The mafia lord Episode 28 & 29

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 28&29
June PoV
I woke up feeling nauseous. My heads were spinning and I felt like I was floating
“ where am I?”: I wondered , Am I on the air?…..
I looked around and met the gaze of a man dressed in blank and the memories of what happened to me flashed back
“Sara”. I called sobbing, I pray she is safe
“ what is wrong?”.the man asked staring directly at my face
“ My friend, I want to see my friend”. I yelled
“ she is alright”. he as-sured me
“Alright?”. I asked, how can she be alright? you sh0t her
“ I didn’t shoot her in a vital sp©t”. he drawled , she is a true friend
I looked at him and scoffed. You are a monster
“Really?”. he asked . I am not a monster , your b©yfri£ndis
“ don’t dare call Troy a monster “. I warned
“ but he is”. he replied calmly. Do you know how many people he killed without feelings?he is heartless and you know that
I immediately bec@m£ quiet. he was kinda right. I remembered the look on Troy face when the car exploded, I remembered his look when I caught him trying to shoot a man which he later did, it was emotionless……
“ what are you thinking about?”. he asked me
“Nothing”. I replied, Am I on a plane? I asked looking around
“A pri-vate Jet”: he corrected
“What!!!. Where are you taking me to?”.I asked in alarm
“Russia”. he replied
Steph PoV
I Zi-pped the big travelling bag and rolled it out of my room
I ignored the curious stares of the student around and hurriedly walk towards the hostel gate
I soon got to the front of the hostel gate and flagged down a taxi
“Ontario Airport “.I called as I got in
The taxi man nodded and drove off
“June is really an idiot, how could she believe I really wanted to be her friend after the way Troy treated me like trash because if her,After i was mocked by the whole school for being a slut…..
No one cared to help on that day. I sat on the floor curled up in shame as most students laughed and made mockery of me..
With tears flowing down my eyes , I dragged myself to my feet and limped heading to my room
I was close to the room when a black car suddenly pu-ll-ed in front of me and a man stepped out. he introduced himself as Reid and promised to deal with whosoever made me that way……
We bec@m£ friends and I was happy someone sincerely cared for me not until he told me his intentions of getting Troy down. I was scared at first but he promised me I won’t get hurt ….
He instructed me to invite June over to Petra club but I couldn’t because June ha-rd ly in her room , she was always with Troy. Reid got mad when I explained to him and he hit me ha-rd .
I bec@m£ scared but it was too late back off. I decided to make use of Sara, I lied to her that I was having a club p@rty and urged her to come along with June. Sara was a p@rty freak and I knew she was going to persuade June…
“ we are here”.The driver informed
I looked out of the car and smiled when I saw the inscription of Ontario Airport written boldly on the gigantic building..
I paid the man and got out of the car…..
I rolled the big travelling bag headed for inside and st©pped when i saw Andy and some two boys at the entrance of the airport..
“What are they doing here? Do they know I am behind it? Who could have informed them?
I turned back and tried to run
“St©p there”. I heard Andy barked
I froze on the sp©t not knowing what else to do
“ what will happen to me?”. I wondered as Andy walked towards me
“ hi miss”. he greeted, you look like you just saw a ghost
“Anndddy”.i stammered
he moved closer to me
“Follow my led or i will do something crazy”. he whispered into my ears
I nodded
he headed towards a white sport car dragging me along with me. The two boys with him were alre-ady seated at the front seat
He pushed into the car and hopped in beside me
“Diamond penthouse”.he gr-unted and the boy on the wheel immediately drove off..
“I am doomed “.
Troy Daniels
“A man on black ? Who could he be?
I paced up the down the room in frustration
My phone suddenly rang , it was a call from Andy and I immediately received it
“Troy your guess was right we found the bit-ch at the airport”. Andy informed
“Where are you headed?”.i asked
“Diamond penthouse
I will join you there”. I said and ended the call…..
I headed down the stairs hurriedly ignoring the greetings of everyone including my mom
“Troy”. My mom called loudly , have you gone deaf?
“What do you want mother?”, i asked facing her
“What exactly is wrong with you ?”. She asked coming closer
“Nothing”. I replied walking out on her
I got into the car and drove off……
I alighted from the car as I got to the penthouse
I walked into the sitting room and met the bit-ch curled up on the floor crying,her clothes were r!pp£dap@rt and she was bleeding
“What did you do to her?”. I asked Andy
“We just taught her a lesson”.he replied grinning
“ we? I asked staring at the two boys
He nodded
“Troy plea-se don’t kill me”. She pleaded
“Where is June?”. I asked
“ I don’t know”. She replied
“Really ?”, I asked , where is she ? I yelled
“ she left with a man “
“Are you kidding me? Where is she before I b!ow up your head
“ plea-se don’t”. She pleaded, I will talk .A man abducted her
“ Who?”, i asked calmly
“Reid”. She replied and I heard Andy g@sped
“Reid”. I muttered, who is he? I asked
“Diego right hand man”. he replied
“Diego, that bastard. What does he really want From me
I looked at Steph huffed
“You planned with Reid to abduct June, do you really think you can escape from me after hurting her
“ I am sorry Troy plea-se don’t kill me”. She pleaded
“ what should we do about her?”. Andy asked
“Kill her once you are done with her”
“ I don’t want to die plea-se”. She pleaded
“Andy “. I called , prepare the Jet, I am going over to Russia
Diego Salvador
I smiled when I saw Reid walked in pushing the beauty on a wheel chair…
“What happened to her?”. I asked staring at her, she was still slee-ping
“ She was proving stubborn so I drugged her”.he explained, she would still be up…
“Alright”. I said c@r£ss!ngher face , take her upstairs to the room beside mine”. I instructed…..
