The wanted v!rg!nepisode 31 & 32


The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤

Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter thirty-one🌞

Irene lowered her gaze and moved to the left, she wanted to leave the kitchen.

But, Stephen blocked her.

He didn’t want her to leave.

She them moved right but he also blocked her.

Then she stared at him.

“Is there anything I can help you with my prince?” She asked with anger in her eyes.

“Yes, I nee-d a bottle of water” he said and sipped his hands into his pocket.

Irene rolled her eyes and opened the fridge that was behind her.

She brou-ght out a bottle of water and handed it over to him.

“Open it…” He said slowly.

Irene exhaled and twisted the cover of the bottle.

She gave it to him and closed the fridge.

Irene then walked away as he gulped down the water.

“Irene…” He called out as he recapped the bottle.

She st©pped walking.

“We should hang out sometime” he said.

Irene sighed and turned.

“Goodnight my prince…” She bowed and left.

Stephen sm-irked as he watched her walking out the kitchen.

“You can run… But you can’t hide from me Irene”



Irene was woken up by the ha-rd knock on the door.

She sat up and blinked repeatedly.

The knocking continued…

Irene opened the door to find Rachel dressed in the maid’s attire.

“How can I help you?” Irene purposely asked. She was going to use this opportunity to tease Rachel.

Rachel didn’t answer her. She pushed her out if the way and entered the room.

Irene giggled and followed behind as she closed the door.


Rachel held the mop stick and di-pped it into the soapy water.

She brou-ght it out and started mopping the floor.

Irene folded her arms as she kept on staring at Rachel.

She bur-sted into laughter.

Rachel was vexed. She st©pped and stare at Irene.

“Why are you laughing like a dumbas-s?” She asked.

“I should call you that… Dumbas-s. That’s not how you do that. You should squee-ze the water before mopping” Irene said as she walked into the bathroom.

Rachel felt like her heart should bur-st.

Her face turned red.



Irene quic-kly left the room the morning. The sun wasn’t out alre-ady.

It was a little dark.

But work in the palace has commenced.

Today’s the ball….

Irene felt happy that morning.

She slowly walked into the Queen’s room because the door was opened.

As she entered the room, the doctor left the room.

“Bye..” she bowed as the doctor walked pas-s her.

The queen was laying on the be-d with the king close to her.

He was smiling.

“Good morning your highnesses…” Irene bowed.

“Good morning Irene… The queen… She moved her f!nger” he said with tears in his eyes.

Irene smiled.


Irene saw the first person to see it. She was glad she didn’t tell the king about the it.

She saw the way he was happy on seeing it himself.

“I’ll come back later to check on her my queen” she said and left the room.

She didn’t want to spoil the mood.



“You’re up alre-ady… Come on, let’s check the meals” Tony said to Irene after she c@m£ out of the room.

His room was close to king’s room that’s why they are always bu-mping into each other.

As they walked into the crowdy kitchen, the aroma of different food flew into their noses.

Irene sniffed in and exhaled.

Tony watched her and smiled.

Irene saw him smiling.

She noticed that he doesn’t talk much. He just walked around smiling just like his father.

His father would put his hands behind him and walk slowly, majestically like the king he is.

Irene checked the meals and tasted them.

“Make sure the vegetables is half done” Irene told the chef before she walked out of the kitchen.

Tony and her walked towards the hall.

It was really beautiful.

She saw Dave waving at her from distance.

She smiled and waved back.

The hall was decorated with gold and white curtains and beautiful chandeliers.

There was flowers at different corners of the hall.

As she admired the decorations, she didn’t know that Dave was behind her.

“You love it?”

Irene turned and stared at him.

“Of course, the king is going to love it more”

“I’m glad you love it…” He said.

“Let’s go Irene… We have work to do” Tony interrupted them

“See you around…” She said to him and followed Tony.



Rachel was exhausted as she walked towards the visitors room.

A maid c@m£ out from the room by the left.

“I’ve cleaned that… Clean the other room” the maid said to her rudely.

Rachel stared at her as she walked out on her.

Rachel sighed as she carried the heavy mop.

She opened the door without knocking, only to meet Stephanie’s room scattered.

There was clothes lying at every corner of the room.

“What the fv¢k are you doing?” She yelled at Steph.

Stephanie stared at her and dropped the dress she was holding.

“Hey Rachel.. long time” she said as she slowly walked towards Rachel.

“Tch… Why are you here?”

“Nothing… Just want to leave the palace and chill with bad girls”

Rachel rolled her eyes.

“You never rolled with me so…”

“I love what you did. Putting the blame on that common maid. Well, I’m here to make her life miserable since she thinks she’s special” Steph said as she folded her arms.


.The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter thirty-two🌞

Rachel stared at Steph and rolled her eyes.

“I’m not getting my f!ngerschopped off”

She yelled.

“Well, I didn’t say you should join me in doing it. I don’t nee-d a baby anyway” Steph win-ked and picked her outfit for the ball.

“Whatever” she said and cleaned the house.

Steph had her bath and c@m£ out.

Rachel was done arranging the room.

She sat on the couch sweating profusely.

“I see you are done” Steph said.

She applied her lotion and wore her go-wn.

“You aren’t wearing that to the ball are you?” Rachel asked frowning.

“Yes I am, got a problem with it” she turned to stare at Rachel who had confusion written all over her face.

“No I don’t. It’s a ball not some midnight teens p@rty”

“Aish… You’re just a baby. There are gonna be a lot of cute as-s-holes so I have to look good”

“Whatever, I’m not p@rt of your plan incase”

She said heading towards the door.

