The vampire princess Episode 11 & 12

The Vampire Princess
Episode 11
. ~Vera~
I was walking out of the Cave when I saw a book
“Hidden Mystery of the Pelvic Ring💍” was written boldly on it
I pick the book up then disappeared back to the Forest
I built a tent where I l@yAxel..It has been hours now but he is still unconscious
I alre-ady give him all the necessary treatment and I know he will be fine 😊
My dad disowned me,He rejected me as his daughter all because of a Human..
“Axel pls open your eyes,You are all I have left😘 All my family have rejected me😔”I said as I held his palm…tears slowly dripping from my eyes
“Vera”I heard his soft voice
I hvgged him though he is still laying on the be-d
Vera hvgged me ti-ghtly
“Thank you so much Vera❤”I whispered
“Hope you are fine?”She asked
“Yh”I replied
“I missed you😘”She said hvgging me again
“I missed you more Dearie😘
I have lost all hope for anyone saving me from Kayla but Vera was there
She is my everything,I don’t know where I would have been or what I would have done without her..
“Let me go get you something to eat”She said walking out of the tent
Shortly after,She c@m£ back with bunch if fruits
“Let’s eat”She said
She watch me as I eat but she didn’t eat any
“Where are we?..I asked her
“A forest”
“I c@m£ here to heal and protect you”She replied
“Pls get the Ring out of me😓💍”I begged
“But I don’t want to hurt you”She replied staring at me one of her hands on my cheeks 😘
“I un-derstand Vera but…
“No buts”She snapped
“I just want to protect you even if it will cost my life
Fine my Dad disowned me and Banish me from the Vampire Kingdom but as long as I have you,I know I have it all❤
When it is time to re-move the Ring,I surely will but in the right way💍”She added
“Why do you cherish me this much?”I don’t know when those words fell from my mouth but I continued
“Why do you care about me😘?Why do you always make sure I don’t get hurt?
Why Vera😘”
I froze at Axel words
That is the question I have always ask my self..Why do i care about him??
“Because I Lo…”I st©pped my s£ntence..What on Earth am I about to say
“I don’t just feel like hurting you may be because I like you🤗..I finally replied with a shrug
“You are the only one I am looking up to
You are my only hope”He said then I smiled😊
I look up then sighted him seriously staring at me..Our eyes kept contact
“Vera you being banished from the Vampire Kingdom..Does that mean you are no longer a VAMPIRE?”He asked breaking the contact
“I am still a Vampire but I am no longer a Princess and I do not have access to Xaxie”I replied sincerely
“I am somewhat tired I have to sleep”Axel replied laying on the spre-ad mat
The fruit I gave him is to make him strong and i pray it works
I brou-ght out the book I tool from Xaxie
“Hidden Mystery of the Pelvic Ring 💍”
The first page re-ads:
There are many things people don’t know about the Pelvic Ring 💍
And this books reveal it all
I opened the second page which re-ads:
Two people have access to stay un-der the full moon for the power 💪
It must be two people who truly loves each other❤
Once the man stands un-der the full moon,The woman must k!sshim Immediately the moon shone and they will both have the power
Note:This method is not advisable because if those two did not love each other truly,They will both die and the Ring will Vanish😣..
I sigh heavily re-ading the second page
What if I tried this with Axel?
Won’t we both die??
What If he doesn’t love me in Return💔?
My family rejected me because of Axel and If I find out that he doesn’t love me..I swear I am gonna…
“Vera what are you thinking about?”Axel jo-lted me out of my thought as I felt his light t©uçh on my shoulder
“I am scared”I whispered
“About what?
“I will be fine..I replied faking a smile
“Pls don’t think about anything..If it is something you nee-d to share
Kindly share it with me
I can’t watch you getting hurt
I don’t want you to be sad,Just smile for me😊😊..Axel said then I fake up another smile
“A genuine smile Bbby…He said tickling me
He just called me Bbby ❤…
I wasn’t just smiling this time,I was laughing and it was from my heart
Axel kept tickling me and laughter filled the air
I ran around the tent and he pursued,Tickling me the more
“Axel plea-se st©p…I said in between Laughter
“Give me a nickname and I will st©p😘..
