The mafia lord Episode 26 & 27

The Mafia Lord
Episode 26&27
June PoV
Troy drove me over to my hostel the next morning, I was still feeling so-re from yesterday ban-ging.
“What is wrong Troy?”. I asked studying him, he was looking worried
“Nothing”. he replied
“Troy”. I called , plea-se talk to me
“Fine. I am just worried about mother, worried that she might find it uncomfortable living with the boys
“You can move her over to a new house”. I suggested
“Do you think that is a good idea?”. he asked
“Talk to her and know what she wants”. I replied, she is your mother and won’t led you wrong..
“Thanks June”
We got to the front of the hostel and he parked in front…
“Will you come over to the house?”. he asked
“I don’t know”. I replied with a shrug, I will call you
“Alright baby”. he waved and drove off…
I walked over to my room and pushed the door opened
I met Sara on the be-d with books scattered around
“Here comes the Princess”. She tea-sed as I walked in
“hi”. I greeted her with a smile ,what Is up with all this books?
“Trying to study”.She replied, I don’t want to fail any course
“That is the spirit baby”. I remarked
“ your sister c@m£ looking for you with a gloomy face , what is wrong with her?
“When was that?”. I asked
“Yesterday night”. She replied
“ I will call at her room before going to lectures”. I replied….
I pu-ll-ed off my clothes wra-pping my towel around me .
“June”. Sara called staring at my upper b©dy
“What is it?”. I asked looking at her weirdly
“What is with the love bites?”: she asked pointing at the tiny bite marks all over my b©dy
“Love bites? Are there called love bites?”. I asked innocently
“Yes dummy”. She replied.Have you guys finally done it?”. She asked grinning
“Done what?”, I asked
“Quit pretending June, you know what I mean. How does the first time feels?”. She asked
“I don’t know “. I blu-shed and ran into the bathroom
“Crazy girl”. I muttered…
I returned to the room drying my b©dy with my towel..
I went to my bag and brou-ght out my clothes. I wore a white sneakers on t©p a fitted blue go-wn.
I applied little makeup and gr@bb£d a black hand bag…
“Aren’t you gonna wait for me?”. Sara asked
“No”. I replied, I nee-d to go over to Mary we will meet in clas-s…
“Alright”. She drawled …
I got to Mary hostel and knocked . The door was opened by her blonde bimbo roomie
“hi June”. She greeted opening the door wi-de
“hi”. I greeted walking into the room
I met Mary curled up on the be-d with her head on her l@ps
“Mary”. I called moving closer to her
She raised her head up and looked at me, her eyes were bloodsh0t ..
“June “. She called sniffing
“What is wrong?”. I asked her . Why are you crying?
“ Miigggguuueeelll”. She stammered
“What happened to Miguel”, I asked in alarm , did he break up with you?
“No”. She replied
“Then what happen?”. I asked
“He walked out on me when i told everything”.She replied sobbing
“ oh dear!”. I exclaimed hvgging her , it will be alright
“Will he still come back”. She asked
“He will come around if he really loves you but if he doesn’t you have to br@ce up yourself, you have to move on….
“ I don’t think I can June, I don’t think so
“ you can sis”. I as-sured her , and make sure you severe ties with some fools “. I said glaring at her bimbo roomie…
I waved Mary before heading to clas-s. I sighted Miguel with his friends, he was looking kinda sad also
“It was obvious he loves her “..
I got to the clas-s and was surprised to see Steph and Sara seated and laughing together..
“When did they become so close again?”. I wondered
“June”. Sara called gesturing me to come closer
hey”.i greeted flashing Steph a smile
“You took so long June “. Sara queried, Did you go somewhere else?
“No”. I replied.I was setting some stuff with Mary.
“Alright baby, will you be chanced this night?
“Night? What is happening this night?”. I asked her
“Steph is having a little club p@rty and she wants us to be there”. She replied
“Steph?”.i asked looking at Steph. Why do you want me there? I thought you never liked me
“Oh June”. She exclaimed laughing. I don’t hate you , I was just jealous then but now I have gotten over it
“plea-se June let go have fun”. Sara pleaded
“I will have to tell Troy”. ……
Troy PoV
I sat on my be-d smoking when Andy walked in …..
“How is the transaction?”.I asked him
“Successful”.he replied
“Good”. I muttered, you can go ..
I headed downstairs and met my mom seated alone in the sitting room re-ading a book
“Mum”. I called , where is everyone?”, I asked
“Every one?”. She asked, do you mean those scary boys who smokes
“What do you mean ?”, I asked her, I smoke too
She stared at me for a while without saying any thing
“What do you do Troy?”. She asked, What business do you have with Yakusa? Why did he s£nt Trent to spy on you?. She asked
“Business?”. I asked scoffing, what exactly do you want to know?
“Baby”. She called holding my hands, plea-se just tell me the truth. Are you into drugs?
