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The most beautiful goodbye batch 7

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected]d to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 16❣❣❣


“We’ve got the answer to your solution” April chuckled.

“So?… What’s is the answer?” Lucy asked alre-ady very curious.

“Won’t you guess?” Lillie asked with her hands akimbo and b!owing her gums loud.

Lucy stared at them angrily.

“I’ve got no time to lose, You know we aren’t here for games so quit joking around and tell me alre-ady, I’m losing my patience plea-se” Lucy said with a serious face.

“Well.. It’s her mother” April replied after a minute of silence.

“Her mother?” Lucy asked confused

They both nodded their heads.

“She never allows someone that curses her mother go free, It triggers her anger which makes her hit others” Lillie explained.

“You mean “bully” not “hit” ” Lucy corrected with a wicked smile as the others laughed.

“But why her mother?… What’s up with her old woman?” Lucy asked.
“Hey…. She might hear you, The walls have ears too” April said

“I pray she does hear me” Lucy said hissing loudly

“Well.. She seems to love her mother, You can curse Ella but you can’t curse her mother and go free” April explained.
Lucy laughed wickedly and crazily.

“What’s her old woman name?” Helen asked.

“You mean her mother?… I checked into it and her name is Helen” Lillie said.

“I see…. Well let’s the game begin” Lucy smiled

“But what’s your plan in [email protected]” Lillie asked

“Okay…This is my plan and I’m going to just say it once.. Now, I will target Ella during break when our [email protected] room would have been empty, April us smart with lies so she will pretend she has an issue and draws Ella into the [email protected], I will be there waiting for her… I will curse her till she get angry enough to even kill me…. Then April will stand as the witness. When she starting hitting…. No…I mean bullying me, Lillie will pretend she is entering the [email protected] and will quic-kly run outside to call others to see what is happening. While, Ella is hitting me… I won’t hit back but endure the pain and stand down…Then others will know I’m the victim and Ella is truly a bully, I will get my love and respect from others back and Ella will lost it all… Do you un-derstand?” Lucy said as they nodded happily.

“But will you be alright??…She might hit you pretty bad and it’s going to hurt” Lillie said and April quic-kly agreed.

“It’s doesn’t matter, It’s worth it.. It’s even better I would be hospitalized..Then, All of these people would know that Ella is really an annoying and Evil monster” Lucy chuckled wickedly.


April eyes caught with Ella who was at the school canteen eating.
Some students rushed beside Ella trying to talk to her. She was such a beauty and very smart too.

“Excuse me…. Sorry, I’m coming throu-gh” April said trying to push herself in the crowd of students who stared at Ella.

“Hey… Ella?” April called and Ella looked at her.

“Is anything the matter, April?” Ella asked softly.
April felt in love with her soft and calm voice. Ella also shoved in a thick, fresh and natural smile which would ease an evil mind.

April smiled a little and quic-kly shaked her head vigorously.

“I can’t let this girl deceive me, pu-ll your self together!!” April thought within herself as she stared at Innocent Ella.

“Ella?…. plea-se I need your help” April said with a shaky voice and teary eyes

“What happened?” Ella asked standing up alre-ady feeling worried

“I didn’t really un-derstand the t©pic taught on mathematics today….I was wondering if you could explain it to me” April said with an innocent face and a warm voice.

“Wow… April, I’m surprise you are willing to learn and I’m also more than happy to teach you” Ella replied.

April smiled and re-moved her face away.

“More than happy to teach you MY FOOT!” April thought.

When Ella was done, They walked to the [email protected]

“Let’s hurry plea-se, Break would soon be over and another [email protected] would begin and I wouldn’t have time after that” April explained as they walked fas-ter.

They got in and met Lucy who was busy re-ading.
She looked up and met with Ella and also April who was behind Ella.
April win-ked at Lucy who smiled.

Ella pretended not to see Lucy but moved to her seat. Lucy stood up and [email protected]£ close to Ella by sitting on the big table.

“Didn’t you see me?… Do you really hate me that much that you ignored me?” Lucy asked as Ella turned to her.

“I’m sorry for that, But I wanted to avoid problems” Ella explained calmly.

“Problems?… Wow!… So I’m a problem giver” Lucy asked angrily.

“This was the main reason I avoided you…. plea-se, It’s better for us to st©p talking” Ella said removing her face from Lucy.

“Do you know why bad things happened to me since you [email protected]£ into my life?” Lucy asked looking at Ella.

Ella looked at Lucy quic-kly.

“I don’t un-derstand” Ella pointed out immediately.

“Tell me?… How would you un-derstand?….Since when you [email protected]£ into my life, I’ve fallen from the t©p…. Well, Thanks to you!!” Lucy started.

“Ella… You should be ashamed of yourself” Lucy yelled.

“I should better go” Ella said trying to rush outside.