“Axel..I said falling into his arms
“Give me a nickname 😘..He replied tickling me again
“You are Cherished❤..I said in between Laughter
“Is that my nickname”He replied gr-abbing my w@!st as I shivered lightly
“Yh you are Cherished❤….
“And you are loved 💓..He replied placing a k!sson my n£¢k
Hisl-ips was warm and soft.
Episode 12
I went straight to Vera house at Mellington since I couldn’t find her all throu-gh India
“Who is at the door…I heard a woman voice
“It’s me”I replied then she opened the door
“Who are you and Where are you from?..
“I am Kayla and I am asking for Vera..
“Vera is at India,She went to see a freind❤..
“Don’t pl@yDumb games with me Mrs😡..I have searched India thor0ûghly but Vera is not there…I said with Anger in my voice
“If Vera is not at India then I don’t know about her Whereabout..
I angrily strangled her n£¢k
“Even if no one knows about her whereabouts,you should know because you are acting as her mother😏😡..I shouted
I re-lease my grip from her n£¢k
“I swear I don’t know where Vera is..She replied with tears dropping from her eyes
I laugh devilishly then gave her a heavy bite on her n£¢k,su-cking her dry
How am I going to get Vera?
Where on Earth can she be?
The King of Xaxie alre-ady given me her weakness and all I nee-d is to see her
I remember I saw her with one guy at the Friday p@rty…Let me go and get that guy
He attends Caritas Highschool
He may know about Vera and Axel Whereabouts
Living in the Forest is somewhat Adventurous
I went to the River to take my bath leaving Axel in the tent
The water was so cool and I enjoy every p@rt of bathing 😊
I went back to the tent..Axel is just staring at me then I felt a Sudden Headache
“My head hurts😣..I said
“Vera you phone’s ringing…
“Okay..I replied walking to my phone
I just have 10%left on it and there is no place to charge here.
Mrs Angeline was calling
📞Hello momma
📞Is this Mrs Angeline daughter?..We saw this number saved on her phone as My Amiable Daughter💓
📞Yes I am her daughter..Hope no problem??
📞We are calling from the mortuary,you nee-d to show up urgently for the burial of your mom
📞What! Don’t tell me she is dead
📞She is Dead
The phone fell from my hands and tears drip from my eyes
“What’s the matter?..Axel said wiping off my tears
“The only one left for me as a mother is Dead…I replied crying then hvg Axel
“It’s Okay.. St©p crying
“You are all I have left..Pls don’t leave me😭😘..I said amidst tears
“I promise,I won’t leave you..I will stay with you every chance I have got❤..He replied dis£ngaging from the hvg
He picked up the shattered phone then arranged it
“I know Kayla killed her….I shouted
“Be Patient Bby💓..Kayla said ru-bbing my shoulder
The phone ring again but at this point Axel pick the cally
He couldn’t say a word but tears were dropping from his eyes..He switched off the phone then throw it on the wall..
“Why are you crying??..I asked but he just kept crying 😭
“plea-se say something..I added
“Dave is Dead ” He Stuttered
“Oh my world”I shouted and started crying again
“I am gonna fight him
I am gonna kill Kayla😡
I am going back to the Earth now”Axell said walking out of the tent
“You fighting Kayla is like walking into death 👹..Do you want all my effort wasted. I was banished from the Vampire Kingdom,Mrs Angeline was killed..We have to live in the Forest. If you go to meet Kayla,He is gonna kill you and successfully take the Ring then all Effort and all Loss in Vain”..
He st©pped on his track then walk back to me
“Vera you said Instead of dieing as a Coward you will fight till Death 😡
“Not when someone is given your weakness..I snapped
“It’s just 20 days to the Full moon
Exercise patience or we loose it all..I added
10 days later
“It’s 10 days to the Full moon..I think it’s time to re-move the Ring 💍”I said then Axel choked on an Imaginary water
“Do you trust me..
“Yes but I don’t wanna be disabled
“You know,I am a good surgeon”I replied but he kept staring at me
“Can I hurt you 💔..I asked him
” No..I don’t think you can..
I walked close to him then said
“I can’t hurt you Axel💓..
I placed my mouth on his n£¢k then he shivered lightly
My f!nger pierced into his leg and I gave him a heavy bite on his n£¢k…
“Veraaa…He screamed