I stared at her without saying anything
“plea-se talk to me”. She pleaded
“Yes mother”. I replied, I am a Mafia
“Yakusa is a bastard”. She cursed , how could he involve you in drugs ?she said sobbing
I watched her as she cried , i was gobsma-cked
“Troy”. She called , plea-se quit the Mafia. do it for you family , do it for June……
June PoV
We got back to our room and Sara was giving me reasons. why I should attend Steph club p@rty
“Must I really go?”. I asked her
“You have to because Steph invited you herself, it won’t be proper for you to decline her invitation”. She explained , you nee-d some time out with friends, You can call Troy if you want ….
I dialled Troy number but it didn’t pick up
I dialled it again and he picked on the second ring
“hi”. he greeted, his voice was very low
“Troy”. I called , Are you alright?
“Yes”. he gr-unted, why did you call?
“Are you really asking me that?”. I asked him in surprise
“ why did you call?”. he asked again ignoring my question
“I want to go clubbing with Sara”. I replied
The line bec@m£ quiet
“Troy”. I called , are you there?
“Is that what you want?”. he asked
“Yes”. I replied
“Fine”. He said and ended that call
“What is wrong with him?”. I wondered, he seemed sober ….
“What did he say? Sara asked, did he permit you
“Yes”. I replied
“Yippeeeee”. She exclaimed in delight…..
“Can we go now?”. I asked Sara who was still applying her makeup
I was putting on a black trou-sers and a blue hoodie with a white sneakers to match
“I am done”. She informed as she gr@bb£d her bag
We got to the front of hostel gate and flagged a taxi
“Where?”, the man gr-unted
“Petra club”. Sara called
“Get in”
We hopped into the car and he drove off
“ where exactly are we going?”. I asked Sara on our way , the journey was alre-ady getting tiring
“We will soon get there”. Sara as-sured me
“Alright”, I drawled
We soon got to the club and the music from the club was deafening
“This is going to be fun”. Sara screamed in delight as she took my hand in hers
We walked into the club and went over to the bar ,
“Hi ladies”. The barman greeted flashing us a smile , what can I offer you?
“Vodka”.Sara replied
“What about you miss?”. The man asked
“Water”. I replied
He gave me a puzzled look before going to get our orders…
I looked around the club and I caught a man staring at me ,he gave me a small smile and I looked away
“ is he trying to hit on me?”, I wondered
The bar man soon returned with the water and vodka. He placed it in front of us
“Sara June”. Steph called walking towards us,I am glad you both made it.Can we go over to dance?”. She asked facing Sara
“Sure”. Sara replied standing up , Let us go have fun June
“Not June”. Steph replied .
“ why?”. I asked her
“she is Troy girl and I am sure Troy won’t like her dancing with other men…
“Fine”.i muttered, I will just wait here
I watched both of them dance and my mind drifted to Troy
“He has not even called me, it is so unlike him”
I brou-ght out my phone and was about to dial his number when I heard a baritone voice behind me ..
“hello”. he greeted with an accent
I turned and met the gaze of the same man .
“Do I know you?”. I asked him
“Do you?”. he asked sitting beside me
“ I don’t know you”. I replied eyeing him, he was young and handsome and looked …..different
“Really?”. he asked, but I have seen you before
“Me?”. I asked . How?where?
“The Mafia p@rty at Russia”. he replied sipping his drink
“ who are you?”. I asked in alarm
“Reid “. he replied grinning
“Reid”. I muttered .
“Diego right hand man”. he replied grinning…
“Diego”. I g@sped in shock …
Episode 27
June Kansas
“Diego”. I g@sped in fear
I jo-lted from the chair and wanted to leave but he caught me by my arm
“Not so fast young lady “. he grinned pu-lling me back to the chair
I was really scared
“What do you want from me?” I asked in fear
He stared directly at my face and smiled
“You are just a naive little girl, how did you get involve with Troy?
“Let me go plea-se”. I pleaded
“I wish I can but I can’t”. he said pu-lling a gun from his back pocket …
“plea-se don’t kill me”. I pleaded
“I won’t if you do what I say “. he warned
“I will do anything Sir but plea-se don’t kill me
“Fine, I nee-d you to come with me quietly, if not I will kill you and every damn person here.
“ where will you take me too?”. I asked
“You will see for yourself when we get there”. he replied grinning
I looked around the club, everyone was dancing and having fun oblivious of what was happening to me
“Don’t think of trying any thing stupid”. he warned c0cking his gun or else I will turn this p@rty to a blood p@rty
“ I nodded
“ can we go?”. he asked smiling
I nodded
“Good girl”. He muttered
he pu-ll-ed me up from the chair and held my hand as we walked outside the club
he walked over to a black car parked beside the club dragging me along.
“Get in”. he commanded
I swallowed ha-rd and was about getting in when I heard my name
I turned to look back and saw Sara running towards us
“Where are you going?”. She asked p@n-ting
“Just go back plea-se”. I pleaded
“Who is this you are going with?”. She asked staring at Reid
“ I am fine”. I as-sured her
“June”. She called moving closer , I can’t allow you to go anywhere because we c@m£ here together
“ who are you?”. She asked facing Reid , who the hell are you?
