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Unbelievable episode 9 & 10

(He’s a virgin💦)
🍃 Episode 9🍃
💬 Really Vance? Seriously? You had to come now?” I said fieghing annoyance
💬 Shut up Bianca, it hasn’t been up to 30 minutes,and I’m hearing silent moans! Seriously? Its too early,what’s your problem”she said and I brought my face down
💬 I got carried away mum,he’s so sweet”I said blushing
💬*laughs* whatever..
I’ll be leaving,see you tomorrow at the shoot” Vance said and left
I closed the door,and saw dean sitting on the bed,looking at me..
💬So, what did she say” he asked trying hard to look at me
💬 Oh,she’s about to leave,like..uhm,she said she’s leaving” I said stammering..what is wrong with you?
💬 alright,good night”he said and slept off,facing the other side of the bed..
I went and lay beside him…and dozed off…
💬No Dad,no! This can’t be happening!
Bianca is mine!if she needed some guy to pretend with,it should be me! I won’t let him take her from me! No!” I said really annoyed
💬 Who is this new guy she’s with?I bet thier pretense won’t last long” mum said tryna calm me down
💬 Do your best!we can’t fight with you,all I know is,we’re going to help you wherever way we can” dad said and left with mum..
I have to shaft something out…
I’ll investigate about this new guy!
First thing tomorrow,I’m getting him arrested!
I’ll have to know his background…
💬 *moans* ahhhh,MNM,deeeaaan” Bianca moaned my name as I did magic to her body..
After our short romance I felt like I needed more,thank God Vance interrupted us earlier,if not…
I continued thrusting in and out of her in different positions..
I was feeling paradise as my eyes was slightly closed…
💬 Deeann,mmmmn” her moans continued…
Then everything started becoming I heared get voice,it was normal this time
💬 Dean! Wake up already!my gosh!” She said in disgust sleeping my thighs hard and I flinged up..
Jeez it was just a dream..a fucken dre…
💬 Jeez! Were you having a wet dream? How come your semen is this thick? Eww,is everywhere in your boxer” she said and it dawned on me!
I just had an organism on my boxer..and it was a whole lot..
Very thick too..
💬 I’m sorry! I…” I was saying looking so embarrassed,then I sighted her Boob’s out from her nighties a bit…
I got carried away,and made to touch it when she removed my hands forcefully at once
💬 Stop it Dean,get your pitiful self cleaned up! And about last night,that shouldn’t repeat itself again!got it! Now get up already” she snapped and left the bed as I starred at myself.
How did you get here Dean?
I stood up and took a shower and joined Bianca in the sitting room as we had breakfast and went to the shooting area..
💬hahahaha😂😂😂” I laughed at what I’d found out..
I didnt sleep last night…
Now finally,I’ve got some juicy information..
Now like seriously,I can’t believe Bianca settled for..a poor known thief from the streets,since his childhood…
Well,thats not my problem,I’m gonna take her out of any charm that thief placed on her….
Hahahaha… I laughed again,satisfied about myself….
💬 Vance!you needed to see that! It was so thick and white..and disgusting!” I explained to Vance what happened as she listen with attention like a professional
💬 Well Bianca,the guy is obviously in love with you,he must have been having a wet intense to have made him release without knowing” Vance explained
💬 But Vance,I thought he was a virgin? How did he release?” I asked
💬 Hello girly, virgin guys do release,they can kiss,they can feel,and the fact that it was so thick,means it was his first” Vance said and I nodded in awe
💬 Oh gosh Vance,I feel ashamed to do this shoot,after what happened last night” I said closing my face in shame
💬 No Bianca,I’m glad that happened” she said
💬 So,why did you interrupt?” I asked
💬 Relax,B, I allowed that,cos I needed you guys to get a little intimate,so that this capture can be wow,but I interrupted cos I perceived monkey business”she said and we giggled
💬 Alright girl,at the shoot,I want you to give it your all okay,just what you felt last night,touch him in odd places sometimes okay,make this perfect”she said and I rolled my eyes.she’s been repeating that since this morning
💬 Yeah,yeah,you don’t have to repeat yourself Vance” I said and she smilled
💬 good, its time for the show,get ready,I’ll go call dean” she said and left…
I was already dressed up in my cow boy attire…I don’t know but I like this cow boy style with the cap…
Its cool on me and for me..
Just then I sighted Gabby..the guy from the office that was threating Bianca
💬 Dude,what in heavens are you doing here?you better leave before I smash your face in” I threatened in a low tone once I was close to him
He just laughed and adjusted my dress
💬 Dean,Dean…you’re looking so dressed up in those cloths,so got me thinking? How come? How come the broke thief,sorry I mean,known thief got to this level? From afar,people are gonna be thinking,you’re rich” he said and I froze… He found out
💬 You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about” I said trying to cover up
💬*chuckles* course man,I know what I’m talking about..Dean,listen,I and Bianca Have been friends since childhood,so trust me when I say, she just needs you for this whole fiancee stuff till her dad is back,she doesn’t love you! She can never love a poor grown up thief who can’t fend for himself,the kind of one that needs a woman,the same woman he loves to provide for you,dude you are worthless,you’re just a free loader,aren’t you ashamed of yourself” Gabby said as I clenched my fist and my jaw..
