discussing among each other.

” Did you heard about the interview?” The first girl asked.

” What interview is that?” The second girl asked.

” The live interview that’s taking three days from now. It’s all about the movie Louis and Sierra are shooting. Gosh, I so much love that movie, King of Romance is the deal” the first girl smiled

The second girl nudged her, staring at Hazel.

” Oh Hazel, didn’t know you’re here” the first girl said

Hazel looked at her, faking a smile. Deep down, she’s boiling with anger. The interview should be for her and Louis not Sierra!

” Why does she keeps taking what belongs to me away?” She asked herself.

” I would want Sierra to win the best actress award this year, same goes for Louis too. I’m shipping the both of them” the second girl said, applying l!pstick on her l!ps as she stare at the mirror.

” Me too. I just love the both of them, they’re so cute. I wouldn’t mind if they end up as couples” the first girl said.

Hazel faced the girls.

” Don’t you have any other things to do than gossiping around?” She asked. They’re just annoying the hell out of her. It was more as if they were doing that on purpose.

” What do you mean?” The first girl asked.

” If you’re going to keep gossiping about others this way, then I’m sure you have nothing to do. And people like you aren’t needed in this industry, I can as well talk to Phil!p to dismiss you” she smiled and flings her hair to the back again. She glare at them before leaving the restroom.

The girls exchanged glances.

” Who does she thinks she is to tell us what to do?” The first girl scoffed.

” But she just called the Director by his name, could something be going on between them?” The second girl said.

” What else do you expect from someone like her, she must have used her body to get to where she is now” the first girl laughed.

” Bitches everywhere. Are you done?”

” Yea, she just spoiled my mood” they left the restroom.



Blake laid Eleanor on the bed, klzzing her slowly and gently. It’s just surprising how he forgets his sorrows whenever he’s around her

He bit her l!ps softly and Eleanor opened her mouth for him. His tongue thrusted into her mouth, licking every corner.

Eleanor suddenly pushed him away and he stare at her before regaining his s£nses. He quickly stood up from her, turning his back to her.

” Sorry, wasn’t thinking straight” he muttered.

Eleanor bit her l!ps slowly.

” It’s fine. You have to stop the habit of klzzing me whenever you like” she said.

Blake turned to face her.

” Why?” He asked.

Eleanor roll her eyes.

” Why? Are you seriously asking me that? You’re not my boyfriend, so you can’t keep klzzing me the way you like” she muttered.

” Then will you allow me to klzz you if I ask you to be my girlfriend?” He suddenly asked.

Eleanor’s breath hitched she stopped breathing for some seconds.

” Will you allow me to klzz you if I become your boyfriend?” He asked again.

” What are you talking about? You can just ask me to be your girlfriend all because you wanna klzz me,, that’s absurd” she mumbled.

Blake itched his hair nervously, what was he actually thinking before uttering those words out?

Silence descended the room as the both of them couldn’t even know what to say.

” Er,,, by the way, your room is nice” Eleanor blurted out.

” Huh? Thank you” Blake mumbled.

Another silence descended on them again.

” This silence is suffocating, seriously” Eleanor [email protected] mentally.

” Er… Would you like to use the restroom?” Blake asked foolishly.

” Jeez Blake, why did you ask such a dumb question?” He asked himself.

” Huh?” Eleanor suddenly burst into laughter

” Blake, you’re so funny. Are you shy right now?” She asked.

” I’m not”

” Of course you are” she teased.

” I’m not. I just asked you cos I want us to go for the date now” he defended himself.

” Oh, I’m okay. Let’s just leave here” Eleanor said.

Blake went to her and took her hand in his own.

” We need to convince my Dad we’re in a relationship” he said, noticing her gaze in him.

Eleanor nods in understanding and they both left the room.

They got to the living room and met Mr. Finnegan alone, Ivy is gone already.

Mr. Finnegan’s eyes went to their interlocked hands, Blake tightened their hands together.

” Where are you going?” He asked.

” Since when did you start caring about me?” Blake asked.

Eleanor nudged him silently, he glance at her.

” Be respectful” she mouthed at him.

” At least you’re still under my roof and I deserve to know your whereabouts”

Blake opened his mouth to talk but Eleanor signalled him not to.

Mr. Finnegan look at Eleanor.

” Can you come for dinner whenever you’re less busy, I want to know you”

Eleanor stares in surprise, her Principal is inviting her for dinner?

” She’s not coming. I can’t afford her to get hurt from you just like you always did to Mom” Blake retorted.

Mr. Finnegan sighs.

” Fine, do whatever you want” he muttered.

Without a word, Blake left the house with Eleanor beside him.

