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The most beautiful goodbye batch 6

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected]d to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 14❣❣❣


After [email protected], Ella went to meet Lucy.
She wasn’t herself that day, She was abs£nt minded.

“Hey… Lucy, Is everything alright” Ella asked calmly.

Lucy turned to face Ella with her angry eyes.

“You got what you wanted right?…. Now, Leave me alone!” Lucy shouted standing up.

Ella stared at her confused and tried to hold her hand but Lucy was quic-k in pushing her.

“Lucy?…. What has come over you” Ella asked trying to stand up from the fall she had gotten from Lucy.

Their [email protected] mates turned to stare at them.

“Why do you bother asking?….You are an hypocrite!” Lucy said with her red eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious?….Lucy is jealous” One of their [email protected] said as the others laughed.

Lucy turned to face Ella with tears in her eyes.

“You only [email protected] me, That was your plan all this while right?” Lucy asked as she turned to leave the [email protected]

Ella felt and ran after Lucy. She caught up with her and quic-kly held her arm.
Lucy glared at her and re-moved her arm from Ella’s hand.

“Can you tell me what’s going on?” Ella asked breathing heavily.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Lucy asked

“I just need to hear from the horse’s mouth… plea-se” Ella begged.

“You were brilliant right, You were good with your studies before you met me?” Lucy asked

“What do you mean?…. You know you were the one that helped me with my academics all this while, If not… I would have been a dullard” Ella replied.

“Don’t take me for a fool!!.. I’m not a kid, You lied to me saying you didn’t un-derstand a t©pic or another so that you could bring me down, Finally…. You have gotten what you wanted…[email protected] for your self” Lucy mocked [email protected] her hands.

“You are even the best….Wow, That’s makes you a queen…. I guess I should bow too” Lucy sm-irked as she bowed her head low.

“What the hell are you talking about?… I never lied to you, I was being sincere all this while…. Lucy, I swear I never used you” Ella said following Lucy who seemed to be leaving.

Lucy st©pped for a while and turned to Ella who felt bad even though she did good.

“Do you still like me?… You still want to be my friend?” Lucy asked with her hands akimbo.

Ella nodded childishly.

“Then leave this school and never come back, Then we can be friends if not…. Forget about me and get re-ady for war” Lucy said with a wicked smile.

Ella stared at her for a while.

“No…. I can’t do that, I’m not insane to do such… Because of friendsh!pwith you?…. Then I should leave school?…. Goodness, Hell no!…. For what?” Ella replied facing her.

Lucy stared at her and hissed.

“I hate you…. So very much” Lucy said as she left.
Ella watched her leave and she sighed de-eply.

Lucy made friends with two irresponsible and way ward students in her [email protected] called Lillie and April.
The girls were always seen skipping [email protected] with bad dressing and always chewing gum.
“The reason I called you guys is because I want you to help me deal with someone” Lucy said as the girls both smiled.

“That’s an easy task, My dear friend lucy” Lillie scoffed as Lucy smiled.

“But who is the target?” April asked chewing her gum loudly.

“It’s that stupid fool called Ella” Lucy replied.

The two girls stared at each other and opened their mouths and eyes. They turned to face Lucy who looked at them confused.

“We can never dare to t©uçh her” April said shaking her head.

“And why is that?… You said it’s an easy task” Lucy angrily retorted.

“Well… Yes, But not Ella… That girl can take both of us down, She is a good fighter and even bullied a guy and two girls once… I’m afraid of her plea-se” Lillie said.

“She was a bully…. Really?” Lucy asked as the girls nodded their heads.

“Well, They say if plan A doesn’t work, Go for plan B” Lucy said with a wicked smile.

“And what’s your plan B?” April asked.

“Bullying can make a student expelled so I’m going to find a way for her to bully me…. I need to drive her away from this school with my own hands” Lucy said as she bit her f!ngers.

“But I wonder why after bullying those students, How come she wasn’t expelled?” Lucy asked.

“Oh… Her mother would always call for a hearing and both of them(Helen and Ella) would plead with the victim and the parents and would even offer them gifts” Lillie replied.

“In my own case, I will make it worst for them” Lucy smiled.

“But how will you make her bully you?” April asked.

“It’s really easy now… I will just curse her with some really bad words to rise her anger…. Boom! She will start hitting me badly and I won’t hit her back which will make her the Culprit and me.. The victim” Lucy smiled.

The two girls faced each other and laughed.
Lucy looked at them angrily.

“Can you tell me what’s funny?” Lucy asked.

“Well…. The thing is that Ella won’t bully you till you curse someone, That will trigger her anger and she might even kill you” April replied.

“So.. Who’s this so-called someone I need to curse to trigger her anger towards me?” Lucy asked.

“Well… That’s what we don’t know” Lillie replied wearing a red scarf on her head.

“Okay now…. Girls, Help me find it out who this person is, I know it will be pretty easy for you…. I will reward you as soon as you tell me” Lucy smiled as the girls smiled back wickedly.

