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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To kiss a prince final Episode

7 min read

Episode 41
🌠To kiss
A Prince 💏

(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)

Written by Author Jedi




Karina’s POV

We both got into the room and faced each other staring into our eyes…

“I had once thought a day like this wouldn’t come..” I breathed with a wide smile..

“When I said I’d protect you, I never said it just for nothing, I’m damn ready to make the greatest sacrifice for you, because you worth it” he cooed moving his arm around my waist drawing me closer to him..

“So we were meant for each other without even knowing, you must have been the reason why fate brought me here…that kiss wasn’t just a deal but one of the way fate brought us together, George I love you..” I purred with a teary eyes, the passion was just too much on me, I feel like being in his arm forever..

“I had waited so long for a day like this, a day when we are both in peace and love, we are both sure of our love so I can now have s*x with you without guilt..” He smiled and pecked my lips…

“Thank you for ever being with me, I’m sorry for that day when I kicked your…” I paused and covered my face…

“You were just really a hard girl then…” He smiled and pecked my cheek

“I love you…..” I squeaked before wrapping my arm round his

neck as he kissed me deeply sending rush of shiver down my spine..

His hand went over my left b***bs pressing it softly, the pleasurable feeling made me held him tightly..

Slowly, he brought me down to the bed and smiled…
He pulled down the trouser I was wearing while I closed my eyes allowing him do whatever he likes…

My trouser was gone with only my p**t still on, he moved his hand over my p***y and I smiled at the touch…

What he did next left me jerking uncontrollable, he pulled down the p**t and dipped his tongue into my p**y teasing the cl*t..

The pleasure was close to making me mad, I couldn’t stop moaning for a minute, this was the first time having this feeling and it was really making me go giddy…

I pulled my hip up so he could go deeper…I was damn wet and was even squirting, the pleasure was driving me crazy…

Just then, he pulled down his short and brought his d**k close to my vulva.. I closed my eyes in anticipation..

“I just don’t even want to hurt you a bit, I wish it won’t pain you” he smiled and kissed me

Slowly, his d**k went in…in..I could feel the tip touching my hymen,

“I’m sorry….” He muttered before pushing in..

“Awwn!!..” I screamed and held him tightly biting my lips as I tried absorbing the pain I felt..

“I hope it doesn’t hurt that much?..should I stop??..”” He asked as he saw the tears that dropped my eyes..

I shook my head

and opened my eyes giving him a reassuring smile..

“Don’t try to stop..I’m loving the feeling” I grinned and he teased my nipple through the cloth I wore before pulling it off..

He brought his lips on it and teased the nipple with his tongue,

His d**k went out and in and I couldn’t feel any pain again, just pleasure…

He used his fingers to fondle my cl*t sending some sensation over me, I couldn’t help but moan…

Slowly he had s*x with me, I swear it was the best moment of my life, I enjoyed the s*x that I never wanted it to end…

I was so glad giving it to him, he really deserves it, I would never leave this sweet guy…


It was morning and we are already dressed up, I couldn’t just stop smiling, we are both heading to the palace, I got that feeling of a prison being set free, everyone must have thought I shot the Prince but today I’d prove them wrong with my Prince by my side…

I would make sure the king and Queen regrets ever doubting me…

“Hey beauty, can we leave?” My Prince charming called out and I smiled again staring at the mirror for the last time, I am just beautiful….


George’s POV

The door of the palace was pushed open by George and I could see the eyes of the king and Queen popped as they tried understanding what they saw…

“My son is that you?” The Queen was the first to speak out…

Without even giving her a reply George stomped to where they stood with grim..

“So dad and mom, you both are this daft, so you are stupid!!!” He growled angrily leaving them shocked..

“Son…I…don’t understand??” The king stuttered

“How could you believe she shot at me?? could you believe that flimsy lie!!!!” He yelled

They both gazed at me and I rolled my eyes at them…

George’s POV

“What really happened son?” My dad asked and I hissed at him..

“Call everyone so I can say the truth of what happened that day, I would also show you the guy behind all this!!…daft king..I thought you had sense!” I snapped and held Karina’s hand, I don’t care of he is my father or the king, how could he….gosh!!!

“This lady here is my everything, I hate you both for ever making her cry…” I seethed and my mother was the first to get to her knees..

She faced Karina and took a deep breath..

“I’m…I’m sorry…” She stuttered

“Dad what are you waiting for???” I growled and he arched his brow at me

“I should….”

“You wronged her so you should…how couldn’t you trust the girl who changed me with everything she got…” I bawled and he sighed and smiled at Karina…

Slowly, he went to his knee making Karina smile…wow!!..that smile alone makes my day..


Just like the other day, the palace was filled with different men with power in the country…

They all sat in anxiousness as the Prince stood up to spit the real truth, I can’t stop smiling as he said everything that happened without any exclusion…

Everyone was overwhelmed as they heard the real truth…

They all looked at me in sober feeling sorry for all they did…

“So who is this man that pulled such a wicked stunt?” One of the official asked and the Prince smiled and gestured for him to be brought in..

A man was brought in that moment with his hands cuffed…

“Xavier!!!” The king suddenly screamed as he saw him.

The king was about saying something but just then, Xavier pulled a surprising and unexpected stunt..

He swiftly dipped his hand into the pocket of one of the cops beside him and brought out the pistol, he pointed it at George…


“You can kill me but I’ll take your son which is the heir to the throne to repay what you did to me!!!” He growled and before anyone could do anything to stop him, he pulled the trigger even after he had been shot continuously…

Everyone expected to hear his groan but instead, my voice was heard….


I was the one being shot… I had ran in between immediately taking the bullet for him..

“Karina!!” He screamed my name as I fell in his arm.

“I can’t let you receive another bullet..I love you” I said with a smile before closing my eyes…


I opened my eyes only to see my three loved ones all around my bed in the hospital…

George, Angel and Sylvia..

“My queen is awake” George said making me grin..

“Karina I’m sorry for…

” shhhh..” I hushed Sylvia who was about asking for forgiveness

“Its not your fault..” I shrugged and turned to George..

“So my Prince, I’m I not a hero too?” I asked with a smile

“You are the real hero…you remember Julia?” He asked and I nodded

“She killed her self after hearing all that happened” he said and I chuckled

“Who does her death help??..please come and hug me dear” I cooed and he did it immediately…

Just then, Sylvia phone rang and she took it…

“Hello honey?..okay I’ll be there now, love you..” She said into the phone with a huge smile before kissing the phone..


“Who was that??” We all chorused

“I’m dating one of the top officials..a cute guy” she said shyly making us laugh..

“So you too got someone here in Monaco” i laughed

“So Karina, the doctor said something..” George smiled and I sneered at him..

“What is it?”

“He said he found something growing in your womb” he said making me gasp

“Like what??”

“A human..he saw a foetus..”

Those words left me laughing hard..

“So….I’m pregnant?” I asked still laughing

“Hmm..maybe” he chuckled

“Please just kiss me babe” I smirked and he plunged his lips deeply into mine…

Just a kiss changed my life, a kiss i thought was a mistake not knowing it was fate..

We lived happily ever after with the young boy I gave birth to…

Did I tell you that all the people knelt to beg me for forgiveness, even the officials in high power, who wouldn’t ask for forgiveness after making the princess cry…

This is a story that would live in my heart forever….




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