” Blake, don’t let the past judge your feelings. You should forgive your Dad” Eleanor said to him when they got to the car.

” Then will you be mine?” He suddenly asked.

Eleanor choke on her breath. Why is he suddenly making her heart beating fast?

” Stop kidding around” she muttered awkwardly.

” I’m not. I know you won’t believe me anyway” he mumbled.

” Where do you wanna go first?” He asked as he starts the car.

” To a restaurant, I’m so famished” Eleanor said, rubbing her stomach lightly.

” You haven’t had your breakfast?” Blake asked, turning his head sideways to glance at her.

” Yea” she mumbled.

” Why?”

” Nothing” she said. How could she even tell him she didn’t ate breakfast all because she was trying to look good for the date or should I say for him?

Blake nodded and stopped by the nearest restaurant he came across

He got down from the car and Eleanor did also. They both entered the restaurant and ordered their foods.



Charlotte stomach grumbled for the umpteenth time and she [email protected] out loud, she’s so hungry. She didn’t have breakfast this morning cause she’s the only one at home, Pierce and Gold are at Louis’s house.

” Darn that ugly dude” she cussed beneath her breath.

She glance at Arthur, glaring at him [email protected] Was he really serious about them not having lunch?

” Let him do what pleases him, I won’t even talk to him anymore” she thought to herself.

She decided to call Desmond to inform him she won’t be able to have lunch with him.

” Hi, Desmond” she muttered

Arthur glance at her immediately he heard that name

” Charlotte, are you ready for the lunch now?” Desmond asked over the phone.

” I’m sorry, Desmond, but I can’t make it to the lunch. I’m really busy at work, maybe next time, I’m sorry” Charlotte muttered.

” That’s so bad, and I really want us to make up for those times we lost our contact. It’s fine, we’ll have it later”

” Thanks Desmond. Let’s talk later” she said and hanged up.

Desmond is her course mate while she was in college, he’s the only male friend she had then.

Charlotte suddenly felt pressed, she stood up heading to the door.

” Where are you going?” Arthur immediately asked.

Charlotte ignored him, walking to the door.

” I’m talking to you, Miss Flair” Arthur said.

Charlotte rolled her eyes before turning to him.

” I thought you were ignoring me, so what’s with the questions?” She asked.

” I wasn’t” Arthur said.

Charlotte exhaled.

” Of course you are, you even denied me lunch which you’ve never done before. Why, because you’re the Boss?” She scoffed.

” Because you’re the CEO of this magnificent company and you have the right to tell me what to do? Because, I’m just a mere employee here, so I have to work my @ss out without eating?” She stopped and blinks her eyes rapidly to prevent the tears from coming out. She just didn’t know why she’s suddenly getting emotional. Was he because he was ignoring her or what?

” I’m sorry Boss if I [email protected] my boundary, please excuse me” she muttered before walking out of the office.

Arthur rested his head on the armchair, breathing out loud as he did so.

” Was I being too harsh?” He asked himself.

” Why was I mad at her before? Because she was talking to a guy? F**k, what’s wrong with me?” He muttered and exhaled before closing his eyes.

The door opened and the Secretary entered. She quickly rushed to him.

” Sir, are you okay?” She asked and he opened his eyes.

” What do you mean? I’m fine” he said.

” Oh, I thought you were sick” she mumbled, lowering her gaze to the floor.

” I’m fine. What brings you here?” He asked, sitting up straight.

” I came here to submit the file you asked me to bring today” she handed a file to him.

” JJ corps own, right?” He fl!pped the paper, with a satisfied smile on his l!ps.

” Yes, sir”

” You did a good job”

” Oh my goodness, thank you sir” she smiled happily.

Arthur smiled and waved his hand, dismissing her. The Secretary understood him immediately and went out of the office, beaming with smiles.

Arthur dropped the file on the table and touched his forehead.

” Stop thinking and focus, Arthur” he muttered.

The door opened and Charlotte entered. She went to her desk immediately not sparing him a glance.

” When you’re done with the do¢vment you’re working on, you can go and have your lunch” Arthur suddenly blurted out.

Charlotte pretended as if she didn’t hear him.

Arthur stood up and went to her. Charlotte never raised her head from the computer to look at him.

” Why are you suddenly getting mad?” He asked.

” I’m not” she replied, still not looking at him.

” Who am I to get mad at the CEO?” She muttered, sarcastically.

” Can you stop talking this way?” Arthur let out a frustrated [email protected]

” Of course. I can’t disobey the CEO’s order” Charlotte said.

Arthur sighs. Why is she just acting this way? He went back to his seat but kept looking at Charlotte.

He might just develop a serious headache if she keeps avoiding him like this, cause it bothers him a lot


Clara sip the wine in her hand slowly, she smiled remembering the midwife words.

