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Unbelievable episode 11 & 12

(He’s a virgin💦)
💎 Episode 11💎
💬 Guys, have mercy on me, relax, there’s no need to be angry, I’ll pay y’all back plss,”dean begged them and thier leader smiled.
💬 HELP!”I screemed again..
💬 No way! boys, deal with him!”their leader said and they charged him and began beating him,then at some point, he began beating them…
Just then Vance and the others arrived.
💬What the hell is going on here? Somebody call the police”Vance said and both hampy and mufus joined dean in the fight…
💬 Vance, no one is gonna call the police.. They’ve been watching us ever since, and did nothing.. we better call by ourselves” I said and add I was about to call the police, the boys attacking us, ran off..
Looks like they guessed we were about to call the police
💬 What the hell happened here??” Mufus asked
💬 they accused us of stealing from thier store,” Dean said
💬 from what I remember, we only stole from little stores, for our daily food..” Hampy said
💬 and if they were genuine, why did they run off when we were about to call the police?” I asked cos the whole thing looks suspicious
💬 it’s gabby… watch out dean, he’s going to come at you in every direction. he’s going to use people you’re owing” Vance said
💬 Alright,then to avoid all this,let’s begin paying every single person you stole from” I said.
💬 No Bianca,you’ve done alot for me,stop helping me solve my problems..I got this! I’ll handle it myself..if I have to work for everyone I owe,I’ll do it” Dean said and I signed in frustration
When will he ever realize that he’s helping me out, so its my job to help him too…
💬 Dean, you’re now a CEO of a company,you can’t go around working for people,you’re helping us out,so look at it as our pay back, pls” I begged again
💬 She’s right dean,I’m not sure those people we stole from are gonna allow you work for saw what happened earlier right? they won’t want to listen” mufus said and hampy nodded
💬 Alright, I’ll let yo you do that but I’ll pay you back in a space of two months” Dean said still bieng stubborn
I had no choice but to agree..
💬 Okay guys,can we go home now, I’ve got things to do” Vance interrupted and we started walking to the private jet that will take us back home
💬 Are you always busy?” Mufus asked her and she let out a chuckle without answering him
On our way,we passed by every single shop Dean and his friend stole from,and Dean transfered the money he owes them with some tips
At first,the owner of the stores will want to shout and pounce at him but when he tells them the reason of his coming,they calm down…then when they are paid, they begin raining blessings on him….
Finally we got home,settled down and we all went to the company…
Well Vance didn’t come with us,she said she had somewhere to go…
We went back to the company and everyone was happy to see us..
Things went on as usual,we had more investors,and business partners,our shoes were getting popular…
💬 what kept you so long Vance” he asked smoking on the bed
💬 with the scene you created earlier,do you think I’d have go there quick? You really had to do that at the airport?they weren’t owing those guys,why are you doing all this? Don’t you love me m am I not enough for you? What on heavens sake do you need my friend for?” I asked really feeling sick..
I’m tired of begging for love from him….
We use to be lovers,and we are still lovers,but he keeps on fighting on getting my friend to be his own.
💬 Vance, listen to me…I told you already,my parents aren’t my real parents,I am originally poor if my parents find thier son. I’ll be thrown to the trash! You’re not well to do,and so,I need Bianca, so that,I can reap her off her riches then divorce her then I’ll come back to you*pulling me to him*and we live happily ever after,so stop bieng insensitive” he said kissing me on the neck..
💬 Gabby, is all that necessary? You’re just gonna hurt a lot of people if you do that. Just stop all this,I don’t see you getting Bianca,she’s falling for that Dean boy already..its not working! Just swallow your pride,and let’s get married,let Bianca be,you can even work in her company,or,all this money you’re getting,use it to start up something for yourself” I said hoping he would listen
💬 Vance, let’s stop this talk and enjoy the day okay,(kissing my neck) I missed you” he said trying to remove my cloth…
Truth be told,I missed him too..
He kissed me and I returned the kiss as we kissed passionately,
I removed my clothes,and he did so too,we made steaming hot love on the bed…
I know you might see me as a bad person,but thats not it, I love Bianca,and I love Gabby too..
Yeah Gabby! Him and I were lovers when I still worked in his foster dad’s company…
Yes Gabby is adopted…
We loved ourselves so much..we were inseparable then…
But when he saw Bianca,this crazy thought came into his head…
Since his parents never knew about me,he decided to present Bianca as the woman he loves..
