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The star episode 8

Written by: Abike
Episode Eight
Crystal got home feeling tired, she entered thier living room seeing his mom and two younger sisters,each of them holding a pillow to thier chests giving Crystal some wired look,She said…
Crystal:Ok please what’s going on here, are we ok ?
Mum: Crystal my daughter, My beautiful daughter
Crystal:Can someone tell me what’s going on please, You guys are wired,What happened?(Still standing looking at the three of them for some reply)
Nina:C and FOREVER
Daisy: Crystal and forever (Winked at Crystal)
Crystal:Oh! Now I get it and I won’t take this from all of you, have had enough already at the shop, I can’t come home to rest and be having headache, You guys needs to stop this
Mum:Crystal, we Know
Crystal: know what?
Mum:we Know and we understand that you are shy to tell us
Crystal:Not again, God please!
Mum:I know you don’t know how to tell us that you and my Dylan are seeing each other privately, My dear am your mother, let me meet him, so that we can prepare for the wedding quickly
Crystal:God why me?! What have I done to deserve this, Look mum please, please, please, just leave me alone, this guy doesn’t even know me, For goodness sake please, stop wishing and dreaming cause it won’t come to pass, just tell me, how are we going to meet, at where? Of course we can never meet each other but on the TV the way we always watch him, the company have said it that letter C is his favorite letter, stop giving yourself headaches and take some cold water! (She breathed out heavily and went inside her room, while her mom and sisters are just giggling, She entered her room, dropping her whole body on the bed, She already had enough)
Dylan was sitting at the balcony pressing his phone when Owen came to him, Dylan’s dreadlocks are resting on his shoulder,he was putting on a white long pyjamas,Both the shirt and trouser her too big for him,and that’s how Dylan love it,to be free in clothes when he is at home,He put on a puffy white Crocs on his leg, crossing his legs waiting for Owen to speak first but He just stood at his front not saying anything, After waiting for him to speak but he doesn’t seems like he will say something so Dylan said
Dylan:You came here and I expect you to say something first
Owen:Look bro am sorry,You are ignoring me since yesterday, honestly I just don’t love her anymore and I can’t keep lying to her that was why I free her
Dylan:Like a bird? you free her, Is she a bird, just tell me one good reason why you left Helen for that governor’s daughter?
Owen: Actually I just want an high class babe, I can’t date Helen, honestly!
Dylan: Hmmm, You want an high class babe and Helen Is just the daughter of Mr and Mrs nobody, Honestly I have always wish to have a girl like yours, you just don’t know what you loose, a kind girl with a lovely heart, so submissive and hard-working, She love you wholeheartedly since two years that you both started this relationship, She has caught you many times with many ladies, you keep hurting her over and over again, still she choose to stay and since she can’t do you anything you decided to just broke up with her, Just like that without thinking about her own feelings, So those high babes will give you what you want? Believe me many of them will want to compete with you,with fame,with money,with everything,they will feel like you can’t control them the way you want,cause they also have what you have, those kind of ladies won’t have time for love, ok so you think someone like me will date an high class babe and marry her? Never! I will never do that, not in this life, cause i know the kind of person I am, I can’t date a woman that will add to my problems, I just need a woman like a mom, like a father and like a brother, a woman who is going to love me and be with me forever, not for my Fame and not for my look, all thoses ladies out there are in love with me cause of my voice, my Fame and my look, and I don’t want that, cause those things can fade away any time, I don’t want to talk too much cause I have a shooting tomorrow, i need to think,I just want to focus,Have called Helen and I already begged her on your behalf, but it was such a pity that the girl is not yet over you,she was just crying on phone,but believe me on this,to find a lady like Helen is rare,Those kinds of ladies are rare, you won’t find them easily,(He brought out his tongue using it to touch his lower lips,he breathed out and said)we will talk about this after the shooting, just keep the boys with rehearsals, after the shooting I need to go to a school party, and after that I want to get back to the studio, for now we can’t sort it out,we will discuss it later
Owen:Like seriously I… I… Just don’t know, but….
Dylan:Owen, we can talk about this later, please
Owen:Ok bro, Uhmmm Tiana called me and she came the day you left house in USA
Dylan:(He made a smirk) She came?