She is finally in my care and I can’t wait to make her mine…….
Episode 29
June Kansas
I looked around the room, it was so beautiful.
“ where is this place?. I was so scared
I got up from the be-d and walked towards the door trying to open it but it was locked .
“Open this door”, I screamed ban-ging the door but there was no response. I walked back to the be-d and sat on it crying…
I thought about Troy
“Will he come for me? Why was he cold when I called him? Is he angry with me?what will happen to me now?
The door suddenly flung opened and Reid walked in
“hello princess, he greeted? you are finally awake .
“ what do you want?Where am I?”. I asked
“I don’t want anything from you but my boss does
“Diego?”. I asked
“ yes”. he replied smiling
“ what does Diego want from me?”.i yelled
“ he wants you. he replied grinning and you are in a room next to his”
“What!!!.”. I g@sped, am I really In Russia?
“ do you forget easily? I thought I told you .. oh I guess it is as a result of the drug”.he nodded smiling
“What drug?”.
“Never mind”.he replied, get re-ady for Diego he will have you soon
“plea-se don’t let him come close to me”.I pleaded
“he will be gentle on you”.
“What will I do? What can I do ? i can’t allow Diego t©uçh me …..
Troy Daniels
“How many hours do we have to land?”, i asked Andy
“Less that an hour”.
“Damn….. I was getting impatient
I thought about June
“Is she alright? Is he hurt?What does Diego want?…..
We alighted from the Jet as soon as it landed and Montes was waiting to receive us
“hi Troy. he greeted me and nodded towards Andy
“hi”.i gr-unted as he led us to a black car.
“The car keys”. I said stretching my hands
“I can drive you Troy “
“Go back home”.instructed him, I don’t want you to get involve
“But Troy……
“Do as I say Montez”. I barked
“Fine”. he muttered giving me the keys
I got into driver seat with Andy beside me
“Be careful Troy”.Montes said as he waved
I nodded and drove heading to Diego h0tel….
We soon got to the h0tel and I parked in front.
We alighted from the car and walked in
hi”. I greeted the receptionist as we walked towards her
“How can I help you?”. She asked flashing me a smile
“I nee-d to see Diego”, I replied
“He is not in”. She replied
“Then put a call throu-gh him or s£nd a damn message”. I yelled
“Alright sir”. She replied, I will do that now
“ what is the name?”. She asked
“Troy Daniels”. I replied
“Mr Daniels. She g@sped, nice meeting you
I looked at her and scoffed.Just do as I say”…..
Diego POV
I climbe-d up the stairs heading to the room beauty was kept
I can’t wait to make her mine . I remarked sma-cking myl-ips
I pushed the door to her room opened and met her seated on the be-d with her head bowed down
“What is wrong with her?”. I wondered
I went over to the be-d and sat down beside her but she did not budge .
“Beauty”: I called moving closer to her, I tried to t©uçh her but she gave me a thun-derous sl@p and jo-lted off the be-d
“How dare you, do you know no one has ever struck my face? I yelled moving closer to her
“Don’t come near me “. She warned moving back
“And what will you do?
“ I will kill my self”. She said pu-lling out a sharp pin from her hair and pointing it to her n£¢k
“Really?”. I asked disbelieving.
“I belong to Troy and no one else.She replied , so let me go or I will kill myself
“Do you really love him that much?”. I asked
She stared frowning at me
I looked at her and smiled .
“I can see you love Troy so much to risk your life for him but can he do the same for you?
“ Yes.She replied boldly
“Let see about that”. I said and walked out of the room
“She is lucky I don’t f0rç£ women……
I climbe-d down the stairs raging in anger
She rejected me because of that bastard
“Boss. Reid called in surprise , what happened?
“The bit-ch was willing to kill herself if I t©uçh her “. I replied
“Really?”. he asked in surprise,I thought she was naive
I don……….. I st©pped when my phone rang.i checked the caller , it was my receptionist and i received it….
“Why are you calling?”. I gr-unted
“Troy Daniels asked to see you”. She replied
“ what!!”. I exclaimed in surprise,is he there wit……
“Diego. Troy voice chimed in, it was so cold. Sorry I interrupted your conversation but I have lost all patience
“ why do you want us to meet?”. I asked
“Bastard . he cursed, where is June?
