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The Star episode 10 & 11

Written by: Abike
Episode Ten& Eleven
Dylan came in, but was led in to a special room, The girls lost thier focus already, they all are happy, even though they really didn’t see his face, He was putting on a red hoodie, He covered his head with the hoodie’s cap, a white trouser and a white sneakers which has a little touch of gold, he was led inside a room which was reserved for him, Not too long the party started, Alisa’s Mom came in the name of Mr President and herself,The Governor was also pres£nt, Parents came, Commissioner came, the Ministers are also pres£nt, Not too long the girls went in to get dress, they all are changing into thier ballet dresses and shoes, They were called out to perform thier dance, which they did with all thier bodies, they all are looking great and stunning in thier dressing, after dancing, the girls moved to thier seats, still in thier ballet dresses, Alisa’s Mom gave some speeches, The owner of the school gave out some speeches and advices to the girls, so also Mrs Lawrence gave her own speech, The Governor, Commissioner and some Ministers also do the same, and some other guests, not too long Dylan was called out, He came out putting on a black fitted top, black trouser, black timberland boots, a golden necklace and wristwatch, His dreadlocks are packed up, He was looking hot, the girls are all lost in different imaginations, Dylan’s boys(Owen, Ivan, Nick and Rick)are also in black just like Dylan, but thier shoes are red, He performed two of his songs which everyone have always love, the boys steppings are rhymed, they flowed with the music, after the whole performance,They finished everything as the governor say the closing prayer, The Governor, Ministers and commissioners talked to thier daughters,So also other parents, Alisa’s Mom also discussed with Alisa, Dylan was led to the Governor by His guards and Frank, Have I ever tell you that this guy is full of respect,He doesn’t care about his status,as long as you are older than him,this guy will you the Respect you deserve,and He doesn’t care if He is richer than such person,as long as you are older than him,He will definitely show his respect,He almost prostated for the Governor but the Governor stopped him, He gave Dylan handshake, Patting his back,he was led to greet the Commissioner and Ministers, then he was led to greet the president’s wife which Alisa was still with his mom, She almost get choke when she saw Dylan walking up to them, but her mom hold her hand to control her, He greeted Mrs President, He gave Alisa an handshake, But she was shaking and freezing at the same time, Jenny, Brandy and Nancy with other girls fixed thier gaze at them
Mrs President:How is everything?
Dylan:Fine ma
Mrs President:That’s great,We hope you come to my daughter’s birthday next month
Dylan:Sure Ma’am, it’s already fixed,I will surely come ma
Mrs President:Thank you so much dear
Dylan:You welcome ma, I will like to go ma,I wants to do some autographs for the students before I leave ma
Mrs President:Oh, it’s ok dear, you can go
Dylan:Thanks ma(Dylan was given a seat at the front of the table, two guards at his back,Two guards are directing the students, incase they are taking too much of time they will ask them to stand up for the next person, And so he began to do the autograph for the girls,It’s obvious that they are all happy,deep inside them for the first time they are all blessing the school management, It was Alisa’s turn, She handed him her new jacket from Paris to sign,as Dylan was about to sign, at the lower part of the jacket he saw a printing on it Written as”Dylan ❤ Alisa” He was surprised and at the same time shy but he maintain his coolness, He smile and said
Dylan:Thank you!(Alisa smile while he signed for her, she left,After many students, It was Nancy’s turn, She gave him her new ballet shoes, He signed it while Nancy said happily
Nancy: Please can I ask you a question?
Dylan:(Smile)yeah please do
Nancy:Is your tattoo really for a lady you love or besides do you have any lady you are Pres£ntly dating right now?
Dylan:(Smile)You said you will ask me a question but you are asking me two questions Miss
Nancy:oh! Sorry, Answer the first one, oh no second one, just answer the first one, Uhmmm(Realizing that she is wired she said slowly in a regretful way like she should have tell him it’s two questions she wanted to ask him)Just answer anyone please
Dylan:(Smile)Ok I will answer both
Nancy:Oh thanks! (Happy mood activated)
Dylan:I did the tattoo for someone special and not for any lady, and the second question Dylan is single (All the girls was like”Oh my God, he is still single”)
Nancy:Thank you (She left while Brandy move closer to Dylan’s front giving him her new diary, Dylan was surprised to see his picture on the diary,and the first page of the diary, turning the diary to the back he saw his picture again, Seeing how surprise he was Brandy said
Brandy:I guess you are surprise, The diary is for your alone,I always paste your pictures here, I got it just because of you (She opened the diary from page to page for him to see, Dylan was surprised cause there is nothing in the diary from each page to other page than Dylan Dylan Dylan and his different kinds of pictures, from the front page to the back page, He was speechless that he doesn’t know when he bite his lower l!ps releasing them slowly, the girls giggles and blush for this, but Dylan was lost still looking at Brandy,All thanks to Frank that came to tap him on his shoulder, He signed the diary while Brandy left, Jenny sat down facing Dylan, She smile at him while Dylan also do the same, she gave him her new ballet dress to sign, after signing, she said
Jenny:Can I ask you two questions please?