Thankfully,Bianca doesn’t love him,so this war of his still continues,
You know that feeling of getting caught in the middle of your lover and your friend? that’s the situation I’m in right now…
📱 Franka, can you come to my office right now?” I asked
📲 Sure sir,I’m on my way” she said and in less than 2 munites,she was here
💬 I’m here Sir” she said
💬 pls franka,stop calling me me Dean” I said
💬 alright,but Miss Bianca will kill me,if she hears me call you by your name,and besides I’m comfortable calling you sir” she said and I shrugged
💬 its your choice” I said
💬 thanks sir”she replied
💬 Alright,franka,do you perhaps know were I could get a good paying job on a low key?” I asked
💬 You want to work? Sir I don’t understand,you’re a CEO,what more will you want?” She said and I rolled my eyes
💬 Franka,I’m a man,and Bianca is my fiancé,we’re gonna get married soon..I need to get something doing don’t you get,I can’t depend on her for our wedding expenses can I?” I asked and she nodded understandably
💬 my mum owns a small super market in my area,and currently,she’s looking for a manager..well since you can manage a company,there’s no doubt of you managing a small super market is there?” She asked and I smiled
💬 Not a problem,just tell your mum,she’s found a manager,then tomorrow you’ll take me there! Is that okay,I’ll like to start work immedietly” i said
💬 sure sir, she’ll be grateful,I’ll tell her” she said and stood up
💬 Alright franka,I’m your boss but soon,you’ll be my boss,ain’t that some shit?” I asked and she laughed
💬 See you sir” she said and left my office
I’m not backing down,if its to work,I’ll do it…
I don’t want Bianca to see me as a chicken…
(He’s a virgin💦)
💎 Episode 12💎
I just closed a deal with a new client..
A very huge deal,by myself,Vance and Dean aren’t around…
After the client left,I went to Dean’s office,on my way there I saw Franka coming out of his office having this huge smile on her face..
She looked so happy!
What the hell happened with them inside?
The very thought of it kills me!
💬 Franka!” I called as she flinched
Well my voice was a bit loud and full with jealousy..
These past few days,I feel so overprotective and possessive over Dean…
So that smile caught me off gaurd
💬 What the hell were you doing with my fiancée and coming out having that kind of smile on your face?” I said,ready to murder her
💬 mam,its nothing like that,…its just, just that Dean…” She was saying when I gasp
She just addressed him without a Sir!
What the hell?
What’s really going on!
💬 Dean?! Your boss is called Dean? Right Franka?” I said coming closer to her as she shifts backwards scared of me
💬 No mam… I meant sir Dean… He just wanted to….Miss Bianca pls I’m sorry…nothing happened I swear” she was shaking and saying when Dean came out of his office..
He must have been hearing our rattle
💬 Franka,you can go to your post” he said and she nodded and left
💬 Come in Bianca” he said and I went in fully angry…
I back his table where he stood looking at me…
I was so annoyed..he keeps bieng sweet to this girl,and I don’t get that!
Is he having a crush on her now?
I was expecting a hold on my waist from behind…
But after 3 minutes of no movement I turned back only to see him signing some papers on his table like I don’t exist
I went towards him and collected the papers from him,tossing it on the table with anger and a little hurt
💬 Really Dean? You’re gonna ignore me like this like nothing happened? You’re not even gonna apologize?” I said with a lot of hurt and anger,mixed with disappointment….
💬 Bianca! What did I do? What happened? If someone needs an apology is innocent Franka you just scared outta her wits minutes ago for something she new nothing about” he said in a serious tone which baffles me
💬 Dean .. So its my.. Its my fault huh? That I feel this…that… Like I’m suppose understand and be calm with the fact that you’re crushing on Franka cos this ..all this is fake huh” I asked as tears gathered in my throat…
Its not the offensive part that hurts but the fact that he feels and acts like he’s not guilty when he is hurts more than a thousand knives to my chest..
I felt so hurt…
But I’ve vowed never to cry in front of a guy
💬 Bianca,you’re getting hurt over nothing, I don’t know a cent of what you’re talking about,now if you don’t mind, I have to submit these files before today ends,can you excuse me?” He said and I froze
Did he just…ask me leave? So what?now I’m a Burden ??
Just because of Franka?
When did I start feeling like this?
How did I allow this guy enter my iced heart and start playing with it like this?
When did this happen? When did I fall in love?
Its true,love hurts more than failure,
More like a burning oil
I was about to cry ..
