The star episode 9

Written by:Abike
Episode Nine
Whitney:Oh M G! This guy is just too h0t, Dammit! Wow! Everything is just so perfect (She smile seeing how Tiffany was giving her some wired look)What?
Tiffany:Can you just keep your mouth shut?
Whitney: And what if I don’t?
Tiffany: I guess I will have to shut it for you
Whitney:Try again later
Tiffany:You are so irritating
Whitney: Thanks for the compliment bit-ch!
Tiffany:You know am warning you never to call me that, there will be a day I will get mad over it and i promise to destroy that your cute face of yours
Whitney:Oh! So you know that am having cute face
Tiffany: It’s an irony bit-ch!
Whitney: Wow! You just called me bit-ch also, but why does it sound so good to me
Tiffany:Cause you have always be a bit-ch
Whitney:Like you (Dylan’s special room’s door was opened they both fixed thier gaze on the door but it was Mr Frank who c@m£ out to discuss with the manager and director, Not too long, Tiffany’s PA c@m£ to Tiffany and said
PA: Ma’am the shooting will starts now, Dylan is not having much time here, seems he won’t stay more than 2 hours for the shooting
Tiffany:Awwwwn, My baby still have another thing to do for today
Whitney:And that is to go on d@t£ with me
Tiffany:You never tell me that you are a thing cause i just said he has another thing to do, Such a pity he won’t have anything to do with a useless thing and bit-ch like you
Whitney:What did you just called me?
Tiffany:I don’t talk twice
Whitney:You su-ck! (Dylan c@m£ out in a white trou-ser which st©pped athis kneels, it look fitted on him with a white robe, his abs are revea-ling in the robe, obviously they want to have a beach shooting, he was putting on a puffy white Crocs, a black n£¢klace with some lovely designs on his n£¢k, His earrings are flashing, his hair was all packed up, He was given a chair to sit on, after sitting down for awhile he noticed both Whitney and Tiffany staring at him, He ignored both of them bringing out his phone to press, Not too long the shooting began, It was Dylan and Tiffany at first, Tiffany couldn’t st©p smiling and giggling beside him, She was giving Whitney a look of”bit-ch am with him right now what do you think” Whitney took her eyes off them till they finish the shooting, avoiding to see how Tiffany is ma-king her feel jealous,As Dylan was about to go inside to change his clothes, Tiffany st©pped him, Blocking his way and said
Tiffany:Uhmm, Dylan?
Tiffany:Uhmm….Yo….You did a great job today,It’s nice
Dylan:Oh thanks and you too
Tiffany:Awnnn, Thank you, Uhmmm, Actually I… I…was… wan….
Whitney:bit-ch can you just get the fv¢k off and let him change cause is my turn right now?
Tiffany:Did you just call me bit-ch in his pres£nce?
Whitney:And what are you? Everyone knows it
Tiffany: That what?
Whitney: That’s what you are, A bit-ch who always steal what is not hers
Tiffany:And what am I stealing from you, what do you have that will make me wants to steal from you?
Whitney:Am sure you know
Tiffany: Know what You idiot! (After watching the two ladies exchanging words with each other, Dylan left thier pres£nce immediately as he was led into his room, Tiffany was full of anger)
Tiffany:Do you realize what you just did? You just made me loose my opportunity you idiot
Whitney:Hello!You have never have an opportunity in your life and not even a luck, Leading me was not by luck, we all know that you are a cheater, You always cheat in everything and that was why you are leading right now, But don’t worry I will have my post back very soon
Tiffany:And I wish you all the best! (She walked away inside her own room, Dylan c@m£ out After some minutes to have his shooting with Whitney, but Whitney seems to be giving him problems unlike Tiffany, Whitney won’t st©p flir-ting with him which makes him to feel uncomfortable till they finish the shooting, As he was about to leave, Whitney st©pped him to say something but Dylan said
Dylan:Am sorry Miss, I nee-d to go right now
Whitney:Uhm.. Am not going to waste your time, just one minute plea-se
Dylan:Ok, Am all ears plea-se
Whitney: Actually I don’t know if you can create some time for I and you, just to go out together and have a nice time together plea-se, Just to get to know each other more better than this,or W…what do you think?
Dylan:If I have time I would have say this to the other Lady, but I guess you will be the only one to hear this,You are a beautiful lady, Elegant and cute at the same time, you are perfectly made, but don’t you think that forcing yourself on a guy could make you feel less, you shouldn’t let any guy take an advantage of you cause you love them, They should be the one dieing for your love and not you,You are more than this, and I think you should be the one guys will always want and will be re-ady to do anything for you,just to win your heart, and not you forcing yourself on a guy, Whatsoever feelings you have for me and whatsoever anything you are planning to do with me, plea-se kindly st©p it all now, honestly I am not the perfect guy for you, you deserve someone more better than me, believe me you are just too cute for me, make yourself expensive for a guy before you could have anything with them, Maybe am saying this to you because I want such lady in my life,Or maybe I just feel like sharing this with you,all I Know is that I want such a woman in my life,a lady that will give me a lot of stress before I can have her, a lady who will make herself very expensive and high before I can have her, it doesn’t matter if she is rich or not, just a normal lady for me, a lady who is not going to fall for me easily, actually that is the type of lady I want, and I won’t mind if I make you as my first time female friend,I will be glad if you can grant me that wish,Just be my friend,a good one,And if my words have hurt you in anyway, am de-eply sorry, I have to go now, Take care of yourself (He move closer to Whitney who was alre-ady lost and confused, For the first time, Dylan hvg a lady and that was Whitney, that was not his first time hvgging a lady,but that c@m£ from his heart and with pas-sion,He went away, The whole time Tiffany was watching them, but she couldn’t hear what Dylan said to her, but she was full of anger immediately she saw Dylan hvgging her, She ran towards Whitney when Dylan and his people left, She was surprised to see Whitney with tears on her face
Tiffany:Oh gosh, are you really crying cause he gave you an hvg or what? Can you just talk to me cause you seems to be wired to me, Whitney! Hey!
Whitney:Maybe he is right
Tiffany:Right on What, Can you talk to me? Wow! I wonder what he told you, Honestly you are so Unbelievable right now!
Diamond girls school, They are setting the hall, The chairs and tables are well arranged for the p@rty tomorrow, Some girls are busy arranging thier new ballet dresses and shoes, So also they are busy ma-king thier dinner go-wns to look great, Obviously they all are doing this just to look stunning for Dylan tomorrow, Jenny has ordered one of the best dinner go-wn from UK, So also br@ndy has ordered her own from Dubai, Alisa ordered her own from Korea, while Nancy ordered her own from USA, Some other girls also ordered from abroad,While those that can’t afford thiers from abroad ordered from the best boutique in Nigeria…
And the day c@m£, All girls are in thier dinner go-wn, those that are grouped as ushers are welcoming both parents and guests, Those that are grouped to as-sist the cooks have also joined to cook, those that are grouped to serve are all set, Both Jenny and br@ndy happened to be at usher group, while Alisa happened to be among those who will serve, Nancy happened to be among those who will cook, The girls are just to do some little work before they change into thier various ballet dresses and then the show will begin, Jenny walked up to br@ndy
Jenny:You must have went throu-gh a lot before you got that go-wn
br@ndy:I guess you are not different from me, and beside your designer look so cheap to me
Jenny:Seems you don’t want me to talk about how cheap your go-wn is, that was why you quic-kly said it to avoid me embarras-sing you right?
br@ndy: Honestly you are so Unbelievable, You su…. (She was interrupted by a girl’s voice)
Girl:Oh my gosh, It’s Dylan…..
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