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Unbelievable episode 7 & 8

(He’s a v!rg!n 💦)
🍃 Episode 7🍃
💬 It’s alright baby, no one will hurt you again on my watch” Dean said and somehow I felt safe…
Vance entered…
💬 What the hell happened here?” She asked looking terrified
💬 And just where have you been? What a best friend” I said coming out of Dean’s arms
💬 Sorry bestie, I was handling some things,you forgot you left the press hanging? I was taking care of that!” She replied still looking worried
💬 Why was Gabby’s face messed up like that? Bianca, you know you could be arrested for that!” She said and I looked at Dean
I know what Gabby is capable of… That human bieng has no manners, no conscience…
I’m worried for Dean
💬 Now can you guys stop looking at me! He can’t do anything. I can handle him” Dean said
💬 how sure are you? You’re.. no match for him..” Vance said to gabby
💬 Vance common, I’ve seen worst than that, I can handle him! Believe a corny thief when I say that.” Dean said and left…
💬 Vance, I’m fine.. Don’t worry.. I mean I felt safe with Dean.. I felt protected.. See how Dean gave that s¢vmbag a beating.. It was wonderful.. Now Gabby won’t dare come near me again” I said feeling proud
💬 Seriously?.. Have you thought of.. Making him your friend? He’s a real nice guy.. You’re always cold..” Vance said and I shook my head negatively
💬 No Vance, we’re only doing this.. For the public” I said
💬 You mean you don’t like him at all?” She asked and I looked at her eyes solely
💬 actually…Vance,I feel happy with him..I feel jealous..and protected too..I think I like him,as a friend” I said
💬 alright bestie,but personally,I like dean..he’s pure.unlike other guys”Vance said and I looked at her
💬 what made you say that..what makes him different Vance” I asked cos I know my friend..she can be quiet an investigator
💬 B,I’m gonna tell you something..but you have to promise me that you’ll forgive me.” She said and I breath in
💬 alright..let’s hear it”I said and as she was about to talk franka interrupted us…
💬 miss Bianca,its time for your outing with Dean”she said
💬 outing? Vance what’s this for?”I asked
💬 look,you have to convince the public that you both are really in a relationship.the company’s fashion parade is near,we need a lot of customers.”Vance said
💬Alright,franka go get Dean”I said and she left
💬 Remember,you have to show love and teamwork in that picture..okay..I got to be somewhere”Vance said
💬 Alright,but Vance,ever since Dean got here,you’ve been busy..what’s keeping you busy?is it finally a guy?” I asked and she chuckled
💬 B,I wish. But its not..I’m just fixing few things as your PA..bye”she said and left
💬 Can we get going now your highness” Dean interrupted his voice not sounding so happy…
💬 Okay..Franka,take care of things here,.bye” I said as I left with Dean hands in hand,but he was still not looking bright.
He just had to fake a ☺ smile when we got outside as the paparazzi took pictures..
Once in the car he bones face again…
He starts driving..
Silence in the car..not even a joke.
I cleared my throat..
💬 You look wiered when you’re not happy!”I said with a straight face…
He ignored me and continued driving…
I picked my phone and texted the photographer,informing him that I and Dean were almost at the resort,and instructed him to just monitor us,any sweet moment then he’ll take a pic or a video.
Dean stopped by the road,bought an ice cream,from the streets
💬 Is that healthy?” I asked
He turned to me and opened my mouth and put some ice cream in it and wow,it tasted good…
I grabbed it and continued enjoying..he looked at me and shook head in pity and continued driving…
What’s up with him? I’m supposed to be the cold one here and here he is acting up…
I had to do something..cos, I was getting uncomfortable with the silent treatment….
I took my phone and opened google…
” My fiancee is sad,what should I do?” I asked and it showed me 10 ways to cheer a guy up and what to do…
But,I’ll do that at the resort…
His stomach growled,and then I knew he was hungry
He glanced at me and I smiled at him..he faced the road again,grinning his teeth.trying to force a smile down
💬Common,smile it out already” I said and he looked at me,flashed a smile and frowned back as fast as the smile came,the faster it left.
Alright,this is getting unbecoming…I’ve got an idea…
We arrived at the resort…
Backed our bags to our rooms,there was a CCTV in our room,to video us since the photographer can’t follow us inside…
We are suppose to stay here for 4 days…
I went to the kitchen and prepared 🍚 rice and stew with chicken….
I served it Dean rushed to eat when I stopped him…
💬 I’m hungry Anca, step aside”he said trying to hide his impatience.
💬 we need to talk,what’s up with you? You’ve been ignoring me ever since” I asked and he kept quiet
💬 Dean,the last time I checked,we became friends..tell me what’s up..I’m your fiance”I said holding his hands not believing I’m bieng this sweet..this is so difficult…
If Vance had told me,I’ll be like this with the garbage guy I would have imprisoned her
💬 Nothing is wrong”Dean said and I breath out touching his face..
💬 be opened up,did I get you mad?”I asked more softly this time
💬Bianca, you guys don’t trust don’t think I can kill a fly!you don’t believe I can protect you from Gabby..I’m just a garbage guy you helped from the streets anyway”he said with deep sadness in his voice
How can something like that,upset a guy?
