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The most beautiful goodbye batch 5

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected]d to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 12❣❣❣

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That night, the whole family were quiet. They ate dinner without any noise which made Grandma Ma look at them suspiciously.

“Is anything going on here… That I didn’t hear about?” Grandma Ma asked. Helen bur-sted into tears and held Grandma Ma [email protected]!st ti-ght. She slowly pointed to Jane.

“Mum… This girl has br£@st cancer, and she didn’t even tell me and yet I yelled at her for coming here… If only I knew the reason, I could have called her and asked what was going on like a mother but my attention was all on Ella…. Jane! I’m so sorry, I’m such a bad mother …You hate me huh?” Helen said as more tears flowed.

Jane eyes were w€t with tears and red but she tried in holding the tears. She looked at her mother and shaked her head.

“No….Mother I don’t hate you, I never did and never will….You aren’t a bad mother, Your eyes were on Ella because you knew what she wanted but I never told you what I wanted…. Besides, you thought I could do things my way because I’m grown up while Ella is still a little 16 year old” Jane replied as tears flowed bits by bits. She cleaned them immediately with her palm.

“Sis Jane…. I never told mum what I wanted though” Ella said weakly.

“You did… You weren’t just aware” Helen retorted remembering when her daughter, Ella had told her she wanted to go back to school while de-eply asleep.

“When?” Ella asked. Helen simply chuckled and faced Jane.

“Jane… Can you tell me… Or rather… All of us here, What you have been throu-gh and What you are going throu-gh” Helen asked sadly as she felt her tears.

Jane faced Dan whose eyes were red and seemed disturbe-d. His veins on his n£¢k were alre-ady poking out, Seemed he was really holding his tears. Jane smiled at him and faced Ella whose eyes were w€t and red. Ella felt tears and closed her eyes immediately. She looked the other way and cleaned them.

“My sweet little sister” Jane called. Ella couldn’t hold her tears anymore. She busted into tears. She held Jane’s hand ti-ght.

“I thought you didn’t like me before and then you were saying you loved me hvgging me,Now you are holding my hands and crying… Goodness you are ma-king me look like the little sister now” Jane said as she squee-zed Ella’s hand ti-ght.

Dan left eye couldn’t hold his tears any longer. He simply stared at the wall as a straight tear escaped from his eyes.

“Okay now…. Mum finally asked me what I’m going throu-gh…And now it’s time to open up to All Of You” Jane said as she bit herl-ips [email protected] to avoid crying any more.

««🔙↩️FLASH BACK 🔙↩️««

Jane got married to Marcus who was a loving husband of course.
He supported her in everything she did. Jane however missed her mum,Helen and would sometimes go over to her house every Saturday.

After 6 months into the marriage, Jane noticed a lump on her brea-st. She was confused and asked her husband what was going on with her.

“It might just be a water pocket so don’t get too worried” Marcus told her and she quietly nodded.

Two weeks later, She called her husband to the room.

“Dear…. The lump is beginning to hurt me badly and it’s somehow bigger” Jane explained trembling in fear.

“That’s not good, Here… Take this money and get some drugs,Explain it to the pharmacist” Marcus replied worriedly offering her some money.

Jane went to the pharmacy and explained everything to the pharmacist.
The pharmacist was a female so she took a look.

“Goodness…. That lump looks awful… Why don’t you book an appointment with “Nappi’s Hospital” (Note : That’s the best and only well equipped hospital in Nappi village where they lived,I’ve mentioned this before in Chapter 3, If you remember) and find out what going on with you” The pharmacist advised.

Jane thanked her but bought some drugs to kill the pains.
Jane’s house was far and she booked about 8 appointments with the doctor before they called for her.

After all the necessary tests and check ups, She was diagnosed with br£@st cancer. She felt her heart break into pieces. She felt shattered and her life sli-pping away.

“You are still quite lucky… All you have to do now is to book another appointment to schedule your surgery [email protected]£” The doctor said.

“Quite lucky?… Quite is not comforting” Jane lamented.

“But what can I do for you to answer to my appointments,I booked about 8 appointments before you could answer me” She complained.

“Well… It’s not my fault, You are not only the one booking appointment… Lots of people do and you know this is only the best hospital in Nappi… But instead for your appointment to be answered fas-ter, you should better live in a closer place…. Of course, Close to this hospital” The doctor said

“Oh Goodness…. I live far from here” Jane retorted.

“Well It’s preferable to live close by, Do you have any close friends or family living here?” The doctor asked.

Jane nodded sharply with a smile.

“Yes…. My mum” She replied.

Jane explained everything to her husband and he agreed for her to stay with her mum for the main time till she is done with her surgery and he wished her well for it.

(Few days later)

That night, Jane found herself looking at her family’s house door with her bags. Her back ached badly because she trekked. She lost the money her husband had given her and she had to trek un-der the h0t sun. She stretched her legs hand and n£¢k which seemed stiff due to all the [email protected] work she had gone throu-gh for the day. It was even [email protected] to pu-ll her bags now.

