The Vampire Princess

Episode 13…





I bit Axel on the neck then pierced my finger into his leg

I didn’t want to kill him or suck his blood,I want to initiate him,I want him part of me

That is the only way I can remove the Ring 💍without disability or death

“Veraaa…He shouted

I user my finger to search for the Ring and Finally i found it,It was stuck in the bone

I dragged it out then he shouted again

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“Vera plss…

I drop the Ring on the may and released my teeth from his neck

The Ring sparkles despite the blood that surrounds it


I sighed Heavily as Vera released me

She put the Ring on the mat then I felt a Sudden transformation..I am no more that Axel that I used to be

Vera clean the blood that gushed out of my leg ..I just kept looking at her then she stared at me

“I am so sorry Axel..I just have to initiate you and make you part of me💋..

“Are you telling me that I am now a Vampire..

“But that is the only way I could bring out the Ring💍without you being disabled

“But you should have prepared me for this…He replied heading his neck

“Cherished💓..I am so sorry..

“I just feel so tired”..He replied laying down

I lay down beside him letting sleep take over..


I watched Vera as she wrapped around me drifting into sleep

Why on Earth does she initiated me??

Why did she turn me into a Vampire??

I can’t believe I am no longer a Human

How will I cope with this New life ???..

I gently stoop up so as not to interrupt her sleep but she held my hands

“Where are you going??”She asked sleepily

“I wanna go to the stream to take my bath💦…

“It’s sunny..The sun Ray may affect you remember you are no longer a Human..She replied standing up

“So do you expect me to stay here in the tent without bathing when you do go out in the sun😏..

“I have a necklace which protect me from ‘s and you can bath at night..

“So you wanna turn me into a monster who doesn’t go out in the Day only at Night…

“Is not that way??

“Then what way??..I snapped

“Take it easy on me I am only trying to protect you 😏

“But must you have to turn me into this..I shouted only to see my finger nails grow longer

“Axel control your temper..I only did this to prevent you from being disabled”She shouted

“And must you have to Remove the Ring💍💍..I shouted again loosing my temper

“Axel your teeth and your eyeball has changed..Just cool down😓

The ring is to be soaked in the first blood a baby Vampire will take in so as to continue the Vampire Generation but leaving it in your leg can end us…

“I prefer being disabled than being a Vampire😡

“So have you always despise the fact that I am a Vampire😡

“Don’t get me wrong…I like you the way you are..you were born that way”I replied

“Then why are you angry being a part of me?”..She asked

“There are some things I am used to that I will have to stop doing”I explained


“Going out in the sun” I said with a smirk


“Killing my fellow Human by sucking their blood…

“Ohh Cherished💓..You will get used to it and I think the Pelvic Ring will protect you from SunRays…She replied inserting the Ring into my finger

“I am also tired of living in the forest😣..

“It will be over soon”She replied and my anger turned into a genuine smile,My finger nails went in and I felt normal again

“I am sorry If I might have hurt you😘”She said with a pleading eyes

“You have never hurt me..All You did was to protect me..I understand everything”I replied then she hugged me tight

“I love you Vera💓”Those words slipped out of my mouth without control

“I love you too Cherished ❤..She replied still hugging me

Vera is my only hope…I don’t know what I will have done without her

Without Vera I would have been Dead but the fact that I am a Vampire still surprise me

She turned me into a Vampire…That stuff still seems annoying but I have no choice than to let it go since she is the only one I have

“I wanna go take my shower 💦…I told her again

“Likewise me…She replied giggling then we both went out together

The End of the Year🌕


“The full moon will soon be out”I said to Axel

“So I have to give you the Ring💍💍..

“Umm..Yes..I replied

He gently removed the Ring out of his finger and placed it on my hands

“Time to go out..He said smiling

“Follow me..I replied dragging him along

“One person is meant to be under the moon🌕..The other person dies😓…He complained

“Just follow me..

We went out together..Finally we got to the Middle of the Forest

“Vera let me go back,I don’t wanna Die😓..Axel said but I held his two hands Staring into his eyes

The moon shone🌝..I slipped the Ring into his Finger💍 immediately then plant a kiss on his lips..


Thunder striked,The floor were trembling..Trees were falling😣…The moon Rays went to the Middle of Both of us

Thunder striked descending on the spot our lips met💋💋


I suddenly felt weak😔..My knees were fluttered..I couldn’t feel my knees and I was going down likewise Axel

Have I taken the Right step??

