The wanted v!rg!nepisode 29 & 30

The Wanted vir-gin?

(First to sleep with her)?


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

? Chapter twenty-nine?

Stephen bluffed and followed the guards as they took his luggages to his room.


They all reached the back of the palace.

“Who were they?” Irene asked as she st©pped walking.

They also st©pped walking and stared at her.

“Theey are our couusin. I told you about theem earlier” Fredrick said.

Irene turned her gaze.

“But you didn’t let me greet them properly. I’m just a worker here. You should have let me…”

“Irene… Those two are very dangerous” leo added.

Irene arched her eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

Garrett faced Irene and held her shoulders.

“Irene… We are tryna protect you. Stay away from Stephen especially. He is just the second version of Casper but he is worst”

Irene slowly moved away from Garrett.

“I don’t know why you are doing this my prince.. but thank you. I have to do my job which I’m paid for. I have to go check on the queen” Irene bowed and walked away.

“She don’t get it…” Leo said and shook his head.

“Even though… I’m still protecting her” Garrett rolled his eyes

“Everyone will…” Tony added.

“The trial will be in two hours time. Get re-ady”

“Wait.. what trial?” They asked.

Tony stared at them confused.

“No one knew today’s Rachel’s punishment day”


“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Ah jeez.. are they really gonna chop off her f!nger?”

“Calm down guys.. I’ve talked to Irene about it. She will tell Mom to lift her punishment”

They all sighed.

“I have to go..” Tony said and walked out on them.



Irene was walking hastily towards the Queen’s room.

As she pas-sed the sharp corner, she bu-mped into Stephanie.

She was ma-king a phone call.

Immediately, her bu-mped into Irene her phone fell.

Without a second thought, she sl@pped Irene and picked up her phone.

Irene held her face in pain.

“Are you blind? Just thank your stats my phone didn’t crack,if not, you would have lose all your teeth this evening” she yelled at Irene who lowered her gaze.

“I’m sorry my princess… I didn’t…”

“Didn’t what? Ohhh, I get it now. You purposely bu-mped into me so that you could break my phone. But guess what? Your fv¢king plan didn’t work. The problem with these maids are… Arghhhh. Wait why aren’t you wearing your uniform? Are you special?”

“Yes she is…”

Someone answered from behind.

They turned only to see Casper coming up the stairs.

Casper hated Stephanie and Stephen more than anyone in the palace.

Stephanie frowned.

“Well, whatever the case may be… I know your family is so poor that you can’t even continue with your education.. poor br@t”

Stephanie said and start to walk away.

Irene got angry with the last word she said to her.

“Hey… Stephanie” she called out.

Stephanie squee-zed her face and turned.

“Did you just call me by my name?”

Irene sm-irked and walked towards her.

“Yes Steph.. I just did. You want to sl@p me again. Come on, hit me..”

Stephanie raised her hand to sl@p her.. Irene didn’t hesitate to catch her hand and fling it back.

“Let this be the first and the last time that you raise your hand on me… If not, I’ll make you loose your f!ngers”

Stephanie laughed.

“What will you do? Your are just a…”

“Maid?? Tch.. a maid that can order you”

“Order me?? What the fv¢k are you saying?”

“You won’t know. Just mark my words Stephanie”

Irene said and left.

Stephanie was breathing ha-rd .

She was furious.

Casper laughed at her as he walked to his room.

“I nee-d to teach this girl a lesson. Let me find Rachel first”

Irene went into the Queen’s room.

“Good evening my queen..”

The queen blinked.

Irene walked close to her and sat close to her.

“I want to talk to you about something my queen.. it’s Rachel actually”

Irene was expecting the queen to look away but she didn’t.

Meanwhile, the queen knew that she was here to talk about Rachel’s punishment.

“plea-se my queen, Rachel is your daughter and only female child. Think about her punishment, I know I’ve told you about this but.. her trial is today. plea-se call it off..”

The queen blinked.

But Irene couldn’t get it.

She sighed and closed her eyes.


When she opened it, She saw the Queen’s pinky f!nger moving.

Her eyes wi-de-ned, she wanted to shout but she didn’t know if she would move it again if they were here.

She kept mute and held her f!nger.

“You will be well soon my queen.. I believe that”

She murmured and k!sses her hand.

Suddenly, there was a trumpet sound.

“Oh no… It’s time” sbe murmured and stood up.

She picked a scarf with a fine linen and wra-pped it around the queen.

She gently rolled her out of the room and they went downstairs.

It took a long of time, but with the help of the guards, she was able to get down quic-kly.

When they walked into the throne room, everyone were waiting for the queen to come alre-ady.

They all bowed as she gently pushed the wheelchair.

As she rolled her pas-s Stephanie, she also bowed.

Irene sm-irked at her.

The queen didn’t even pay attention to anyone, she just looked straight.

Stephanie frowned at irene because she felt like she was bowing to her.

They suddenly st©pped and Irene stood behind the queen.

“Welcome my royal subject, as you all know the crime the princess has committed…”

Immediately, they brou-ght Rachel into the throne room.

She has been crying. Her eyes were swollen and her hair looking so unkempt.

“There she is…” The king said pointing to her. All eyes fell on her..

Her heart started beating fast as she started at her mother and later at Irene.

She felt like strangling Irene.

Her heart fell when she saw the guard with the sword. The one who was going to chop her f!nger.

“I accept you as my Lord and personal saviour… I give my life to Christ Lord… If you let me go today.. I promise to go to church once in a month…” Rachel heard herself mutter those words.



.The Wanted vir-gin?

(First to sleep with her)?


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

? Chapter thirty?

The king started…

He explained everything that she did.

From where she poisoned her own blood brother and out the blame on poor Irene to her pushing her mother down the stairs.