Tears were about to leave my eyes but I held it still
💬 You made me fall in love with you,and now this is what I get? From now hence forth…this arrangement….is….cut short
I don’t want to see you…AGAIN!!”I said and went out of his office with a heavy heart….
I went to my office,grabbed my keys and my purse and drove straight to Lucas’s bar…
Lucas is my fuck buddy..secret fuck buddy,but it’s been long I called him for business..almost a year.. he owns a bar down the streets…
It was already 5:30pm so,it will be getting dark very soon…
I can drink and enjoy to stupor…
And get my brains fucked up!!
I hate myself so much now!
I wept as I drove to my destination…Vance ain’t here..I wonder where she is…
I just hate it when someone is bullied…
I hate bullies so much..cos I use to be a victim of bullies in my young ages…
When I heared what was going on with franka and Bianca,I got so mad at Bianca
I love her (Bianca) but that doesn’t mean I’ll not correct few things in her
The problem with her is,she’s too bossy,and possessive…
This is fake but she still keeps making it a big deal
She jumps into conclusion a lot and believe a lot of hallucinations…
That franka was smiling after leaving my office now means that something is going on between us!
I got angry..really., and worst of all is the fact that she needs an apology …maybe I didn’t know how to control my anger…
💬 Dean .. So its my.. Its my fault huh? That I feel this…that… Like I’m suppose understand and be calm with the fact that you’re crushing on Franka cos this ..all this is fake huh” she said earlier with hurt in her voice…
But that’s it..what’s she mad for!what’s she hurt for…
She just got me confused more,so I asked her to leave
I regretted saying that the second I did but I somehow could take it back…
Then her last words really took me off balance…
She’s in love with me?😳
And she doesn’t want to see me again!😰
Our arrangement is cut short?!
What does that mean
She walked out of my office,as I stood up to follow her,my door opened to reveal Nath..
💬 Wow…where are you rushing to? You need to review these files” he said
💬 Can’t it wait nath?” I asked and he signified a no with his head
I had to review it,and sign our dismiss for the day and gave it back to nath
💬 Is everything alright,you look tensed” he said
💬 Bianca… She’s..I need to go” I said and ran to her office…she wasn’t there
💬 She left 10 minutes ago Sir” a worker told me
I began calling her but it wasn’t reachable….
Over 12 times and still not reachable…
💬 Excuse me sir, its time to go to my mums super market” Franka said and I turned and gave her a nod
💬 follow me” I said moving to my car…thankfully she didn’t take that from me.
Thanks to the few days vacation,I learned how to drive.
I drove to Franka’s place with her giving me directions
💬 Sir,I’m sorry if I caused a fight between you and your fiancé wasn’t really my attention” she said I signed as we got down…
We just arrived…
She went Straight to her mum…they don’t really look alike,
💬 here he is Ma” she told the middle aged woman who smiled
💬 You have such a charming face.. I’m sure my business will do well, you’re hired” she said and I smiled in happiness
My gosh,if I knew getting a Job was gonna be this easy,I won’t have wasted my life
She showed me my apartment which I asked for,cos I wasn’t sure Bianca would let me into her house again
It was a nice apartment with a sma sitting room and a bed room,with kitchen,toilet and bathroom…
I signed the documents and the pay cheque was good…
The supermarket was cool too…
I went back to the mansion to get my things..
It was pretty late now,11pm
Bianca should be at home already.
Entered the house and found Vance eating….
💬 Welcome Dean…sit,I’ll get your food” she said standing up
💬 I don’t think…” I was saying when
💬 Just sit there,I’ll be back” she said sounding so excited
I wonder what happened to her
Few minutes she came back empty handed with this scary look on her face
💬 What happened Vance? I asked standing up
💬 You need to see this” she said and started climbing the stairs towards Bianca’s room…
On getting there,we started hearing moans…the rooms were sound proofed,so if we’re able to hear these moans means….
💬 The door is open!” Vance said like she was reading my mind
My heart was breaking…I was feeling the heavens fall
We opened the door only to find Bianca completely naked with a guy on the bed in such a position of laying faced to the bed with her waist upwards a bit and her eyes filled with enjoyment as the guy entered deep inside her,holding her waist in pleasure!!!!
Bianca why 😥😥😭😭
Ladies giving your body to another man as a revenge to your husband or boyfriend is the most useless revenge ever 🥺🥺🥴🥴
Let’s not be the curse of our own downfall 🤗
What do you think Dean will do 🤔🤔


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