The mafia lord Episode 24 & 25

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 24&25
Troy PoV continues
“Troy”. Andy called, we nee-d to leave before the cops get in
“Fine”. I muttered …
I stared at my mom throu-gh the rear mirror on our way home, she was looking kind of dazed..
“What really happened to her?”why is she still in contact with yakusa? I wondered…
We drove into the compound and I alighted from the car..
I noticed my mom was having difficulty opening the car door so I helped her..
“Thanks baby”. She muttered
“Daddy ”. Tricia called running to hvg me and I bent down to k!ssher forehead
“What are you doing outside?”. I asked her
“ I am taking a walk with June”. She replied pointing to June who was walking towards us…
“Troy”. June called hvgging me, I was bored . Who is she?”. She asked staring at my mother
“My mom “. I replied and she g@sped in shock..
“Let us go inside”. I told my mom who was watching silently and she nodded…
We got into the sitting room and Trent ran to hvg his mother immediately he saw her …
I signalled the boys to excuse us and they did…
“ what really happened to her?, I really wanted to know..
Ciara PoV( Troy mother)
I smiled at Trent who was sitting beside and holding me ti-ghtly……
“What really happened?”. Troy asked, he was sitting beside a young lady who carried the little girl who called him dad on her l@ps….
“ is she really his daughter?”. I wondered
I looked at him and smiled . My baby is all grown up…
“What happened to you Mother?”. he asked again
“Mother?”. Trent asked, why is he calling you that
“He is your brother”. I replied
“ what!!”. he exclaimed, you never told me I had a brother
“That was because I believed he was dead…
I lost the will to live after your father died and you got missing .
I tried to end my life but My friend Ophelia pleaded with me not to .She advised me to live because of my unborn child and also promised to find you ….
Days turn to weeks and your were no where to be found and I wept profusely knowing something bad happened to you…
I was in the hospital one day when a man walked into the room, he brou-ght out a knife and threatened to stab me if i refused to go with him quietly…
I was scared for my unborn child and agreed to go with him, I walked out of the hospital quietly with him and none of the staffs seemed to notice….
He brou-ght me over to the house at terra block and I almost peed on my p@n-t when I met Yakusa inside the tiny room….
He commended me for surviving the brutal r@p£, he mocked me ..I paused when I heard Troy cursed
“What is it baby?”, I asked him
“Go on”.he replied ignoring my questions..
he threatened to kill me if I dared go against him .
He told me you were dead and that I belonged to him now ……
I bec@m£ like a prisoner in the tiny home, I was always lonely but the baby in my wo-mb kept me going…
Yakusa made sure I was comfortable, he s£nt money and groceries throu-gh his scary boys but my hatred for him kept on growing stronger
“He killed my husband and I thought he killed you also “…::
I gave birth to Trent in the tiny home with the help of a midwife yakusa s£nt to me and I bec@m£ happy once again seeing the face of my little one…
Trent asked questions as he grew but I lied,telling him i don’t know his father where about . I never told him about his father or about you……
I lived a quiet life with my son in the tiny room oblivious of what was going on around me, Yakusa forbade me from owning a television or even a phone but I was less concerned about it because Trent was my happiness…
I was scared when yakusa recently c@m£ over to my home, I knew he was up to no good..
he told me he nee-ded Trent to do something important for him, I pleaded with him not to take my baby away but he ignored all of my plea-s…..
he took my baby away and promised to bring him back if he abide by his rules ..
I am sorry for everything Troy, sorry for not being there as a mother , sorry for believing you were dead..
I looked up at Troy when I was done talking and noticed he was trying to hold back his tears
“Troy”. I called moving closer to me , plea-se forgive your mother….
he tried to say something but could not as tears flowed freely from his eyes
I pu-ll-ed him close to me and hvgged him
“I am very sorry baby”.i whispered and he hvgged me ti-ghtly….
June PoV
I watched Troy and his mother with teary eyes. I had been right with my guess all along.
Trent was Troy younger brother..
I looked at Trent, he was watching his family with a smile on his face …
“Yes they were his family,Troy’s family…..
“June”.Tricia called in whispers, Is that daddy mommy?
“Yes”. I replied smiling
She nodded and continued watching them quietly..
“I nee-d to go somewhere. Troy said standing up abruptly
“Where are you going?”. his mother asked looking at him in surprise
“Yakusa”. he replied
“Troy dont go….”. his mother tried to say but Troy was alre-ady out of the room….
“he will be fine”. I as-sured her……
Troy PoV
I drove over to yakusa syndicate with Andy beside me
“What are you trying to do?”. Andy asked me
I scoffed ignoring his questions
“Troy”: Andy called again, you nee-d to calm down
“Calm down?”. I asked, that bastard took advantage of my family. he killed my father,got my mother R@p£d , tried to hurt Tricia and s£nt my brother to spy on me…..
“What do you intend on doing?”. he asked
“I am going to warn the bastard and if he dares me again , I am going to kill him…….
Episode 25
Troy PoV
I sighted two armed men guarding the hvge gate of Yakusa mansion as i parked.
“Who are you?”. one of the men asked walking towards the car
“plea-se dont do anything stupid”. Andy pleaded
“I won’t if he behaves”. I promised
we alighted from the car and the man looked shocked when he saw me
“Troy”. he called , what are you doing here?