Stephanie sm-irked…

“Good job…”

“So today… She will be receiving her punishment. The queen has spoken..” the king paused.

They took Rachel to the chopper.

She slowly knelt down in front of the table and placed her f!ngersthere.

She was acting naturally so that they could spare her.

When she saw that no one wanted to speak for her, she withdraw her hands and started crying.

“I’m sorry mom… I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just…”

“Keep shut and place your f!nger on the table” the king yelled at her

“No one is gonna show me mercy…” She thought as she returned her f!nger.

Irene wanted to cry. She t©uçhed the Queen’s shoulder for her to consider her decision and changer her choice.

“plea-se my queen…” Irene whispered.

Then the queen blinked twice.

The chopper had raised the sword alre-ady.

He was re-ady to cut off the f!ngers.

Rachel eyes were shut ti-ght.

As the sword went went swiftly.

He quic-kly st©p when he heard ‘st©p’.

All eyes fell on Irene.

Irene tried to ignore their stares.

She walked towards Rachel.

“I’m sorry for the interruption but the trial has been cancelled” she said.

Then everyone started to murmur.

Especially the maids.

They were all waiting for that moment.

They were happy when they knew that Rachel’s f!ngerswere going to be chopped off.

At least, she wouldn’t sl@p them again.

“plea-se… The queen has withdrawn her punishment and has forgiven her daughter.”

The king walked towards the queen and squ-atted.

“Are you sure about your decision?” He asked.

She blinked twice.

“She has spoken… plea-se, everyone return back to your duties. But if Rachel tries to do anything to anyone like that again, I’ll punish her myself. But she can’t go scot-free. I still want to punish her”

The maids were happy on hearing this.

Racheal quic-kly stood up and hissed at the chopper.

She wiped her tears and sweats.

“Rachel looks h0tter…” Stephen whispered to Stephanie.

She shook her head and pla-yed with her hair.

“She may be h0t.. but no one is h0tter than me” Stephanie said to her brother.

“Tch… Lies..” Stephen murmured.

“Rachel… You have to work in the palace for two weeks with the maids. You will clean everyone’s rooms. Irene room is not left out…”

“No my king.. it’s not..”

“It’s an order… You can only be done when it’s 8pm. You will wake up with them also. And… If you insult or scold any of them while working. I’ll increase the two weeks to a month”

“But dad…”

“That is final…” The king said and returned back to the throne.

“She should clean my room first..” Stephen said again.

“Are you gonna sleep with your cousin?” Stephanie faced her brother frowning.

“As long as she is a girl… I can sleep with anyone. But for now, I nee-d that maid close to the queen”

“I bet you won’t get her.. the prince are just overprotective of her. Is she that special?” She asked as she folded her arms looking at Irene.

Irene was happy that Rachel didn’t have her her f!ngerschopped off.

“Thanks Irene..” Tony said and walked close to her.

“Do you have some kind of magic that you use on everyone that make us love you?” Leo asked.

Irene bur-sted into laughter.

“You are the best irene..” Fred said.

“Thanks my love…” Garrett said smiling.

All the other prince stared at Garrett.

“Don’t call her that..” Fredrick said to him.

“Okay.. okay. I nee-d to get your medicine prince Fredrick. I’ll meet you in the room” she said and rolled the queen back to her room.

Irene la-id the queen in the be-d and gave her her medicine.

She took it and sle-pt off.

The king had a lot of work to do.

The ball is tomorrow evening and a lot of guests are coming. Even the president.

Irene left after the queen sle-pt and head to Fredrick’s room with his medicine.

His room was looking tattered.

His clothes was all over the be-d.

“What are you doing?” She laughed as she walked towards him.

Fredrick smiled and took the medicine.

He gulped it down and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I’m confused, I don’t know what to wear for tomorrow’s ball”

“I haven’t seen a man confused about what to wear. It’s always a lady that is..”

“I have to look my best tomorrow Irene. A lot of people are coming tomorrow”

“People huh?? Are you expecting someone?” She asked and win-ked at him.

“Fine.. I’ll tell you. My girlfriend that ran away after seeing my condition… The one I told you about the other day”

“I remember.. you ex girlfriend” Irene bluffed.

“Yes.. she is coming tomorrow and I nee-d your help” Fredrick said.

“With.. wait let me guess. You want me to act like your girlfriend to make her jealous” Irene asked.

“Yes?? How do you know that was what I was going to say?”

“Well… That’s what you guys love doing.”

“So.. will you do it for me?” He asked.

Irene faced him.

“Sit let me tell you something..”

Fredrick quic-kly sat down.

“If she doesn’t love you, she won’t come to ball. She still have feelings for you and that’s why she is coming. You want to make her jealous by ma-king me act like your girlfriend. That’s not a good idea. I know you love her my prince. Some ladies can just die if they see someone they love with another person. She can be angry and just leave the ball. Just let her see that you are the Fredrick that she knows before”

Fredrick stared at her an smiled.

“You should be a life coach..”

Irene laughed.

“I think you should wear the white suit.. it’s cool..” she said and took the glas-s cu-p and was heading to the door.

“Thank you Irene..”

Irene bowed and left.

It was getting late alre-ady. She nee-d to sleep and get the girls re-ady tomorrow before going to the Queen’s room.

She looked frustrated alre-ady.

Immediately she went to the kitchen, no one was it in. All the maids were slee-ping alre-ady because it’s gonna be a very busy day tomorrow.

She washed the cu-p and dried it clean.

As she turned, she bu-mped into someone.

She looked up and saw him smiling at her.

“Hello Irene…”

Prince Stephen…

Holy cra-p.. what’s he doing here?




Chai… Stephen will not stay one place now??


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