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 15❣❣❣


The next day, They had physics [email protected]
The teacher looked around the [email protected] Immediately her eyes caught with Ella, she smiled.
Lucy noticed and scoffed angrily.

“You guys should be like Ella…. Huh? I’m proud of her, She is ma-king a good name for herself” The teacher said still smiling.
They turned to face Ella who kept a natural face.
The students smiled but Lucy, Lillie and April looked at her with evil eyes.

“So students,I will be dividing into 2 groups, Both groups will have a leader who will sketch a gra-ph based on out t©pic today but the members will also gave to @ssist and pay attention, Are you guys okay with that?” The teacher asked.

“YES MA!!!” They replied.

“How many students are there in this [email protected], [email protected] prefect?” The teacher asked.

“26” Lucy replied.

The teacher shaked her head and pointed to Ella.

“No… Lucy, I was talking to Ella”

“Ma…?….But you called the [email protected] perfect and I am the [email protected] prefect” Lucy exclaimed.

“Well, It’s has been changed” The physics teacher retorted.

“The [email protected] teacher is the only person supposed to change the [email protected] monitor” Lucy said with her hands trembling due to excessive anger.

“Well…. It’s has been changed” The [email protected] teacher interrupted coming in.

Everyone shouted in hail as they all stood up to greet.
Lucy felt defeated which made her hatred for Ella grow more.

Ella stood up and said calmly:

plea-se ma, I don’t need it, But thank you for the post.

The teachers looked at each other and smiled.

“What a sweetheart” The physics said as the [email protected] teacher proudly nodded with a smile.
The [email protected] teacher and the physics teacher discussed for a while before she left.

The physics teacher shared the two groups and made Ella and Lucy the leader.

“I want to stay in Ella’s group!” Some students begged but eventually went to their group which was owned by Lucy.

Lucy couldn’t concentrate while sketching and drawing her gra-ph, She was angry that she wanted to turn the [email protected] upside down.

She heard chuckles, Giggling and bright discussions in Ella’s group which made her furious.

Lucy’s group members got tired of Lucy who kept ma-king mistakes in the gra-ph she was doing.

“See… Lucy, I don’t un-derstand what you are doing now… Let me try, You keep ma-king awful mistakes… Seems you are concentrating” A group member complained but Lucy didn’t hear him.

Her mind was far, She was thinking of how she would kill Ella.
In her evil and negative thoughts, She saw herself stabbing Ella with a knife and blood rushed up endlessly.
She smiled at her thoughts. She was alre-ady tired of her.

“Should I just kill her?” Lucy thought as she [email protected]£d her sharp divider from her mathematical set.

She quic-kly stood up while the others watched her confused. Lucy walked closer to Ella who was sitting down drawing her gra-ph with smiles and delights as the others kindly @ssisted her.

Lucy looked at Ella’s gra-ph and jealousy [email protected]£ over her. She [email protected] her table and used her divider to scratch the gra-ph which tore and damaged it.

The members started shouting and throwing abuses on her but Lucy didn’t care, It seemed like she was possessed by an evil spirit or something.

Ella stood up angrily and glared at her.

“What is the meaning of this?” She asked.

“I really hate you…. Didn’t I tell you to get re-ady for war” Lucy replied with a scratched voice.

“What Did I ever do to you huh??… Why do you hate me so much!” Ella yelled.

“Anyways, I heard you were once a bully, Come on!!…. Hit me, I destroyed your gra-ph so hit me! Aren’t you annoyed!!” Lucy yelled frustrated.

Ella chuckled.

“I can do that gra-ph 10 times, Thanks to you…. Who actually taught me well” Ella replied as others were wowed by her statement.

Lucy glared at her angrily, Goodness… She couldn’t hold her anger anymore.
She raised her hand to [email protected] Ella but She was fast in holding her hand which was on the air.

Ella chuckled again and looked at Lucy.

“You called me a bully, You have to think…. If I’m a bully, It means I’m good in fighting and of course dodging hits,punches and [email protected] like this” Ella said looking at Lucy’s hand which she held high on the air.

The students cheered and hauled ella’s comment.
It made Lucy feel [email protected] She quic-kly withdrew her hand and went out, She [email protected]£ in with a bowl of water and poured it on Ella who seemed shocked by the act.

Everyone including Lucy expected a fight but Ella shaked her head and looked at her other members.
“You know what?… Let’s go to the physics laboratory and draw our gra-ph there… We need peace ad quiet!” Ella said as they cheered her once more.

She took the necessary materials and they followed her, Everyb©dy including Lucy’s group members who were tired of her except Lillie and April who were quite angry with Ella too.

“Come on… Come and hit me, Bully me!!!” Lucy shouted as they left.

She stared crying and looked at the girls.

“Find her weakness, I’m getting tired of her alre-ady….I need to trigger her anger!” Lucy said cleaning her tears.


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