“Maybe that’s the reason your father died!!” Lucy shouted which made Ella halt.

She turned to look at Lucy.

“I don’t have your time” Ella said trying to rush outside again.
“Helen?!!” Lucy shouted immediately to make Ella halt and she st©pped immediately.

Ella faced back and looked at Lucy angrily.
She was alre-ady pretty angry and had veins popping out from her n£¢k, Her eyes grew big and wi-de. It was red too.

“What did you just say?… How did you….

“Is that her name, Your mother’s??… Does she know you live like this, She is so evil for giving birth to someone like you, What if you kill her before her time….” Lucy said but was interrupted by Ella who rushed to her and held her shi-t ti-ght.

“Are you nuts?… I’ve had enough of you… So plea-se, St©p now… Or you might regret this” Ella said as her hands trembled on Lucy’s shi-t she had held ti-ghtly.

“Oh no… I’m not high to regret this You would be the one regretting” Lucy chuckled.

Ella had painful tears flowing from her blood sh0tted and pitiful eyes.
Ella was alre-ady uncontrollably angry.
Her anger was beyond something else.
Lucy smiled when she noticed that.

“Your mother might die because of you… Because you are such a pain in the n£¢k” Lucy whispered wickedly as Ella raised her hand for a punch.

“Yes…. I did it, Hit me badly…. Now” Lucy thought as she watched Ella’s hand raised up towards her face.

“NO!!!… DON’T DO IT, plea-sE” A thought [email protected]£ into Ella’s head. It sounded like Helen voice. Her mother’s voice though it was unreal. Just in Ella’s thoughts.

Ella sighed and tried keeping her hand away.

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 17❣❣❣


“What is she doing?… Come on, Hit me” Lucy thought seeing Ella keep her hand down and unfolding her [email protected] fist.

Ella heaved a big heavy sigh and looked at Lucy.

“I’m begging you… plea-se, Don’t cross my boundary and if I annoyed you in any way, Then… I’m sorry”

Lucy looked at Ella unsatisfied.

“Well… We aren’t done!!” Lucy yelled as Ella tried leaving.

“Then… What do you really want?” Ella yelled.

“I want a bet” Lucy smiled stretching her little f!nger to Ella.

“About?” Ella asked.

“I’m going to make your mother kneel before me at your very eyes” Lucy laughed.

This time, Ella didn’t care nor did she think twice.
She rushed to Lucy like an angry bull and landed her a punch.

Ella kept punching her till Lucy fell down.

“Oww… That hurts” Lucy yelled trying to push Ella off her b©dy who was still busy throwing punches on her face.

Lucy managed to re-lease herself from Ella’s grasp and tried running but Ella tr!pp£dher with her leg and [email protected] her heavily.

“Oowww!!” Lucy yelled in pain holding her swollen face.

Her mouth was alre-ady bleeding.

“Never…. In… Your…. Life…. Dare….to…
Call…. My…
Mother” Ella said still [email protected] Lucy in every word She said.

Due to the heavy painful [email protected], Lucy kept walking backwards as the [email protected] went to both cheeks.

“That really hurts….Just st©p this and Kill me alre-ady” Lucy yelled painfully.

She tried running away but Ella held her hair and painfully dragged her back.

“Didn’t I tell you that you might regret this….Urrgh… Goodness, Should I just kill you” Ella sighed.

“Huh?….No plea-se,Don’t….plea-se” Lucy begged as she turned to look at April who stared like a confused animal opening her mouth wi-de.

“Don’t just stand there!!!… Help me!!” Lucy shouted at April.

“Huh?…But you told me not to intefere no matter how dangerous it is” April said scared too.

“She’s going to kill me…. Just shut up and help me!!” Lucy shouted.

“Oh…. So you guys are in this together… Come over here” Ella said to April who kept shaking her head.

She ran afterwards.

“Well… There’s no one to help you now!” Ella said turning to Lucy.
However, Lucy was fast enough to drag ella’s Tie 👔which started Choking her.
Ella coughed [email protected] as her face turned red.

Lucy kept ti-ght£ñing the tie to her n£¢k but Ella was stronger. She pushed Lucy who hit her head [email protected] on the table.

Lillie and other students had rushed to the [email protected] after hearing the news.

Ella re-moved her tie quic-kly and rushed to Lucy and kicked her.

The students were surprised by her act and started whispering to each other.

“Is she a bully?”

“Goodness… I’m alre-ady scared of her”

“Look at the way she bullied poor Lucy…. She should be expelled”

“I was wrong about Ella after all”

“I hate Ella now”

“What in goodness sake has innocent Lucy done to this evil Ella?”

Ella bit herl-ips [email protected] and held the tears she had been keeping.

Meanwhile, Lucy was alre-ady unconscious due to the way she hit her head.

Later, She was rushed to the hospital and Ella was brou-ght to the Principal’s office.

