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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To kiss a prince Episode 37 & 38

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🌠To kiss
A Prince 💏

(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)

Written by Author Jedi

Chapter 37



George’s POV

I sat up the bed looking around, I was yet to understand what is really happening, something seemed fishy…

How is it possible that Karina isn’t here in the hospital with me, since I woke up, I had been waiting for her to come, I badly wants her beside me, I want to look at those pretty face, it’s so surprising to me that she isn’t here…

The doctors are yet to come and check on me, a deep sigh escaped my lips as I glanced at the door again waiting for my princess which I took a bullet for, the more I fail to see her walk in, the more hurt I feels…

Something isn’t right, the Karina I know and fall in love wouldn’t leave me in the hospital all alone…

Just then, a rush of terror swept through me as I recalled the masked face of the assassin who wanted to shoot at Karina..

What if he had succeeded in getting Karina all this while I’m here..

Oh no!!!!

My eyes widened ask I shivered,
Please Karina I hope you are safe!!!

Just then, the door cracked open slowly..

I looked up and saw it was a young beautiful lady

whose face was some way familiar to me..

She stood in front of me with her head bowed

“ can I help you?” I asked peering into her face..

“I don’t know if you can remember me but that isn’t necessary now…I’m one Karina’s best name is Angel..” She introduced slowly without looking at my face…

“Oh yeah!!..I can remember, you and Sylvia are her beat friends right?” I asked and she nodded repeatedly

“Okay, now go and tell Karina that if I don’t see her here in a second, I’ll not be happy..where is she???” I asked sternly

Immediately I asked that, she looked up and I saw tears rolling down her cheeks….


“Angel you are crying???” I exclaimed and she sniffed

“Karina is in deep trouble, many things happened when you are unconscious, Karina really needs your help now!” She muffled and I quickly jolted up from the bed ready to pull off the syringe at the back of my palm..

“Wait!..” She stopped me and looked taking a deep breath..

“You have to tread carefully, what is going on is more dangerous than you can think of….” She sighed and I arched my brow at her…

“I don’t get you!..Karina is in danger????” I asked

“Your life is more in danger than her own, the enemy knows you can shatter all his plan by just waking up…they wants you dead!!” She spoke out breathing fast

“All your words sounds confusing!!!..” I seethed

“You took the bullet for Karina but the story turned out to another thing differently…Karina was accused of

shooting you..” She said out and I felt chill run through me as my eyes popped out..

“What????..are you joking?? possible is that!!” I screamed and she bite her lower lips in tears..

“I’m afraid of your safety and mine, the enemy seems stronger..please tread carefully” she muffled and stood up

“Where is Karina?” I asked

“She is in a house arrest..everyone is waiting for you to say what truly happened..” She said and I jolted up again pulling out the syringe…

“I’m leaving now, who would ever believed that Karina my wife shot at me???..did the king and Queen also believe that flimsy lie???” I huffed and she nodded..

“There were clear evidence, I was able to doubt it because I knew Karina for long, i know she can’t do such!” She said with her head low..

“What evidence????.. Is there any evidence for such a stupid lie!!!” I gruffed

“First, the surveillance camera wasn’t working that day, secondly,a gun was found in her bag, thirdly, Sylvia also testified to be an eye witness of the shot, she testified to wee when she shot at you” she explained and I felt shocked to the core..

I could feel my legs wobble, Sylvia her best friend said she saw her shoot at me?????” I asked with a raised brow .

“Yes, she was forced, she was threatened by the enemy, I don’t know what he really wants achieve with this…right now, Sylvia is working as a maid for your parent..” She sighed out tears clenching her teeth..

“If Sylvia was threatened to lie against Karina then she would do worst in the palace, he would give her more evil task to do in the palace!!” I thought sitting back on the bed…

“I guess this enemy is really after the Royal family..I don’t just know..” She breathed

“I am leaving here right now!!!” I breathed and stood up heading to the door but she held me immediately…

“Outside is like a death zone now, those who said those lies that she shot at you wouldn’t want you to come out and say the truth, they must be after your life, please don’t let them know you are awake, a doctor was even sent to inject something in you…” She muffled holding my hand

“I need to go there and clear her name!!..the world is seeing my angel as a murderer..I can’t let that happen!!” I huffed

“Do you know that if you should die or have anything happen to you, then there is no hope..” She breathed

I took a deep sigh…

“You said a doctor was sent to inject something Into me??” I asked and she nodded

“Was he arrested?”


