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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To kiss a prince 39 & 40

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🌠To kiss
A Prince 💏

(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)

Written by Author Jedi

Chapter 39



Sylvia’s POV

I laughed more and more rolling on my bed, joy kept surging in and out my whole system,

I felt very happy that today seem to be my best day in life, when I thought all hope was lost, when I thought I had no option, a call from Angel had came in..

She had called and told me that my parent were with her…

You can’t tell how great I felt that moment, she even did a video call yo show me my parent who were been treated..

I had quickly called Xavier to laugh at him, to laugh at his downfall, he thought he was wiser than everyone in this world, now I had seen the very reason why the Prince had kept his health status a secret, now I had seen why the cops catching Dr ken was kept a secret, it was for Xavier to be caught unaware…

I laughed again jumping in glee..

I looked out from the window and I could see the officials driving in..

I smiled widely knowing fully well that these men’s lives could have been taken tonight…


Tomorrow would be Xavier’s worst day on earth, I would show the world the real devil

behind all this…

Just then, I was called to serve the guest which I did with delight..

I dropped the meals one after the other and just then, my sight caught one of them who looked very younger…

He was dressed in a fine robe and had a full smile on his face…

I dropped his meal and looked up only for our eyes to come in contact…

I looked away shyly because his shimmering eyes was really getting me nervous…

I made to leave but he caught my palm and I felt shivers,

His palm was so soft and tender..

“Are you the only maid here?” He asked with his soft tone

“No” i shook my head..

“Okay, meet me after this meeting please” he pleaded pouting his lips..


I’m I dreaming??..a maid meeting a top official, really??

“Okay..” I replied and ran away before I faint staring at his charming and cute face…

The other official couldn’t hold their laughter as I ran like a swirl wind..

My heart was even beating faster than normal as I run through the hallway, I reached my room and fell on the bed hugging my pillow tightly with the thought of that charming man filling my memories..

I could still feel his touch, wow!!..what is wrong with me???

I shut my eyes and his face filled my mind, omg!!!

He said I should meet him…why??..does he love me??..can he love me??..

Hey, Sylvia you must be mad!! can a tip official love you, a maid!

Sylvia stop those crazy thought!!!

I stood up and walked out…

“Hey have the meeting end?” I

asked one of the guard

“No..” He replied making me sigh…

I can’t believe Im getting really anxious to meet this guy…

What is this?

I don’t know, he should have been one of the men I’d kill with poison if that miracle hadn’t happen…

Oh, thank God!! can I kill him??

I slumped on my bed waiting in patience..

The sound of a knock on my door jerked me off from the bed..

I quickly opened the door only to see him standing there with those cute face…

My jaw dropped as I became lost immediately,

“Can I come in?” He asked with a smile which made him more handsome..

“Oh, yes!!” I squeaked and face way for him ..

“I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep…I…”

“Please sir, you never disturbed my sleep..I was not sleeping” I interjected with a bow…

“Okay…my name is Sylvan and you??”

“Mine is Sylvia..” I replied with a grin

“Wow…it sounds together..”

“Sir please sit down” I said gesturing him to the bed..

“I would be leaving very now, just want to talk to you, I don’t know how to say this…but, I got attracted to you..can you be my friend?” He asked and I swallowed hard trying to hold my emotions…

“Okay sir…”

“Remove the sir and put Sylvan…give me your number please..” He begged and I gladly gave it to him…

“Thanks, I’ll reach out to you, I have to leave now..” I smiled and to my surprise he pecked my cheek…


It turned red immediately..

I couldn’t stop blushing…

Jeez!!..I can’t believe I am becoming corrupt, I just gave a guy my number without stress, well…he is too cute..

I want to taste his lips, woah!!!..Sylvia where is your mother’s advise???

I sat back on the bed and glance at my phone to know if he had called..

Ohh, I can’t believe I’m getting crazy for him…


Xavier’s POV

Sweat filled my face and body as I paced to and fro my chamber..

I never thought of a thing like this to happen, Sylvia is no more working for me and she has all my secret…

Two option was what i had in mind…tuning away or fighting back….

If I should fight back, I don’t know who is really behind this, it can’t be the prince because he knew nothing about Sylvia’s parent…

Could it be Dr ken???

I quickly took out my phone and dialed his number…

It was switched off, I flung my phone away in exasperation.

I couldn’t sleep all through the night as I think hard on what to do to stop Sylvia from spiting the truth, just then, an idea crossed my mind…

Her friend Karina…I can threaten her with Karina..

“Assemble some of the men, we are heading to get Karina right away!!!” I ordered

I and five of my men drove to the house where Karina was held captive by the king and what we saw left us shocked…

The whole place was silent, we all got in and searched around….

Just then, a bullet pierced into my arm from nowhere leaving me growling…

My men looked around to see where it came from but couldn’t do more before more bullets came ramming in hitting them all…

I grunted as I tried absorbing the pain I was feeling from the bullet…

Just that moment, the prince walked in with seven armed men



To be continued

Xavier has been caught finally…..
🌠To kiss
A Prince 💏

(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)

Written by Author Jedi

Chapter 40

Xavier’s POV

My eyes popped out I felt shudder run through my spine,

I was totally befuddled at the sight, I closed my eyes and slapped myself to wake up from this nightmare but the pain I felt made me discover that it was all real…

It was happening in reality, I opened my eyes and the Prince was still staring intently at me..

