The vampire princess season two episode 19 & 20

The Vampire Princess👺👹👽
Season 2
Episode 19
~Axel Creggs~
“plss Axel Plss let me ab-ort the baby”She pleaded gently c@r£ss!ngmy f!ngers
“You know I wont allow that Dearie..Pls keep the baby for the sake of the love we have for each other”..I replied
“Pls let me ab-ort the baby for the sake of the same blood running throu-gh our veins”She explained
“Okay fine..We will inform Dad before doing anything about the baby…
“C’mon Axel I want it a secret😏”She replied
“I can’t keep this a secret..Your Dad is here at California so we are informing him now..You are going to use that opportunity to check on my mom..
“No That is impossible..Pls I dont want my dad to know”She pleaded
“I am doing all this because of the love I still have for you and dont double that pain that you can’t be mine..
“Axel but…
“What if you die in the process,How do you want me to live without you😭”I shouted
Even if we have to leave ourselves..The fact that I can’t live without Mira still exists
“What do you want us to do?..She asked gulping a cu-p🍺
“Mira you have to st©p taking Alcohol you are pregnant”I said
Alcohol is not Mira thing until she is confused
“I am tired of everything”She replied placing her hands on her forehead
“Worry less..Everything will be fine”I as-sured her
We both went to see dad and my mom at home..We met them chatting happily
“Mira what are you doing here?..Dad asked surprised
“I c@m£ to California to check on Miss Zoey health,I left Mellington immediately you left home”Mira replied
“Ohh..Thanks Mira”Miss Zoey said with a smile
“Dad..Mom we wanna have a talk with you”I said with a shrug
“We are in all Ears”Dad replied gesturing us to have our sit
“Mira here is pregnant and we dont know what to do about it”I said
Dad and Mom eyes wi-de-ned in shock
“What do you intend to do about it??”Mom asked
“ab-ort it”Mira replied frankly
“ab-ort it??..Mom and Dad echoed then look at themselves
“I think that would be the best option”Mrs Zoey broke the silence…Mira nodded
Dad stared into Mira eyes..I could see his eyeball change
We all kept mute..
Finally he said..
“The baby in you is not just a baby
If you try to ab-ort it..You will die but the baby will live”
“Pls I dont wanna loose you”I said to her
“”She stuttered then we all nodded
“Above all,We all are going back to Mellington in a pri-vate Flight..
I dont even un-derstand what is going on these days..Axel ha-rd ly have time and loneliness is the main theme of my life😔
Maybe I should apologize to him..
Maybe I should draw him closer…
Maybe I should enchant him….
I dont even know what to do but I have to do something
I am so tired of the way me and my husband live as normal friends😣😣
I saw Axel Call
📞Hii Axel
📞Vera come downstairs..I am at the doorstep
He said frankly then hang up the call
I combe-d my hair,Apply a little face powder before heading downstairs
Opening the door,I saw Zoey Creggs,Her son and Mira Kendal
“What are they all doing here??”I said with a sm-irk
“Vera will you just let us in😏”Axel replied then I made way for them to the living room
“Now what are they doing here”I asked again
“Fine..Let me put it this way😏😏
Zoey is pregnant,I am responsible and the baby happens to be a Vampire👾..It is su-cking her blood so she has to come to Mellington for blood..
Mira is also pregnant,My son is responsible and she is keeping the baby”
Axel explained without the fear that he is talking to his wife
“You have pushed me to the wall and I am getting tired of all this😡
I am going to kill Zoey,Her son,Mira and I will kill my self so all this thrash will end”I shouted changing into the real Meravera👹
I rushed towards Zoey as I strangled her n£¢k lifting her up
They all g@sped
“Vera st©p this nons-en-se😡”Axel shouted
“You can kill me for all I care”I growl
“Leave my mom Alone”Kendal Creggs shouted..His fists in his ba-lls
To everyone surprise,He changed into a beast with fire in his eyes
“Leave my mom alone😡”He shouted again
“I am Jentimulia Queen👑..I have power over every other clans so you are nothing to me”I shouted in return
I tried piercing my f!nger into Zoey n£¢k but her n£¢k was as ha-rd as stone
I pressed ha-rder and I could see my nails cracking,I angrily yanked her to the floor
She gr0@nin pains…
“What have you done Axel..Did you fortify her against me😡”I faced my husband only to see Zoey stand on her feet
All her hair strands stood up firmly,Her f!nger nail clasped out
Her eyes were red and her eyeba-lls are green
She walked towards me majestically😬 and I rushed to Axel shield
“You didnt told me she has powers”I whispered
“This is not her in action..It is the baby in her”He replied
Meribella warned me…
She kept walking towards me and I trembled in fear…The Chos£n one
Everything resolved fully in this episode…
Season 2❤
Episode 20💖
I trembled in fear as she walk towards me..She placed her hand on my shoulder
“I c@m£ not to harm you
I worked hand in hand with your father before I died
I was betrayed and I am back for revenge..Coming throu-gh you will really hurt you a lot,I pray you un-derstands
Why do you choose to hurt the woman bringing me to the world
Dont try driving my temper again”Her voice echoed
“I am sorry”I said then she faced Mira saying
“If you choose to ab-ort that baby,You will die and the baby will live
You both are not humans If you choose to
get married I will give you a full support
The baby in your wo-mb has it own mission”
“Jentimulia..un-derstand the fact that Vera really loves you,You shouldn’t hurt her💔..Love her in return❤” She said and Axel nodded
“Without love both of you will have died un-der the full moon..I know the love you have for her never fades away but Zoey pres£nce is affecting everything”She added
Axel Creggs changed back into a Human then her voice echoed
“I am Xaxianna…The Chos£n one”
The standing strands of hair went back down,Her eyeball changed and everything went back to normal..