Owen:Yeah she came, she said she wants to see you and she has something to discuss with you, seems Mr Frank is not picking her calls
Owen:Just let her be, I blocked her number here and I told Mr Frank not to pick her calls
Owen:But why don’t you just listen to whatever she wants to say?
Dylan:Owen she has nothing to say than to beg me and I don’t think I want that from her anymore, C… Can we just stop talking about her please?
Owen:Sure bro! (Mr Frank came in he said)
Mr Frank:I already saw her today
Dylan: Who?
Dylan:Oh! so what did she wants?
Frank:She wants to have a date with you
Owen: Wow! That’s nice from the goddess
Frank:Will you keep shut? You brat!
Owen: Oops sorry!.
Dylan:What was your reply to her?
Frank:I told her you are busy for now, but to her it seems like she was insulted, She felt like she was disgraced that moment, I had to keep begging her,She must have never imagine you to turn down her request,it must have hurt her pride
Owen: Honestly!
Frank:I said keep shut
Owen:Oops! My bad, I forgot you asked me to do that
Dylan:So why are you telling me it hurts her pride, I don’t care, and I don’t think am sorry for saying that,those ladies won’t give me what I want, you brought Tiana issue just now, and you also brought Vivian’s issue, can I just breathe? I don’t want to have anything to do with all these ladies, I Know what they are after and you also know, we all know,See I just want to focus, I don’t want issue for myself,I just want a quiet life please, so can we just please respect my little Wish, I don’t want any lady in my life, as at now,please!
Frank:We are sorry about that and I w… (He was distracted by a bodyguard’s voice and a female voice talking outside, they all kept quiet waiting for the guard to come in with the lady, So they also came in , It was one of the cook, Obviously she came in to announce that the food is ready and the dinning is set for Dylan, Frank and the boys,she came in with the guard, all expecting her to say something, but not that moment cause she was lost already, staring at Dylan, Everyone’s eyes was on her except for Dylan who didn’t notice that someone is staring at him,he was pressing his phone,after two minutes Dylan noticed that everywhere was silent,He raised his head up seeing the lady staring at him,Mr Frank, the guard and Owen are just busy looking at both lady and Dylan, They are waiting for the lady to snap out of her imagination and Dylan to also notice her, Dylan just made a smirk and said with a little bit of smile on his face to the lady that..
Dylan:What do you want? (Instead of her to say something,she didn’t say anything but She just fainted and all thanks to the guards who caught her at the back before she hurt herself,The guard took her away while Dylan just smile and bite his lower lips releasing the lips slowly, Owen saw him and said
Owen:I guess he is shy
Frank: Obviously
At the location for the shooting, Whitney and her staffs are busy, they are doing her Make up with her pedicure and manicure, So also Tiffany on the other side was doing her own make up, After Tiffany’s staffs are done, she walked up to Whitney, She was putting on a blue bikini, she was putting on a white puffy slippers, a golden chain round her Left ankle, She covered her body with a white veil, Whitney was putting on a yellow bikini, a golden leg chain also, She was putting on a yellow puffy slippers, She sat down looking at Tiffany as she walked up to her, She said
Tiffany:I don’t think you need to do all these make ups cause he is not going to notice you today,He will notice me and not you, and the last time I checked I am still leading you here
Whitney: Even though you are leading me, bitch you don’t have what I have and that’s the front and back view, obviously he won’t notice you cause there is nothing to notice on your body
Tiffany:(Annoyed)How dare you to say that to m… (She was distracted as some voices are approaching them, they both focus on who was coming in, it was Dylan’s guards at first, And then they saw Dylan coming in with Frank and extra guards at thier back, Dylan was putting on a white top, white crazy Jean trouser, black leather jacket and black timberland, a white bandana on his head, He packed up his dreadlocks, this time around his dreadlocks hands color is already changed from gold to wine, the guy was just too hot, He was led into his special room by his guards, two guards entered with him and Frank, together with his PA and all the make up artists, Everyone’s mouth are all opened, Whitney was already lost, while Tiffany felt dizzy, but was caught by one of her guards)
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