“Do you really want to know me?”. he asked c0cking his gun
“Who are you?”. Sara asked moving back . She tried to run back into the club but it was too late as Reid pu-ll-ed the trigger and sh0t her
Saraaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. I screamed as she fell to the ground bleeding
I tried to run to her but Reid caught me and pushed into the car r0ûghly.
he got into the driver seat and drove off …
The whole club was in an uproar when we heard the sound of the gunsh0t
“What could have happened?
I rushed outside the club and was surprised to see Sara on the ground bleeding
“Someone plea-se help me”. I screamed loudly and the bar man rushed outside
“What have I gotten myself into? he promised not to hurt anyone?
he bent down and held Sara to him
“she was mumbling some words but I didn’t care to listen
“Call the ambulance”. he instructed and I did immediately
I ran into the club to gr-ab my bag and when I returned I met Crowds gathered around Sara
“Sara plea-se be fine”. I muttered as I ran, i kept on running till I saw a taxi..
I flagged it down and got into it as the taxi zoomed off…..
June Kansas
“plea-se don’t kill me” . I kept on pleading as the beast continued driving
He looked at me throu-gh the rear mirror and scoffed
“where are you taking me to?”. I asked shaking in fright
“Shut up”. he yelled and st©pped the car. Do you want to drive me crazy with your plea-s
he brou-ght out a syringe from the gear box and leaned towards the back seat
“What are you trying to do?”. I asked
“Shut you up”. he replied
“No plea-se”. I pleaded struggling with him but he was too strong . he injected the syringe into me and my eyes immediately bec@m£ heavy and I soon black out….
Troy Daniels
I woke up the next morning feeling very weak. I was on high on drugs last night and still felt kind of dazed
I thought of June and decided to call her..
I picked up my phone from the table beside me and went throu-gh the call log
“Damn”. I cursed , she called me and I received it , what exactly did I say to her?
I dialled her number but it was not going throu-gh
“Is her battery flat? Why didn’t she charge it?”. I wondered…
I went over to the bathroom to freshen up and soon returned to the room
I changed my clothes , picked my car keys From the table and headed downstairs.
I met Trent setting the the table for breakfast
“Hi brother”. he greeted
“Aren’t you going to school?”
“I will go get re-ady after setting the table “. he replied
“Fine”. I muttered walking out the house..
I got into my car and drove off heading to June hostel
“Did I say anything wrong to her?”is she angry with me ?. I wondered
I parked in front of her hostel and was surprised to see some students gathered talking, they st©pped immediately they saw me .
I ignored them and walk to June room but met it locked
“Where is she? Did she have early morning lectures?
I walked to my car and was about getting him when I saw a girl running towards me
“Sir Troy”.she called
“What do you want?”. I drawled
“Are you here for June ?”. She asked
“Do you know where she is ?
“No”. She replied
“ Then why did you st©p me”. I yelled at her
“I am sssoooorrryyy”. She stammered, but i saw her at a club last night
“Club”. I muttered. I held my head as a memory flashed on, I remembered her telling me something about going to a p@rty
“What kind of p@rty? Why is she not back?”. I asked the girl
“I don’t really know but her friend got sh0t”. She replied
“ sh0t? Why?”.
“I don’t know”. She replied
“ which club?”.I asked
“Petra club”. She replied
I got into my car and drove off without even thanking the girl
I was confused about the whole thing
“What really happened ? Who sh0t Sara? Is June safe?
If anything happens to June , I will never forgive myself
“ why did I even use the damn drugs? Why?
I soon got to the club and rushed in without parking properly
I walked to the bar and dragged the barman by his collar .
“Sir”. he called, what brings you to a lowly club like this?
“What happened to the friend of the girl who got sh0t?
“Which of the friends?”. he asked. I saw her with two girls . One left with a man while the other one disappeared without any trace
“ what!!. I exclaimed , what are you saying? I brou-ght out my phone and showed him a picture of June. Do you recognise her?
Yes. She was the one who left with a man “. he replied
“Are you crazy? “. I asked hitting his head on the counter. This is my woman you are talking about.
“I aaaamm sooorry”.he apologised, I never knew she was yours but I am telling the truth, she left with a man dressed in black
I looked at him and scoffed
“ where is the injured girl?”. I asked
“Hospital, she is stable but she lost lot of blood…
“Damn”. I cursed, it is all my fault.
“Sir”. the bar man called , do you know Steph?
“ Steph”. I muttered. Why did you ask?
“ when I held the the injured girl,she kept on mumbling some words. I tried to get what she was saying but I could only pick few words “Steph plea-se help her “. he explained
“Steph? really ?
“ do you know her?”. the bar man asked
“Shut up”. I barked at him, if anything should happen to my girlfriend, i will destroy you and your club”. I warned and walked out of the club….
I dialled Andy number immediately i was out of the club and he picked it immediately
“I want you to track Steph wherever she is and bring her to me”. I instructed and ended the call
She dared to harm June for the second time , I guess I was too lenient with her the last time……….
I pray June is safe