“Who should I tell to help me carry my bags into my room?…. Goodness, I’m tired” Jane thought.

“Should I ask Ella?…No!!….. That girl would rather help a stranger than help me” Jane thought again shaking her head.

“Well… What about Dan?….No… He might be cool headed but he hates when someone s£nds him an errand and he might even s£nd Ella instead who might refuse…. That lazy Dan” Jane thought still.

“Grandma Ma can’t do it…. She is quite old! What about mum?… She can help me.. At least she is the only one that un-derstands me even if I don’t say a thing” Jane thought with a smile as she rang the bell.

She breathed heavily waiting for an answer.

The door slowly creaked open and she saw her mum, Helen who was meanwhile surprised to see her.

Helen eyes caught with Jane’s bags on the floor. She faced Jane again and [email protected]

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 13❣❣❣


Jane slowly looked at them as soon she finished her story.

“Was that all you [email protected] throu-gh?…. I’m sorry…. When you asked me to keep your bags back then, I thought you were afflicting pain on me, I didn’t know what you [email protected] throu-gh… I didn’t even care to ask or know, I was just being worried about myself and forgot about you….I’m de-eply sorry” Helen said as tears fell from her eyes. She t©uçhed Jane’s face trying to wipe the tiny drops of tears from her eyes.

Grandma Ma de-eply sighed and looked at Dan and Ella who were trying to hold the unbeatable tears forming in their eyes.

Helen looked at them and smiled.

“You know someone once told me to cry when ever I’m in pain…. It’s worst to hold the tears, It might hurt” Helen whispered as she looked at Grandma Ma who smiled.

Grandma Ma felt like she wanted to cry so she quic-kly looked at the ceiling and breathed heavily.

“So…. I want to ask you guys…. Dan and Ella, What really happened….Ella, Why do you refuse to back to school…. Let me hear from you”

Ella noticed warm tears escaped from her eyes. She looked at her mother and truthfully started her story.

“Mum…. It happened when…..

«««🔙↩️FLASH BACK 🔙↩️«««

When school was over for the day, Ella ran to her brother’s school. They both promised to meet with their mum at the market place.

They walked slowly and st©pped when they almost reached their mother’s stall.
Their Mother, Helen sold Live Cat fishes,Crabs and Snail and sold them in large quantities.

They watched their mum [email protected]£d a big cat fish on her hand negotiating price with the customer.

“I can’t believe mum decided to be strong for us” Ella sadly said.

“Yh…. She will do anything for us, You know” Dan said quietly.

Back when they were little in the big town and we’re still living with their dad, Their mother was very much afaird of fishes. She strongly hated them and would never t©uçhed them till they are killed.

She always feared them to the last because a cat fish had beaten her before. Her husband was the one that killed the fishes for her to cook.
But now here in Nappi Village, Their mum had to t©uçh, hold and sell this fishes to make a living.

“No one would believe she used to be once afaird of those things” Ella said quietly as Dan nodded.

“That’s why we need to make mum proud so we could be something in future you know, We don’t want her to suffer in vain” Dan said.

“I will start re-ading now and paying attention to [email protected], What about you?” Ella asked.

Dan scoffed.

“I’m not planning to go to school, I have something else in mind and don’t ask me what” Dan said as they walked fas-ter to their mum’s stall.

The next day in school, Ella changed for the better.
She was quite good in mathematics so she made friend with the most brilliant girl in the [email protected], Her name was Lucy (You all know her).

Lucy was quite adamant to take Ella as a friend but after so much pleading, she accepted.

Lucy and Ella [email protected]£ ti-ght friends and shared everything together. When Ella wasn’t clear on a [email protected] subject, She would rush to Lucy who would explain it to her.

Until one day, The [email protected] teacher entered the [email protected] after a week when they had finished their examinations.

After the students had greeted her,She cleared her throat and faced them.

“Wow…. I’m impressed with you guys scores so far on your last exams” The teacher started.

The students laughed and cheered.

“Someone [email protected]£ out the best here” The teacher continued and all eyes went on Lucy who was alre-ady smiling and blu-shing.
Ella looked at Lucy and smiled. She also gave her a thumbs up. Lucy chuckled lightly.

“Will you [email protected] for her plea-se” The teacher said as the students started [email protected]

Lucy stood up immediately and smiled heartily.

“I didn’t call your name lucy” The teacher said as Lucy looked at her confused.

“Ma?…..What do you mean?” Lucy asked quite [email protected] Her eyes blinked numerous times as she felt her heart beating fast. She quietly sat down.

“Our best is……… Ella” The teacher smiled [email protected] her hands as the others joined too.

Ella stood up surprised and smiled. She bowed her head in respect as she turned to look at Lucy who threw away her face. Lucy bit her f!ngersas her eyes grew wi-de.


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