The vampire princess season two episode 3 & 4

The Vampire Princess👹👺
Season 2
Episode 3 and 4
“Can I really confide in you with this?”I asked
“Sure you can”…
“I am searching for Zoey”I replied then her eyes wi-de-ned in shock
“Zoey has been gone for years now,Why on Earth could you be searching for her😏”
“Vera you have to un-derstand that…
“un-derstand What???…So my marriage hasn’t been blooming because of this idiot,I will find her and bring her corpse to you”Vera shouted going out of the room
Here is it again…Thank Goodness I haven’t mentioned the Baby issue🙄..Only the mention of Zoey,She went gags
Anyone bearing Kendal out of the Kendal’s family is the target now
Me and Lisa sat together on a hill with our hands interlocked.
“The sun is almost going down”Lisa said staring at me
Minutes after..The sun went down then i transformed into a wolf
Lisa folded herself round me then rest her head on my che-st…I gently transformed back into a Human
“You know it hurts alot💔..It hurt to be powerless” She said staring at me
“you are not powerless sis..Dad said you haven’t discovered your powers yet”I replied
“Well..If you say so”She said with a sly smile
“Maybe you should act in a girlish kinda way…Give your heart to love❤Then you would discover your powers”I advised
“Let’s go home..It’s almost 8pm,Mum and Dad will be Damn worried “Lisa said dragging me up as we walk gently..Straight to the Car
We entered the living room then saw mom in all her powers (In the real Vampire that she is👹)
Me and Mira fell to our face
“Where have both of you been…Mom shouted
“We waited for a school program…Mira lied
“How dare you lie to me…Mom shouted😡
“We went to a hill”I said the truth
“Get outta my side”Mom shouted again then we all squirred upstairs
“For mom to be this mad when Dad is at home…It seems something his wrong maybe we should go check on dad” I suggested
“you can go for all i care…As long as they have been settling their quarrels before we were born then this is none of my business”Mira replied slamming her room door while I went to Dad room
Dad l@yon the be-d with his head buried in his pillow and that made me know that something is really wrong somewhere
“Dad”I called softly
Dad raised his head and behold tears was folded in his eyes
My dad has been a very strong man..The is the first time i will see any traces of tears in his eyes
“Dad what’s the problem?”I asked really concerned
He fight against his tears then asked me to take my sit
“Lisa you are Smart,Intelligent and for this time,I am putting my hope in you😘”Dad said with a small smile
“Before i got married to your mom,I impregnate a lady,The lady discovered the pregnancy after we broke up…She decide to keep the pregnancy and travel to California with the Baby and since then I haven’t heard from her nor the child😔” He explained
“Did mum know about this??”I asked
“I was trying to explain to her but at the mention of her name,She flared up in anger thinking I still love the lady”He replied
“So dad are you searching for the lady??”I asked again
“I am not searching for her..I am searching for the baby..I want to know who the child grew to become,It has been 18 years ago and I am counting on you Lisa 😘” Dad said cu-pping my cheeks
“But dad how do you want me to find someone I know nothing about”
“Here is the lady picture…Her name is Zoey Creggs”Dad said handing over a frame to me
“Where did she resides..I asked
“California ….
“Any Information about the child…
“None..All i know is that the child must be bearing my surname”Dad replied
“A guy or a A lady??..I asked further
“I really don’t know….
I now know how he birth to a child whom you know nothing about not even the gender
“I will find both the mother and the child”I said
“You can count on me Dad”I added then walked out of his room
“I love you Lisa❤❤..I heard his whispers
I was on the internet looking for Zoey Creggs but i just couldn’t find her so i decide to search for Creggs Creggs
I saw the account with Zoey picture on it..I s£nt her a friend request and to my surprise she accepted
We started chatting:
🗨 Hey Zoey
🗨Hii…I am on to Dave right😏
🗨Exactly..It’s been a very long time
🗨Zoey you didn’t told us you were pregnant when you travelled to California
🗨Thats in the past🙄
🗨Axel is dying to see his baby
He wants to know more about his child🙄
He is no longer in his right s-en-ses
We have been searching for you for years now….
🗨I laugh my bu-tts off😂😂
Which Baby is he even talking about??
