The vampire princess Episode 9 & 10

The Vampire Princess 👹👺💀
Episode 9…
The Snake bit me all over my b©dy then I felt another sharp sting s-en-sing what it was..It was a scorpion
“Ahh..ahh..yeeh..ohhh..Vera”I cried
I have never been in a pain as great as this
The pain is unbearable,The most deadly pain I have ever felt😭
“Someone should plea-se save me”I cried out loud
I couldn’t move because I was tied down
“No one can save you”I heard his Evil voice
“No one will save you and No one will ever save you
You will be tormented till you die”He added laughing devilishly then he disappeared
At this point that I am..I am begging for death
The pains are so unbearable
I am really really hungry like I seriously nee-d blood
I went to a brothel to get a pr©st!tût£since that is the only easy way to get a Human to feed on..
Getting to the h0tel room,I acted like I wanted to k!ssher n£¢k so I use that opportunity to devour her
I didn’t sleep throu-ghout the night all I did was to walk around and the next morning
I went to SuZuEla
I was walking down the street by 12pm yesterday night when I saw a guy
He is from the Vampire world..I can see it clearly from his face
I decided to follow him secretly because that may possibly help me find the Ring 💍I c@m£ to Earth for.
The next morning He disappeared
Immediately he disappeared,I chanted a word that will make me appear at wherever he disappeared to..
I met my self at the Middle of a Desert and everywhere went blank
“I am dying 😣”I heard a voice..The voice was so weak and pale
“I can’t wait for you to die”I heard another voice
“So I will bring the ring out of you”The voice Added
The Ring ?..That must be the Pelvic Ring💍..I thought within
“plea-se Mister I am begging you just let me be”Axel cried seriously bleeding
“You are going to die👹”I replied as I pierced his stomach with my f!ngers
Blood kept gushing out..
“The pain is much😣..He said growing more weak
Just within three days I am sure he will die
“You can’t have that Ring💍I will have it😏”I turned around to see a Creature that I can’t even describe
“Who are you??..I asked in Anger😡
“Why do you care to know.. He replied rushing to attack me with his rotten hands
I held his hands using my sharp f!nger to cut it off
“Who do you think you are?”…I shouted then he spat inside my eyes
I was unable to see like I just can’t see anything..He gave me a ha-rd sl@p on the face..I fell to the floor gro-an ing in pain😣
I couldn’t open my eyes…I only heard Axel voice
“God help me” He repeated that s£ntence for more than a thousand times
After some minutes,I open my eyes slowly the sight the Creature su-cking the blood that gush out of Axel
This fool just took in poison😏
The ring have been soa-ked in Axel blood for a very long time so Axel blood has become poison to any kind of Creature
Not up to a Minute after,The Creature fell on the floor giving up the ghost
I disappeared to Xaxie out of Anger😡
de-ep in the Cave (Xaxie 👹)
“My king I alre-ady keep Axel in my hostage and I will get the Ring soon
The most annoying p@rt is that A creature attacked me today and I almost died”I explained
“Thank you my son..I know you will bring back the Ring and I have also put a lot of trust in you😘”…
“Don’t thank me King😏Coz once I Acquire the Ring don’t think I am giving it back to Vera..I am gonna make use of the Ring and I am gonna be the most powerful of all the Seven Clans
I will be the Overall ruler💪..
“Why such decision???…
“Do not think I am a fool..I went to the world to work and strife for the King.. What your daughter(The Heiress to the throne👑) can not do
So after working and risking my life for the Ring you expect me to come back and give it to Vera or Anyone
I am going to have that Ring to myself💪and be the Greatest Ruler
Not only you deserve to Rule”…The king eyes Reddened at Kayla words
“You must be kidding Kayla😓..The king replied ru-bbing his eyes
“Don’t be deceived Highness
Once I get the Ring I am not bringing it back here”…Kayla replied disappearing into thin air
The King faced his powerful sceptre then shouted
I haven’t hear from Axel for about three days now
I tried calling him but it is not going throu-gh
Dave was abs£nt at school today so I decide to trekk home
On my way home,I heard my Dad voice
Before I could say a pin i disappeared
“Axel is in the hostage of Kayla”Dad said
“What!..How possible??..I shouted
“Once Kayla get the Ring💍..He is not returning it to any of us ..He wants to use it for himself and be the most powerful ever💪💪”Dad explained
“How dare him…I shouted
“Shut up..You caused it 😡”Dad snapped
“I want you to make get that Ring before Kayla do
I want you to bring back that Ring💍even If it will end up hurting anyone 💔💔
Failure to do so..I will reject you as my daughter for ever
I will disown you😡And throw you out of the Vampire Kingdom
The Vampire Princess 👹👺
Episode 10
I g@sped at Dad word but that is not my concern now. My concern is about Axel..He is in Real danger
Where on Earth can Kayla take him to??