“June?. Is that her name ? I call her beauty
“Where is she ?”. He repeated
“She is right here on my be-d begging me to drill her”. I replied
“Don’t you dare t©uçh her”. he warned
“ do you love her so much?”. I asked
“ where is she?”. he asked again
“Sign all your properties to me and you will get to see her again”. I promised
“ is that what you were after?”. he asked, my property
“ I wanted her but I changed my mind,
“Damn”. I heard him curse
“Are you in or should I do whatever I like with her?
“ where should we meet?”.he asked calmly
“i will s£nd the details to you shortly “. I replied and ended the call
“What did he say?”. Reid asked
“ he agreed”. I replied grinning, get me my lawyer….
Troy Daniels
“ what did he say?”. Andy asked me
“ he wants me….. I st©pped when the phone buzz, it was a message
I cli-cked on it and re-ad it
“Let’s meet at Diego warehouse by 21:00”
I handed the phone back to the receptionist and walked out of the h0tel….
“ is he crazy?”. Andy asked after I explained everything to him
I ignored his question and continued driving
“Troy. he called , what will happen? Will you throw all you have worked for because of a girl?
“ she is not just any girl”. I replied
“ what do you intend doing?”:he asked
“ I will sign the do¢v-ment and destroy him “.I replied……
June Kansas
I la-id on the be-d praying for a miracle when Reid walked into the room
“Why didn’t you eat?”. he asked staring at the unt©uçhed food on the table beside me
“ i have no appetite”
“Try and eat we are leaving here by 20:00.
“Why?”. I asked
“Troy is willing to lose everything in order to save you “.he informed
“ what do you mean?”, i asked him
“You will know when we get there”.he replied and walked out of the room..
“What does he mean by that? Hope it is not what I am thinking……
Troy Daniels
I stared at the bomb before placing it gently inside the bag”.It was a very small bomb that cannot be easily detected
“ where did you get that from?”. Andy asked
“ The State”. I replied, I always plan ahead
“Wow!”.he exclaimed
“ here”. I said handing him a pen like detonator. Press on it immediately i give you a signal
“Won’t I go in with you?”. he asked
“No”. I replied, you will wait outside…
I drove over to Diego warehouse with Andy beside me …
“I just hope everything goes well
We soon got to the warehouse . I sp©tted two armed men standing in front and huffed . I alighted from the car holding the bag
“Be careful Troy”. Andy said and I gave him a small smile .
“ what do you have there?”. One of the men asked pointing at the bag
“Guns”. I replied
“You will nee-d to leave it here”. he instructed
“Fine”. I replied dropping the bag at the entrance to the ware house
I was about going in when the second man commanded me to st©p
“Really?”. I asked scoffing
“ search him”. he instructed the first one
The man c@m£ closer to me and started searching
“There is nothing on him”
“Really?”:the second one asked in surprise
“Can I go in?”.i asked
“Sure”. he replied….:
I walked in and sighed in relief when I saw June seated beside a man on black
“Troy”. She called wanting to stand but the man pu-ll-ed her back to the chair
I looked around the warehouse, it was filled up with drugs
“Why did Diego ask us to meet here ?is he trying to show off?talking of the devil, where is he ?
“Troy”. the man on black called , i am Reid
“Really?”. I asked, you are the bastard who kidnapped my girl
He looked at me and laughed.
I stared at the man on suit beside him, he must be the lawyer
“ where is Diego?”. I asked
“ he is not here
“Really?”. I asked laughing , where is the do¢v-ment?”.
“Here is it”. the lawyer replied handing it to me, you just have to sign here
Troy”. June called in surprise, are you signing off your property because of me?
I gave her a small smile
“Hand over the girl first “.i said facing Reid
“Fine. he muttered pushing June towards me
“ Troy”. She called hvgging me
“Go outside and wait for me inside the car”. I instructed
“What about you?”.she asked
“I will be fine”. I as-sured her
She pe-cked me before running out of the warehouse
“It is time for you to sign”. Reid informed handing me a pen
I took the pen and looked around, they were all waiting
“ what ?”. I asked moving closer to the lawyer
“Sign”. Reid barked
“Fine”.i muttered signing the do¢v-ments and immediately pu-ll-ed a gun from my un-der p@n-t and placed it on the lawyer forehead
“ what are you trying to do?”. Reid asked
“ let me leave quietly or I will him”. I warned , I know he is so important to you
“ damn”. I heard Reid cursed
“Let him go”. he instructed and I scoffed when i saw a dozen of armed men come out from their hide out
“ That bastard tried to kill me after taking my property”
I moved back slowly dragging the lawyer until I got outside
“ plea-se don’Nt kill me sir”. The lawyer pleaded with a Russian accent ..
I got into the car and pushed the lawyer to the ground closing the door ..
.arrrrgh”.he gro-an ed in pain
I started the car and drove to a distance before signalling Andy to press the detonator
He did and whole warehouse exploded with do¢v-ments and the people in it