” Sierra, your doom is near. I’ll ruin you beyond repair, I’ll destroy your life to the extent that you’ll regret ever coming to this life. Sierra, just watch your back, I’m coming for you and I’m talking back what belongs to me…. LOUIS” She smirked evilly.

She had been with Louis for five years and she never gained his attention for once. Yes, she never loved him but she wants him for herself.

His body, his handsomeness, everything about him, she wants it for herself alone. She even went ahead and pestered Mrs. Beckett to tell Louis to ask her out, though she’s aware he doesn’t feel a single thing for her.

When Louis asked her out, she was so happy. Call it obsession or whatever but that’s the truth. But then, Sierra came to the picture, destroying everything and that’s when she realized her feelings for him.

” I love you, Louis and I’m promising you I’ll be back from you. I won’t hesitate to eliminate anyone who want to be an obstacle to me” she drinks the wine.

Right then, she made a decision, she will monitor everything single thing about Sierra Ashford. Everything about her on the internet so she will know where to strike her actions.



” I’m nervous” Pierce said to Louis when they arrived at the house.

” You don’t have to be, I know it’s been years already but trust me, Mom still loves you” Louis said to her.

He bent to Gold’s height.

” Are you ready to see your grandma?” He asked and Gold nodded.

” Good, let’s go” he carried Gold in his arms and held Pierce’s hand. They walked to the door and Louis opened it.

” Pierce!” Elena screamed and rushed to hug her. She’s in the living room with Mrs. Beckett and Vee. Mr. Beckett went to work

” Aunt Elena” Pierce whispered, hugging her.

” Pierce, it’s been so long. I miss you” Elena muttered and Pierce smiled.

” I miss you too, Aunt” Pierce said.

” Vee!” Gold screams and jumped down from Louis’s hand. They both hugged each other happily.

Louis smiled as he watched them. He walked to him mom who’s already in tears and hugged her.

” I’m sorry, Mom” he whispers.

Mrs. Beckett cries as she hug him, she’s just so happy he came back home.

” I’m sorry too, I’m sorry” she said and Louis smiled.

” It’s fine. I brought Pierce and our daughter home” he muttered.

Mrs. Beckett broke the hug and looked at Pierce before walking to her. She hugged her immediately.

” My baby, I’m sorry. You must have gone through a lot”

” I’m sorry too for leaving without any word, Mom. I miss you” Pierce said.

” I miss you too. Thank you for coming back to my son”

Elena watched them happily, she’s so happy for her mom.

They unlocked from the hug and Mrs. Beckett stare at Gold who’s busy playing with Vee already.

” She look so much like, Louis” she mumbled.


Gold sat on Mrs. Beckett laps who wouldn’t stop klzzing her face, Gold giggles.

” So Mom, Gold is uncle’s daughter?” Vee asked Elena and Elena nodded.

” Whoa! Gold, we are cousins!” She screams.

” I’m so happy” she added.

” So, what really happened five years ago?” Elena asked Pierce.

Pierce explained everything to them including the marriage proposal with Arthur.

” I’m sorry to say but your dad is a monster” Elena said.

” He’s so greedy, I hope money won’t become his end one day” she added.

Gold came down from Mrs. Beckett’s laps and went to Vee.

” Momma, can I go and play with my cousin?” She asked

” Sure” Pierce smiled.

” Let’s go to my room” Vee said excitedly and drags Gold away.

” I’m sorry you had to go through all that, Pierce. I didn’t know all that but thank you for being strong” Mrs. Beckett said

” It’s fine, Mom. Though Louis gave me an [email protected] time when we met each other again” Pierce pouted.

” Really? What did he do?” Elena asked.

” Sis, I didn’t do anything. I was just angry at myself that I still love her even after everything”

Pierce blushed.

” You two are making me to miss my husband” Mrs. Beckett said and they laughed.

” When will Dad be back?” Pierce asked

” He’ll be back by evening” Mrs. Beckett replied.

Louis watched Pierce as she discussed with his Mom and sister. He’s so fulfilled right now seeing his future wife happy with his family.

He already made up his mind to propose to her soon, he did not want to waste time anymore. He couldn’t afford to lose her again.


Blake stopped the car just when they got to Eleanor’s house. They both came down from the car.

” Thank you, Blake. The date was awesome” Eleanor smiled.

” I’m glad I was able to make you happy” Blake said.

” I should get going now, thanks” she turns to go, Blake caught her hand.

She looked at him

” Er…. I just wanted to say, bye” he muttered nervously.

Eleanor smiled before going into the house.

Blake watched as she entered before also entering the car. He drove off immediately.


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