“Dad I have to go to Earth so as to start looking for Axel”I said then disappeared
Getting home,I prepared for my flight
After necessary preparation I buried my head in my be-d thinking about Axel..I don’t have an Idea of what is going on with him,Ever since I left India I haven’t heard from him even though I tried
There is one think I am perfectly sure of..Axel is in Danger and the only one who can be behind all this is Kayla😡😡but how on Earth did he get the Address??
I close my eyes letting sleep take over me..
Waking up the next morning,I hurriedly took my bath and get dressed
I was about going out of the house when I heard Mrs Angeline voice
“Are you going to India now buy today is not Saturday..Its just Thursday😏..
“It’s an Emergency”I replied fighting against my tears 😭
“It’s Okay,I un-derstand..You should get going a loved one can be in danger💔”She replied hvgging me lightly
I sniffed trying to control my tears
“Thank you Momma❤..
Dave drove me to the Airport,I actually informed him yesterday that I am travelling to India urgently
“With this look on your face,I hope my best buddy is okay..He asked when we got to the Airport
“I just have to go to India before the worst happens…
“If you stay in India for more than a week,I will make sure i join you …
“Thanks for your concern😘
“What are friends for?..He replied driving off
This time I did not sleep throu-ghout the flight
I was busy thinking about Axel,His current position and how to go about it
Immediately the Flight arrive at India..I went to Axel dep@rtment
I walk upstairs to Axel room as tears slowly stream down from my cheeks😭
On a normal day,He will have hvg me and we will go Cinema together but now there is no one in the house
“C’mon Vera you have to be strong💪”I said wiping off my tears
“If you want to see Axel then look for Kayla”I said to myself again then I angrily went out of the house..
I start searching everywhere,Everywhere I know I could possibly find Kayla
Suddenly I heard his voice
“You are searching for me Right😏??.
“Where do you keep my Axel…I said gr-abbing his collar
“Last I checked,I ask you for his address and you refuse to give me and now you are asking me about his whereabouts..I think I should be asking you that”He replied acting serious
“Where is Axel..I shouted strangling his n£¢k but he desperately push me off
“I don’t know about Axel whereabouts😡
You were the one hiding him
I know you put up all this show in order to tell your Dad Axel is nowhere to be found and the Ring is gone😏”He shouted then walk away
“You are a Liar”I seethed but he ignored me
I am really really frustrated at this point of time
If Axel is on Earth,I would have find him
I know he is Far away from the world…I went back home and l@ytiredly on the be-d😣
“Meravera why are you laying down here”A voice echoed
I stood up to see no one
“Who are you?…I asked
“I c@m£ to help you,Axel is in SuZuEla”The voice replied
“SuZuEla…The land of death👹”I shouted spranging up to my feet
“No nee-d to Panic Just go and save him
He alre-ady spent 4 days there and If care is not taken he will die”
“Go to SuZuEla”The Voice shouted
I disappeared straight to SuZuEla👾👾👾
“O death where are you…Just come and take me away😭”I heard Axel voice then my heart Sank
I have to find him..Gosh! This place is Damn dark but I am a powerful being I will find my way
Finally I found Axel…He was tied down being attacked by different Animal
I chanted a spell which made all the poisonous spell run away from him
I untied him then he fell on my shoulder
“Axel”I called..He was so weak that he couldn’t talk all i could hear was his breath
Blood hoozed gently from his mouth
“plea-se don’t die”I whispered
“Do you think you can take him away”I heard Kayla voice
He was about to attack me when I disappeared with Axel
All I have to do now is to Save Axel life.. If i engage in any fight..Kayla may hurt Axel the more😓..
I didn’t go to Mellington,India or Xaxie
I went to the forest where I will have enough time to keep care of Axel…
de-ep in the Cave(Xaxie👹👹)
“Your highness..Vera has taken Axel away from me”Kayla said
“That’s a good thing”The king replied smiling 🤗
“Then if it is a good thing,Call her to bring the Ring since Axel is currently with her💍😏..I bet you she won’t bring the Ring
All her aim is to betray the Vampire world 👹”Kayla replied
“I Trust my daughter”The king snapped
“And she will fail you..
“Veraaaaa”The king shouted Angrily
“What is it Father?”Vera replied appearing in the Cave
“Now that you have Axel with you..I want you to bring the Ring immediately and I want Axel dead 👹”The king commanded
“No Dad..Axel is so weak,I can never kill him and if you want the Ring..You will have to give me time. In order to re-move the ring without hurting him…Vera Explained
“You are a Bastard” The Queen shouted
“And I hereby disown you as my daughter
..I banish you from the Vampire Kingdom 😡”The king added
“You are disappointment
I regret giving birth to you as my only child😣”The Queen said in pain
“Forgive me😔”Vera replied walking out of the Cave then The King shouted
“And to you Kayla
I want you to look for Axel and bring back the Ring 💍💍
Kill Axel and Bring his b©dy to Xaxie 👹
If Vera stand as a hindrance😏..I command you to kill her😡
Worry less Kayla ..I know she is powerfuI and I will fortify you against her💪..”