💬D, hey look at’s nothing like that..I felt so safe earlier..I felt like I had a protector..I was proud,you can ask Vance…we were just bieng like that cos we were worried about you knowing the kind of person Gabby is”I said
💬 that’s it. you don’t have to be protective… I’m a full grown man B, I can protect myself. I survived the streets,I’m fit..look Bianca even if we’re still finding it difficult to adjust with each other..I need you to believe me and treat me special…can you do that?”he asked with care in his eyes
💬 yeah…I promise D” I said and he smiled and carried me to the dinning
💬 Now that’s my baby let’s eat cos I’m starving,after that we’ll take a walk outside”he said putting me down and start eating hungrily…back to his cheerful self
Gosh I felt happy and proud of myself for making him happy again,cos I felt horrible earlier with his treatment of ignorance.
I will never get him that angry again..
I smiled at him..
Phew this is such an achievement
After eating,we went swimming…he didn’t know how,so I decided to teach him…
He learnt a bit,but still not able to swim on his own…
Just then four guys who has been watching us since jumped into the pool like they planned it and separated us and started swimming with me…😳
As Dean tried to swim to our direction,he sank into the water..
It was kinda hilarious as I and the four boys laughed but when I found out he was really sinking… I pushed my way out of then I entered the water to save him…
I thought he said he could protect he’s sinking..😂😂😂😂😂
( He’s a v!rg!n💦)
🍃 Episode 8 🍃
I entered the water but didn’t find him…just then I saw him swam up by himself and went towards those guys knocking thier @sses with punches and raining curses on them…
In no distance time he s£nt them running with bruises all over his face,them jumped into the water and carried me out since I was still in it..
Now,I’m in for another silent anger treatment…
He dropped me down and…pecked my l!ps…
💬 don’t underestimate me B,I can take care of myself. Sank for a while and got back up.those morrons think they can humiliate me. some guys the worst,thanks for laughing at me” he said and I burst out laughing
💬 I’m sorry Dean .. It was hilarious..” I said walking back to the hotel room
💬 Yeah,I know…let’s go change into something else” he said and we went in and changed…
It was around evening,we went to a restaurant to take a bite with our white car…
After taking a bite with Dean telling me stories of how he grew up and started stealing..hilarious moments when he put his bare hands into a neighbors hot pot just to grab a meat 🍖,and got his hands burnt,and got caught…
Some few other funny things too..I told him mine,how difficult it was for me to learn how to manage a company,with workers 👷 drooling over me, one wrote me a love letter one time…
My dad almost fired him,then how I met Vance..I went to discuss a business proposal with my dad,when we met Vance,a co-worker to the CEO which was Gabby’s dad.
During the meeting,I noticed how the man will touch Vance at times and she will remove his hands…
I knew something was up..after the meeting,I excuse myself from my dad and went to Vance’s office,there I found them Gabby’s father trying to rape her…I helped rescued her,and he fired her,so I took her with me…we became friends since then…
Gabby is no different from his Dad.
Flirty as ever….
We came out to enter our car,as the paparazzi sorounded we took advantage,with our ice creams,we took positions as the press took photos…
We went back to our room…
This has been bothering me,why hasn’t he make an attempt to klzz me or anything..sometimes its like he’s afraid of me..
This afternoon peck was a surprise..other guys would have made a move…
💬 Dean,am I disgusting?” I asked and he drew back with shock then chuckled
💬 What gave you that kinda crazy idea?” He asked
💬 Just answer me Dean..I really don’t have time for all this” I answered
💬 you’re not okay…” He asked
💬 In fact you’re one of the most elegant women I’ve seen” he said and my eyes widened 👀.
💬 one of? Like you’ve seen others? There are others?” I asked
💬 of course there are! Are you the only one on earth?” He asked and I felt bad
💬 whatever💁😒” I said and sat on the bed
💬 but if you listened closely,I said,you are the most…meaning,you’re better than them all” he said and I rolled my eyes…
This lady is funny…
💬 If so, why haven’t you…like make an attempt towards me? Sometimes its like you’re afraid of me” she asked and I froze..
I feel scared whenever I hear something like that…
But why is she asking me that?
💬 Why Bianca,you want me to klzz you?” I asked coming close to her as she moved back and turned
💬 Not really that but…at least,I should do something right…whether I like it or not” she said and I turned her to face me as I carrased her cheek,I didn’t realize my hands were a bit shaky,till she removed my hands forcefully
💬 See…. Your hands are shaky..what’s the matter? Are you afraid of me?” She asked
💬 no..even if you’re kinda scary” I answered sincerely
💬 Are you allergic to women?” She asked again
💬 no Bianca” I answered
💬 What is it?” She asked angrily
I have to tell her the truth….and that stuff Vance tried to do…
Well,as I’ve learnt,she’s a jealous type,and it’ll be better if she learnt it from from me then hearing it from her friend…
💬 You’re the one who promised not to keep you’re breaking it” Bianca interrupted my thinking
💬 Bianca..the truth is,Vance came to my room at night few days ago,trying to make me…you know, sleep with her..” I was saying when she froze
💬What?!” She exclaimed
I knew this would happen…
💬 Relax Bianca..nothing happened” I said
💬 Wow,you expect me to believe that?!” She ranged
💬 yes B, nothing happened,cos I couldn’t make anything happen…I didn’t even know what to do..” I fired back
💬 what do you mean?” She asked looking so confused
💬 Bianca…I’ve never slept with a woman before..I haven’t klzzed before, not touched either..nothing..Nada…I’m a v!rg!n..and your best friend found that out before you…I’m sorry” I said and she froze
Just then,our condo unit burst open,as Vance appeared in the living room,with mufus and hampy!!
Hmm 🤔🤔
Bianca is inlove with this guy without knowing it 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤗🤗


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