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The twelfth disciples episode 30 & 31

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 30
By: Faith Lucky
I stared at the car as it drove in. Then, I turned back to look at Scott.
“Get out of here, Scott. I don’t want you here” I said huskily and slowly, he let go of my wrist, probably when he saw Nathan’s car stop moving.
“I need to know about that mark, Danica. Do you have any idea you might be a disciple?” He asked.
Okay; now this is getting more crappy.
“A disciple?” I chuckled. “Scott, have you gone crazy? What disciple are you talking about? Wh….What’s a disciple? This is just a mark, Scott – a birth mark – just like everyone else would have. So, I don’t understand why you’re trying to make it a big deal. If this is one of your silly games, then please, I’d ask you to quit them and leave me alone”.
Nathan was already out of his car and had been marching towards us. I quickly moved away from Scott.
“Danica?” Nathan called when he got closer to us.
“My prince” I bowed. “Y…You’re back”. I swallowed hard.
From the look on Scott’s face, it was obvious he didn’t want to pay any respect to the King. But yeah, he had to. He was standing in his premises.
“Good evening, my prince” Scott bowed, repugnance echoing in his voice.
“Is there a problem?” The prince asked, looking at me.
“N…Not at all” I shook my head immediately. “Scott here is just… he’s just someone I know ans um…my grandma sent him to me to deliver a message”.
I didn’t need to look at Scott to know he was super angry.
“Okay. Is he done with the message?” He asked.
“Yes, my prince. I…”
“I’m not done” Scott suddenly cut in, his voice sounding so hard. “we’re not done talking, Danica”.
Goodness! What’s wrong with this guy?
I glanced at the prince, then took my eyes to the floor. Why’s Scott just trying to complicate things for me?
“Danica….are you done with him or not?” Nathan asked, wanting to be more specific.
I stared at Scott, wondering what exactly his problem could be. Why was he trying to make an issue out of a common mark I’ve had with me since birth?
Iknew it. He was just trying to play games on me or make me spend more time with him so he could get into my head. Well, I’m definitely not giving him that opportunity.
“I’m done with him, my prince” I answered. “my uh… My grandma was just trying to make me do something in particular that I don’t want to. So, I’m done with him”.
“Danica…” Scott gritted
“If she said she’s done with you, then you’re done. Just let her be and get out of here”.
Oh my God! Nathan was way too rude.
“Let’s go, Danica” he added and began walking away.
Iglanced at Scott and turned to follow the prince, but he surprisingly held me back.
“Since I can’t have you, Danica” he whispered angrily to me. “I’m going to make sure no one else will”.
And with that, he let go of my wrist roughly just before the prince would turn around to notice.
For a few seconds, I stood, staring at Scott, trying to decipher what he could possibly mean. And he walked out on me.
Scott’s words kept ringing in my head as I followed the prince back into the kitchen.
“Since I can’t have you, I’m going to make sure no one else would”.
Was that relsly a threat? What if he’s actually planning something big – something dangerous?
Oh! Christ! How did I ever get to know this guy?
As soon as Nathan and I were alone in the sitting room, he turned and looked at me.
“Okay, Danica. I need to know the truth” he stood very close to me, his eyes displaying so much seriousness. “Who exactly is that guy?”
My brows furrowed in surprise.
Could it be possible he actually doesn’t believe me?
“My…My prince” I stuttered. “I thought I told you already? He’s just a messenger from my grandma..”
“Yes, that was what you told me. But I don’t think that’s what your mind is saying. There’s no point hiding it from me. I don’t think it’s right for a lady to deny her man”.
What? What’s he talking about?
Disgust filled me immediately.
“My prince? He’s not my …”
“Oh! Please, Danica. Like I’m so dumb not to realise. I’m very much aware he’s your boyfriend and is probably mad at the fact you’re staying here with me. Well, you can let him know I’m just trying to be of help”. He rolled his eyes and started walking away.
“But you’re… getting it wrong. He’s just a….” He didn’t let me finish up before he climbed the stairs and got lost.
I touched my hair and was almost forced to laugh. So,the prince actually thinks Scott is my….
Well, he was my boyfriend. But hell, not anymore! I see it as a testimony that I’m finally free from that guy. I can’t even imagine myself being with him – ever again.
His threatened words came hitting at me again, but I quickly wiped it off.
They were just threats and for someone like Scott, he always made stupid threats each time he was angry.
I returned to the kitchen and tried to finish up my meal.
I stood angrily by the road side, my hands fisted beside me.
Oh! Danica, you prolly don’t know what you’ve done, huh? You obviously don’t know.
But thinking about it – she didn’t even know what the mark meant.
Oh! Of course, she was definitely pretending – trying to cover up her @as. Why would she have such a mark and don’t even know it’s meaning? That’s totally pointless.
Well, even if it’s just a coincidence, even if I’m wrong and the mark didn’t make her the missing disciple, I guess that should be up to the Royal family to decide. I’ll only be doing my job by handing the lady with the mark over to them. I guess they should be the one to sort it out themselves and know if it’s just a coincidence or she’s truly the one
I’m sorry, Danica. I never wanted to do this. But you’ve pushed me so hard already.
I know what I did in the past was wrong, but you wouldn’t even let me make amends. Right in front of the prince, you denied me and called me a mere messenger. So, I’m really sorry, but you’ve left me no choice.
And with that, I boarded a cab.
In a while, I was done with the meal and started taking them to the dining bit by bit.
I dropped the second tray carefully on the dining and turning around, I found the prince standing right in front of me.
“Oh!” I was startled.
Goodness! He gave me a mighty fright. I didn’t know he was standing there.
