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The twelfth disciples episode 32 & 33

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 32
By: Faith Lucky
After eating alone, I cleared the table and went straight to my room to stay. Thank goodness, I didn’t see Nathan cause I didn’t think I wanted to see him at the moment – not even hi childhood friend.
I sat sullenly on the bed, thinking about it. Maybe I should just go away – go far from here. Maybe I should go back home.
Oh God! But mum….
I really didn’t want to see that woman at the moment. I didn’t want to see her or stay close to her, at least, until all these is settled. Because, considering what she’s done to me, I can’t believe I’d been referring to someone like that as ‘mum’ for eighteen years.
There was a knock on the door and it snapped me out ofky thoughts. Oh! Who could it be again?
I left the bed and sauntered towards the door to open and….Oh! It was….Andrea?
Huh? What’s she doing here?
She seemed to had changed her dress and was putting on soemthing short and exposive. I looked at her in surprise as I held the door open.
“Um….good evening,Miss. Can I help you with something?” I asked curiously and she suddenly smiled.
“There isn’t a problem, dear. Just feel bored and needed someone to talk to”. She replied and I mouthed an oh.
Does that mean I should let her in?
“Y…You can come in, then” I cleared my throat and tried moving away from the door.
“No, no, no. Don’t worry about that, dear. I don’t have plans of coming in” she smiled and I turned to look at her.
So, does she want to keep standing here all day or what?
“Mabel told me…. you’re having some issues with your family” she said, but I couldn’t tell if thar was a question or just a statement.
I just kept quiet and stared at her.
“And the prince’s home is the first place that could come to your mind, right?” She asked again and I furrowed my brows in surprise.
Huh? What’s she talking about?
“Don’t you have friends? Any female friends? Why the prince?”
“Sorry miss, but I don’t….get you” I chipped in.
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“Of course you won’t” she scoffed and rolled her eyes.
hope you don’t get me wrong dear, but I’m just trying to look out for you. Spending time with a boy doesn’t really speak well for you, you know? It…. makes you look cheap and anything could happen”.
“I’ve only been here for two days and nothing’s happened” I said. “there’s nothing going on between the prince and I. He just….offered to help me”
“It doesn’t matter, darling. The point is, you shouldn’t really be here in the first place. It’s dangerous for a lady like you. If Nathan was someone dangerous, he’d have hurt you, you know. I’m just trying to look out for you” she gave a sarcastic smile.
was about saying something when the presence of a maid interrupted us.
“Good evening ma’am” she bowed. “sorry to interrupt, but there’s a woman here to see you. She said her name is Maya” .
Maya? That’s Bitna’s mum!!
Or…. should I say mum??
I glanced at Andrea.
“Okay then. I’ll go see her” I replied and stepped away from the door so I could close it.
“I hope you can excuse me now, Miss” I turned to Andrea and said before walking out with the maid.
I followed the maid out of the house and met Ma’am Maya by the gate. Oh my! She was really there.
I found myself running towards her when I get close.
“Danica” she beamed and opened her arms wide for me, collecting me in the embrace.
“Good evening, ma’am” I beamed, hugging her tight.
Oh! I just couldn’t tell why the hell I felt so relieved doing it.
“Oh! Dear, how’re you doing?” She stroke my hair.
“I think I’m fine. And you?”
“I’m okay.
“I was um…on my way home from work when I decided to stop by and check up on you. Are you sure you’re doing okay here?” She asked as we disengaged from the hug.
“Of course, ma’am. Of course, I’m fine. Thanks for checking up on me”.
“Oh! Please, it’s nothing. Guess what? The doctor called and the test results would be out by tomorrow dear” she said happily but somehow, I couldn’t really be excited.
The results would be out?
Urgh! Should I really be happy or not?
“T…That sounds great, ma’am. At least….we can get to clear all these confusion”.I sighed and she patted my shoulders.
“Um…. ma’am” she called after a pause.
“Can I….ask for a favor, please?”
“Of course dear. What is it?” She asked with concern.
I paused and bit my lip.
I…. possibly go home with you? Just for tonight? I….I don’t want to stay here anymore”. I stuttered.
But her eyes beamed.
“That had been my suggestion from the onset, Danica. Of course, you can come with me. I’ll be very happy” she enthused.