“Call the cops and tell them to keep it a secret…tell them not to let anyone know he was caught…i would act like he succeeded..” I said and she nodded

“Call all the doctors in charge of my health including the nurse..” I ordered and she bowed..

“Can I have your cell phone?

” sure”

She gave it to me and left…

I quickly placed a call to the cops..

“Bring Dr ken’s phone to me now!!” I said into the phone and smiled..

Xavier’s POV

I was sitting on the couch with my legs crouch as I waited in patience for tonight, tonight would be an unforgettable day for the king,

I had a very close watch on Sylvia and I can say her expression seem to have a glimmer of betray..

“Get me Sylvia’s parent!” I ordered my men who did it immediately…

They brought in her parent who were blindfolded and gagged, tied on a chair…

“Set up the cam recorder!..” I added and it was done…

I quickly out a call on Sylvia…

“Hello” she greeted and I laughed

“What’s amusing?” She asked and I smirked

“What make you think you can betray me???” I said giving her the reason to gasp…

I turned the call to a video call…

“Xavier I don’t get you!!” She asked looking into her screen..

I gestured for her parent to be tortured and it was done immediately, different weapon was used to hit then till blood covered their whole face….

“Take a look at this??” I smirked and connected the camera to my phone…

“Watch your parent!” I laughed as the videotape started displaying for her…

“Oh nooooooooo

Her screamed filled every where, she covered her mouth shaking in horror..

Tears bathed her cheeks, I knew how hurt she is watching the scene..”

“Your parents needs urgent care, you are the only one that can save them…” I grinned

“What should do???..please my parent shouldn’t die!!..please!” She begged in tears

“They won’t die, they would be treated and tend for only with one single condition…carry out what I ordered you this night… I see you wanna betray me, I’m watching you and I swear your death if you don’t do it!!!” I threatened and I could see fear grip her..

“I promise I would do it, just keep my parent safe please..” She begged kneeling down..

“Deal??” ..”


I smirked before cutting the connection… I couldn’t help the laughter of victory that escaped that moment..

Just then, Julia rushed in…

“Dr Ken was caught!!!!” She announced and I cringed


“I’m not sure but the cops were in the hospital that same time you sent him to inject….”

I couldn’t wait to hear the rest before putting a call on Dr ken

To my surprise, the call was cut before a message popped in..

📜Sorry, I can’t take your call now but I succeeded..the Prince would be in total coma..the cops couldn’t get me”

I read and let out a sigh of relief..

I showed it to Julia giving her the cause to smile..

“I always trust him..” I muttered and typed

📜Can we meet?

I sent…

📜No…I have to be sure there wasn’t any trace, there is no need watching the Prince, he may even die from the coma..

📜Great job..hide well till we meet again!

I sent and grinned..

I’m always the winner…

King Anderson should get ready for the greatest hit tonight!!!!!

📺King Anderson poisoned four of his top officials because they found out some of his past evil..

I can’t wait for that to trend everywhere…



Chapter 38


George’s POV

I smiled to myself after making the conversation with Xavier, I was glad he suspected nothing, without him knowing I am alive and strong, he wouldn’t care having an eye on me…

I raised my gaze and there was the doctors in charge of my treatment..

“Wow Prince, you are already hale hearty!” One of them exclaimed with a smile..

“Yeah…but it should be a secret..” I stated leaving them surprised..

“It Is not possible, everyone is waiting for you to wake up and say what happened that day, we can’t keep it as a secret Prince…” Another doctor added and I shrugged

“You have to keep it as a secret for now and not only that, make an announcement that the Prince had gone into coma again, that is the only way you can save my life, the enemy is waiting for me to wake so they would strike me down..” I breathed leaving them befuddled

“But…this is very hard to do”

“Do it for me and I’ll pay you back for that…” I mumbled leaving them sighing

“Okay..we agree..” They all chorused and u turned my gaze to angel after dismissing the doctors..

