The vampire princess season twoEpisode 7 & 8

The Vampire Princess👹👺👽
Season 2❤
Episode 7 /8
“It is not compulsory it’s a secret it shiuld just be what you have never told me..
“There is a serious misun-derstanding between mom and dad because of a missing Kendal or whatever”I said rolling my eyes
“At times I do feel strange like there is something living in me and sometimes I may not be able to control myself”He replied
“I have once felt like that but it st©pped when i discovered who i really am…Maybe there is something you nee-d to discover about yourself..
“Like seriously??..
“I dont know what Lisa is working on these days but she look so stressed up”
“Can someone bear Kendal..I don’t mean as a surname but as a name??”He asked
“I have never seen anyone answering Kendal as a name..It is a surname and not common as a name but anyways it can possibly be a name”I explained
“Then I am Axel Kendal Creggs…I don’t know why mom told me to re-move it from my name while coming to Mellington”He replied
“We have most things in common..With the Creggs being an exemption your name look exactly like my Dad’s name likewise you physique😘”I said then he ran his hands throu-gh his hair
“That makes you look more like my Dad 🤗”I added with a sm-irk
“I wish to meet him someday”He replied with a small smile😊
“I also wish to see your mom..She must be a very nice lady😙😚..
“Will you follow me to California on Saturday?”He asked looking directly into my eyeball
I just can’t say NO
“I will follow you on one condition😎”I replied
“What’s that??..He said soothing my hair and his gaze was on me..The school garden was cool and we were enjoying out privacy..I felt like it shouldn’t end
“You know Today is Thursday so I want you to follow me to the Highschool p@rty tomorrow😎..I replied resting my head on his che-st gently
“I don’t do p@rties but i will because of you..He said then I smile😊..Enjoying every moment with him😋
“One more secret Miss Kendal”He added
“I don’t know but in some ways I do feel connected to you”I said sincerely😘
“I am scared to Love”He said his own last secret and before I could say a word..The alarm for break over sounded
During Closing..I went to Mira clas-s Only to see her and Axel Chatting and laughing
They earn nothing but stared from their clas-smates..Who could believe Axel Creggs will ever laugh with someone
“Hiii”I said in a melody tone
“You are so funny”Mira said hitting Axel gently on the che-st
“Swears I am gonna kill you if you dare…
“Hiiii”I interrupted again
“Ohh..Lisa dont know you are here”Mira said while Axel gently pl@ywith her long blonde hair
“How would you know when you are busy laughing anyways It’s time to go home
“I am gonna Miss you💖”Mira said resting her head on Axel Creggs then he pe-ck her forehead
“I will miss you too💋💋
“Arrrrrghhh”I added rolling my eyes
During our ride home…I asked
“Mira are you d@t!ngAxel??..
“How i wish i am..He is fun to be with😙😚not the j£rk we always see him as…
“I will advise you not to go into any relationsh!pwith Axel Creggs..I am on some investigations and when I am done,I will let you know”I said
“Sure..What has he told you about himself?..
“He said he is from California bla..bla..bla
“But plea-se dont have anything doing with him”I pleaded
“But I like him😘..She blurted out
“Let it just end there”I snapped then she rolled her eyes
I saw my personal as-sistant call
📞Hii miss Kendal..We found 2 Zoey Cleggs and one look exactly like the picture you s£nt
📞Really so what do you wanna do next??
📞Now what do you want us to do to her??
📞Kidnap her and bring her to the Kendal house here at Mellington
📞Okay ma..She will be by your side by this time next week
📞Any traces about the child??
📞The Child is a male and he is currently at Mellington..His name is yet to be discovered
📞Okay Tom..Great Job
I went to my Dad room and his first question was
“How far have you gone??.
“Zoey is gonna be here by next week..Your ever longing for child is a male And he is currently at Mellington”I replied
“I don’t know how to thank you enough darling”Dad said with a genuine smile😊
“Sweet Dad😘😘I am travelling to California on Saturday with Axel Kendal Creggs”Mira shouted entering the room
Dad froze then said slowly
“Axel Kendal Creggs??..
Season 2
Episode 8
“Axel Kendal Creggs?”Dad said slowly
What have i said for crying out loud
“Both of you pressure on the Missing Kendal I overheard you are searching for is turning you head over hills
All i wanted to say is Axel Creggs and Miss Kendal are going to California on Saturday
It got missed up and you turn it upside down😏”I said in a high pitch
Dad and Lisa turn to face each other then Lisa said
“I will get to the root of all this”
I rolled my eyes
“Dad I nee-d just 30 Million dollars.. I have a p@rty tomorrow and I am travelling to California next tomorrow”I explained
“I will transfer it”Dad replied frankly
“Lisa are you going to the p@rty tomorrow”I asked
“Of course”She replied then i went out of the room
Wah am i gonna wear to the p@rty tomorrow..I have scattered all my cu-pboard and now i am confused..I have brou-ght out almost 20 dresses
“Lisa”I shouted out frustratingly
She c@m£ in with that usual sm-irk of hers
“I nee-d your help what do I wear to the p@rty tomorrow👠..
