👹👺The Vampire Princess


Season 2❤

Episode 5 /6





“Creggs?…That name sound so familiar”Lisa said in a high pitch

“Where do you know the Creggs from??”I asked looking at her surprised

“She may possibly know the Creggs..You know i am not the only Cregg”Axel Creggs added

“Ohhh…I remember now”Lisa said snapping her finger

“Think i have to go Lectures have ended for the day”Axel said walking out

“Lisa maybe we should go home too”I said then we went out and drive home in our customized car “The Kendals”

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Lisa turn the music high and we rock till we got home

“You know baby😋I can’t wait for the Friday party”Lisa said as we alighted from the car

“Likewise me”I replied

“Buh do you have a date”I asked her

“Dont be dumb Mira..I have girlfreinds😗😋”She Lisa replied flunging her hands in the hair as she sway her hips going upstairs

“You are Crazy Lisa”I shouted then brought out a fresh bottle of blood exhausting it all

I dont depend on taking blood, I take in other foods too

I am a Half Vampire and Half Werewolf

Mum and Dad don’t also depend on blood they have seven different power (Snake,Werewolf,Mermaid,Vampire,Wolf,Beast and Fairies)

“Mira’s Back”I shouted as i went upstairs


I opened my room door and was so surprised to see a note..slipped under the door

Zoey Creggs social media name

Is Creggs Creggs

Your Dad😘Axel Kendal


Axel Creggs at school who looks exactly like my dad

I know there is something with that Creggs of a surname..Why is that Jerk bearing the same name as my dad??

I took the picture Frame Dad gave me then stared at it deeply

I called my personal assistant


📞Hey Tom..I got a job for you


📞I am in all ears Miss Kendal


📞Send 200 Able men to California..50 to the urban area and 150 to the rural areas all in search of Zoey Creggs


📞Who is Zoey Creggs


📞Nvm..I will send you her pictures,Her social media name is Creggs Creggs


📞Okay Miss..We will track her through her internet acc I will be working on it Right away


📞So how much is my bill😏


📞Sending 200 mens to California including their ticket and Visa ..Pay 5 million dollars for everything


📞Okay..i will double it$ and i want a well done job😘


📞Okay we are on it


I hanged up the call then call my doctor


📞Hello Mr Francis


📞Hii..Miss Kendal


📞I want a poison and it’s antidote


📞For what??


📞Now listen Mr…I will poison the person then rush him to your hospital then you will give him the antidote

During the process,You are gonna take down his blood I want to use it for a DNA test




📞I know its against your business…I will pay you 10 million dollars$

I must conduct that DNA test


📞Okay Miss Kendal


📞When should i come for the poison


📞I am gonna order for it so come by next month






I smiled to myself..Lisa is on it,I have to act really fast..My dad is counting on me and I won’t fail him

I went straight to my Dad room

“Dad where is mom??”I asked settling on the bed..It was so soft and soothing😘

“your mom went for a business bargain..You know our family are the god of business”Dad replied

“Dad I found one Axel Creggs..He looks exactly like you and Zoey Creggs is almost within my reach

“Dave said he got in touch with Zoey..Zoey said the pregnancy led to Miscarriage and there is no baby anywhere but i still have the feeling that the baby is alive”Dad explained

“Whether the baby is alive or not..I am on my investigations and i will get to the root of this all”I replied with a small smile😊

“I will be very grateful if you help me get Zoey and my child…..

“Which child..So she eventually have a child for you..Axel you are betrayal,You have been keeping this for years now😡”..I heard mom shouted

I froze and trembled

“Vera is not…

“Is not what??

Is not what Axel??

So it’s because if the child you have been moody and worried for years”Mom shouted again then turned into a beast with sharp fingers👹

“Guess what Axel,I am gonna find Zoey and the child with my last breath and once I find them..Trust me I am gonna kill them..Mom added

She was making her way out when Dad stood up to held her back

Dad changed into a creature I have never imagined..I am sure mom trembled coz i can see it in her eyes

“Remember you killed my Father,My Pregnant mother and If you try to kill my child,I mean any of my blood…Vera you will live to regret it👺”Dad shouted in anger😡

I can see Smoke coming out of his mouth and Fire in his eyes..

“I dare you this time👹👹”Mom shouted back then spat on his face ..



Episode 6


“I made you what you are today..Without me you would have been dead”My mom said then storm out of the room angrily😡 Dad turned to face me

I placed my hands on his shoulder then he gently turn back into human

“Your mom is pushing me to the wall and i think i have been patient enough with her”Dad said staring at me

“Dad pls exercise patience”I replied with a pleading eyes

“So Lisa you want me to exercise patience till she kills my child😏”Dad said then sat down on the bed..Running his hand through his hair vigorously

“If you really Value your mom life go talk some sense into her head”He added

I stepped out of the room so as to talk some sense into my mom head as dad as instructed me to….I dont know why she is acting in this manner

I saw Mira door wide opened so i decide to check on her…you can say my sister is a fine art goddess😘and she draws according to her imagination

I peeped at what she is drawing..She drew herself and Axel Creggs in a wedding attire

“What are you drawing??..I asked with a smirk

“Its just imagination dummy”She replied

“Mum and Dad are having serious misunderstanding and you are here imagining your wedding day”I shouted

“Arrrrrrgh…How many times must i have to tell you that as long as mom and dad have been settling their quarrels before we were born..Anything conspiring between them is none of my business😏😏I have my own life to live🙄”She shouted back

I went out of the room..going straight to meet mom downstairs

Before i could say anything She shouted

“So Lisa you know your Dad has a son outside and you kept it from me…

“C’mon mom,These stuff is what you and Dad are supposed to settle and handle between yourself…You are just taking it too far😏..

