The vampire princess season two episode 17 & 18

The Vampire Princess
Season 2
Episode 17/18
I don’t know why,I am just feeling unusual
I felt something is happening then my mind drifted to Axel..This is not the first time he is going to California but I dont know why I am feeling strange now..I think I have to Visit Meribella
At the Merpalace💦💦
“Meribella I think there is a problem..Vera said
“There is no problem but due to what I am see..Meribella paused
Meribella re-moved her crown then bow her head slowly saying
“The chos£n one is on her way👑”
“Chos£n one??
“Many years ago,A female rule the entire Clans..She was full of power and every other Clans💪 respected her..She is a great Vampire
The leaders of every other clans envied her and later plan to plot her death
The leaders went to the Queen of the Dark Sea concerning the downfall of the chos£n one. The Queen of the Dark Sea gave them a portion to pour on her during the battle
As she was about to attack her foes The f
Fairy Queen flew higher re-leasing the portion on her
She went down and transformed into a Ring💍..Which is the Pelvic Ring💍
The King of the Vampires which happens to be the second command of the chos£n one picked the Ring💍and with the other Vampires they went to A cave and named It Xaxie👹..
On that day you were born and the king of Vampires dedicated the ring to you because you c@m£ to life the day the chos£n one vanished
Before She changed into the Ring💍,She said a word which everyone hold on to
‘I am coming back….
“How do you know she is on her way?”..Meravera asked
“The ring is about to clock another twenty years and The chos£n👑one is to come back to life
This minute I am speaking to you,Jentimulia is having an int£rç0rs£with a lady and spirits are coming back from the Pelvic Ring and entering into the woman wo-mb” Meribella explained further
“He is currently at California,Could it be Zoey..Ohh I am doomed
Why would Axel do this?”Vera said
“My greatest fear is that the chos£n one👑will be in the world soon embroided with different kind of powers and my mother is p@rt of her betrayals….Mermaidia Ocean-us💦will feel the verge of her revenge”Meribella Explained then Vera g@sped
“Worryless..The Chos£n one is a Vampire and she can’t hurt Vampires”Meribella as-sured..Vera nodded
“Once Axel tells you Zoey is pregnant dont go head over hills..Just accept it is fate”Meribella Advised
“Do I have a choice”Vera replied
“I will get to see Jentimulia myself…
After sometimes which seemed like hour..He coll@psed on me
We felt each other breath and his hand was around me
I haven’t be S-xually active for years so I was Damn ti-ght..I dont know how we got into this but It was just unresistable and I enjoyed every feelings of him in me
He crashed hisl-ips on mine once more and we k!$$£d hungrily
Axel didnt c@m£ back home and that happens to be the first time he sle-pt out throu-ghout our marriage
How could he
The door bell rang this morning and I opened the door to see my husband
“You are a Betrayer”I shouted
“I can explain..
“Explain what?😡after all I did..I risked my life to save you from death..I betrayed my own people for your sake..I left my kingdom to start a home with you and is this how you choose to pay me back”Tears fell from my eyes
“I am sorry Vera,I know I am nothing without you…
“I killed my father to plea-se you”I shouted again
“You killed my parents and I forgave you”He replied
My eyes wi-de-ned
“I was banished by my father because of you”..
“I have no relatives..No family member All i have left is you”He replied
“Axel I..He cut me off saying
“And I can’t st©p loving you❤”
“You don’t love me💔” I shouted storming upstairs
“I swear I do”He replied following me
“If you do..You wont cheat on me”I snapped
“I swear everything that happened was a pure mistake and I dont know how I got myself into it”He explained
“plea-se I am sorry”He kept apologizing but I ignored him
“I know you deserve to be annoyed that is why I am on my knees..It wont repeat itself..
Wow! Jentimulia is on his knees..I thought with a sm-irk plastered on my face
“Pls Vera I am sorry”He pleaded but I kept Ignoring him
I swear I am gonna punish Axel for this
I was in my personal libr@ry sorting out some mathematics question
I have scattered the whole libr@ry looking for a formula
Then I saw Mira walking In Lifelessly
Tears streaming down her cheeks
“Mira what’s wrong”I asked concerned
“I am two month Pregnant..
