Uncle Rufus – episode 6


Episode 6

Rufus looked around him at first to see if their are children around him, but the crippled beggar started laughing like someone that is insane “hahaha, fool…!” The beggar cursed Rufus, Rufus Shaked his head and left without looking back to check if the beggar is still in that position. Rufus thought the beggar as a mad blind cripple, situation can do things to the br@in at times these were his thoughts.

Two policemen sat behind the counter, coming from the major entrance you will only be able to see from their stomach to their heads. Rufus walked into the station “Rufu Rufu, how far na” one of the police officers hailed him as they shook hands, Rufus bec@m£ their friends because of the ti-ps he gave to them on his frequent visits to the station. after their normal greetings “so, we-tin
bring you come here this early morning?” He asked Rufus.

Rufus started explaining how Jimmy fought him “the guy carry my generator scatter, even spoil my stove” he lied as he narrated a whole new encounter he imagined “that one no go lock am up, my write how em use matchet threaten your life” the policeman suggested, the one with pen writing the statement of the case. “Ehem! Put am” Rufus agreed, he finished writing the statement, while Rufus paid for it and also gave them personal money.


Back at the yard, buckets filled with water queued from the entrance of the restrooms unit to the centre of the compound, as the owners stood behind or beside their buckets waiting for their turns.

They yelled at each other if anyone takes time to bath, “that small pikin make em baf outside” a man pointed at Fejiro and shouted angrily at her, she turned back and eyed him “make your useless Obinna go baf outside with that em pe-nislike em father own” Fejiro mother retorted, everyone in the queue roared in laughter ap@rt from Obinna and his father.

Rufus step into the compound with two officers behind him “that short man, na him” Rufus pointed at Jimmy who is the last person on the queue, everyb©dy remained silent as the police officers marched towards them, Rufus watched from his doorpost as they held Jimmy on his belt “we-tin I do ona officer” Jimmy wailed as he was dragged out of the compound like a common criminal, his wife emerged from his room “officers, we-tin happen?” She asked no one in p@rticular.

Rufus hissed and entered his room, “Rufus, we-tin my husband do you, them never pay am for three Months” Jimmy’s wife lamented as Rufus brou-ght out his stove to cook, Jimmy works in his local government council, he haven’t been paid for three Months ’cause of the chairman who decided not to pay but to embezzle the funds allocated.

Rufus ignored her and put the rice on fire and went inside, he locked his door as Jimmy’s wife kept on Crying on the ground outside, people who were on the queue mind their business as some supported and some were against Rufus “you don see where busy b©dy land am, that Jimmy busy b©dy too much” one of the men who was waiting for his turn said while conversing with a man behind him.

After Rufus was done eating, he c@m£ out to take his bath. He went to the tap and fetched water, two women were the ones left in the queue, immediately the man who was done bathing step out of the restrooms entrance the two women carried their buckets of water and got stuck in the entrance “mama Sandra, warn yourself oh” the woman that is very fat said pointing at the other woman who was almost spitting at her face “fatty, you nofit do anything” she shouted and jumped up, her both hands find her w@!st.

Rufus ignored them and walked forward, immediately the fat woman landed her hand behind the other one, who bent and held her by the w@!st. Rufus ran into the bathroom and locked it, he started bathing while the two women outside were battling themselves on the ground.

“Commot for my b©dy, fatty” the slim woman said with a harsh voice as the other woman is on t©p of her, her hand curled her n£¢k as she held her to herself. The fat woman struggled to breathe but she still maintained her position on the other woman, when they heard water splashes. They dis£ngaged from each other and ran to the bathroom door then slammed it with their palms “who dey inside there?” Both of them asked at a time, Rufus whistle before he replied “ona don fight finish? Go and fight again” he said and started singing ignoring the curses that were rained on him by the women.

Rufus tied his towel around his w@!st and stepped out of the bathroom, the two women glared at him, immediately he left both of them still struggled with who will go in first, the slim woman sneaked in because of her size and locked the bathroom door “shame oh, olobo ho! Hoo! Hooo!” She shouted happily and almost danced in the bathroom.


Rufus mechanic is the biggest and the most famous mechanic around his area, there is no car he cannot repair. He makes a lot of money from it that he spend on women alone, Rufus would have been a mechanical engineer if his parents didn’t die before he could make it to his third year in the university. He pu-ll-ed out of the university since no helper c@m£ forth to sponsor him.

At noon, Rufus had just finished repairing a car that took all his energy away, he went to a bench that he kept un-der a tree and sle-pt off, Rufus saw himself peeping a n-ked old woman bathing as his hand creep into his short. He started pla-ying with his d–k, his mouth slightly open as m0@n s and gro-an s escaped hisl-ips.

He felt tingling s-en-sation in his abd0m£n, immediately the environment changed to his room. He heard a loud cry of a baby. He woke up and went angrily to the door and opened it, he saw three baskets of babies on his doorpost, the babies were crying.

He looked around to check if there is anyone in the yard but find no one, he stepped out of the room and started going from room to rooms to ask who dropped the babies but the rooms were like rooms that the occu-p@n-ts have left it many years past, he started crying and sweating.

“Ewoo!” Rufus shouted as he woke up and fell from the bench, Franka who stood beside him giggled “uncle Rufus, I don come” she said to Rufus who sat on the ground sweating “ehnn..” Rufus replied her.

Rufus go do, yes or no?😂😂😂


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