“How dare he have a baby outside😡”Mom snapped

“At least he is not divorcing you..You still remain together forever and you should trust Dad,He can’t have a baby on purpose😏..The lady was pregnant before he met you”I explained

“Why didnt he told me..Its been years…

“Because of your temper mom..You do take things upside down and he doesn’t want trouble in the family…

“So Lisa what do you want me to do???..I can’t kill Zoey and her child,Your Dad won’t take that likely with me so what should I do??”…

“Last time i checked..You said you are gonna dare him😏”I replied with a smirk

“I dare not dare your Dad

He is more powerful than I am💪

All i said that time was out of Anger..Right now,I don’t know what to do..I am helpless”….She replied

“Accept fate mom

Accept everything the way it has choose to come😘

The child you are mad over..we dont know if he exists or not

Keep cool and wait to see what the future holds”I advised

“I love you Lisa❤..Mum replied hugging me

“I love you too mom💖”I said then she pecked my forehead


Lisa went to her room then i went to meet Axel

I sighted him running his hands through his hair

“Axel”I called slowly

He turned to look at me and i can see that anger in his eyes

“I am sorry”I whispered

He fixed his gaze on me then said

“Vera Why are you like this

We have been married for years and you still don’t understand me Or let me say you still can’t control your temper🙄”

“You know Cherished💖..I am sorry”I replied then sat beside him

I was about to place my lips on his but he turned away

“I said I am sorry now”

“Swears…I am still mad at you”He replied then I tickled him

“Fyn..I give up😘”He said in between laughter then I crashed my lips on his..He deepened the kiss💋

At last! My family is back again..When last has he kissed me but he did today

All thanks to Lisa😘!!

~Axel Creggs~

First lecture this morning happens to be English

The teacher is already at class when Mira came in

“You are 20 minutes late Miss Kendal”

Mira just scoffed as she walk towards her sit beside me

She happens to be the first lady I have ever admired😘

I admire her Fair tone🤗,Long lashes😉,Pink lips😘,Tall height😎,Cute baby face😊,Deep dimple😜 and she is what you could call Beauty

“Hii Axel”Her voice jolted me out of my thoughts

“Why were you late”I asked

All eyes turned to look at us..They were surprised that i made up a conversation with someone for the very first time coz they all know me as a Jerk

“I kept snoozing my alarm


“I slept late..I was drawing throughout the night”She replied then we both smile😊

Classes followed each other and finally it was break

As usual,I went to the school garden where i do spend my time all alone..

At the spot where i do stay,I saw a note


I wanna have some talks with you😘

If you really want me to come

Call me ..My contact is at the back

of this note

Freind😘😘Mira Kendal


I called her telling her to come..I couldn’t just turn down her request

Shortly after,She was beside me..


After some minutes of pure silence..I said

“Tell me more about yourself”

“I am Axel Creggs

The only son of Zoey Creggs

According to my mom,My father died immediately I was born…

I have ever lacked fatherly love❤

She made me understand that any other father is an Imposter”He took a deep breath then continued

“I lived at California

The reason why i am at Mellington is because of the scholarship I won over here

Mum declined the scholarship saying she never want me to step my feet here but after much plead she let me go

I dont keep friends or girlfriends even mom desperately want me to have one but I like living my life in my own way😋

I am Axel Creggs and I will always be me”He concluded

“What about you?”He asked

“I am Mira Kendal…

“Kendal??..He cutted me off

“What’s wrong with the Kendal?”I asked curious

“I just get confused sometimes about that name”He replied then urged me to continue

“I am Mirabelle Kendal..The first daughter of Mr Axel Kendal and Mrs Vera Kendal…

“Axel Kendal??..He cut me off again

“yh..Thats my dad name..I do wonder why both of you bear Axel Maybe a coincidence”I replied then he urged me to continue

“I have a sister..Lisa Kendal

I live my life the way it pleases me

I never care about anyone feelings

I am Mira Kendal..I will never change”I concluded then we both smile💗

“Everywhere seems boring”I said with a shrug

“Not to me Anyways”He replied running his hands through his hair just like my dad does

“Let’s play a game”I muttered then giggled

“I dont do games”He replied with a smirk

“Plssss…I said holding his hand tight

“So what type of game?…

“Secret Sharing”I replied with an assuring smile

“I dont share Secrets”He said frankly

“Is not compulsory it’s a secret..It should just be what you have never told me….


Mira Kendal and Axel Creggs..Hmmm…Don’t let me talk..




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