Uncle Rufus – episode 7


Episode 7

Rufus mechanic shop is fenced round with a gate that is very old, three buildings are built by Rufus who bought the land.

He remained on the ground sweating and trying to catch his breathe as he thought of his next action, he has never in his live be scared like the way he is now “go wait for me for that small house, I dey come” Rufus told Franka while he directs her with a f!nger pointing at the house, Franka giggled as she walk to the house shaking her a-s intentionally, Rufus swallowed as he stare at her a-s.

He got up from the ground and wh!pout the sands on his trou-ser, he saw four of his apprentices staring at Franka “biaa.. make your eyes no fall out oh” he told his boys who quic-kly focus on their works. Rufus went to a place where a bucket that his boys normally fills water is kept and scoop a cu-p of water, he wash his face.

He walked to the house Franka is, the thought of pregnancy cross his mind. He stood and held his w@!st staring at the sky, he thought for a moment before he went in, Franka sat on a table in the room.

“Uncle Rufus what of the money?” She asked him rudely when he walked in, Rufus de-ep his hand in his trou-ser pocket and gave her a thousand note, she smiled happily. “Thank you!” She said jumping up, “I go give you this one if you go gree open legs” he told her.

She was silent for sometimes “I be v!rg!noh, but well… Oya na” she agreed, she sat on the table as Rufus stepped in between her legs, she raised her Sk-irt up to her w@!st, she wore a white p@n-t.

Rufus held her white p@n-t band and re-moved her p@n-t from her w@!st then dropped it on the table, “you be vir-gin?” Rufus asked again and she nodded. He in-sert a f!nger in her p-ssy and f!ngered her slowly, he notice that her p-ssy isn’t as ti-ght as a v!rg!nshe proclaimed. “I no un-derstand this kind v!rg!nyou be oh” Rufus said and re-moved his f!nger, Franka alre-ady sweaty smiled “just put your own joor, or em small?” She said and eyed Rufus.

Rufus lower his trou-ser from his w@!st and his d—k sprang pointing gingerly, he ru-bbe-d the head after he had spit on his palm, in no time he wore his d—k c0md0mand he positioned himself in her opening.

She curled her hands on his n£¢k and crossed her legs behind him, Rufus inser-ted his d—k with a deliberate thr-st, he started moving his w@!st back and forth “ahh ahh, my toto, firrrreee!” Franka screamed, Rufus increa-sed his thrû-sts as Franka tried to push him off her b©dy.

Because of the shout Obinna ran from outside to the room when he heard the incessant shout of “firrrreee ooh, Rufus, aaahh!” From Franka, he bur-st in to see his boss and a girl having s-x, “oga, where the fire?” He asked, Rufus looked behind him and saw Obinna standing “chin chin full your br@in, before I close my eyes I no wan see you there” Rufus replied him angrily, when Obinna left, he resumed his thrû-sts immediately as Franka kept on screaming the roof down.

“Ah ah ah!” Rufus gro-an ed as he re-lease his load, he stayed still to catch his breathe. He was surprised when he pu-ll-ed his d—k out of her creamy p–sy to see the c0md0mhe has use broken, he closed and opened his eyes repeatedly to believe it all happened in the dream.

Franka stepped down from the table and wore her p@n-t, Rufus was motionless all along staring at his d—k. “Uncle Rufus, I wan go” she told Rufus who was almost close to tears, he gave her the money. She wanted to leave “ehnn… Franka, you fit wait small, my go buy sth for you” Rufus suggested but Franka disagreed, he tried to persuade her to stay with money “I no fit stay uncle Rufus, I no want my mama to beat me” she replied him and left.

Rufus discarded the c0md0mafter raining curses on the pharmacist he had bought it from.


That evening Rufus arrived in the yard to see mama Fejiro fetching water unlike her, he looked around and observed that all her children are inside the house.

“Mama Fejiro, I dey greet oh” he threw the words at her as he busy himself in unlocking his door, she didn’t reply him “mama Fejiro, I dey follow you talk” he persisted, a hvge man c@m£ out of mama Fejiro ‘s room.

A man with an army’s cap stood at the doorpost, “you don fetch am finish?” He asked his wife with baritone voice, Rufus nodded knowingly. That is why Fejiro and her kid brother are inside the house not pla-ying with the yard children, “yes, honey” she replied.

She was about carrying the bucket to the restrooms unit when she felt like throwing up, she dropped the bucket and ran to the backyard “we-tin happen? Mama Fejiro” her husband asked. Rufus went inside the house quic-kly his heart beating heavily, his palms sweaty.

The thought in his mind is that let it not be pregnancy, he l@yon his be-d and sle-pt off. Rufus woke up later that day, there was light so he switch on the television and went in search of food. After he has eaten, he sat in his sitting watching television when someone knocked on his door, he went to the door and saw Jimmy’s wife at the doorpost.

“Yes, we-tin I go do for you?” He asked her rudely without letting her into his room “ah ah, Rufus, allow me enter na” the woman replied him, her eyes swollen. She has visited the station and they requested a hvge some of money that she doesn’t have.

He allowed her in, Rufus sat on his chair as Jimmy’s wife knelt before him pleading “anything my husband do you, I take God beg you. No vex re-lease am” she begged him, “abeg stand up” Rufus helped her up.

“The problem be say, I go give you money. If you give me toto, your husband go commot for cell” he made his mind known to her “I be married woman, I no fit do that kind thing, Rufus, God no go gree” she retorted, Rufus glared at her angrily. “Oya, dey go!” Rufus told her pointing at the door, she wanted to go on her kneels when Rufus f0rç£fully helped her out of his room and locked the door.

Another knock landed on his door “na who be that again na?” Rufus asked angrily, he walked to the door and saw mama Fejiro on his doorpost. His heart started beating ra-pidly as she sneak into his house “Rufus, I wan tell you very important sth” she said to him immediately he locked the door.


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