“Tch… You were never included bit-ch”

Rachel st©pped and turned to look at her cousin who was applying heavy make-up on her face.

“I know you are trying to get back at me for what I did to you last summer”

Steph st©pped and stared at her.

“Oh yeah, last summer at the beach p@rty. You know I really did forgot about it but that’s to you I had the chance to get this crazy tattoo on my n£¢k”

Rachel rolled her eyes and left the room.



She reported to her room and get re-ady for the ball.


All the princes were well dressed.

Irene still followed the event planner as they made sure that everything is in order.

She went to the kitchen and was getting frustrated at the sluggishness of the workers.

“Go go, it’s time to start serving the wine”

“Right now?”

“No, right then. Go out and start serving the wine”

Tony c@m£ into the kitchen and stood behind Irene.

“I think you should get dressed alre-ady. I’ll take it from here” he said.

Irene turned and stare at him.

“Thank you so much my prince”

She said and quic-kly find her way into the room.



After having her bath, she opened her wardrobe and brou-ght out all the dress that Garrett bought for her after her accident.

She finally picked the perfect one.

She wasn’t a hvge fan of make-up.

She appliedl-ipgloss and styled her hair.

That was what she was good at.

She wore her shoes and quic-kly went to girls room.

She quietly prepared their bath before waking them.

They got up quic-kly and started preparing.

Irene helped them with their hair and helped Wren with her tiara.

“You both look magnificent” she said.

“We have something for you” they chorused.

Zoe slowly made Irene sit on the be-d while Wren went to the wardrobe and brou-ght out a tiara made with flowers.

Irene smiled broadly.


She said after Wren had worn in on her head.

“We stayed up all night ma-king that, that’s why we over sle-pt”

“Thanks girls, I love it. Let’s go now, everyone is waiting” Irene s£nt them out of the room.

Irene checked herself on the mirror before stepping out.

She admired her white long go-wn and the tiara that they made for her.

She left the room and walked towards the hall.

As she slowly walked down the stairs, all eyes fell on her.

“I thought you had only two daughters” the president said to the king.

“Well, I have three now” he said.

“She looks beautiful, I’m sure my son will like her” the president said again.

“Hmmm” he murmured.

He knew that the princes would do anything in their power to separate them

“What do you say?” He asked again.

The king smiled weirdly and nodded his head.



As she reached the last stairs hoping not to trip.

Luckily, she didn’t.

Garrett walked towards her.

“My lady, may I have this dance with you?”

Irene arched her eyebrows.

“You can’t refuse, everyone’s watching” he whispered.

Irene scanned everyone. She felt their gaze were gonna pierce throu-gh her skin.

She reached for his hand and they started dancing.

That gave some of the couples in the hall the courage to also dance.

They started dancing.

“I have to check out what’s going on in the kitchen” Irene said as Garrett spin her.

“That can wait” he replied.

“No no, I have to go” she said and stepped back.

“I’m sorry my prince” she bowed a little and walked towards the kitchen.

She entered into the kitchen and quic-kly stood behind the door, breathing ha-rd .

“What was that? Why was I feeling that way? There are so many people there” she murmured and slowly walked out of the kitchen.

“Hey bit-ch”

She heard Steph’s voice.

Irene exhaled de-eply. She ignored her and continued walking.

Stephanie saw that Irene didn’t wait or even look at her.

She ran and stood in front of her.

“I was talking to you you know” she said and slowly pushed her.

“Well I don’t want to talk to you Steph” Irene replied giving her a killer glare.

“How dare you call me by my name?” Stephanie yelled at her.

Irene looked away and covered her nose.

“Something stinks in here. I feel like someone forgot to brush her teeth here”

She said and walked away covering her nose.

Stephanie kept her mouth wi-de open.

“Did she just?” She sm-irked and nodded her head.

“Fine, let’s have it your way”



As Irene was standing with a lady that was admiring her dress.

A guard walked up to her.

“The king wants to see you”

“plea-se excuse me” she said and followed the guard.

“Irene dear, plea-se excort the guards to the room. They should get the brown box that is close to the closet. Watch them closely, they steal” he whispered to Irene.

“Yes my king” she said and turned.

“Both of you, come with me” she said and they headed upstairs.

She opened the door and pointed at that box.

“Take that to the hall and be careful with it”

They carried it and head out of the room.

Irene stared at the room and closed the door.

She locked it and quic-kly head for the stairs.

She saw Rachel coming from distance.

She turned her gaze and continued walking.

“Bad as-s” Rachel murmured as she pas-sed Irene.

“I think that’s how you say a thank you for a common maid like me to have saved a bad as-s like you” Irene said still staring at the direction she is heading to.

Rachel st©pped and turned.

“Thank you? I will never thank you as long as there’s sand on Earth”

Irene turned and frowned.

She couldn’t believe the girl she saved was still blabbing her mouth.

“And I’m glad you realize your place in this palace. A common maid”

Irene secretly laughed.

“Well, I don’t have time talking to an empty vessel. I got work to do”

“Wait, did you just call me an empty vessel?” Rachel asked.

Irene smiled and walked away.

“Well well well, stinky breath and empty vessel. Tsk tsk tsk, someone has to teach that girl a lesson”

Stephanie c@m£ out from a corner.

“My brothers are the cause of all these, giving this wretched bit-ch the morale to speak to me anyhow. She had just woken up the angry beast in me. I’ll teach her a lesson myself”

“We just have to come up with a plan. A good plan”

Stephanie leaned on the wall smiling.



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