👹👺👽The Vampire Princess

Episode 15..




“Don’t tell me you killed my parents😡”Axel shouted

“I..I..am..so..rry”I stammered

“I loved you


I trusted you😓

But you ended up hurting me by killing myy parents😢…

“I didn’t mean to hurt you”I defended

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“But you meant to make me smile huh😏

My mother was three month pregnant when you killed her😭..You killed My sibling”Axel said with tears dropping slowly from his eyes😭

I couldn’t stop my tears to as it flowed down freelyy

“Vera is wicked..She killed your parent,you should kill her coz there’s is no point in loving a murderer😏”The king said with an evil smile

“After all we didn’t ask her to kill your parents..We only told her to kill you and we didn’t mean our words😏”Kayla added

“Shut your trap😡”Axel shouted


“This lady here is not just a lady that you can just say any fucking thing to😏

This lady here is my wife💓

She is the only one left for me😘

Without her I would have been Dead..

Nd I will never be ungrateful to her😘

She was with me when every one was against me⚘

She protected me with her last breath even though it caused her to be banished from Xaxie

If I choose to Kill or Hurt her now..Will that bring my dead parents back to live😏

Fine she killed my Parents but it was noty her fault..It was yours😡”Axel shouted with tears😭

I was stunned at his words..


“If I should kill anyone then it’s you”Axel shouted facing Kayla

“You held me hostage in SuZuEla for me to die😡,You tortured me

You allow all evil animal pester on me…

But this lady here saved me💓”Axel shouted pointing to me

“She is the mother of my unborn children 😘”He shouted again then strangled Kayla

Kayla died immediately


Axel squeezed Kayla body and crush it into pieces..All the Vampires Gasped

“Even if she offends me a thousand times

I will overlook it because the favour she has done is greater than that💓..”Axel said then faced the King

“Never in your life call my wife wicked coz you are the wicked one 😡

She is my second in command 💪and I won’t tolerate anyone abusing her”

“I am so sorry Master”The king replied bowing his head

“You deserve to die but I won’t kill you”Axel said

“Pls Cherished💓💓 Kill him😡” I interrupted

“Not with my hands…Axel retorted then I ran to my dad stabbing him with my finger ..He died immediately

On a normal day my finger shouldn’t have killed my father but I am now a powerful woman 💪even if my power can’t be compared to the one Axel received

“Vera Why???…Mom shouted


“Why would you kill your Father?? …Axel added

Axel carried me on his shoulders then said to guards of Xaxie

“Release Dave from the Dungeon..

Dave was released,I was on Axel shoulders then Axel turned back into his real self

“We ought to go”Axel said then we both disappeared to the tent

“Thanks for saving me💓💓”Dave said hugging me and Axel

“Every one thought you were dead but thank goodness my pal is alive”Axel replied shaking him in a guylish manner

“Thanks to both of you💋”Dave said hugging me and Axel again

“But how do you know I was there??..He asked


“We did our research

“Can’t wait to go back to school with you guys💓…Dave said giggling

“Ummm…Sure”Axel replied running his hands through his hair

“I really need to rest,I have gone through a lot”Dave said laying on the mat drifting into sleep

Thank Goodness ,He didn’t ask why we are living in the Forest

Axel stared at me with tears flowing from his eyes😢

“Why are you crying….I asked slowly

“You are the only one I love💖on Earth and it hurt so much to know that you are the murderer of my Parents…

My heart sank at his words💔💔

“I am sorry”I cried falling at his feet😭😭

He raise me up then said

“I have no choice than to forgive you,You are all I have got💋”He said kissing me lightly

We kissed slowly and passionately⚘💋and I enjoy every part of it😘

He lingered on my neck💋💋..Going down to my chest as he unbutton my shirt


Episode 16…



He went deep down in me as I moan out

After sometimes which seems like hour,He collapsed on me then we both drifted into sleep



I open my eyes slowly only to see a book

‘Hiddden mystery of the Pelvic Ring💍💍’

I read every inch of the book

How I wish I am the one with the Ring

Being the most powerful of all is part of the best things

When on Earth is the Ring going to clock 20😏

Where on Earth is the Ring??

How on Earth can I get the Ring

I stared deeply at the image of the Ring which is on the book then I said to myself

“Gosh! Dave the Ring doesn’t belong to you..It is boldly written in the book that it belongs to the Vampires 👾t


Suddenly I heard Vera voice

“What are you reading

I turned back to see her smirk

“Um um..I stammered

“Say something”She replied with a kind of blank smile

So I used the opportunity to ask her some question that is seriously burning in me

“Vera do you know about the Pelvic Ring💍

When is it going to clock 20

Where is the Pelvic Ring currently

I know it belongs to the Vampire buy how can I get it


“Shut up”She cutted me off

“Stop craving for power💪

The Ring already clock 20 and someone is already the most powerful of all 💪💪”She explained

“Ohhh…I replied running my hands through my hair

Axel strech his through the Duvet

“Vera..Look at Axel Finger,That’s the Ring💍”I exclaimed


“How are you sure That’s the Ring”She snapped

Is Vera Kidding me or what..This look exactly like the Imag that is drawn in the book

“The same Ring drawn on the book is the same Ring in Axel Finger”I argued

“What are you talking about”Axel asked sleepily

“Axel…This ring with you is the Pelvic Ring right 💍and you are the Most powerful of all Clans”I said walking towards Axel

“And since you know the Secret I will have no choice but to…Axel stopped his sentence abruptly then faced Vera

“Do the Justice”He commanded

I thought it was Fun until I see Vera Transforming

Her Finger grew, eyeball colour changed,Her teeth grew pangs and she look more terrific than I could ever imagine

I trembled

She moved close to me biting me heavily on my neck

Immediately she released me Axel stood up saying

“Welcome to the Vampire World👹..

“You are now a Vampire”Vera added with a smile😊 turning back into Human

“Can’t believe this or am I dreaming”I shouted

“You are not dreaming..You are now part of us”Axel replied patting my shoulder

Vera held his finger Immediately then slipped out the Ring💍

She wore it into her finger but she quickly returned it back to Axel Finger

“What’s that??”He asked

“Cherished 💓💓..Immediately I put on the Ring,I felt a pain in my tommy”Vera complained resting on Axel shoulder

I just kept staring at them

Axel placed his hand on Vera Tommy then Gave out a Broad smile🤗🤗




Immediately I placed my hands on her tommy I felt a baby but How could that be possible

“I think it’s time we go back to Earth”I said

Dave held my right hand,Vera held my left hands and we all disappeared back to Earth


We went to the Earth and decide to go straight to Axel house

At his doorstep there was a lady..Her eyes was swollen from too much tears

She really looked so rough

I look at Axel Confused but his gaze was fixed on the girl

At the sight of Axel,The lady ran into his arms hugging him tight

“I missed you Axel😘”She whispered

Axel caressed her hair to the back…Tears folded in his eyes

He tightened the hug then said

“I missed you too Zoey




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