Uncle Rufus – episode 8


Episode 8

Rufus heart started pounding in his che-st as he bec@m£ sweaty and the temperature of the room bec@m£ too h0t for him “papa Fejiro don return” she told Rufus who exhaled angrily in relief.

“How that one take concern me?” Rufus raised his voice angrily as he asked her, “em concern you oh” she replied him. Rufus started having headache immediately, “I get belle for you” she told Rufus who fell on the floor and fainted.

“Rufus! Rufus!!” She tapped him thrice on his leg but he was motionless, not wanting to be found in the room she sneaked out. Rufus wake up when she left, he sat on the floor his both hands supporting him from behind, all the women he has sle-pt with the only one that his d—k got pregnant is a soldier’s wife.

He started sweating, minutes later he stood up and went to the kitchen, he took a plate of rice and devoured it, he still took four plates of rice and devoured. He ate till his stomach started complaining, Rufus couldn’t sleep throu-gh out the night, he sle-pt off when it was dawn.


Early the next morning Dambo the soldier man who married Sandra who is the mother of Fejiro stepped out of the room, he stretched himself and yawned. A smile pla-yed on hisl-ips as he remembered how he ban-ged his wife mercilessly, but he frowned. How come his wife p–sy isn’t ti-ght after he had last visited her h0ñ£yp0t four Months ago.

He re-moved his shi-t and start push-ups as he counts with heavy breathe, he waited till his daughter and his son left to school before he went inside the room “mama, Fejiro…” He called out to his wife who emerged from the inner room to the sitting room “yes, sir” she answered him.

He gave her a fierce look as she shivered, “who dey service your engine?” He asked angrily, Sandra his wife feared “no b©dy oh, I dey use cu¢v-mber” she lied, her feet were shaking as her husband kept on the suspicious look “so, why you dey vomit?” He asked her, “na just malaria” she lied again. He nodded and waved her off.

Fejiro ‘s mother heart started beating ra-pidly as she went inside, she was so scared of her husband.


Rufus woke up and sat on the be-d, he walked to were he kept his tooth paste and toothbrush, then he coated his brush mouth with the tooth paste cream. He took a cu-p of water with his brush and went to the window, he opened it and brush from there.

He wanted to take his stove outside but halt at the door and turned back, he kept it on the floor and lit his stove. He placed the kettle of water on the stove and allowed the water to boil, he baked garri for himself and boiled the soup he had taken from the fridge placed at the corner of his room.

He poured water on a bowl and placed it on the table, he carried the baked garri and did the same thing, he finally added a soup plate that contains egusi soup with fishes and cow meats. He savoured the flavor smell of his soup.

He washed his both hands and took a mole of garri and de-ep it in the soup plate, he wanted to swallow it when he remembered that a soldier’s wife is pregnant for him. He totally was dissatisfied with the food he wanted to eat, he covered the garri and put the soup back into the soup pot. His heart heavy.

He sat dejectedly on his be-d side, after sometime he took a bucket and towel, he walked to the door again and that same thought returned. What if her husband is aware, he paused at the door, he stood over five minutes battling with his thoughts. He dropped the bucket and prepared for work, he decided he will use his window to avoid mama Fejiro and her soldier husband.

He fly throu-gh the window and left for work.


At Rufus’s shop, when he was done taken his bath behind his shop’s sto-re house. He rested on a bench un-der a tree behind his shop frontage, he had asked one of his apprentice to invite Iyawo who sold food along the road side close to his shop entrance.

Iyawo is a girl at eighteen years. a fine tall girl that stays with her loco parentis who had refused to train her in school.

She c@m£ to where Rufus is with wheelbarrow that has coolers in it, “Iyawo, give me rice 200 hundred naira own with two meats” Rufus told her as he stared mostly at her a-s l!çk!ng his lower l!pwhile Iyawo was dishing the food for him.

Rufus finished the food while Iyawo sat beside him, he demanded for pure water and soft drink, he took them all.

After he was done eating, “Iyawo, why you dey form. I know say them dey sample you, why you no wan give me na. Take this money” Rufus complained, he had tried enticing Iyawo for months with little money, but he was determined to have her today, that he reserved five thousand naira for her.

Iyawo eyes bulged at the sight of the money, she bec@m£ we-t. Rufus grinned as she clamped her legs, she snatched the money from him and counted it, “no be say I cheap oh, I just pity you” she told Rufus, Rufus held her w@!st hungrily as she push her a-s down on his g—n.

Since her Sk-irt isn’t ti-ght, he raised the back side up and her black g-string p-nt c@m£ into view, “na here you want do am?” She quic-kly asked Rufus, who nodded and fondled her br–sts in her shi-t “aww, em dey sweet!” She m0@n ed.

Rufus told her to get up a bit as he re-leased his d—k from his trou-ser, he coated it with her we-t as he sli-pped it in her w-t P—sy. She placed her both hands on his l@p, as she was able to take in half of his size.

She rotated her w@!st on his big d—k, Rufus closed and opened his eyes in plea-sure “umhh..” he gro-an ed, she started bouncing on him fast and steady “oh oh, Rufus oh.. your thing big aaah” she m0@n ed, Rufus held her br–sts from behind and fondled, she squir-ted on his l@ps and screamed out in plea-sure, Rufus has decided to pu-ll out when he wants to c-m.

She started ri-ding him wildly again, Rufus shut his eyes ti-ght as he bask in the S-xual plea-sure. “Iyaaawwooo!” A womanly voiced called out, the owner of the voice was coming to that direction. Rufus opened his eyes wi-dely as he involuntarily spurted his load de-ep in her sweet can-al.


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