“Okay ma’am. I’ll just….get my things” .
“Okay. I’ll be waiting” she smiled and I turned around and left.
Oh God! I’m doing the right thing, right?
Well, of course. I couldn’t think of being close to the prince at that moment. And not to mention his childhood friend. Maybe I should just go and give them some space.
I walked back to the house and the first person I saw was the prince. Thank goodness! He was the one I needed to see at the moment because I had nothing else to do. He was the only reason I was there.
“My prince” I paused and bowed. “I was actually looking for you. I need to tell you something important, my prince”.
He was silent and didn’t make a move.
“Mrs Maya is here” I continued anyway. “She came over to see me. And… I’ll be leaving with her, my prince. I…I want to spend the night in her place”.
“Why?” He suddenly asked.
“No reason in particular, my prince. I just want to spend some time with her. Please, I hope you can permit me. I really appreciate the help so far” I bowed again and turned around to leave.
“Danica” he suddenly called and I froze.
Goodness! What again?
Slowly, I turned to look at him, fighting so hard to hide my emotions.
“I’m sorry” he said in a deep breath and I felt my heart flutter.
Sorry? For what exactly? For what had happened a while ago?
I let out a light smile and bowed again, then proceeded out of the house.
And as I did, I felt a pain in my chest. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it was there.
I got out of the house and met Mrs Maya still waiting for me by the gate.
“You’re ready?” She asked and I nodded with a sigh.
She held my hand and led me out of the gate, out to where her car was parked.
I was with my mom in the car as we both waited for the “guy” to show up.
“What’s taking him so long,mum?” I asked, sounding really tired already.
“He’ll be here soon, Mabel. Just exercise some patience” she replied and I rolled my eyes.
Well, since it had to do with father’s health, I think I’m ready to wait.
Few more minutes, I saw a guy walking towards us.
“Is he the one?” I turned to mum and asked immediately and she nods.
Ah! At last.
Mum opened the door and stepped out and I did same as well. We stood outside the car and awaited the guy to get close. Why was he walking like a snail?
“Good evening, my Queen. I apologise for the delay” he bowed.
“It’s okay, Scott. What do you have for me?” Mother asked enthusiastically and he handed a picture to her.
Wait …..
“There the lady you’re looking for” he said.
“Her name is Danica. And right now, she’s with your son”.
Episode 33
By: FLucky
Mum was surprised as well.
“She’s staying with your brother?” She turned to me and asked, but I didn’t say a word. I couldn’t.
Danica is the 12th disciple?? But how???
How possible???
Oh! Goodness.
“Mabel, talk to me. Is she really there with him?? Does your brother know her??”
“She’s there,My Queen$ the Scott guy answered.
“If I wasn’t so sure, I wouldn’t bring it to you. I had seen her earlier today and confirmed she’s staying with the prince”.
Oh goodness! This isn’t good.
Danica’s the one we’ve been looking for??? She’s the one that needs to be killed??
“Let’s go” Mum suddenly said and hurried back to the car.
I was dumbstruck; didn’t know what to do.
I looked at the Scott guy and he was staring back at me. Then, I moved away and turning on my phone, I dialed Nathan’s number.
My heart was beating heavily. I couldn’t even think twice. Nathan picked when the call was about coming to an end.
“What is it, Ma…”
“Nathan, where’s Danica?” I cut him off.
There was no time for that.
He didn’t reply immediately.
“Danica? Why asking?”he asked.
“It’s important, Nathan. She’s the lady we’ve been looking for – the missing disciple!”
Although, I couldn’t see him, I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me how badly it affected him. There was a stunned silence.
“Mabel!!” Mum yelled from the car.
“What’re you talking about, Mabel? How did you know this?” Nathan asked.
“Mum just found out. We’re on our way to your place, Nathan” my voice couldn’t help but shake with fear.
“Nathan??” I called but the call ended immediately.
He ended the call.
Oh! Goodness.
“Mabel!! What’re you doing?!?” Mum scremed from the car and I shurgged out of my thoughts.
Oh, good saviors!
I ran to the car and got in and she took off immediately.
I stood up from the dining immediately, grabbed my car keys and started running out of the house. I met Andrea in the sitting room.
“Nathan, I wanted to…”
“Not bow, Andrea” I interrupted her as I mistakenly pushed her away and ran out of the house.
