Uncle Rufus – episode 5


Episode 5

Nne shaking ’cause of her second o—-m bit Rufus f!nger “umhh..” Rufus gro-an ed painfully but ma-king sure his voice isn’t loud, he duck and dragged her down with him. His palm covered her mouth as she shake in freight. Rufus’s heart beats ra-pidly as he imagined what will happen if Jimmy catch him with this little girl.

“Who is that?” Jimmy asked again but this time his voice is devoid of authority, he was having a double mind. He thought it must be those boys who are good for nothing, only move from one uncompleted building to another. Does it mean they have taken Rufus? Jimmy thought.

He kept on pointing the torchlight to the windows without approaching, is better he get people from the yard to help him search the uncompleted building he thought. He switch off the torchlight and went into the yard, Rufus exhaled.

He quic-kly helped Nne put on her p@n-t on her w@!st, he helped her throu-gh the window and asked her to run into the yard. She did, Rufus himself climbe-d down throu-gh the window and ran to were his chair is and sat.

“Thief oh, thief oh!” Jimmy shouted in the yard “where?” The men with boiling blood in the yard asked. He took them to backyard and met Rufus sitting on the chair he saw deserted earlier, Jimmy was shocked as he point his torchlight at Rufus who waves his shi-t on his sweaty b©dy.

“J ikata, you don throw way your s-en-se for window, c’mon off that torch!” Rufus roared at him, the two men behind him weren’t plea-se that Jimmy made them to leave what they were doing for nothing, they glared at Jimmy whose mouth is left ajar and dropped the wood they held and left.

“Where you go Rufus?” Jimmy asked, eyeing him suspiciously “is like chin chin full your br@in, I no blame you. If only your papa use c0nd0m” Rufus replied him and hissed, he carried the chair he was sitting on and nudged Jimmy aside and walked pas-s him “I go catch you, continue oh” Jimmy told Rufus as he paused on his track.

Rufus didn’t reply him, he was worried about Jimmy’s threat that he didn’t even know when he walked pas-s his room and collided with nurse who was just coming out of the bathroom, her bathing soap fell and the chair Rufus was holding dropped off from his hand “Rufus, you don sell your eyes give muka?” she asked him angrily holding his shi-t, some gossipers in the yard st©pped whatever they were doing to listen.

“No vex, follow me my pay your soap” Rufus begged unlike him, nurse Elizabeth was surprised on how Rufus reacted to her insult. But knowing Rufus as trickish man she agreed to his offer “come give me” she replied him angrily. Everywhere was dark so Rufus opened his door and went in, the nurse stood on his door and waited for some time Rufus didn’t come out with her soap.

She also went in “Rufus, you dey use me pla-y” she said angrily in the room “i dey fine torch na” Rufus replied her , standing close to her as he stylish pretend to be looking for his torch “nurse nurse, you dey sell c0md0mtoo?” He asked her “we-tin bring that one?” Nurse Elizabeth replied him angrily.

“Nothing oh, any girl I f-ck with c0md0mdey shout well well ’cause my p—k too big” he said boastfully still pretending to be searching for the torchlight he held in his hand “with that chewing stick?” She replied him with a question and laughed shortly. Rufus re-leased his 9inches monster d—k from his short and turn on the torchlight pointed it at his ha-rd d—k “this thing small?” He replied her angrily, Nurse Elizabeth was surprised at what Rufus did and also his long d—k made her clamped her legs.

She was really turned on added with the cold water she had earlier bath, she looked at Rufus d—k and thought for awhile, she wanted to scream that Rufus wants to r@p£ him, but the want in between her legs couldn’t resist him. Rufus was quiet praying in his mind that she accepts to have s-x with him, she walked to Rufus and point a f!nger on his forehead, Rufus fell on the chair sitting on it as the torchlight with him dropped to the floor, the torchlight facing another side.

She untied the towel around her and it dropped on the floor, she walked to Rufus and straddle him, she held Rufus d—k and j£rked it. “Hope say, you dey last, this your thing big Sha…” She told Rufus who was quiet and his mouth slightly open enjoying the magic of her palm. She held his ha-rd d—k and sli-pped it into her w-t p–sy and started bouncing with her both hands holding the back of the chair.

“Oh ah oh! Ewoo, my toto” she m0@n ed “nussiii nussiii” Rufus gro-an ed gritting his teeth, he held her bu-ms as she slammed ha-rder and fas-ter on his d—k. The loud m0@n ing coming from Rufus room made those who were close to start talking and gossiping, especially Jimmy who went to Rufus door and knocked. His wife was turned on by the loud m0@n s coming from Rufus’s room close to their room she shared with her husband, her f!ngersunconsciously sli-pped into her p@n-t.

“Rufus, Rufus, abeg oh! Here no be ashawo h0tel” Jimmy said repeatedly hitting at Rufus door, “aaahh- water dey come out from my toto” nurse Elizabeth screamed as she squir-ted on Rufus d—k milking his c-m “ah ah ah” Rufus re-leased his load inside Nurse Elizabeth, when they c@m£ to their s-en-ses they heard the loud ban-g on the door.

Nurse Elizabeth quic-kly stood up from Rufus, Rufus angrily went to the door and opened it he saw Jimmy standing. He punched him on the face as Jimmy staggered backwards, nurse Elizabeth heard the commotion and tied her towel around her and sneaked to her room. People in the yard gathered pointing torch at them and started hailing them.

“Jimmy, Jimmy!” Some chanted.

“Oga Rufus! Oga Rufus” others chanted.

As both of them exchanged b!ows, Rufus held Jimmy on his w@!st and raised him up then slammed him on the floor “ewooo.. hahaha” they said and laughed.
When Jimmy wants to retaliate Rufus was shield and praised by the people in the yard laughing at Jimmy. When Rufus finally went into his room others went in to theirs.


In the next day, Rufus waked up so early and went to brush his mouth, after he is done. He wore a t©p and trou-ser and left the yard, he c@m£ out on a main road and flagged down a Keke.

“Police station, how much?”.he asked the Keke driver “50naira” she replied, Rufus entered the backseat with two other pas-s£ngers seating.

On their way, Rufus tried to count the money in his pocket and his 50naira fell off his hand “driver st©p, my money fall” he told the Keke driver “I nofit st©p here, oga na just 50naira na” the Keke Driver replied Rufus who nodded. He arrived at his location and Rufus dropped from his keke “oga, you never pay me oh” he told Rufus who ignored him and continued walking, he ran after him and tapped him twice on his back.

Rufus turned quic-kly “if your hand t©uçh me again, I go make the sun too h0t for you” Rufus warned as the Keke driver shrink in fear, Rufus saw a beggar who sat beside a road and ignored her even when she has begged him alms “I see children around you” the blind beggar said to Rufus who laughed very ha-rd .


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