“So you are the one behind all this??” He asked still staring at me…

“Behind what??..please I know nothing, I just came to….” My voice hitched as I ran out of lie…

He charged at me furiously and dragged me up with my collar…
I couldn’t do anything seeing the other men pointing their gun at me, my legs were on fire due to the bullet in it…

“How dare you hurt my Karina!!!” He growled giving me a heavy punch which broke my nose immediately…

I fell off his grip rolling on the floor as the pains clouded my whole system…

“You dared to make her cry..because of you, she was embarrassed, she was mocked!!!!..oh no!!” He bawled and kicked me furiously

I shrill and writhe in pain praying he would at least give me a chance to escape after this, this is just a little of what I’d pass through when the news of all I did crosses through the whole town…my fate would really be a pathetic one…

“I’m sorry Prince!” I spurt out without knowing when I even did it, those words even sounded awkward in my lips, I can’t remember when I said it last…

“You would suffer for every single crime you commit I promise..bound them all!!!” He ordered and the next I felt was a bang on my head with the butt of a gun, that alone made me black out..

Karina’s POV

“Where are you guys taking me to??” I asked the strange men who had taken me away from the house I was kept in.. I asked the umpteenth time as they drove me to where I couldn’t tell because I was still trying to keep my eyes open feeling really sleepy,

“We aren’t telling you, just see for yourself when we finally reach!” One of them finally replied.

“You took me away from that house not too long ago without me even knowing the reason or where you are taking me to ..are you guys kidnapping me?” I asked and they all giggled.

“If that is the case why are you given a full seat and aren’t bound, your mouth isn’t even gagged…someone ordered us to bring you!” One of them replied sending cold shiver down my spine…

What if it is that man behind all this??

I sat still waiting for the worst, when will all this stop?..when will I even see George??..I hope he is still alive, what if this evil man hasn’t kill him??

Oh God!!..that shouldn’t happen or my life would be meaningless..

Finally after, a long drive we reached.

One of them quickly tied my eyes with a black cloth that left me shivering in horror. do they want to kill me?

He took me out carefully then held my palm directing me on where to go…

It really looked queer as I don’t really understand the type kidnappers who acts this way…

“Untie her eyes…” I heard a familiar voice or isn’t it my prince voice???

No it can’t be!!!

Just then, the cloth was pulled off my eyes and who I saw left me transfixed in shock..

Standing in from of me was my sweet husband..

“Hey kiara, did they hurt you a bit??..tell me so I’ll smash their faces” he smiled leaving me gasping ad I tried hard to believe I wasn’t dreaming..

“You can come and hug me if you think its a dream” he chuckled spreading his arm…

“George…my love, my husband.. Is this really you??..” I squeaked and ran into his arm cuddling him closely as I felt his heart beat with mine…

“They can’t destroy us, I’ll always protect you!” He whispered sending shivers all over me..

“Thank you for loving me, thank you for taking that bullet for me” I whimpered

“Anything for my breath, anything for my love, I’ll always make you happy..” He smiled

“Okay…so..we would be going to expose the truth, you can’t believe everyone believed I shot you??..even the king and queen! can I shoot you, I rather shoot myself than shoot you..” I purred with a short laughter..

“They are all mad for believing that stupid lie, I can’t wait to slap that stupid father of mine, I thought he was wiser than this!!” He snorted and grabbed my hand..

“Let’s go see my parent in the palace, I love you..” He cooed staring into my eyes..

“I’ll never doubt that provided I can see that scar on your back, the scar you got for me” I said smiling out tears

“You would also get to see the man behind all this, I have caught him” he said and I gasped in joy…

“Really!!!” I squeaked and hugged him again..

“Anything for you…” He giggled and held my hand softly..

“This is our house, hope you recognize it?” He asked and I looked around nodding my head..

“George…I don’t think the word ” I love you” really explains what I feels for you, seeing you alone makes me days without you was useless and empty…you are just the reason why my life worth living” I cooed looking into those charming eyes..

“I can’t stay without you, that’s why I made that sacrifice, I wasn’t afraid to die because I’d still kill myself if you had died from the gunshot..thank you for coming into my life..thank you for kissing me that very day..” He pureed making me giggle..

“It was a mistake that was made by fate, it looked like a common deal, but fate made it so..I really love!!” I grinned

“Okay, so can I kiss you?” He asked making close my eyes with a cheesy smile..

“Let’s have s*x” I whispered covering my face..

“Really??” He laughed..

I nodded and he took my hand and carried me in a bridal way heading to the bedroom..

I can’t wait to give it to him…

He is my life…I love him…I love him…I love him…I love him..!!



To be continued

Get ready for the epilogue, we would see what happens to Xavier and Julia…

I can’t even wait to laugh at them..😄😄

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