What he’s saying is true,and it annoys
💬 You better stop talking and leave here,before I loose it” I said trying as best as I can to hold back my anger
💬 uh uh,,looks like stupid motherfucker is getting mad..but its true,just imagine,what will happen once I tell the media about your past,your itsy bitsy teeny pretense will stop sooner than expected,and guess what..that’s exactly what I’m gonna’ll be thrown in jail for the numerous theft you’ve comitted and Bianca will be all mine! Broke shit!” He said and this time I couldn’t take it..
I gave him a heavy punch sending him to the floor..
💬 DEAN!” Vance screemed my name..
I turned and found her starring at me,she’s been there all this while…
She was giving me a ‘pls don’t do it’ sign. .
I ignored her and was about rushing gabby when the cops appeared
💬 hands in the air now!” One cop said and I obeyed and they handcuffed me,then gabby gave me a punch sending me to the floor
💬 Bastered!” He cursed
💬 Take him away!”he added as Vance looked at me with pity and sadness,the cops almost took me when Bianca arrived
💬 Officers,let him go this instant!” She odered and they stopped,still holding me
Gabby went to Bianca..I was already getting fussed
💬 Bianca,he’s a thief he needs to go to….” Gabby was saying when Bianca landed him two slaps…
The cops are there he couldn’t fight back
💬 un cuff him right now!” She odered again with more authority
💬 go on! Go on and save that chicken who always needs a woman to save him…listen Dean, ‘YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE CHICKEN THAT ALWAYS NEEDS A WOMAN’S HELP” Gabby said and somehow those words sink in my ears as the officers in cuffed me still holding me captive…
(he’s a virgin💦)
💎 Episode 10💎
💬 Officers,I can’t believe you’re arresting him.. That man in your custody saved me from Gabby,let him free,its Gabby you should be arresting” Bianca fired
The police officers left me,and I sat down,quietly looking at everyone,Gabby was right..
I’m letting a woman take care of me,I’m really a chicken!all this is gonna end soon,and then what? I’ll be back to stealing on the streets again? No way!
I have to find a job…
💬 but madman, this guy is a thief! he stole from the neighbors, he should be arrested”the police officers said
💬 if that’s the case, gabby here should be taken too cos he constantly harasses me! that’s a crime too right? let this man be officers, dean makes me happy, he’s my fiancée,you’re interrupting us, just leave!”Bianca said and they turned to gabby
💬 we’re sorry sir, we can’t continue, we have to leave”they said and left…
💬 if police won’t help me, I’ll take you from dean by force, watch out for me next time”gabby said and left angrily
Bianca ran to me, giving me a hug
💬 don’t listen to whatever💁😒 gabby told you, he’s just trying to get to you head, pls don’t think about it too much okay, plss” Bianca said carresing my face as I was in deep thought…
I could only nod…
💬 alright, the shooting is about to start, we need you two there now, pls” our photographer said and left with every one, leaving just me and Bianca
💬 I can’t do this anymore,I can’t”I said and she hyped up..
💬 dean no! We’re almost there, we’ve gone too far,I know you’ve enjoyed the few times we’ve spent together, you don’t want that to stop right?” She asked and I looked at her,
With the few times, I’ve grown to love her, with her,I feel like my life just began, but that shouldn’t stop because I quited,
And, even if I leave,I don’t even have a life to go back to,
I can’t quit now..
💬 this is so important to me Dean, this is the only way I can proof to my Dad, that I can handle the company when he’s gone..I really need your help dean”Bianca begged again giving me those puppy eyes filled with sincerity..
At least, if I’ve not done done anything worthy in my life, let this be the first, let me also use these time to gather my life together.
I’ve realized how worthless my life have been!
How I’ve been wasting my life. .
What happened to looking for a job…
💬 okay Bianca, tell me what I need to do, and I’ll do it… I’m with you on this” I said and her face beamed with smile
💬 I think you know what to do.. let get to the shooting”she said and I stood up and pulled her into a hug…
💬 thank you dean, this means alot to me” she said and we moved to the shooting area, they’ve been waiting for us..
We stood in different positions, Bianca was touching me in places I never knew could give me goose bumps,
The photographer took as picture as we played at the beach. even at the pool… yeah,I can swim now..
After that pool incident, hell I can swim.
Finally the shoot was over as we slumped on the sofa, so exhausted… same with Vance and humpy,and mufus…
💬 Dean, Bianca, don’t tell me you’re exhausted..I mean all you guys had to do is enjoy, while we had to follow you guys around, just to capture your sweet moment” Vance said with tiredness in her voice
💬 shut up Vance, do you have any idea how tired it is to enjoy?” Bianca fired back as Vance stood up, like she sat up
💬 Really Now Bianca, enjoying is stressfull? I wanna try your lie”she said
💬 Guys, enough! I’m really tired, now if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed, prepare dinner or go to sleep” I said and went upstairs
Today has been one hell of a day..
🎊two days later🎊
We’re going back to the city today, our vacation is over…
I and dean were still packing, after that, we went to the airport, as we were about booking flight, group of men gathered around us…
💬 Are you dean?” One of the men asked
💬 yes, and who the hell are you guys?” Dean replied in a defending position
It was just I and him, Vance and the others are still awaiting us
💬 you stole from us few weeks ago, and cos of you, our sales went down.. we’re gonna beat you to a pulp!” One mean one said,
And the worst part is, the few people around didn’t border to help or call for one
💬 What the hell is going on here?” I asked
💬 madam, what are you doing with this thief? Everyone here knows him, stay away from him, he might harm you” another said and I was pulled away, as they charged towards dean
They were so many, against dean…
He’s not safe…
I had to scream
💬 HELP!!” I began shouting
Wahala be like watin again 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤣🤣


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