The principal called both mums. Lucy’s mum [email protected]£ first and met Ella inside the principal’s office and quic-kly called her out in anger.

Ella went out and she quic-kly received a [email protected] from Lucy’s mum.
Ella eyes almost [email protected]£ out because she had been seriously holding the tears she had stored.

Lucy’s mother [email protected]£d her shi-t and started shaking Ella virgously.
“Are you insane… Did your mother ever train your well??!… You bully!… You will pay for this, If anything happens to my daughter… I’m going to hold you responsible” Lucy’s mother shouted as she dragged her shi-t.

Because of this, Her bu-ttons loosed immediately.
Ella sighed de-eply as Lucy’s mother left.

She wanted to bu-tton her shi-t when April and Lillie [email protected]£ which st©pped her from doing so.

She looked at them and asked.

“What do you want now?”.

They both laughed and started raining abuses on her but what pained her was they started also raining abuses on her mother.

To avoid another thing she might hate to do, She quietly opened her bag, Took out her head phones and placed it on her ear as she put it on the highest volume and started using her phone.

When the girls noticed she was giving them attention, They left angrily.

Ella raised her head and looked at the front hall way.

Her eyes caught with her mum.

Seems her mother has alre-ady met with the principal and told her what happened

Ella sighed de-eply.
She was in a mess. She had lost her Tie to the fight, Her bu-tton were opened because of Lucy’s mum and she was even using her phone with head phones because of those awful girls.

Now, No one needs to explain she was actually the bad girl.

“Should I explain everything to her?” She thought.
“Or I shouldn’t… Let me just pretend to be cold towards her, If I look and sound weak.. She will know what truly happened… So I have to be strong, So she wouldn’t find a clue” Ella thought again walking fas-ter as she [email protected] her mum, Helen.

She quic-kly walked past her.

“Didn’t you see me!” Helen yelled facing her.
Ella didn’t bother to look back because her eyes were alre-ady weak and tired of the tears she had been holding in. Maybe if she turned back,She would cry. She gathered her courage and wi-de-ned her eye ba-lls. She was scared to look back to face her mum in case she would cry.

“Why did you bother to come here? It’s [email protected]” Ella said with sadness in her heart but with enough strengthin her voice. She felt guilty.

“If you want to talk to me, Look at me… St©p ignoring me” Ella head Helen calm voice say.

“Mum… plea-se leave alone” Ella replied as she made the music loud trying to keep the painful tears from even tou-ching her eye ball. She folded herl-ips ti-ghtly to keep the tears.

“Oowww! MUM!” Ella shouted feeling a [email protected] beat on her head. It was Helen’s.

“You just bullied your mate and you are still behaving this way,What if you get suspended” Helen asked.

“I don’t care…. I should better get expelled instead!” Ella said with a shrill voice.
She tried [email protected] not to cry. The ‘hit’ that she received from her mum was able to trigger her tears but she was quite strong to keep it for later.

“You said I should leave you alone?” Ella heard Helen say.

“Yes…. Leave me alone, I don’t want to see you!” Ella replied holding her hand forming a fist to keep her tears in. She folded herl-ips ti-ghtly but then, It didn’t work. A tear dropped from her left eye. She was glad she wasn’t facing her mum. She didn’t want her to see it. Ella walked out so she wouldn’t cry more.

But in her mind, She wished she never said that. She just pretended to be strong and okay.

Helen sighed heavily.

“Ella… Let’s board a taxi” Helen said catching up with Ella who walked fast.

“No… Don’t bother, I will trek home” Ella replied as she felt more h0t tears.

“What if your feet hurts?” Helen asked which made Ella eyes grow more red and had felt the h0t tears drop little by little. She quic-kly used her palm in wiping it off.

“Goodness, Mum… It’s my feet… Not yours, I’m fine” Ella replied walking fas-ter as she cleaned her painful tears. Her mother must not see her!. She thought sadly.

“I wil walk with you then” Ella heard Helen y.

“Hell no, Go on your way” She replied trying to run from her.

“Goodness… Why doesn’t she give up” Ella thought sadly as she ran fas-ter from her.

Helen got tired from catching up with her and boarded a taxi home.

Ella sighed as she watched the taxi leave.

“Mum… I’m sorry” Ella thought as she walked home.
Her house was pretty far but she didn’t care.

She cried on the way home. She cried a lot like never before.

“I will just have to be cold to make her believe I’m okay… I don’t want her to believe I want to go back to school! I mustn’t go back there or else Lucy might get what she want….But I Miss school…. I want to go back there” Ella thought in tears walking slowly.

Her tears were painful, Sad and bitter.
She felt she was in a tragedy movie.

Just then, Her feet began to hurt. She had been walking ever since.

She st©pped, Opened her shoes and looked at her feet.

Her feet were so-re and sliced open.

It really hurt her badly that it triggered her pains and cried once more.


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