“My prince!” I called in relief.
“Did I scare you?” He asked, his face having no expression in particular.
“Y… Yes, My prince. I mean, not really. But you actually scared me”.I sighed.
He was holding a glass of drink and he sipped from it and stretched to keep it on the dining.
That way, my back was leaning against the table with the prince standing very close to me while he kept the glass. His face was almost touching mine.
He dropped the glass and just when I thought he should be moving away, he remained still instead.
He made his hands rest on the table on each side of my waist.
“Danica….” He called calmly, his breath touching my face.
Okay… What exactly is he doing?
“I just….” He paused and bit his lower lip.
“There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you”.
I was muted like a statue, almost unable to breathe. I couldn’t even say a word.
Slowly, I felt him move his hand from the table and place them on my waist.
Holy Christ!
“My prince!” I called with a gasp.
What’s he doing?
I felt goosebumps all over and my legs shook.
Oh! Goodness.
He moved his hand on my waist, almost playing with the tip of my shirt and in the process, he brought his lips so close to mine. My eyes were nearly bulging out.
Suddenly, the door went wide open and someone barged in.
Episode 31
By: Faith Lucky
I shivered with the abrupt sound of the door and diverting my eyes, I found a lady standing there at the doorway.
The prince, who was already holding the tip of my shirt, slowly turned his face to have a look and I noticed his brows knitted in surprise when they found her.
He slowly moved away from me.
“N… Nathan?” The lady called, a crack in her voice.
There was a clear expression of shock and confusion on her face.
“Andrea?” The prince called.
Andrea? The name sounded familiar.
“What’re you doing here? I mean…you didn’t tell me you were coming”.
“Yeah, I….I wanted to surprise you. Mabel told me….you were here” she walked in, her dazed eyes on me.
Now, I remember! Andrea was the prince’s childhood friend – the one Mabel told me about.
Oh my! Hope she doesn’t get the wrong impression about this?
But the prince….w
What exactly was he doing?
She stopped walking when she was close enough.
“And you” she smiled faintly at me. “you must be Danica. Mabel told me you’d be here as well”.
I gulped nervously.
“Y…Yes, miss. Good evening”.
Her stare was long on me, but finally, she took them away to the prince. She walked closer to him and hugged him.
“Hi Nathan” she whispered.
I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me she was affected by what she saw as a result of how cold she was acting.
“Hi” the prince whispered in return.
Gsh! The suppense in the room was extreme as i felt I had just created a huge problem.
The lady’s eyes were looking really sore.
“Um….do you mind showing me to the guest room? I’d love to….get cleaned up” she cleared her throat and said.
“Of course. Come on” the prince replied and led the way.
And the lady followed after giving me a glance.
The prince – he didn’t spare another word but had just left me speechless, my heart suspended.
What’s the meaning of what he just did? Why… Why did he try to?
I placed my hand on my lips and thought. What did the prince have in mind?
I really couldn’t understand his move, but they scared the hell out of me and made me so nervous. Now, I couldn’t even concentrate
I sighed and turned back to the dining, taking a seat. I had wanted to eat with the prince, but with what had just happened, I doubt if that was going to be possible again.
I led Andrea to the guest room, feeling really bittered at the way she had ruined my plans.
Dmn! I was so close to getting it. So close to checking the mark. Why did she really have to ruin everything within the twinkle of an eye?
Oh! Danica, I couldn’t believe I just left her in a more confused state. If only Andrea had waited a little more time, I’d have settled everything in a way there’d be no suspicions left.
“You didn’t tell me you already had a girlfriend, Nathan” Andrea suddenly said from behind and I tuned to look at her.
She had a feigned smile on.
“Andrea…. it’s not what you think” I said devastatedly.
“Really?” She scoffed.
“It’s not what I think? And what do you think I think, Nathan?”
Oh! Great.
“You were ..You were almost kssing her” there was a crack in her voice.
“You were so….”
“Andrea, it was nothing. Believe me” I cut her off, but a tear came rolling down.
“Just leave, Nathan. I’ll be… I’ll be fine. I just need to clean up” she sniffed and opened the door behind me which was the guestroom.
She opened the door and walked in while I remained dumbfounded.
Geez! What’s going on?
“What’re you talking about, Williams? There’s no way I’m handing my daughter to that monster – even if the results comes out positive” I blurted in the moving car as I sat beside Williams.
“Seriously? So, you’re just going to hold her child against her will? That’s unlawful, Maya. And there’s no way it’s working out” he scoffed.
“Well, I don’t care! That lady deserves to go to jail for what she did. She stole my baby away from me?!”
“I know. I know, okay? But it’s been years now and we don’t even have strong evidence against her. Honey, I know this is difficult for you, but we have to do it, okay? If the results comes out positive, Bitna needs to go to her mother. We need to let her go”.
I fisted my hands and looked away through the window. Dmn it! I wish I could lay my hands on that Kim right now. How I so hate her at the moment.
Williams’ phone started ringing and I had a glance at the screen before he picked it up. It was the doctor.
“Oh! Really? I thought you said in two days time?
“Wow! Okay then. We’ll be there first thing in the morning. Thank you, doctor”.
And he dropped the call.
“What’s going on?” I asked immediately he was done.
“It’s um… it’s the doctor. He said the results would be out by tomorrow morning” he replied.
“Huh? Tomorrow morning? I thought he said in two days time?”
“Well, yeah. He said he found a way to make it quicker” he shrugged and tried to focus on the road.
Oh. So, the results would actually be ready by tomorrow?
Oh My! Now, I feel so nervous.


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