Uncle Rufus – episode 3


-Episode 3

A man stepped out his room and stretched himself on his doorpost, he is the caretaker of the yard. His name is Jimmy, the thought of unpaid PHCN bills in the yard worried him. He walked to Rufus’s door four steps away from his doorpost.
He knocked “kpo! Kpo! Kpo!!” repeatedly, no response. He decided to look for him, he walked throu-gh the hallway that leads to one of the frontage exit.

He greeted two or three occu-p@n-ts of the rooms in the hallway, he appeared at the pavement. Searched around the area with his eyes and didn’t find Rufus, he ru-bbe-d the back of his head wondering why he never thought Rufus to be at his normal relaxation place.

He walked to were Rufus is on getting there, he saw movements in the dark wondering what Rufus is doing with a little girl in such a place. Jimmy is newly married to a woman some Months ago, he wondered why the tenants allowed their children get close to someb©dy as Rufus “Rufus we-tin ona dey do there?” He asked.

Rufus tensed and concealed his d–k in his bo-xer, his d–k pulsated in his p@n-t and re-leased his seeds in his short. He sighed in displea-sure as his warm c-m spills on his ba-re skin “Uncle Rufus, them don catch us” the little girl said shaking with fear. Rufus de-ep his hand in his pocket and gave her some naira note, cleared his throat “carry am go” he told the little girl who ran away happily. “Nne, we-tin you dey do with Rufus?” He asked the little girl who ignored him and ran into the yard.

He went closer to Rufus who is boiling in anger “Rufus, I dey suspect you oh. The way you dey pl@ywith women and small girls for this yard” Jimmy told him regretting while he didn’t come out with torchlight or his phone he would have catch both of them red-handed. “Jim the akita, make I dey follow men? See, no be everyman be g@y. Na em make you nofit handle your wife” Rufus replied him angrily and carried the plastic chair he sat on, “see I no get time for you, give me NEPA money” he told Rufus who st©pped walking and faced him “which NEPA, the one wey dey bring light or the one wey nofit on light?” He replied him and hissed angrily, he left Jimmy standing.

Rufus went into his room and c@m£ out with a generator and started singing “I pas-s my neighbor, I pas-s my neighbor” he whistled as he sang joyfully to himself, he placed it on a wood facing the pipe the smoke is coming from to Jimmy’s room. He took the wire that hang loosely close to the wall and connected it with the generator, he held the generator rope and dragged his hand forming triangle.

When the lights c@m£ up some children in the yard started shouting “NEPA!!!” Rufus smiled inwardly. He went into his room and c@m£ out with towel and left to take his bath.

“Jimmy, smoke dey enter inside this house” Jimmy wife complained to her husband who la-id on the foam but thinking very ha-rd , when Jimmy didn’t respond she nudge him and reported the matter again. Jimmy stood up and went out of his room, he went straight to the generator and off it. Rufus saw him “neighbors neighbors come oohh– jealousy, people wey nofit buy gen. dey off one” Rufus said hilariously, his hands raised up to the sky.

Everyb©dy c@m£ out of the room and some stood far from there, and some went closer “Jimmy, why you off em generator? I wan charge my phone” one of the unmarried lady in the yard complained she is a nurse. Jimmy glared at him in the dark, “the smoke dey enter my room” Jimmy told all of them.

“Which smoke pas-s poverty?” one of the men in the yard retorted, everyb©dy laughed as Jimmy who got angry and left them angrily. “My help you on am, Rufus” someb©dy in the yard told him, Rufus nodded as his generator is taken to the back of the yard.

Rufus went inside his room and whistled triumphantly, when the light c@m£ men and women with children c@m£ with their phones, torches to charge. Rufus asked for extension to plug them, in no time his room looks like a charging centre. He locked his door and started watching movie in his cozy sitting room.

In the dark room Jimmy’s wife tried to on her torchlight it was emanating faint light to her displea-sure, PHCN brou-ght their light two days ago and they have been using the torch since then. They even forgot to switch if off the previous night, “this torch don die oh, go charge am for Rufus room na” she told her husband who is boiling with anger on the be-d “your legs break, go charge am by yourself” Jimmy shouted at her, “sorry oh” she replied and left the room.

Rufus heard the knock on his door and he grumbled, he thought everyone has charged his phone. He opened the door and saw Jimmy wife with just wra-pper tied around her w@!st with a handless t©p, he ogled her and noted that she isn’t putting on br@. “Rufus help me charge our torch” she said to him and pres£nted the torch, others were not allowed in but Rufus wanted Jimmy’s beautiful wife “enter charge am na” Rufus replied her and opened the door wi-dely as she went in, he looked at her a-s and li-cked his lower l!pand shut the door behind him.

She bent low and plugged the torch, and charged her phone “Jenny, you know say your husband no love you” Rufus told her “how I go do am, I don marry I don marry am” she replied Rufus “I know say him nodey f–k you well, I get something for you” Rufus said and went inside his be-droom brou-ght some money and gave it to her, the woman watch silently without accepting the money.

“Thank you, Rufus” she took the money from Rufus, Rufus nodded and walked closer to her standing before her “you know say you fine well well, I wish say you never marry Jimmy. You for be my wife” Rufus told her, she shrugged. Rufus held her by the w@!st, she pushed him off her b©dy and Rufus fell on the floor with a surprised look on his face “ru-bbish!” She hissed and left Rufus room, with his money. Rufus stood up angrily and off his generator, everyb©dy who has what he charged in his room troop in and took them including Jimmy’s wife. She forgot to tell her husband about the encounter that night.


The next day, Rufus was brushing his mouth closed to the gutter that runs throu-gh the side of the yard when Franka walked pas-s him “bia Franka, you get apolo or you don dey wear blind people eyeglas-s?” Rufus asked angrily glaring at her “no try me oh, I see when you f–k mama Fejiro that day” she replied Rufus and eyed him, Rufus was shocked by her revelation “ah ah, Franka franka, you know say we be paddy paddy, you don tell anyb©dy?” Rufus asked his heart beating ra-pidly.


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