Uncle Rufus – episode 4


-Episode 4

“No, I never tell anyb©dy but I go tell my mama and papa this night if you no gree dash me money” she replied Rufus who exhaled the breathe he has been holding without knowing in relief, “you wan give me bp, only to answer na em you take all those time. How much?” Rufus asked, he ogled her and frowned. She isn’t really beautiful and not considerable due to her ugliness, but her behind is upcoming and Rufus nodded in acknowledgement.

Franka thought for awhile “one thousand naira, Uncle Rufus” she told him smiling, Rufus nodded. “Come my shop on Monday, I go give you am” Rufus told her. She gave him a warning look before she left Rufus, Rufus stared at her as-s and imagined things he will do to her that is why he wants her to be in his shop on Monday.
Rufus hits his toothbrush on his palm before he walked into the yard Swagging the cu-p he held.


The next day which is Sunday, in the evening every adult members of the yard gathered in the middle of the compound, everyone sat either in a bench or a chair. Rufus sat in his chair in between two women getting glares from the men of the yard.

Jimmy stood up and cleared his throat he is the caretaker of the yard “ona good evening” he greeted.

“Evening, oga caretaker” everyone mumbled except Rufus. “Before we go start this meeting, make Rufus pray for us” he said and sat. Rufus stood up “make all of ona close eyes” Rufus ordered.

Rufus looked at their faces and saw that Jimmy eyes were opened he gro-an ed in disgust and started the prayer ” Merciful Lord, may our enemies wey nodey close eyes may they go blind in the name of J—”

“Amen!!” the others echoed.

“And some people wey them don talk say them go be accuser of the brethren, make them fall and die in the name of J—” Rufus loud his voice the more as he prayed.

“Amen!!” They responded.

Rufus continued praying without any sign of ending his prayer targeting his enemies in the yard in his prayer, everyone took their seats one after the other and watched Rufus.

“Holy ghost– fire!” Rufus shouted but there was no respond.

He opened his eyes “no, continue dey pray. Shebi we tell you to pray or l@yfoundation for church” Frank’s father told Rufus, who stood in their midst. He later took his seat.

The meeting was declared open, Okoro a teacher in the yard stood “I no see any reason why Rufus nodey wash toilet when em reach em turn” the man said angrily, Rufus replied him quic-kly “will you shut up and sit down, na Rufus to wash toilet matter carry you come here?” He asked him.

“Make ona warn ona self, na only person wey dey stand go talk for here, if anyb©dy disobey na money em go pay. No mind say the landlord no dey here” Jimmy warned them and sat back, as the meeting proceeds they talked about the problems of the yard and how to fix some certain things in the yard for their common good.

After the meeting biscuits were shared amongst them and drinks ’cause is a custom normally practice if anyone wants to invite the entire yard to an important occasion. The single nurse in the yard is inviting everyone in the yard to her upcoming wedding “wait oh, Nurse! Na that man wey resemble over fed chimpanzee you wan marry or –” Rufus asked but he wasn’t allowed to complete his question when she cut him off “eh eh eh, Rufus hang am there. Warn yourself oh” she replied him fuming as others who are pres£nt in the meeting rebuked Rufus.

Johnson took it upon himself to correct him “You don marry Rufus?” he asked Rufus pointing his f!nger at Rufus, “em better my no marry than to marry trailer as wife” Rufus replied him, he stood up to attack Rufus. Every one in the yard laughed as he held Rufus on his shi-t’s collar, Johnson is a very short man unlike Rufus who is tall.

Rufus stood up and looked down on his head “iffa fight you now, na two inches you go decline my pity you” he told Johnson who struggled to keep up his height in other to held on to his shi-t collar.

Everyone in the meeting took their chair or bench ignoring their two, Johnson let Rufus go and angrily walked to his room ignoring the little girl who just c@m£ into the yard greetings. Rufus went inside his room.

He later c@m£ out of the yard after he has taken dinner with his normal plastic chair that he is fond of. He kept it in his normal position and sat in the dark whistling to himself while shaking his legs, Nne still c@m£ around that area.

Rufus saw the little girl and grinned, “Nne, come!” Rufus called her with a low voice, she c@m£ hurriedly. He held her and led her into one of the uncompleted building closed to the yard, he took her into one of the rooms.

“Uncle Rufus, we-tin we dey do for here?” The little girl asked wondering why he has taken her to were they are “I wan show you something, no tell anyb©dy oh! Or ojuju Calabar go kill you, I go dash you money sef too” Rufus told the little girl who giggled “plenty money?” She asked smiling in the dark, Rufus only nodded.

He tried to pu-ll down her Sk-irt “uncle Rufus, you dey pu-ll my Sk-irt. My mommy talk say make person no pu-ll am for me” she said holding her Sk-irt, Rufus gro-an ed in frustration. He quic-kly raised the girl’s Sk-irt up and bent her over as she held on to the window, Rufus quic-kly brou-ght down her p-nt to her kneel to avoid another mommy episode.

He re-moved his short from his w@!st as his d—k stood turgid poking at the girl’s bu-m, he held it and ru-bbe-d it on her crack repeatedly as she got more hor-nyand we-t “uncle Rufus, do me the sweet thing na” she told him looking back, Rufus was surprised he was thinking she is a vir-gin.

He thrû-st in slowly into her w-t p–sy allowing only the cap to go in “chuk am na!” The little girl m0@n ed in frustration getting Rufus angry, he thrû-sted in sharply but was surprised the depth of her P—sy. He gr-untled in plea-sure as her w-t p–sy swallowed the half of his d—k.

“Na who dey f*** you?” Rufus asked angrily when her p—sy isn’t as ti-ght as the way he expected it to be “oh, na my teacher and uncle Phil!pdey teach me chunky chunky” she replied him.

Rufus wasn’t plea-sed, so he held her by her shoulders as he thrû-sted in and out of her we-t p–sy “ah ah, ewoo, ay ay, unc… R–f–, my pissy pissy” she m0@n ed as Rufus thr—sted in and out ha-rder, gr-abbing her br–sts r0ûghly throu-gh her shi-t.


Jimmy took his torchlight from the be-d he kept it “where you dey go?” His wife asked him, he ignored her and went out of the room, he always has the feelings of catching Rufus on the evil deeds he does in the yard. He walked to were Rufus normally stayed and flashed his torchlight but saw an empty chair.

Immediately sweaty Rufus saw the lights movement “ah ah ah!” He offloaded all his c-m in her w-t p–sy out of fear covering her mouth from m0@n ing loud.

Jimmy heard some sounds and pointed his torchlight towards the building “who be that!?” He thun-dered.


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