Zoey felt dizzy then fell to the floor
She stood up within seconds
“Vera why do you want to kill me”Zoey said..Herl-ips was shaking
There was silence everywhere..
“Ohh..Sorry”I said
“I really have to rest..Zoey said walking out
“Let me help you make up your room”Axel followed her
“I also nee-d some rest”Mira said and Axel Creggs followed her upstairs
Everything is just Damn Complicated
I was on my way upstairs when the door creaked open
“Good afternoon mom”Lisa said
“Welcome back home”I replied frankly
“What’s wrong mom..your countenance changed..
“Zoey is pregnant for your dad again..
Her and her son is here at Mellington right in this house..
“What! So mom what..
“Dont bother advising me or telling me to think about what to do next,Just let me be”I cut her off
“Okay mom”Lisa replied going to her sister room
Getting to my room,I heard his husky voice
“Vera why do you try to kill Zoey..
“At least she is not dead”I snapped
“Let this be the last time,I mean the last
time you will try such a thing..He shouted
“Are you raising your voice at me because of Zoey”…
He ignored me and went to l@yon the be-d
“What do i do to deserve all this😏
All I did was to love you and love you wholeheartedly💖
I dont deserve this from you and If I have offended..I am sorry
You are killing mr gradually..You are not the man I use to know”Tears flowed down my cheek and I sobbe-d loudly😭😭
He stood up then walk towards me
“Vera pls st©p crying…I am begging you
Your tears has it way it do Shatter my heart
Your tears do hurt me..
I do feel the pain of your tears
Your tears do make me feel guilty😣
I ought not to make you cry
You ain’t suppose to cry because of me
I am so sorry”He replied wiping my tears
“Why do you always hurt me..
“I promise never ever to hurt you..I am so sorry”He replied hvgging me and I sobbe-d gently on his shoulders
6 Months later..
My stomach grew so big and I take in a lot of blood in a day
All most 10 blood drips and several bottle of fresh blood All in 24 hours
Axel wanted to initiate me because being a Vampire will make the child easier for me to carry.I refused
The more the baby grow..The more blood I have to consume and I feel various pain in my stomach
The pain is my main headache and I am getting tired of the pregnancy..
I was on my way down the stairs when I feel a very sharp pain higher than the usual one
“Arrrrrrggghhh”I shouted attra-cting the attention of those in the living room
Axel,My son,and Lisa ran to me
The pain c@m£ higher
“Aaaahhhh”I shouted again
“Sorry..”They all muttered trying to lift me from the floor
“Get the blood su-cking pest out of me”I shouted with tears flowing down my cheeks😭😭
“It is not yet time for your delivery”Axel replied
“Get this baby out of me”I shouted again
Axel rushed upstairs…
I am styling my hair when Axel c@m£ in..
He pu-ll my head to the back and pe-ck my cheeks
He meant his words when he promised never ever to hurt me again
“I am hell tired of Zoey and her pregnancy and she refused being a Vampire”He said
“You should suffer for your handwork😏”I replied with a sm-irk
“Now she is insisting on me getting the baby out of her when it is not time for her delivery”…
“Poor Axel..That is a easy job..I will help yah out”…
“If yah can help me out..St©p styling that alre-ady beautiful hair and get down the stairs”He replied
I applied hair fragrant
“Get the baby out of me”We heard Zoey voice again..
“I am gonna get the baby out of her”I said frankly..walking down the stairs..