Danica….she was the 12th disciple??? The missing disciple?? The one needed to heal father!?
Goodness! No.
I’ve always known it. I suspected it. She was the one we’ve been looking for. The mark… I was sure I had seen it on her waist and that’s the reason I wanted to confirm it.
She’s the 12th disciple!!
I didn’t know what was I doing;but all I could think about was seeing Danica. She had left with her mother not long ago and I should be able to catch up with them.
“Open the gates!!!” I yelled to the guards as I opened my car and rushed in.
I was too anxious and my hands shook a little as I tried to insert the keys. But fortunately, I was able to do it and I started the car immediately.
The guards had already been opened and with a full speed, I drove out.
My heart was beating heavily in my chest. Danica….
Thar was the only name that kept ringing in my head.
She didn’t have a phone else, I’d have called her. How do I spot her car?
Driving through the streets, I spotted a black jeep trying to go out to the road. I could recognize the jeep. Her mother had come with it to the hospital if I wasn’t mistaken.
I increased my speed an fired towards it. I didn’t mind how careless I drove as all I wanted was to meet up with the car and get Danica.
Thanks to the saviors, I finally got them. I honked and stopped beside them and noticing me, they also had to stop and I rushed out of the car immediately.
“Danica..!” I called breathlessly.
The doors of the cars opened and both mother and child stepped out at once.
“My prince..” the woman called. “is there a problem?”
My eyes were pinned ok Danica. How do I get her away from her mother?
“My prince?” Danica asll called.
“Um….you left something back at my place, Danica. Something important”. I was a terrible liar.
Her brows furrowed in surprise.
“I …I don’t understand, my prince. I don think I left anything behind”. She replied.
“You did, Danica. And you need to come back with me, please”.
There was a brief silence.
“If I may ask, my prince, what is it?” The woman asked.
Oh! Dmn it. This wasn’t working. I needed a better excuse.
“We have an unfinished discussion…” I decided to use what I’d been running from.
Well, that was the only thing I could think about.
“What happened a while ago…you and I, I did it for a reason and I want us to talk about it. Please”.
There was another silence.
“My prince, I….” She paused and scoffed. “I’d loce to, but you don’t need to worry about it. I…I perfectly understand and I don’t blame you at all”.
“You don’t understand, Danica. There’re some things you don’t n
Know about that made me do it. So please…. just come with me. Please” I allowed her see the eagerness in my eyes.
I wouldn’t know what to do if she rejects this offer this time around because seriously, I was already out of excuses.
“Can’t it wait!” Her mother asked. “You could probably talk about it tomorrow”
“It can’t, ma’am. It’s important. Please” I turned to Danica and said.
She blinked rapidly and stared down at the floor before muttering an “okay”.
Oh!!! Thank goodness!! I couldn’t express how I felt at the moment.
“I’m sorry, ma’am. But I need to go back with him. I’ll be there at the hospital tomorrow” she turned to the woman and said.
“Are….Are you sure? This could wait, you know?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine” she said with a light smile, easing my worries.
The woman looked at me, then at her.
“Okay then. If you say so. Bye” she gave her a parting hug and after which, Danica followed me to my own car.
We got in and I started the car immediately, taking a reverse.
My breath was erratic and with a full speed, I resumed driving.
I sat nervously beside the prince in the car, wondering why he really wanted to talk about what had happened. He had looked really really desperate.
I fiddled with my nails, hoping the discussion turns out well.
Suddenly, I noticed he was taking a different route – a route different from that of his house. Huh? Are we going elsewhere?
“My prince?” I looked at him and called. “I thought we were going home?”
He didn’t reply
I looked to see if he was just taking a different route that’d lead us to the same house, but he wasn’t.
We were already on the main road and obviously, we weren’t going to his house.
“My prince, where are we going?” I asked, but he still didn’t reply.
His eyes were dangerously on the windscreen.
Conniption suddenly gripped me. I didn’t know what I was thinking.
I quickly turned to my door and tried opening it, but it didn’t open. It was locked.
Oh my God!
I turned to look at Nathan who was driving at a really crazy speed.
“What’re you doing?!?” I quavered, my voice shaking.
And in a rough voice, he replied:
“I don’t even know, Danica”.


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