“When did you start caring about what to wear to a p@rty to the extent of calling me😏”She replied still on her n@ûghty sm-irk
“plea-se help me”I said then roll my eyes
She looked at the scattered clothes then picked up one “Wear this😘..
It was a pink,Super h0t and a daring go-wn😘
My eyes wi-de-ned
“You can wear a silver hill along with a silver bag”She added
“Thanks”I said hvgging her ti-ght
“You will help me do my make up and style my hair tomorrow”I added
“Sure I will and who are you getting all dressed for😏…
“Ummm….Axel is following me to the p@rty”..
She gave me a very long stare then went out
Dammit! Why doesn’t she want me and Axel together
I arranged the outfit for the p@rty then slumped down on the be-d..This will be a see you tomorrow
Just like every other Friday Its time for sport
I went into my locker room to change into the sport usuals..The guys do wrestle,Box and sometimes pl@yTable tennis..The girls mostly run a few l@pses
I was on my way to the sport room when three ladies challenged me
“How do you get Axel speak to you??😏”The first one asked
“Maybe she stoop herself so low to give him her b©dy🙄”The second one added
“Lets hear from the bit-ch”The third one said s£nding killer glares
“Who gave you that Audacity to speak to a Kendal anyhow😡”I shouted
“Your father may be rich but mine isn’t poor”The third one fired
“Riches can’t be compared..I will show you want i am made of”I replied
I wanted to hit her but someone held me
“You dont nee-d to fight with fools..Remember you are late for clas-s”Axel Creggs and we went into the clas-s together
I decide to give those girls a show by placing my hand around his n£¢k
After sport was music and everything went on smoothly…
Finally closing hour c@m£,There was noise everywhere as students filled the air all preparing for the Highschool p@rty
During our ride home..I asked Lisa
“Why didn’t you want me to d@t£ Axel😣??
“You will know yourself..The time is almost near”She replied
But not when..I really love him😋..He is to pick me by 6pm for the p@rty🤗
I dont do things without reason and Lisa is here telling me not to d@t£ Axel without reasons
Me and Lisa entered together and mom was like
“Welcome Darlings😘😘”
“Thanks mom😍”I replied going upstairs
I am just so tired for the day
I set my alarm…5:30pm
Axel Creggs will be here by Six so i have 30 minutes to dress up
…………… …………………………………………….
Little Miss Kendal
Get your as-s up
From the be-d
My alarm kept ranting..My alarm sound is customized and I prefer it to the normal Jirim Jirim sound
I took a quic-k shower,got into the pink dress
I applied hair and b©dy fragrant and call on Lisa to help me style my hair and for my makeup
5:55pm alre-ady…I stared into the Mirror and the Mira i saw was totally different
“You look so gorgeous”Lisa complimented then my phone rang
📞Hii Mimi
📞Hii Axel
📞I am downstairs
📞Will join you..
“He is downstairs..I gotta go”I said as i pick my handbag rushing out of the room
“plea-se be careful”I heard Lisa voice
Lisa will be at the p@rty by 9pm..Thats her usual time
Axel Creggs froze on his sp©t on seeing me
“Holy Freaking $h!t😍😍…
“Hope you like what you see😊..
“I dont like it..I love it💋💋💋💋..
He replied then we walk into the car hands in hands
Truth to be told..He is also charming
The Friday p@rty💖
We sat at the bar..gently drinking a kinda br@ndy drink
Some where at the Dance floor..You could see Highschool student drinking and cheering🍺🍻🍻…
“Have you heard of the Walters Room”I asked gulping a drink🍺
“Games are being pla-yed at the Walters room and It’s dead fun..I replied
“Are you saying We should give it a try??
“Yh..Sure”I replied gulping another cu-p🍺
We both went to the Walters room..
“The game is on”We heard a male voice
‘Gulp a drink🍻’
“If i say Never had a b©yfri£nd…You will gulp a drink if you have never had a b©yfri£nd
‘Never k!$$£d a lady💋..
Axel filled his cu-p and gulp it along with a guy🍺
‘ Never bullied someone😞…
No one gulped
‘ Crushing on someone😍….
Almost everyone gulped a cu-p including me and Axel🍻
‘Never s£dûç£a guy😘…
I gulped a cu-p🍺 along with some other ladies
“You are in Love❤…
I gulped a cu-p🍺..Axel didn’t gulp then hr faced me saying “Not Sure”
“Time for Truth or Dare”The guy announced
“Let’s go to the Dance floor”Axel said
“Oh yh”I replied somehow ti-psy..Guess i gulped a lot of cu-ps🍺🍺
His hands was round my w@!st and mind on his shoulders😉as we danced slowly😘
“Did you enjoy the p@rty?..I asked staring at him
“Every Minutes😘..He replied and there was silence
“I must confess Mira…You look drop dead gorgeous😍..
“You are not looking bad eiether🤗..I couldn’t help but to ruffle his hair
He gave a broad smile
The more we dance..The more closer we bec@m£..
I am as comfortable as ever in his arms💋
There was no inch between us then we kept eye contact
His eyes was fixed on mine😘and we danced as slow as ever
I don’t know How….Ourl-ips crashed