Dylan: Sure you can ask please
Jenny:Since you said your tattoo is not for any lady, obviously it’s for a guy, please are you a g@y?
Dylan: WHAT?! (Shocked)
Jenny:It’s just a question
Dylan: Wow! (Smile)Well am not
Jenny:Since you are not, Can i be your girl? (Dylan was surprised,He started blinking his eyes,bitting his lower l!ps,Mr Frank could understand that Dylan is trying to look for an Escuze to let Jenny go and at the same time he is confused and shy, Mr Frank quickly gave a guard an order to make Jenny leave for the other students which was done immediately, as Jenny was leaving, He winked at Dylan which made him to be lost in thought)
The next day, Dylan was on the TV for an interview, obviously Everyone was watching him
Interviewer:It’s good to see you here Dylan, How have you been?
Dylan:Am good thanks a lot
Interviewer: Please say Hello to everyone
Dylan:Hi Everyone (Smilling, The interviewer continue asking him series of questions)
Interviewer:When are you dropping a new song, you know your fans are waiting for that so much,So when should we be expecting another lovely song from you?
Dylan:Uhmmm, Very soon, You know I was busy lately, but very soon you will hear from me(Smilling)
Interviewer:That’s nice, and also one more question before we go, we all know that your tattoo is not for any lady and you are not in any relationship with any Lady and you said you don’t have any lady in your life as at now, but can you please tell us your ideal type of woman exactly and why are you not ready to be in any relationship, cause we all know how much of ladies that are out there and they wants you to date them, but it seems you are the one not interested in them, can you please tell us why?
Dylan:Thank you, Firstly I will keep my ideal type of woman as a secret please,Even though someone already know my ideal type of woman but still I won’t say it here cause it’s my privacy please,and I don’t think I will reveal the one who knows about my ideal type of woman please,All are my privacy (Talking about Whitney),Back to the second question, Actually I don’t think am ready for any relationship for now, besides I always think that I will hurt a lot of girls and ladies if I should start any relationship for now,I always feel that way and I don’t know why, am just thinking on how each lady will feel, there was two girls in a school I went to last week, A girl used my name and my pictures all through her diary, you won’t find anything on that diary but my name and my pictures, I was surprised like, if I should just start a relationship right now, am I not going to hurt such girl, it may take time she overcome it, but am sure she will get hurt, there was another lady who said it directly to my face, she wasn’t even shy about it, She asked me to make her my girl, I was speechless and confused, And am sure there are a lot of them out there that are just like them, even there are some who are more than them, So I just feel like all these ladies and girls will get hurt just because of me, of course they love me, and I cherish them a lot too, so I don’t wanna hurt anyone, I wanna take it slowly,And I can’t say I may find my own woman anytime,but as at now am not into any relationship and no woman yet, Besides I don’t think relationship is the next thing for me, and if you are still curious about my relationship well am into a relationship with all my female fans,So am dating all of them,They are my girlfriens and I love them all, I love you all,Love you so much(He smile while the interviewer laughed out)
Interviewer:You don’t want to deny anyone of them,so you are dating them all
Dylan: Exactly(Both laugh)
Dylan was in his room, he sat down with his music book and pen, writting a song, He is ready to get back to the studio, Mr Frank came in and said…
Frank: Charlie is at home since yesterday, and I think you are free to see him tomorrow, So are you ready to visit him tomorrow? (There was a mixed feelings in Dylan that moment, He was really happy that he will see his elder brother but suddenly got scared cause he knew that Charlie won’t take it easy with him tomorrow, He was happy and at the same time Scared,He said slowly with a sad voice)
Dylan:Mr Frank,I wanna ask you this, Actually I don’t know yet,but if possible it doesn’t go well tomorrow,can I ask you for a big favor?
Frank: Yes do
Dylan:If everything happens tomorrow,I wants to go out alone at night to see the town,I don’t mind if you hang the boys around,I just wanna have some fresh air,in any place you think is safe for me,I will just dress casually and if possible you get me a taxi,I will drive myself,just keep it as a secret among I,You and any trusted Guards, please I just want that tomorrow,I want to have some fresh air,I just have the feelings that tomorrow is not going to be good again,but I am just hoping it goes well,but if it doesn’t goes well,I can’t come back home and be thinking,I won’t be able to get back to the studio that way, so please for the first time in fifteen years,am asking you for this great favour, that you should please help me to search for any good street in the town that I can walk freely as a free guy, Please!
Mr Frank:I will try my possible best on that,But I hope that we are not making a wrong idea….
This is just the beginning of this story,I hope you are ready as I am taking you to the deep part of this story?
let’s see how soon I Rat get likes
What do you think on the story so far???


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