“ I nee-d to talk to yakusa”. I replied calmly
“What?”. he asked in surprise
“Are you deaf?”. Andy asked , he said he nee-ds to see Yakusa
“Why?”.the man , Does he know you are coming?”. he asked
“Put a call throu-gh to him”.I said ignoring his questions,let him know I am here ……
Yakusa PoV
“What do you mean by that Carl? how did she escape?”. I asked in confusion
“ I don’t know”. he replied, I met the guards dead when I got there
“Damn”. I cursed, I had a feeling that the kid would betray me and he did .
“Will it ……….Carl tried asking but st©pped when my phone buzzed .it was a call from one of my boys ….
“br@n. I called , is there any problem?
“Troy is here to see you”. he replied
“Troy?”. I said aloud in surprise, did he come alone?
“No”.he replied , he c@m£ with his right hand man”, can I …..
“Let him in”. I commanded and ended the call
I f0rç£d a smile when Troy walked in alone
“Troy”.i called meeting his gaze, it was emotionless
“Yakusa”.he called sitting on a chair opposite me .
“Where is your boy?”. I asked him, I was told he c@m£ along with you
“Why are you asking?he asked, are you surprise I c@m£ in alone
“No”. I replied.I am not surprised at all, I know you too well, why are you here?
“I c@m£ here to warn you”. he replied boldly, stay away from my family…
“What are you talking about?”. I asked him
He looked at me and scoffed. You are nothing but a pathetic liar”.he replied, How dare you s£nd my brother to spy on me?how dare you hold my mother hostage for years? he asked clenching his fist, how could you ..
“Is that what they told you?”. I asked him
“Really?”.he asked with a scoff, what lie do you have to tell again?
“I had to lie to keep them safe”…
“Damn you yakusa”. he cursed at me
“I know I lied to you but I took care of your mother and brother, I made them comfortable “. I explained.
“That is the reason why I am giving you a last chance “. he said staring directly at my face ,if you dare try to hurt any of my loved ones again I will destroy you”.he warned
“How dare you come to my house and threaten me”.
“Because I am not scared of you”. he replied
“What?I made you what you are today”.i yelled
“No yakusa”. he replied, i made myself what I am today …
he stood up from the chair and smiled
“Good day yakusa”. he said and walked out of the room….
I felt like a coward watching Troy leave without doing anything..
He was so fearless? Why can’t any of my boys be like him? I bet they were all scared of him when he walked in……
Troy POV
“ how did it go?”. Andy asked as we headed home
“I warned him to stay away from my family”. I replied
“Just that?”. She asked laughing
“Why are you laughing?” I asked him
“Because it is unlike you Troy”. He replied
“ what do you mean?”. I asked him
“The Troy I know does not believe in warning, he believes in bloodshed”. he explained
“Oh”. I exclaimed….
I drove into the compound and alighted from the car
I nodded at the boys greeting and walked into the sitting room.
I smiled when I saw Tricia jumping around my mother….
“Funny kid”. I muttered
Daddy is back”. She screamed in excitement
“Do you want to scream down the house?”. I asked her
“No I was only telling Daddy mommy you are back”. She replied innocently
“Daddy mommy”, what is that?”, I asked
“That is what she has been calling me”. My mom replied laughing
“Why are you laughing?”, she asked my mom, are you not Daddy mommy
“ of course she is”. I replied, but it is called grandma and not daddy mommy”.i corrected
“Grandma”. She muttered
“Did you see Yakusa?”. My mom asked
“Yes”. I replied , can we not talk about it plea-se?
“okay baby”. She said
“ where is Trent?”. I asked
“ in the kitchen”. Tricia replied running towards the kitchen
“And what of June”. I asked facing my mother
“ she is upstairs”. She replied smiling.
“ why are you smiling?”. I asked her
“Because you are d@t!ngmy best friend daughter”.She replied laughing
“How did you know?”. I asked grinning
“June told me”. She replied, and I was surprised your childhood wishes c@m£ true
“What do you mean by that Mother”.
“When you were little you told me yourself, you said you will make her your wife”. She replied
“Really?”. I asked in surprise, do we know each other?
“Of course. She replied, she was still a baby then but she loves to follow you around whenever we go over for a visit
I watched Trent walked out of the kitchen holding a tray with Tricia following behind him
he smiled at me before calling Mother over to the dinning table
I left all three of them in the dinning and climbe-d up the stairs to my room
I pushed the door opened and walked in.
“Troy”. June called running to hvg me, i was worried about you
“I am fine”. I as-sured her
“Are you sure?”. She asked
I nodded..
She walked over to the be-d dragging me along with her
“Your mom is really fun to be with”. She said , when I told her I am her best friend daughter she was really excited
“Really”. I drawled staring at her pointed bo-ob s .she was putting on one of my shi-t and she looked really S-xy on it …
.” What are you staring at?”. She asked with an eye roll
“Nothing”. I grinned pu-lling her closer to me .
“What are you doing?”. She asked struggling to free herself from my grip
“I nee-d you June”. I replied
“plea-se not again”. She pleaded
“you have to get used to it”.i whispered into her ears
I pu-ll-ed off the shi-ts and her p@n-ties and k!$$£d her hungrily..
I squee-zed her bo-ob s and she m0@n ed in plea-sure
“Troooooy”. She m0@n ed loudly as I k!$$£d her n£¢k giving her hic-keys. I t©uçhed her cunt and she was fv¢king we-t….
I quic-kly took off my clothes and la-id in between her legs
I pene-trated de-ep into her and started ban-ging her ignoring her cries and plea-s….
“She belongs to me……..