🗨The pregnancy you took to California
🗨Yes…That’s the child he is ever longing to see
🗨Get this fact into his head,The pregnancy led into a Miscarriage and there is no child anywhere😏..I know you have been looking for me and the child who never exists ..I accepted your request in order to warn you😡
Sorry i just have to do this..I am blocking you off right away
St©p searching for me and the baby who never existed….
The Vampire Princess👹👽👺
Season 2
Episode 4💖
I never believe Zoey could block me but she actually did..This lady is growing wings
I decide to give Axel a call
📞Hii Pal
📞Hey Dave. How are you doing??
📞Why are you sounding in this manner,Any way I have got some news from Zoey
📞Really??…I am in all ears
📞I finally got her social media account…It’s Creggs Creggs..I chatted with her few minutes ago but she alre-ady blocked me
📞What was the conversation?..
📞Guess what,It’s not phone talks..We have to see face to face
📞Okay I will come over
📞Don’t bother coming Axel…Expect me at your place
📞I wont advise you to come coz my house is currently on fire
Vera told me to confide in her…
I haven’t even told her about the Baby issues
I just told her that i am searching for Zoey then she flare up in anger
📞You shouldn’t have told her any bit about the issue on hand and you shouldn’t have made it visible to your family that you are worried..Anyway i will be expecting you at my place tomorrow coz it is alre-ady late
📞Okay Dave
I dont know how Axel would take the news that the baby he has been longing for never existed
I took a cool shower💦Then dress in a simple manner
Lisa have gone to school so i drop a little note for her
After Vera walked out angrily yesterday,She never returned to the room
I was too exhausted so i just sle-pt off…
I saw her sitting leg crossed in the living room
“Good morning baby”I said then pe-ck her forehead
“you left me here yesterday,You didnt even come downstairs to check on me😏”She replied with a sm-irk
“I was just so exhausted…
“All because of Zoey??
Why are you looking for her as if she has a baby for you..She said then my heart froze
“Or do she has a baby for you🙄🙄”..She asked staring at me….
I don’t wanna cause another trouble this morning..I know Vera so well
“Of course NO”I replied running my hands throu-gh my hair
She sighed Heavily then said
“There is no point in hiding things for me”
I watched her as she went upstairs
“I am going to Dave place”I shouted
“You can go anywhere for all I care🙄”I heard her voice
~Dave House~
“I will advise you to st©p worrying about the baby and face your family”Dave advised
“You mean???…
“When i talked to Zoey yesterday..She said the Baby does not exist that she had a miscarriage
She went to the extent of warning me to stay away from her and st©p searching for her🙄”Dave explained
“I still have that feeling that the Baby is alive and well”I replied
“Axel are you sure you are in your right s-en-ses😡?..St©p searching for what never exists..Your family happiness is running down😟”Dave said looking concerned
“Come to think of it,If she had a miscarriage she would have come back to Mellington
If she had a miscarriage she wouldn’t have hidden herself from us😏
If she had a miscarriage she wouldn’t have told us to stay away from her”I explained
“As for me,I think I have tried for years..I am no longer interested i searching for1 the missing Kendal”Dave said
“I appreciate your efforts..Thank goodness another person got the task”I replied
“Vera is still mad and she is suspecting different kind of things..I have to go home”I added
During closing hour..Me and Lisa settled in a spare clas-s
“I have given you all the informations,Just follow the steps…Let’s see if you will get to know the j£rk”Lisa said with a wi-nk
“I must know the guy,I will get to know the j£rk more than ever❤”I replied dreamily
“Don’t just like him far more than you should😏”Lisa advised
“Take a look at him”I said pointing at him as he walk across the window
“A p@rt of him looks like my dad”Lisa said fixing his gaze on him
“I c@m£ to apologize”We heard a soft sweet voice😘
Turning back to see who it was..It was the j£rk
“I am sorry about yesterday”He added but we were so speechless😍..His voice was amusing
“Apology Accepted or Declined”He said again with his gaze fixed on us
“Apology Accepted”Me and Lisa replied slowly
“May i know your names??…He asked then me and Lisa looked at each other surprised
“I’m Mira Kendal”I stuttered
“I’m Lisa Kendal”My sis added
“I am Axel Creggs”….He introduced his self then Lisa said in almost a high pitch
“Creggs???…That name sound so familiar….