“Karina’s friend testified against her right?” I asked and she nodded


“Her parent were abducted by him, with that, he forced her to lay false evidence” she explained

“We need to find her parent and save them before any thing happens to them, I guess he must be using her to do more taken that he has her parent”

“Sylvia is now a royal maid, I don’t know but I suspect, he wants to use her to pull another stunt!” She squeaked

“That’s it, he must be the one who told her to become the maid so as to use her and get something, we would freed her parent so she would have nothing to be afraid of..” I sighed and brought out the doctor’s phone..


Sylvia’s POV

My heart kept racing very fast as I pace up and down my room, I couldn’t just imagine the death of these men just for some sort of revenge, I can’t just rest seeing I would be the real killer…

Tears couldn’t stop rolling as i thought of what would even happen to the king when the whole people would turn against him, what would they even do when they sees it was the king of killed the official, it would be a very pathetic scene…

Night was approaching, the king had even started sending message across the clans, he was all smiles…

They had trusted me so much that they had accepted I should do most of the cooking, I could see how much they smile at me, there was no doubt they really loves me…

Hurting them was something I wouldn’t want to ever do, this us really terrible and I wish it would all turned to a dream…

I’m helpless!!!!

I tried angels number but it was switched off leaving me more in anxiety..

What if something had happened to her?..

I couldn’t even hear any news of the doctor being caught by the cops…omg!!!

I sat on the bed waiting and praying for night to seize coming..

I don’t even know what would be Karina’s fate now, I dong even know how she would be feeling, she may even think I did all that intentionally..

I just feel like dying, all this evil I am doing is badly hurting me, my heart always aches anytime I recall the tears in Karina’s eyes that day…

Just then, the door of my room opened and the queen walked in..

“Ohh, you are crying again!..please stop, I’m really sorry, you have to enjoy your life, stop hurting your self for them” she purred holding my hand softly

“Okay ma’am, I’ll stop thinking of them, so what brought you here your Highness” I smiled

“Its time to make your delicious meal for our guest, you have the kitchen all for yourself, I can’t even wait to taste your meal” she grinned leaving me blushing..

“I can’t also wait to cook for the king and queen, even the top official, thanks for this great opportunity” I chuckled and she nodded as we both left my room..

We walked through the hallway and I could see the surveillance camera watching me, I could imagine Xavier watching through it and that makes me hot..

He must be watching meticulously now to be sure I carries out all his evil plans..

Every step I took to the kitchen hits my heart with guilt…

Finally I was in the kitchen and started cooking…

“Please I want to see the king, I want him to taste the food before I serve it to the guest..” I said to the chef with me..

She bowed and left…

I shut my eyes and took a deep breath…

The king walked in with a wide smile and I chuckled and served him a little portion in a bowl..

He tasted it and smiled widely waging his head as he savour the taste..

“It is sooo delicious, I must say you are a great cook!” He commended while I blushed

“Okay, your Highness just add this salt into the pot, it would make it more delicious!!” I said giving and handed it to him

He gladly put the amount I instructed him and I could see the camera make some kind of shutter…

A deep sigh escaped my lips…

“So your Highness, it is done, I can’t wait to serve your officials!” I said and he nodded and smiled


Xavier’s POV

“What!!!!!” I couldn’t hold my scream as I got the phone call…

“Her parent had been taken????”

“How did it happened???” I asked as sweat formed on my forehead

“We were ambushed on our way to the hotel!!!” I heard his voice


“On our way to take them to the hotel where Dr me told us, we were attacked by the cops and were all killed, I managed to….!” His voice hitched with the sound of a bullet…

He had been killed….

My eyes widened as the phone fell of…

This is really strange, how did the cops knew about them, what is really happening???

Sylvia must not know about this so she would still carry out the plan…

Just then, my phone rang, it was Sylvia…

“Hello…Mr Xavier” she called

“What are you still waiting for??..add the poison before I kill them off!!” I growled and she burst into laughter…

“I’m sorry but who at you talking about?? parent???” She laughed again ..

“Have you gone nut???..I swear, I’ll kill them if you say any other word!!!” I grunted

“I think you are the one who had gone nut!!! parent is no longer with you!!!” She laughed and I felt shocked to the core…

she already knew. ..


“Be ready because I will spit out the truth to the king and to the world…you are doomed, the Prince is already awake, we are coming for you!!” She chuckled leaving me terrified…

“Don’t you dare!!”

“Watch and see!” She giggled and hung the call..

Oh god!!..this can’t be!!!




To be continued


I can’t stop laughing at you Xavier..

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