Mira slumped to the floor and I was unable to overcome the shock that c@m£ over me…
Episode 18
“You’re what??”I stammered
“Lisa I am pregnant I am not joking..I went for the test and It was positive”Mira sobbe-d
“What do you intend on doing like what do you wanna do?”I asked
“I will ab-ort the baby but I will inform Axel Creggs first so I will be flying to California within fourteen days”She replied then K wipe her tears
“Do you think mom and dad should hear about this”She asked
“Yes but not now”I replied
Two weeks Later
“Ahhhh”I shouted as I felt a sharp pain in my tommy..Axel rushed in
“Mom..What happened?”He asked
“My tommy….
“The pain again?..He asked
“yh the pain😣”I replied breathing heavily
“Ever since you have been feeling this pain..You are loosing weight ra-pidly,You are looking pale..You look like someone who had been sick for years”My son explained looking worried
“I just dont know the cause of the Sudden pain”I replied then the door bell rang
“Dad is at the Living room..You gat to see him”Axel c@m£ to tell me
I sluggishly walked into the living room and the first thing Axel said was
“What happened to You?…Dont tell me this is you”..
Almost Immediately I felt the sharp pain again “Holy $h!ttt”I shouted then held my stomach
He rushed to me
“Zoey what is happening?”He asked
“I have been feeling A very sharp pain in my tommy frequently and since that occurred I have been growing weak and also loosing weight ra-pidly
He placed his hand on my tommy trying to check what is wrong..
Oh no! Now I un-derstand all happening
Zoey is a human carrying a Vampire in her wo-mb..She take in human food which the baby couldn’t consume so out of anger the baby is su-cking her blood that is the reason why she is feeling pains
The only option left for Zoey is to take in blood to sustain her life and prevent the baby from starving
“What’s wrong”Zoey asked bringing me out of my thoughts
“I think I have to tell you the truth now😏..
“I am listening…
“I am a Vampire”I said frankly
“What an expensive joke..We all know Vampires do not exist”She replied
I turned into a Great Vampire👹
I could see her tremble…Her legs were shaking…I transformed back into the Human she know me as
“Now Zoey..What I want to explain is that the baby you are carrying inside of you is a Vampire👿👾…
“I am not Pregnant”She snapped
“The baby inside of you doesn’t take in the human food you are taking in..The baby inside of you nee-ds blood👾”I explained then she g@sped
“The baby is starving and nee-ds blood
Out of hunger,The baby choose to svçkyour blood since you are a Human and that explains the reason of your stomach ache”I explained further
“What do I do?..
“You have to take in blood to nurture the baby else the baby will svçkyou dry..Here is a bottle of fresh human blood”I brou-ght out a bottle of Human blood handling it over to her
“I can’t take it like how do you expect me do drink a blood of a human like me?😏..She replied
“plea-se drink this else you will die.. The baby will svçkyou dry”I said almost in a high pitch
“Arrrgh..She gr0@nagain then held her stomach..I guess it is the pain
“That is how the baby will keep su-cking your blood till you give up the ghost”I shouted again..gently pleading for her to drink the blood
She emptied the bottle of blood pouting the content into her mouth..
“How do you feel now?..I asked
“My stomach seem to be in peace” She replied
“It seems you will be following me back to Mellington coz you will have to take in a lot of blood..I will tell my doctor to fix drip in your veins so we will pas-s the blood throu-gh that way”I explained then she nodded
“I have to see a friend urgently”My son interrupted rushing out of the house
~Axel Creggs~
Mira just called me now that she is at California and nee-ds to see me urgently
I am to meet her in a restaurant
I wonder what she wanna see me for…and this urgent seeing is giving me a great worry
Seeing her back will bring memories to me and I will be unable to get myself
Getting to the restaurant,I sighed heavily
My eyes wandered about searching for Mira..Finally I found her
She is not looking happy at the same time she is not looking unhappy…She wore an expressionless look😑
“Hi Mira”I said
She gulped her beer and gesture me to sit down
“How’s Mum…She asked
“Mum is cool..How is Mellington?…
“Mellington is just as you left it”She replied with a shrug
“You didnt inform me you are coming over
“I just nee-d to”She replied
“Mum have been feeling a sharp pain in her stomach for almost a week now..She is so lean.. that you can’t recognise her”I told her
“Oh my God! I will make sure I check on her before going back to Mellington..She replied
“You mentioned earlier that your visit here is urgent….
“yh..I c@m£ to tell I am pregnant..
“Tell me you are joking😣..My eyes wi-de-ned
“I dont joke with things like this..I am serious”She replied
“What do you want us to do coz for me I dont know what next..I am really confused ..
“I am ab-orting the baby…
“No..Never I wont allow can’t just kill that innocent baby..You are giving birth to dah baby..