Or are we going to Die😢




Episode 14


I grew weaker and weaker and I was going down

To my surprise,Axel was going down with me

I couldn’t say a word neither could he

I interlocked my hands with his then the moon stopped shining

Everything went blank then I lay down lifeless 😔


……..Relax she is not Dead………


General pov

Axel Kendal and Vera lay unconscious till the Next morning and Finally they received the power everyone is Craving for💪😘


I opened my eyes slowly to see Vera beside me

“Vera we are alive🤗”I shouted jumping up

I was as light as ever,It was as if there was no bone in me

Vera opened her eyes then stood up

“We made it,I thought we gonna die..She said with surprise over her

“C’mon we are alive”I replied dragging her round the Forest

“We made it💪💪…I shouted running around with her

“We are alive is not the Case 😏…Vera said madeing me stop at my tracks

“Then what is the Case😏😏??…

“We are the Most powerful of all clans..So we should think about how to rule and use our powers..She explained

“You know I am not after this power stuff right from the very beginning 😏😏..I replied with a smirk

“All I care about is that we are alive..I added

“Let’s go to the tent we have to go back to ly Earth😘..Vera said resting on my chest

“Let’s go to the River first to take a cool bath…I replied then Carried her on my shoulders..She seems very light..maybe she felt the same transformation too 💦

“1 2 GO..I said the drop her into the River

“Woaaaah…Take a look💓…She shouted

Vera seriously turned into a Mermaid

“Oh My World..You have a Fish Tail”I exclaimed

“Come and join me”She said dragging me into the Sea💦

To my Greatest Surprise..I transformed

My leg turned into a Fish Tail💦

“We have Seven different power and it includes the Mermaidia Power💦💪💦” Vera explained Flapping her tails on the River

Vera look really beautiful as a Mermaid and her tail sparkles

“Wow..You look Amazing😘

She swam towards me,Placed one of her hands on my shoulder and the other fluttered in my chest

“Is that what a Kiss looks like💋..She asked

“What happened under the moon 🌕wasn’t a Kiss💋

It was Terrific

I couldn’t even Respond to the Kiss the way I am supposed to do”

“Then what does a Kiss look like?”She replie wrapping her hands around my neck…

I took in her lower lips😘then my tongue flowed into the Intimate warmth of her

I lingered on her neck then trailed back to her lips


I love the way she moan

“That’s what a Kiss look like. ..I whispered

“I love it. ..She whispered in between Moans

The feeling of being between waters💦💦 was extremely extraordinary

We swam around the Sea them she said

“Let’s Visit Xaxie👹

“Hun..do you know what you are saying 😏..I asked her looking confused

“Let’s go..She replied then held my hands

We disappeared right from the waters💦💦

Deep in the Cave (Xaxie👹👹)

“Highness The powerful one is here”A guard said bowing before the King of Xaxie

“Who is the powerful one except from my husband “The Queen snapped

“Let them In”The King of Xaxie Interrupted

Axel Kendal and Meravera came in 👑👑

The King and Queen bow their heads saying

“We pay our Homage the most powerful of all💪💪…

“So Dad you could bow your head

Remember this is the guy you want me to kill😡

And now he is in your presence 💋💋

Kill him if you can😡😡”Vera Shouted

“Lay your hands on him If you can

You Banished me and now you are bowing for me😏..What a Shame”..She added

“Mind the way you talk to your Father 😡”The Queen of Xaxie Retorted

“To hell with you mom😡

You called me a disappointment 😡

You called me regret and ….

“Where is Kayla..Axel Interrupted

“Here am I..Kayla said walking up to him..

“Trust me,I am gonna Kill you😡

You killed my Parents😡

You killed the Woman acting as Vera mother😡You killed Dave..My Best Pal💓”Axel shouted changing into a Creature no one could describe

All that Vampires in Xaxie bowed down including Vera,The King and Queen👑💪

Kayla fell at Axel feet saying

“Forgive me for the death of Mrs Angeline 😢

I never killed Dave he is at the Dungeon here in Xaxie 👹and I will release him to you

Concerning your parents Vera killed them😏😏



Axel turned to me saying

“Vera don’t tell me you killed my Parents 😡

“Axel..I..I”I stammered😢

Axel look more Dangerous in the creature he is

He shouted again then tears flowed freely from my eyes

“Don’t tell me you killed my Parents.. .



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